Fuck Me, Please!


Fuck Me, Please!Ginger licked the fingers of her left hand and slowly rubbed them on her swollen clit while she inserted a thick silicone cock into her tight pussy. “Ummmm,” she moaned to herself.She was lonely diddling herself on a Friday night. Ginger longed to be fucked hard by a real cock. She was tired of ‘silicone sex.’She climaxed and pulled the phallus out of her pussy. After rinsing the silicone cock in warm sudsy water she dried it and put it back in its case.No sooner had she done this when she heard a knock at the front door.”Who is it,” she cried out.”Heating repair ma’am. You made the appointment on Wednesday,” a strong male voice answered. “I’m coming,” she cried out thinking to herself this was a play on words as she had just finished ‘cumming.’Ginger rushed into her bedroom and pulled on a dressing robe as she was playing with herself totally naked . . . her regular Friday night routine.As soon as she opened the door she stared into the eyes of a gorgeous 6’4″ man. His sandy brown hair reminded her of Sir Roger Moore of the ‘007 James Bond’ series . . . but better looking.”Hello. Thank you for coming out on a Friday night. I totally forgot about the appointment.””Well ma’am the pleasure is all mine especially to be in the presence of such a good looking lady. Now just show me where the unit is and I will work on it quickly. I wouldn’t want to hod you up for your date,” he replied.”Oh, no I don’t have a date. I was just going to stay in and, . . . uh . . . catch up on my reading,” she answered him.Ginger pointed out the faulty unit to him and he went to work on it right away.Within 15 minutes he was done.”Well, ma’am. It seems that you had some dust blocking the outflow of air. But I just cleaned it for you and you can use it tonight.””Thank you, um, what is your name, by the way,” she boldly asked him.”Jimmy Keen. I’m the supervisor, tuzla escort Miss. Gregson, I believe,” he asked her.”Yes. I’m Miss. Ginger Gregson. And I would love to go out with you,” she simply stated.”Well, shucks ma’am. I have never been asked out by such a pretty woman before. Sure, why not. I’m not doing anything tonight. I’m free to go out with you.”As soon as he agreed to go out with her, Ginger told him to just stay there and she would go get changed in a jiffy.She flew into her bedroom, shut the door, jumped into a denim skirt and jacket – without a bra or panties. Ginger was determined to get laid tonight!She came out of the bedroom with only her house keys.”I’m ready to go,” she announced to Jimmy.”O.k., Ginger. Let me show you to my nice van,” he said as she locked the front door behind her as she jingled the keys with her right hand.Jimmy was a gentleman, holding the passenger side door open for her and making sure her skirt was fully inside the van before he slammed the door shut for her.”Thank you, Jimmy,” she said.”No thank you. You are such a pretty lady,” he said running his hands through her dirty-blonde hair.”Thank you, Jimmy,” she replied and she placed her left hand on his right thigh inching close up to his crotch.”Wow. I must have figured you wrong. I thought you were a nice, decent girl. Not a slut!” Jimmy exclaimed almost jumping up from his seat at her touch.”Jimmy. I’m a big girl. I know what I want. Do you?” Ginger asked him.”Yes. I was looking forward to a pleasant evening not to being used as a piece of fuckmeat. That’s what you want, right a piece of fuckmeat?” he asked her quizzically.”Yes, Jimmy. I thought I made it clear. I want you to fuck me, please!” she implored him.”Wait. I know a nice quiet place that we can go to . . . to get it on!” he exclaimed.And with that said, Jimmy sped away from Ginger’s tuzla escort bayan house, driving like speed demon down Division Street.Gigner’s pussy was juicing in anticipation of getting fucked . . . and hard . . . just like she USED to take it . . . long, long time ago.Ginger was used to being fucked incessantly night and day by her ex-boyfriend, a biker.She often fantasized about being used as a fuck-toy. Jimmy arrived at the abandoned building within 25 minutes. He very calmly got out, opened the door for Ginger and guided her by the elbow to the front.Once Ginger stepped into the unlit building she knew it was a mistake because she heard several male voices yelling and whistling.”SURPRISE!” the voices bellowed.”Wh-what is this,” she asked while Jimmy flicked on the lights.””I believe you know Raymond. YOUR EX. We are all bikers, babe. Raymond was telling me how you broke his heart when you decided not to see him anymore. He said you got ‘tired’ of having sex with him and that you wanted to ‘be alone’ for a while.” Jimmy said.”Baby. I still want you,” Raymond said as he stepped nearer to her.”Ginger. I want to fullfill your fantasy. I know you like to be used as a fuck-toy. So I asked my friends to help me FUCK you, properly.”And Raymond picked her up and carried her to a huge bed in the middle of the floor with about 40 guys looking on.”I believe you wanted some of my manmeat, Ginger,” Jimmy said as he approached her thighs that were being held apart by Raymond.Jimmy took out his member – a full 10″ and rubbed the mushroom-shaped tip up and down Ginger’s slit. “I can feel your pussy muscles twitching, anticipating getting stretched by my rod. You want al 10″ of this don’t you baby?” Jimmy asked her.”Yes. But not like this. . . ” Ginger started only to be cut off mid-sentence by Jimmy shoving his cock into her pussy. It didn’t help her escort tuzla situationt that she wore no panties.Her pussy was filled and stretched to maximum capacity. Jimmy withdrew his cock from her pussy and plunged himself even deeper into Ginger’s pussy.”Isn’t this what you wanted tonight, SLUT!” he screamed in her ear.”Yeah, man. Give it to her,” Raymond commanded Jimmy.Jimmy at Raymond’s command started to deeply fuck Ginger’s pussy, harder and harder reaching up high into her cervix.”I need another cock in this SLUT’s pussy. Who wan’t to join me in here?” Jimmy asked the 40 other men.”They all do. Don’t you guys?” Raymond responded.Raymond had the other guys line up in front of the bed between Ginger’s legs and one after the other each of the 40 men double plowed Ginger’s pussy with Jimmy setting the fucking pace – DEEP AND HARD.Ginger was used like a fuck toy all night long and most of the next day. Just like she always fantasized about.”It’s good, right?” Raymond kept asking her everytime she asked the men to stop fucking her.”No. That’s not nice. You first say, fuck me, please now you want us to stop. Nice girls don’t go out without undies and they certainly don’t grab a man’s crotch. You are just a fuck toy, nothing more to us,” Jimmy kept murmuring in Ginger’s ear while he was on top pile driving in a frenzied fucking rhythm.Jimmy was relentless.Jimmy was Raymond’s best friend and he knew how devastated Raymond was after Ginger broke his heart.”That bitch. I gave her all the sex she wants. Now she wants to be alone. Fuck that. She wants to sample different cocks. That’s just what she deserves,” Raymond had told Jimmy three months ago.Jimmy had devised a plan where he would break into Ginger’s house and set up cameras that recorded EVERYTHING. Jimmy decided to bust Ginger’s heating system as well . . . to give him a chance to see the bitch in action. Raymond was right she did want different cocks and that is just what she is going to get he promised Raymond that he would set up everything and have her fucked to her heart’s content AND THEN SOME!

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