Fun With My Wife


Fun With My WifeFun with My WifeBy billy69boyHere is a question I received from a friend:DOES YOUR WIFE LIKE ANYTHING IN PARTICULAR?Here is my answer:My wife is 13 years my junior. I don’t know if that has anything to do with her outlook on porn or not, but she certainly doesn’t seem threatened by my own feelings about it. As far as her sexual interests, she has always been very shy and rather conservative when it comes to porn and sex in general. She never really shares any of her sexual thoughts or specific turn-ons with me, but she has been willing to indulge me in some of my fantasies and kinky ideas over the years.Our favorite scene is one we refer to as “door sex”. It is an idea I got from a video clip on xHamster: she wears her sexiest negligee with matching thong and high heels. (I like the red one best.) She stands in front of the bedroom door, and I attach soft restraints to her ankles and wrists. I thread rope through the rings, and secure her arms above her head. She spreads her legs and I tie her ankles off behind the door. I add a blindfold for good measure, and then I start to tease her: I lift her little lace nightie up and expose her tits. I fondle them, kiss and lick them, and nibble at her nipples until they stand out hard and straight. I give them a few slaps back and forth, but nothing too harsh.I work my way down, kissing her belly and just above her pussy, then I start to tease her between her legs. I trace my finger over the thin material of her thong, up and down, until her thong slips between her labia. I take hold of the material between my thumbs and fingers, and work it in further by using a sawing motion, and then I push it inside her snatch. I also reach around behind and pull the thong up, to make sure the string is deep inside her ass crack.After a few minutes, she is getting pretty wet and aroused. I end up pulling her thong down to her knees and fingering her quite roughly and rapidly, until she is on the brink of an orgasm. That’s when I stop. I reach over to the heating pad, which is folded in half and holding 3 warm dildoes. The first one is soft and smooth and made out of silicone. It is quite non-threatening and friendly, and it slides into her easily. She gets a few minutes’ workout with it, but mainly it will end up in her ass later.Next is a larger, stiffer toy also made from silicone, but it is a bit more challenging to take. She still handles it well, and I fuck her a little more briskly with that one.The third toy, which is now very warm, having spent the longest time under the heating pad, is a serious weapon: it is supposedly “lifelike”, as it shows bulging veins and such, but it is also a monster size in both length and girth. It takes some doing for her vagina to accept it, but she finally takes the entire dildo, and she takes it with passion and lust. I love fucking her with it. Watching it penetrate her so completely is something to see. She almost always has a fantastic orgasm when I use it on her. She thrashes about and strains against her restraints until she explodes, and afterward she can hardly remain standing.After I free her up, I completely remove her thong, and I help her to the bed for some well-earned rest. But she doesn’t rest for long: there is ass and pussy spanking and anal and oral fun that I will tell you about in more detail if you are interested in hearing more. Just let me know.PLEASE DO SO. IT IS QUITE HORNY.I do want to mention that we have had “door sex” a handful of times in our sex life. It’s not like it’s an everyday occurrence. But regardless, it is always so fucking hot when we do it. The one night I have explained so far was particularly arousing. Let me continue:After my wife Barbara was freed from her restraints, I helped her take the few steps to our bed, and she lay down on her stomach with her face in her pillow. I could see from her heaving body that she was busy catching her breath. I sat beside her and massaged her back, sliding my hands up underneath her negligee and rubbing gently up and down. She quietly moaned her approval, and I continued to caress buca escort her back lovingly. I was in no hurry, after all. Naturally, my hands made their way lower and lower, and followed the sides of her hips, and then up her back again. As she got more comfortable, I reached for the massage oil on the shelf above the headboard, and spread some liberally all over her back. I had pushed her nightie up around her neck by now, so I could work my magic fingers all over her back. As I lowered my hands down the sides of her hips, I began to add more area to my massage, namely her firm round bottom. This elicited another muffled groan of pleasure from my wife. After some minutes, I suggested she raise her hips up so I could put two pillows under them, thereby raising her butt higher off the bed. She complied willingly. Two things resulted: I was more able to access her intimate treasures; and her ass was in the perfect position for a sound spanking. As I became more aggressive and intrusive with my hands, I started whispering naughty things in her ear, making her giggle into her pillow, as my fingers methodically spread her ass cheeks, allowing for some roaming room. In no time, I “discovered” her other pleasure zone, shaved smooth as it was. She expressed her approval by wiggling her tush back and forth, and emitting a low moan. “I want to give you a spanking…” I whispered.”MMMMMMM!” came her reply, without looking up.”I want to spank you with