Fulfilling his urges.


Fulfilling his urges.Jay knew from a young age. After finding that “Playgirl” magazine in a field near his house, he knew. As his eyes excitedly washed over the photos of nude men, he could sense his desires welling up, he could feel his attraction and lust swell his cock within his pants. Jay had seen naked girls in magazines before and been turned on, but this was something different, something altogether more powerful. He was drawn to the cock’s in the pictures. He found them beautiful and sexy, yes, but it was more than that and he knew it. Jay began to feel the desire, the need to touch cock, to hold it and stroke it, to please it, to suck it and pleasure it. A need to be submissive to those beautiful men and their beautiful cocks.Those thoughts and images filled his head, especially at night. Lying alone in his bed, he would wonder what it would be like. His cock would be rock hard and oozing clear, sticky pre cum at the thoughts of sucking big, vein covered, sexy cock. Alone, quietly in his room, he would bring himself to orgasm just thinking about it and running his hands over his body and cock. Then, running his fingers through his thick, white, sticky jizz, he would bring those fingers to his lips and feel the slick texture before closing his eyes and imagining it was the cum from a cock he had just brought to orgasm, and tasted it on his tongue.Jay knew this wasn’t the kind of think he could talk about openly with anyone, and that seemed to make it worse. He wanted to experience it for real, he craved it, but how, where could he fulfill this overwhelming needs?When a friend ümraniye escort asked if he wanted to spend the night, Jay could not help but imagine the possibilities. He didn’t think his friend had the same, unspoken urges as him, but still. That night, he couldn’t sleep. He knew the object of his lust, desires and dreams was only a few feet away. Jay was so nervous, so afraid of getting caught, but his young cock lust was even more powerful than those fears. Especially then, on that night.Jay quietly called out to his friend, seeing if he was awake. When his friend didn’t respond, he slowly, quietly moved closer to him. His hand trembled and it seemed to be moving in slow motion as he reached for the crotch of his sleeping friend. There, under the material of his pajama pants, Jay could feel the outline of his friends cock and it took his breath away and left no doubt, his lust for it. His heart pounding, his pulse racing, Jay gently caressed that cock with his finger tips and felt it swell. There was nothing in this world that he wanted more than to feel that cock on his lips, in his mouth, to taste it, to feel it’s curves and pleasure it. His own needs, his own throbbing cock was not as important to him now, all he could think about, his sole focus was that dick just inches away. Slowly, trembling but driven by lust, he working the waistband of his friends pajamas down, exposing his cock’s head and shaft. Jay could feel his own cock leaking pre cum as if he was having one long, slow orgasm and he knew it was due the excitement of experinceing his kadıköy escort first real cock. Nothing had ever been more sexy, more sensual, than when he leaned over and with his eyes fixed on his friends face, looking for signs that he had awoken, stuck his tongue out and gently licked the underside of that cock. Jay felt a rush of excitement, a light headed feeling of joy as he again licked that cock’s head, and he loved it. He so wished for his friend to reach down and hold his head. To push down, as if giving him the sign, the go ahead to keep going, to keep licking and sucking, deeper and deeper. Instead, his friend stirred and Jay was brought back to the reality of the moment. Fearing getting caught, he layed back down. He knew then that was changed. He was in love with cock, in love with sucking cock. Young, inexperienced, he had no idea where to find what he needed. Then, as he rode his bike out of town, hoping to somehow find a willing partner, he came across a man working on his truck on a long, quiet road. The man looked at Jay and Jay looked at him. Jay could feel his skin tingle and as if there was a connection, and rode over to him. It was immediately obvious that he was nervous, his voice cracked as he tried to say “hi” to the man. I quick conversation had Jay off his bike, offering to help. He didn’t know how to seduce a guy into letting him suck his cock, but he was sure going to try. Jay stood close to him, almost rubbing and touching against him. When the man looked at him, Jay looked down at the ground, shy and submissive, afraid to let his bostancı escort true intentions and desires known. Without words, the man leaned into him. Jay’s forwardness, driven by lust and desire, surprised even himself as he moved a nervous and trembling hand to the man’s thigh and touched it. The man didn’t pull away, still without saying any words, Jay instinctively moved to his knees before him and the man caressed the back of his head. His hands still trembling, maybe now more due to excitement than nervousness, Jay fumbled with the man’s zipper before freeing his big, manly cock. So big, so gorgeous he thought, hard, thick and veiny. Just like he saw in the magazine photos, just like he had hoped and imagined. Already hard and erect, Jay wasted no time in doing what he had dreamed about and eagerly wrapped his lips around the cock’s head before sliding them down the shaft. Nothing had ever been more exciting, nothing had ever felt better. The incredible feeling of that warm, smooth, thick cock filling his mouth sent him into another wonderful, slow mini orgasm and he could feel his underwear getting wet inside his pants. Jay continued to suck the man’s cock as if driven to pleasure him, driven to receive his load, and the man rewarded him. The man began to moan and buck his hips, forcing Jay to suck more of him. Feeling the man’s urgency, Jay instinctively began to caress and tug on the man’s balls, almost as if willing the cum out. Then he felt the man’s body relaxe and the first wave of his warm semen flood into his mouth. It tasted different than his own, but no less erotic and Jay felt it slide down his throat. Knowing he had the man’s cum inside him made his whole body tingle and his head dizzy. With the man’s hand still on his head, Jay slowly and gently continued to suck his cock. Almost lovingly extracting every last drop of jizz.

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