From Club My Place To My Office Space. (Pt2)


From Club My Place To My Office Space. (Pt2)”Is that fucking pussy I smell on your breath?” Sasha questioned. Mike was speechless for a minute. “Uuuuh duuuuh maybe.” “No fucker! Is that pussy on your fucking breath and whose pussy is it?” Mike tried to plant another kiss on her lips and she turned her head. It was now 4am and Mike was just entering the bedroom. He had told Sasha earlier that evening that he had to work late and maybe have a few social drinks with his pals from work. But on the real Mike was out having some fun with the waitress,Ms. Rachael. Rachael with the nice fat ass and boobs looking like they were being smothered by her bra. They met her last weekend at the Club My Place.(Refer to story Club My Place.) She was the waitress for their table and Mike had a little fun with her while Sasha and her new found friend Veronica did their thing in the bathroom. All it took was for Mike to get a little taste from his finger. The taste of Rachael’s sweet cunt that covered his finger last weekend. Mike had a flashback of fingering her cunt and he needed to scratch that itch. So he took one evening to ask her if she wouldn’t mind stopping over at his office whenever she got the chance. This all lead to an interesting fucking evening for Mike.”Did you here what I fucking said!” Sasha screams. He held her tight and told her to calm down. He began to kiss her gently and caress her body. Sasha wasn’t stupid. She knew what he was trying to pull.”Don’t think because i’m horny as all get out,that I am not pissed.” She tried to pull back but he held her even closer. I love ya babe. He slithered between her thighs and she could feel his hot breath on her pussy.”Now this is the pussy I so know and love.” “Whatever fucker! Just eat it! Don’t talk with your mouth full!”Sasha tells him. Soon her jealousy gave way to moans of erotic joy.He was doing his damndest to make her forget he was late and had cunt on his lips.They changed positions so that Sasha could be on top. There she sat and she began to grind her pussy all over Mike’s hard cock. Slowly rotating her hips and making his toes curl. “Now tell me lover,who was the bitch.” Mike finally belted out in weakness….”Rachael!” “Are you talking about canlı bahis the ho waitress.” “That would be the one.” he explained. The fuck came to a screaching halt! “What the fuck are you doing babe!” I want you to tell me all about the bitch!While I ride this good ass dick of yours!” “I stopped by the club and convinced her to stop by my office tonight, after she got off work. I told her that I loved fingering her the night before ,while you guys were fucking eating pussy in the bathroom.””You fingered her!” “Yes!” Well keep fucking me with that tight cunt and I will tell you the rest.” Sasha started up her grind and Mike grabed her waist. Rotating her body to a slow rhythm to sound of his voice. It was almost soothing and yet senual to Sasha. Her juices began to flow out her pussy and onto his balls. ” She arrived,wearing a black mini and white low cut top. The girls were out to play tonight. They were popping out and the nipples were poking through the material.She sat down at the chair in front of my desk and I asked her if she wouldn’t be more comfortable on my lap. She seductively walked around to me and sat on my lap. I peeled back the V to her top and pulled out her right tit. It was so supple and the nipple was so erect. I took my tongue and gently glided it in a circle around the tip. Every so often giving her breast a squeeze. Sasha began to pick up the pace on her grinding but Mike slowed her down. “Damn baby! You’re gonna fuck around and make me nut all over your fucking cock!” “Just keep the pace,Shit baby you feel so damn good.” He looks up at her looking so sexy fucking his cock.” I pull out her the other tit to give it the same care as I did the first. I could feel the heat rising from her cunt. I placed my hand underneath her mini and felt nothing but raw cunt. I love the fact she never has any fucking panties on. That kinda shit makes a man get rock hard quick.” “Mmmmm baby. Did you finger her cunt again,like before?” “You’re damn skippy I did. She spread her legs and I picked her up and sat her on the desk. Shit was hitting the floor but I didn’t give a fuck. I stuck my three fingers in her tight cunt and went to town. I fingered her and she squirted all in my face and on my bahis siteleri hand. That squirting shit was an asset! I put my fucking face