my belt,” I continued.”UH UH! She shot back, shaking her head ‘no’.I was silent for a moment as I continued to explore her most private parts. Neither did she speak, as she anticipated my next move. Finally I leaned over and whispered again into her ear:”I won’t hurt you, honest. You can tell me if I do, and I will stop. Just say “UNCLE”, and I will know that means you want me to stop,” I explained, using the universal code word for ‘stop’. “Just a little sting with the belt, that’s all,” I explained, trying not to sound whiny or needy. She said nothing for a few long moments as I kept the massage going.”You won’t hurt me?” she finally uttered, to my eternal glee, as she wiggled in nervous anticipation.”No, I promise,” I said evenly, trying to restrain my enthusiasm. This was new territory for us, as I never before suggested such a thing. It was only recently that I had even developed a desire to try it. I had seen several variations of spanking in some videos, and they aroused me to some degree. I didn’t like the spankings that were so extreme that they caused welts and bleeding that seemed to destroy precious tissue, such as those administered with canes or other such pain delivering implements. On the other hand, spanking someone with a bare hand who was splayed over one’s lap seemed too tame. But a nice thick men’s leather belt seemed perfect: severe enough to sting vulnerable flesh, yet gentle enough to cause only mild and temporary reddening of the rear end.Barbara had a lovely bottom, very shapely and sexy, and it was even more arousing as it protruded higher off the bed because of the pillows her hips rested on. I couldn’t wait to give it a try. As I stood up, I asked her if she was ready. I reassured her that I would stop whenever she wanted me to.”Okay,” she agreed, very tentatively.I grabbed another pillow, and had her lift up so I could put it on top of the first pillow she was lying on. She settled herself down, and laughed nervously at the rather awkward position she found herself in. As she was busy getting comfortable, I selected one of my fine leather belts hanging in the closet, doubled it over and stood next to her. “Are you ready?” She nodded her head silently, as she held on to the headboard tightly with both hands.THWACK! The belt came down square on her buttocks, a perfect shot! She showed no reaction, but it was just a mild test stroke. I waited a few seconds, and then brought the belt down a bit harder:WHACK!Her bottom stirred ever so slightly, but she still remained silent. Another few seconds, and I gave her an even harder swat.”Mmmmmm” she moaned into her escort buca pillow.”Are you okay?” I asked her, and she readily shook her head several times.”Do you want more?” She hesitated for just a second, and then nodded her head again. I must say, I was in heaven. I was so aroused; my erection was literally throbbing by now. I reared back, raised the doubled-over belt high above my head and brought it down with some serious authority:SMACK!”Oh, yes!” she exclaimed, clear as a bell. This excited me even more:”Harder?” I asked, pressing my luck a bit.”Yes, please,” she replied. I couldn’t believe my ears. Apparently, she was really getting into this spanking thing. Her ass cheeks were already a deep pink, and I could see the outline of where the belt had landed.SLAP!”Oh, god!” came her reaction. “Harder next time please!”By now, beads of sweat had formed on my face, and my hands were damp with perspiration.SWAT!I gave her a stroke that was literally as hard as I could muster. As soon as it landed, I was afraid I had gone over the limit, but she hardly responded. I thought for sure this was the end of it, and I wasn’t really sorry to be done. I had other ideas for the balance of our kinky session, and I was ready to drop my belt and move on.”Had enough then?” I asked, convinced that she would agree. Instead, I received a sharp, sarcastic reply:”I didn’t hear anybody say UNCLE yet!” she spoke clearly, as she held her position and waited for me to deliver. “Just keep whipping me, and I’ll tell you when to stop,” she instructed, in no uncertain terms.I was shocked, to be honest, but she made her wishes crystal clear, and I felt it was my job to see them through to the end. From that moment on, I didn’t hold back. Stroke after stroke, I reared back, rose up on my tiptoes and brought my belt crashing down on her vulnerable ass:SNAP! WHACK! WHACK! SLAP! THWACK! SWAT! Again and again, I reveled in turning her quivering ass cheeks a crimson red, even as I noticed one of her hands found its way between her legs, and was fingering her clit feverishly. She groaned like a woman possessed as she thrashed about on the bed and worked herself up to a veritable electric climax, even as she couldn’t bring herself to ask me to stop beating her with my belt:SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT!I kept at it until I saw her tensed body collapse and go limp, and then I slowed down the pace and administered softer and softer strokes, until her hand went up to acknowledge that she was quite spent in more ways than one. Finally she turned her head to the side, and whispered the word: ‘Uncle’.I was completely exhausted myself, but I had the not so small matter of a raging hard-on to consider, and I considered my options carefully.My mind was literally racing through a thousand possible scenarios at this point. My wife was quite conservative sexually about 95% of the time, but she has been known to allow her wildness to