Fucked in the pool

Fucked in the poolSo firstly I am Asif from mumbai, mahim anybody close by interested in catching up for a fuck contact me on 7738338626. So its been a year after my first gay fuck with Aaron and its been a nice year as he is been fucking me almost every week and I have never pass on an opportunity for a blowjob when ever we were alone. Aaron is my only boyfriend and only one who know what a cock hungry slut I have grown into. We talked a lot about our urges and sexual encounters with others guys and girls. But I have never had sex with another guy. I have had my eyes on many guys in the area and many of them being in our friend circle. I always told Aaron about any friend of ours who I desired and imagined. I didnt knew if Aaron was comfortable with me desiring other guys as he never mentioned. He always fucked me and told him to call out my self a bitch who want to taste other cocks calling out names of our friends. Well those were just fantasies, well thats what I tought. So as you guys know I and Aaron are a part of the same friends circle. So we had a trip planned to lonavala which is the closest hill station near us. We always planned this type of outings but this time it was going to be really fun as it was mine and Aarons first outing being involved in a sexual relationship. So i was very excited for the trip. And i asked Aaron if he wants to fuck me there and whether i should pick up condoms and lubs for the trip. Basically I was not only Aarons sex partner but eventually he made me do all his daily work for him as a slave. Yes, I never objected and did what my master tells me to do like taking his mom for shoping, his sister groceries and his daily needs including our sex related products. So he told me to carry condoms as well for the trip.So the trip was on the next day and i was very ödemiş escort excited for the trip. Thats when Aaron my only hope of having sex on the trip backed out of the trip due to his sisters health as she was were close to here delivery date. I went on the trip without Aaron with other 14 guys and 3 girls who were girlfriends of my other friends. So booked a huge bunglow in lonavala and planned to spend 2 days and 2 night in that bunglow. So we left for the trip around 6 am in the morning and by the time it was 8 am I received a message from Aaron saying “sorry for not making in on the trip. Dont be sad I have arranged proper care for you ass. He will be fucking you the whole trip. Behave like his personal slave throughout the whole trip. I will not tell you his name its a surprise. Enjoy and be prepared to be fucked by good and juicycock.” Well this made me really crazy and was totally surprised by this message. So we were divided into cars for the way so I started suspecting each and every guy out there for my guy. But wasnt able to crack down who it was. At 9am we reached the bunglow. The first thing I did was i went to the bathroom had a showed cleaned up my asshole and applied lox jelly in my hole for any sexual encounters. We all friends gathered in the hall of the bunglow. The bunglow had 8 rooms in which 2 were given a room 3 couples and the 2 guys in each room. So while distributing the rooms Rehan choose me as his partner in sharing the room. So Rehan is a hot hunk gymtoned guy well groomed and a the age of 25. We went in the room i forgot about what Aaron told me. So i went in the room started changing in the bedroom with Rehan in the shower and thats when is saw Rehan coming out of the shower fully naked showing off his fully erect cock which was fairly more than 6″. I saw Rehan ödemiş escort bayan and was surprised by it and started thinking about what Aaron told me. I was really horny seeing Rehans cock as he was a desired guy of mine and thats when i remebered that I once told Aaron about i would love to fuck Rehan hes so hot. I guess Aaron is a good listener hahahahahaha. I was surprised and Rehan came up to me i was standing in my underwear and Rehan says “wasnt this a surprise”. I said “what surprise? And why are you naked bro”. Rehan said “you really dont know Aaron talked me into this. Weren’t you some kind of slut of his. He told me to that i can fuck you. Come onn dude get on your knees and show your skills.” I replied what are you talking about i dont know anything about me being a slut or Aaron told you to fuck me.” I acted for a moment but then he saw my erection and told me “then why are you getting horny”. He then came closer and pulled my underwear down. Thats when i told him “ohk ohk bro sorry you got me by surprise i know what Aaron told you” he took then sat on the bed and said “then start your work you slut. Let me show you how good i can fuck you bitch.” I first sat on his lap and started and we first started to kiss, and then he went down to my nipples and squeezed them really good i moaned and he said ” yeah i like your nipple let me suck on them.” He sucked my nipple and pushed me on the bed and brought his cock to my face and said “enough of the body play suck it now ” in a very dominating tone. I started sucking his cock with Rehan on my chest . After just 3-4 minutes Adil knocks on the door and wants to come in. We were to be discreet and i ran into the shower leaving Rehan to were his towel. Rehan opened the door and Adil said “come on guys we have to hit the pool. Let the couples escort ödemiş fuck themselves in their rooms. We guys have a lot of fun activities to do starting with the pool.” Rehan called for me and said i am going down with Adil you meet us directly in the pool.” I was really horny by the thought of Rehans cock and the blowjob i just did. I started to masturbate in the shower thats and finished my round of erection.Then sometime passed and the guys were coming out of the pool and i was just about to get into the pool. I came down to the pool and saw everyone coming out of the pool. And thats when Rehan called me he bro come on in he told everybody that he was going to accompany me and told the other guys to leave. I went into the pool Rehan came towards grabbed my under water and said “now lets continue” i told him “we can go back to the room bro” . He took me to corner of the pool and said “want it here and right now you bitch “. Let me describe you the location of the pool it was at the back side of the bunglow accross the kitchen where no one was supposed to come as its was still time left for food and there was a shade on the pool and a small wall the other side of it after which there were only trees. So i thought lets do it . I told Rehan to sit by the pool and i started to suck him standing in the water. I was scared then what if someone sees us. But at the sametime his cock was going deep in my mouth. He then stood up and came into the pool he said let me fuck you now he tood me to the lower end of the pool and started to fingure my asshole and he felt the lubrication of lox jelly and said ” oh so you were already planned out for it” i replied ” i am a little calculative” he pushed me to the wall an started fucking me right away. He fucked me for more than 20 minutes in different position in the pool hand then he cums in my ass and made me lick it like i mean it. I figured my self feeling his hot cum in me flooding inside my ass and licked his hot juice what a fuck it was. Well u can imagine how the next 2 nights went.

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