down in her muff and licked it dry like a mad man. ” “Ooooooh yeah baby! Did that bitches pussy taste good!” “Oooh baby!Not as sweet as yours but it served it’s fucking purpose.” Mike held Sasha tighter as her ass began to raise off his cock and start to plow down on it. She was loving the fact that she could listen to his tale while they fucked. It was like reading a porn magazine.”Oh baby that pussy was right! I sucked all the juice out and then I gave her a long sensual kiss. She needed to taste how great her cunt was to me tonight and why I couldn’t get enough of it. I asked her was she ready for me and she told me this…..” Put your fucking cock deep in my cunt! I want to feel my wall tightening up all around it and I want you to fuck me until I can’t handle it anymore.” “Well freak your wish is my fucking command!” I took my thumb and rubbed her clit as hard as I could. That shit looked like a small dick it got so hard again. I sucked on it hard a few times and positioned my cock over the opening of her sugar walls.” “Did that Cumslut beg for my man’s cock!” ” Oh she wanted the shit bad babe! Right there Sasha don’t stop baby! Damn your fucking cunt is hot!” “Baby stop and finish telling me!” “Oh sorry…………Oh yeah she began meeting my groove baby! Her pussy was so fucking tight I didn’t think I was going to get a good fuck at first. All she did was complain about hurting her pussy. I finally rocked it in so good that juice was pouring out like a gusher. I smiled and continued to grind my cock deeper into her hot cunt.She started bucking and yelling. I was praying no one was left in the office.” “Oh shit baby!” Sasha yells.Her hips were in full speed and she was getting down and dirty on Mike’s cock. “All you could hear was the splashing of sex juice and the moans from us both fucking. I couldn’t stop baby. That bitches pussy was so damn good!” Oh yes baby!That’s it fucking show that bitch who has the best dick!” Sasha was a little out of control closing her eyes and imagining her man fucking this nasty waitress.”Oh I had that bitch every which güvenilir bahis way I could baby. I bent her over the desk and tapped that ass. She has that nice round brown ass that was sticking straight at me and my cock saluted her brown eye. I plunged so deep in that damn thing that she said it made her belly hurt. I wanted to walk up in that ass and pussy and take a fucking tour. I used my cock instead of my feet!I took a tour through Rachael central and it was grand!” Mike started fucking Sasha harder. Her body popped up and down on his cock and her cunt was growing numb. She loved the story and she didn’t want it to end. “More baby! Fucking More! Did you make that fucking Cock Whore cum!! Did you!!” “Oh baby I pulled my cock out that whore and sat on the desk. She planted her ass in my chair and began to suck my dick dry!” he moaned as he continued to fuck Sasha. All the slapping of their bodies increased as the fuck continued. ” OH MY GOD! BABY DID YOU CUM IN HER FUCKING MOUTH!” “Not yet babe,I wasn’t ready for that.I wanted her pussy some more. So I made her sit on my face , as I lay on the desk. I stroked my cock as she fucked my face with her pussy. “That’s it baby! THHHHHHAAAAAAATS IIIIITTTT!” Sasha’s cries of passion exploded in the room. “Sasha I told her to put her mouth over my cock and I exploded in her mouth and she in mine.” Mike pounded the bottom out of Sasha’s hole.The steady beating of her pussy was all you could hear. “Yeeeeeeeessssss!!!!” Sasha came all over Mike’s cock and he set out a jet stream of cum into her hot twat. She took it down to a very turtle slow grind. She looked like a train pulling into the station. “Whhhheeeew weeeeeee! Mothafucka that shit was so damn good!” Sasha exhausted and tears streaming down her eyes. “Why are you crying babe?” Mike asks. “Damn baby,I love how you share your cock and tell me about it.It’s a beautiful thing and it brings tears of joy to my fucking eyes.” Mike annoyingly laughed at her and her eyebrows began to touch.” Fucker don’t look all cocky! I will shut this pussy down and then I will forbid you to fuck another bitch!” Mike shuddered to think such a thing. He loved to fuck other bitches but he knows his bitch is one of a kind. A lady on the streets and a fucking freak in the bed. ” It doesn’t get any better than you babe!” he says and kisses her full lips. “Now when is this bitch coming over here so I can have my turn at the slut!” “Damn Sasha!”

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