Frozen Pleasures


Kara practically ran from her car into the elevator. Her whole day had been a blur and she hoped she hadn’t said or done anything stupid. From the moment she had woken up to now her mind was thinking of only one thing. That one thing was in the freezer. She had put it in the night before and was disappointed when her alarm had not gone off. She had specifically set it so she could play before work but of course the heat wave had caused a huge black out during the night. She had stood in her expensive kitchen swearing at the stainless steel appliance for over ten minutes. Not only was she going to be late for work if she choose to play now, she couldn’t anyways because it wasn’t ready. She slammed the freezer door shut and stormed down the hall to get ready.

The elevator was cool but she was looking forward to her air-conditioned condo. Kara had spent most of her childhood in Los Angeles so could handle hot weather. When she was offered a job in New York she said yes. That first winter was cruel and so many natives had told her ‘just wait till we get a heat wave this summer.’

Well that was five years ago and finally she got to experience the joys of over ninety degree temperature, in July, in New York. Everything felt hotter because the pavement was hot, the cars were hot, and the moment you went outside you were hot.

She got out at her floor and walked down the hall to her door. She had had a nice conversation with her neighbour, George. He was around the same age as her and strangely enough the flirting had continued for as long as he had lived there — three months. She was always busy with work, so he wasn’t going to press the issue but he had to ask her out eventually. She already knew what her polite negative response was going to be.

Her bahis firmaları condo was spacious and had windows on two sides. It overlooked the east side, which wasn’t that impressive but she didn’t care. She spent so little time here that as long as she could cook in the kitchen and have a good night’s sleep she was happy.

Her normal routine was to change into her running clothes and then have a small snack before either going to the fitness centre downstairs or outside for a run. She’d then come back, shower, have dinner, and check on her emails before bed. Today was different. The clock on the stove was not flashing, which meant that the power had remained on all day.

She was giddy with excitement and rushed to her bedroom to get the necessary supplies. She returned a short time later completely nude, with a towel and her camera. She was just a little nervous about what she was going to do but at the same time aroused and excited.

Her balcony wrapped around her condo, which left room for a small table and chairs for eating meals. The other side had a lounger where she could catch the afternoon sun. The corner, as she found out from another experience, was private and the neighbours on neither side could see her. She lay out the towel and then adjusted the camera to the right angle. They had videotaped themselves having sex before but this was the first time she was taping herself for his enjoyment, later on that is.

“All right baby. Here we go.”

She walked into her kitchen and got her toy from the freezer. It was in a pink rubber mold and she remembered how she had traced her perfectly manicured fingers along each ridge. This was the complete reverse to what she was used to feeling but knowing what the mold was going to produce was even kaçak iddaa more of a turn on.

The ice was cold and had frozen almost clear. The area near the tip was a little cloudy and the talented writer that she was said aloud, “Slearly this is full of white cum.” She laughed at her own amusing comment before walking back to the balcony.

She sat down with her legs wide and pulled the ice from the mold. It was perfect. It was his exact shape and size. She wished she had been there to help him create the mold but that was why she needed to use this and not his real cock. He was half way around the world in Australia. He would be home in five months but that was too long for her. She needed to hear his voice every day and it just made her miss him more.

She had never given in to any guy but he was different. He made her feel like a princess and treated her so well. He put up with her crazy work schedule and put up with her crazy mood swings that happened when she didn’t get her way. Luckily she almost always got her way.

Kara reached over to start the video and decided not to say anything. A picture says a thousand words and he would know what she was thinking.

She began by running the tip against her pussy lips. The cold felt good against her hot body. Already the ice cock was melting and she rubbed it vigorously against her clit. She was whimpering and moaning and she began to buck her hips up against the toy. She had been horny all day and soon her first orgasm washed over her. She could hear herself call out his name and she would give anything to be near him.

Lying down on the ground she slid the toy four inches into her pussy. The cold felt good, damn good. It was hot enough that the moment the ice made contact with her hot pussy walls kaçak bahis it melted. Thankfully she was smart enough to grab an absorbent towel, as soon there was a puddle between her legs.

Faster and faster she fucked herself with the toy. The heat was causing the ice cock to melt but it was thick enough that she had a while to go before it wouldn’t feel like anything. His cock was thick, almost five inches around and over nine inches thick. She remembered the first time she had seen it and thought that it belonged on a porn star, not an intelligent but geeky mechanical engineer.

Kara came suddenly again and pulled the ice cock out of her pussy. She knew the video camera was catching her pussy lips quivering and the moment she was done she went back at it for another round.

Each thrust made her pussy swell with excitement. Physically the cold ice and the hot air rushed against her pussy and made her so aroused she could not speak. Emotionally this was as close as she was going to get to fucking him any time soon. She sped up and flipped onto her hands and knees. She pushed the cock deep into her pussy and held it there. It was starting to burn a bit but she wanted, no needed, to feel the complete fullness of his cock inside her.

Soon the ice was a puddle. Her thighs, butt, pussy and hands were covered in a slick combination of her juices and the melting ice. Knowing this would drive him crazy she took the last bit of ice and sucked it into her mouth. She flicked her tongue against it then licked her lips.

“Love you baby,” she said to the camera before reaching to turn it off. She got up and grabbed the towel and the camera and stumbled into her condo. Her legs always shook after having a good masturbation session and she immediately filled the mold with more water. She spent a few minutes rearranging her freezer so that there would always be room for it. She smiled innocently as she decided this would be her new routine, at least until the heat wave ended.

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