manifest itself on rare occasions. This was one of those times, and I wanted to take full advantage of her willingness to express her kinkiness.After gently rubbing her hot pink buttocks with a soothing balm, I decided to calm things down a bit. I remained silent, and I contented myself with listening to my wife’s breathing as it slowed down and got back to normal. I wondered what she might be thinking at the moment, but I didn’t want to ask and disturb the tranquil mood. Instead, on impulse, I quietly blurted out: “I want to use my belt on your pussy.”I received no response. Nothing. Just silence. Damn, I thought…I’ve taken it too far again. I will never fucking learn, will I? Just when things are finally going my way, I have to blow it!As I continued to find new ways to berate myself, she rolled off the pillows that were under her pelvis, dropped them to the floor, and switched to lying with her back flat on the bed. I watched as she pulled her legs back until they pressed against her chest, her arms wrapped around them tightly, exposing her slickly shaved pussy to me: “Well?” she asked.Holy fuck, I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. buca escort bayan We tried a little bit of pussy whipping in the past, but she was never really into it. I could tell she had just agreed to it because it was something in my perverted mind. But now, she was almost challenging me. She even seemed like she was eager to do it. I jumped to my feet and located my belt. I took up my position at the foot of the bed. Her shiny pink pussy was laid out before my eyes, vulnerable and inviting. I could feel my mouth salivating. If I didn’t swallow it, I would have drooled on the bedroom floor right then and there. Instead, I reared back with my belt doubled over and brought it down on her tender labia with a hard SNAP!She reeled and called out involuntarily: “OH…GOD!” I waited for more information from her. It didn’t take long:”AGAIN!”She pulled her legs back even further and waited.”THWACK!” I landed a stroke squarely down onto the most tender and vulnerable part of her anatomy. “OH HOLY FUCK!” she replied clearly. My cock raged with each subsequent stroke of my belt stinging her reluctant but willing cunt. At any time she could have released her legs and covered her genitals, or she could have invoked the safe word, but instead she met each belt whipping with courageous defiance, again and again, until I just couldn’t keep it up. Her pussy was already bright red, and plus, I had other ideas that I wanted to try before she decided to call it a night.I could sense that she was close to an orgasm just by how her vagina glistened with wetness. I abandoned my belt in favor of using my fingers to bring her the release she sought.”UNNNNGH!” she groaned as my two middle fingers invaded her hot opening. I knew enough to curl them up so that they stimulated her G-spot, and her body movements provided the rest of the journey, as her hips shuddered and her body climaxed in dramatic fashion. I could feel her pelvic muscles clamp down on my fingers and release them time and time again.So, I watched as her chest heaved dramatically in an attempt to take in as much air as she needed and I waited patiently for her to resume some semblance of normalcy before I climbed on top of her prone body, my throbbing cock swinging wildly over her face, and I straddled her chest. Her face registered such a blissful post-orgasmic smile, that I felt like I could do anything I wanted to relieve my pent-up pressure, and that’s just what I did. I pinned her arms to her side with my knees, and dangled my stiff member over her face. She opened her eyes momentarily and just smiled and opened her mouth.In all the years we were married, I had never tried to deep throat her or otherwise make her choke or gag on my cock. If I’m being honest, I am only averagely endowed, but I was always careful to allow her to have complete control during those rare times when she was in the mood to take me in her mouth. I didn’t want to ruin a good thing, after all.But this time was different. I was emboldened. I was horny. She was wild like I’d never seen her before. And so I went for it. I lovingly pushed her hair back away from her face and allowed my spastic cock to brush against her full lips, back and forth until she smiled and barely opened her mouth, giggling as she realized how much she was teasing me and blowing my mind before she even thought about blowing my cock.Finally her teasing turned to serious sucking. I leaned forward and sat up on top of her chest, and she bravely took the majority of my shaft into her hot mouth. I could have cum right away, but I sensed something different about her attitude, and so I purposely held back. Instead, I took her head in my hands and I pushed my cock shaft deeper. I could feel it when it penetrated her throat and slid down until I had no more cock to give her. She had swallowed it all, and even though she gagged on it, she kept gulping, determined that she was going to reward me with a genuine deep throat experience I would not soon forget. (I never did forget!)I was so impressed with her efforts that I continued to plunge my stiffness into her mouth as my balls slapped against her chin. I could no longer withhold my gift of hot jizz and I eagerly pumped it down her throat. She happily accepted my offering, leaving not a trace behind.I know why I married her. I have no idea why she married me.

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