Fucked College Dream Girl After 10 Years – Part 2


Fucked College Dream Girl After 10 Years – Part 2I am back with the second part of ‘Fucked College Dream Girl After 10 Years’. Thanks for liking the first part so much. If you have not read the first part, I suggest you read the first part. Now, without much delay, let’s start our story.I lifted Padmini into both hands and threw her onto the bed. Her nude round boobs jumped violently as she fell onto the sofa. The scene made me hornier. I climbed onto the bed and grabbed her by the hair and drew her lips to mine.Her thick lips tasted sweet and luscious. I pushed my tongue into her and kissed passionately. Once leaving her mouth, I took her hand and placed it on my crotch over the pants.“See how that big boy is throbbing for you!”With a lust-filled smirk, Padmini gave a gentle squeeze on my cock.I moaned, “Oh, you are driving me nuts. Unzip my pants.”Obeying me, she pulled my zip down.“Now put your hand inside and go deep into my drawer from side opening. Remember you are not allowed to pull my cock out.”“Why?”“Do just as I say,” I ordered.She put her hand inside through the zip hole and entered into my drawer. When her soft fingers touched my cock for the first time, I felt a shudder throughout my body. Padmini too gasped as she rounded the cock with her fingers.“It’s so hot,” she remarked and started playing with my cock inside the drawer.Meanwhile, I took her right nipple into my mouth and started sucking it. With my left hand, I pinched her left nipple. She started moaning heavily by my attack on her both nipples, which became big and hard with lust.Now pendik escort I changed my mouth to left nipple and started pinching the right one. I was now making noises while sucking her nipple. After a few minutes, I freed her both boobs and pulled her hand out of my pants.“What happened,” she asked with a puzzled look.“Now is the time to undress your shame spot. I am eager to see it naked,” I said.She blushed, which made me madder about her. I unhooked and pulled the pants down. Since they were formal loose-fitting pants, they came down in one sweep, exposing her big thighs and blue panty. I ran my hand along her smooth thighs from her knees to crotch. I pinched her inner thighs passionately.Her panty was already wet at her pussy area. I cupped it with my strong hands and started smothering the pussy. Padmini moaned with pleasure. “Harder,” she whispered. I was now kneading her pussy area roughly and passionately. I noticed Padmini might like hard sex and decided to play rough sex with her.Then I pulled her panty down and out came her smooth and neatly trimmed cunt. “So beautiful!” I said.“Thank you for appreciating my pussy,” she said. “My husband likes it neat and clean.”“Lucky bastard!”She giggled, “You are that bastard today.”I inserted my two fingers suddenly into her hole at a time, at which she gasped. “You do things suddenly,” she smiled at him.“I have more surprises for you,” I winked at her. With that, I bent down and started licking her cunt lips while my fingers were moving in and out of a sweet hole.“Umm, that’s kartal escort so good,” she moaned as if in trance.My tongue started playing music with her pussy. It ran along the length of her lips, which swelled with lust. I took the lips between my teeth and gave a small pressure, sending sensation throughout her body. Padmini put both her hands on my head and started pulling my hair with uncontrolled passion.She was pressing my head down deep into her pussy. As my one hand was finger-fucking her pussy, my other hand pried her pussy lips open for my mouth. Now I can see her clit. I licked it first gently, then roughly.“So badly good,” Padmini cried in ecstasy.I started licking her clit faster and faster. “I am about to cum,” she cried. In the next few seconds, Padmini’s whole body shuddered again and again as she squirted on my fingers. Her juices flowed down onto the bedsheet.Once her orgasm waves subsided, she looked down at me and said in her sweet voice, “I never had such an orgasm before. I want to pay you back.”“Who is stopping you?” I said.As soon as my words came out of my mouth, she threw me back onto the bed and pounced on me. “Now you will see how many surprises I have for you,” she said huskily. “Get ready for the blowjob of your life time.”In no time, she pulled down my pants and drawer together. My thick big cock popped out. Her appreciative look told me she liked what she was seeing. I was eager to see my cock sliding down between her luscious red lips. But alas, she had different plans.Instead of taking maltepe escort my cock in, she started teasing it. She slightly rubbed it to her smooth cheeks, then slightly touched to her lips. Then placed the tip of the cock near to her nostrils. Her warm breath made my cock go nuts.“Please eat my cock,” I pleaded her.She smiled sexily and showed me her red tongue. Then she let her tongue slide up the length of my cock. Wow, what a feeling! Her tongue traced back the length down to my balls.“Is this enough?” she asked teasingly.“Damn you! I want more.”She laughed. “Okay, here is something more for you.” Saying so, she started licking the balls. Slowly she took one ball into her mouth.“Padmini, you are driving me crazy. No one has done this to me ever.”“Ummm,” she moaned, still ball in her mouth. After a few seconds, she left my balls and came back to my shaft. This time she granted my wish to eat my cock. As the cock disappeared slowly through her luscious red lips, I watched the scene in trance.She took my whole cock in. Then slowly started moving up and down as my lovely thick cock was feasting on her mouth. From the sides, I grabbed her big ass and slapped the cheeks again and again.After a few minutes, I pulled my cock out of her mouth. “This is time for real action, dear,” I said. I made her lay on the bed and spread her legs wide. Her neat pussy was inviting my cock to ram her.It was then the doorbell rang. “Who is there at this time?” she asked a little puzzled and little annoyed.I secretly smiled. “Let me check what surprise it might be for us.”“Surprise!”Friends, as I am giving every detail of this real incident, the whole story is coming lengthy. So I need to write it in parts. In the next part, you will know what surprise is awaiting at the door step and how I fucked Padmini. I hope you like this part. Please send me your feedback

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