Gary My Hero

Gary My HeroGary My HeroA work of fictionIt was getting late, it had started to rain. Rose Tyler normally walked the long way round to her home, but tonight of all nights, she chose to take the shortcut across the common. A sixty one year old widow, she rarely stayed out late, but tonight she had been visiting a sick friend and had lost track of the time. So it was well after ten thirty when she started the short walk through the dark area known locally as the Common.The two men, stood behind one of the many old elm trees that grew on the common. As she passed, the larger of the two men, Danny, grabbed her and threw her to the ground, “quick Carl, hold her arms, and put your hand over her mouth.”Carl laughed, “are we going to do her Dan?” “yes, just hold her so I can get to her cunt.” Carl laughed again and did as his companion said.Rose was stunned from the attack, although she wasn’t seriously hurt, she started to regain her senses. Hearing his words, she realised what he intended to do. Unable to cry out, all she could do was scream into the sweaty hand that was held across her mouth.Gary pulled up the collar of his coat, if it really started to rain, he was going to get wet, best take the shortcut through the common. Not the best idea this time of night, but having just come out of his karate class, he wasn’t really afraid, the adrenaline was still pumping around his fifteen year old body.As he approached the first of the big elms, he thought he saw movements next to one of them, there was definitely someone there. He stopped and listened, someone was speaking in a hushed voice and he strained to hear what was being said.“I’ve got her knickers off, I need to finger her, make her cunt nice and wet, then I’ll go first, you’ll have to make do with sloppy seconds, but a fucks a fuck, now just stop her from struggling.”Danny resumed his attempt to stimulate the old woman’s vagina, this was causing her considerable discomfort, due to her age, his fingers felt rough inside her. Unconcerned for any hurt he was doing to he, he was masturbating his short fat penis, which stuck out from his open trousers.At once, Gary realised that the man was not alone, and that there was some poor unfortunate woman. His heart started to beat in his chest, it would be safer to just walk away, but that was the cowards way.“I suggest you leave the woman alone,” Gary was surprised at the power in his voice as he spoke. The man who was leaning over the woman, turned his head, “fuck off mate if you know what’s good for you.”Gary stepped forward, the rain had abated and the moon suddenly came out from behind a cloud. Gary saw the guy was extremely large. Carl laughed, “he’s just a k**.” Danny started to get up, “keep hold of her Carl, I’ll just give him a right hander and send him on his way.”Gary looked at the woman on the ground, he could see that her skirt had been ripped up the centre, her white cotton underwear, lay torn and discarded on the floor beside her. “Like I said k**, get lost.” Gary stood his ground. The man was holding his trousers together, he hadn’t even bothered to do them up. Maybe that would be to his advantage.The man stepped nearer and Gary tried to gauge the distance, he needed to get it right. He was now only a few feet away, he lifted one of his hands from his trousers, as if he was about to throw a punch, Gary dropped down and let himself fall back, this prompted the man into thinking he had him where he wanted, so he moved forward. Just as he had hoped, the man was going to try and attack him on the ground.Gary thrust out his leg, and his foot connected violently with Danny’s testicles, he screamed in pain, doubling up, then Gary pulled his leg back and struck again, this time connecting with Danny’s nose. He dropped to his knees and Gary rolled over as the man fell flat on his face, on the ground where Gary had just been. Gary quickly stood up, he moved towards the other assailant, who had released the woman. “Oh shit,” he said, before getting up and running away.Gary went over to the woman, she lay there, not making a sound, Gary knew not to approach her too quickly. “It’s alright,” he said in a low calm voice, “you’re perfectly safe now, no one is going to hurt you, but I will need to call the police and an ambulance, just in case you’re hurt.”This seemed to snap the woman out of her shock. “No, I don’t want the police, and no ambulance, I’m not hurt, please, can you just take me home?”“Of course, if that’s what you want.” He picked up her handbag and tried to hand it to her, as she stretched out her hand, Gary saw it was shaking. “Listen, my name is Gary, perhaps you’d like me to help you to your feet?” Rose nodded. “Thank you.”Rose leaned heavily on his arm. “Thank you.” Telling him her address, he assisted her the short distance to her home, at the doorstep, she said, “my key is in my handbag, can you get it out for me please?” Gary found the set of keys and went to unlock the mortise lock. “That one doesn’t work, just the Yale.” He unlocked the door and helped her inside. Gary wasn’t sure how to deal with this, so he said, “Do you want me to leave now?” Rose’s grip on his arm strengthened to the point of being painful. “No, please stay, I don’t want to be on my own.”In the sitting room, he managed to find the light switch and turned the light on. Gary helped her to an armchair, what did they give people for shock, sweet tea.“Can I make you some tea?” The woman just sat there. Gary went into the kitchen and put the kettle on, he would not normally have presumed to do this, but this was not a normal situation. Returning with a tray of tea, he thought not to put any sugar in, just in case. As he set the tray down on the coffee table, he saw she was crying.“It’s alright, you’re safe now, no one is going to hurt you.” Through her sobs, she said, “but he did, he tore my skirt, he ripped my knickers off and laddered my nylons,” Rose pulled the split skirt open, Gary gasped, not from seeing the laddered stockings, but because he could see her pubic hairGary was unprepared for what she did next. Rose spread her knees apart and touched herself between her legs. “He hurt my private with his fingers, he was rubbing himself, I felt it start to go in me.” Gary had already turned away. “Perhaps I should call a relative, or a friend, I don’t think I should be seeing you like this.”Rose looked at him, fear flashed in her eyes and she pulled the material of the skirt together.“I need to let my mother know why I’m late, she’ll be worried, can I use your phone?” Rose did not answer, she merely stood up and walked to the sideboard. The telephone was covered with a cloth. Gary dialled the number and it was picked up on the first ring. “Hello mum, it’s me, yes, I’m alright, no, not at the moment, I got held up.” Rose held out her hand and Gary handed her the telephone, she clamped her hand over the mouthpiece and said to Gary, “would you go in the kitchen and make some more tea, I’ll explain things to your mother.” When he had left, she spoke. “Hello, you must be Gary’s mother, my name is Rose Tyler, I was attacked tonight and your son was brave enough to come to my rescue, no, I’m not hurt exactly, but I need to ask you a favour,” she listened to the response from the other end of the phone. “I did not want to call the police, I might report it in the morning, what I wanted to ask you was if you would allow your son to stay here tonight, I still feel very shaken up and would feel safer if he could stay,” there was a pause as Gary’s mother responded. Rose replied, “thank you Mrs Davis, yes, I will put Gary back on, just a moment and I will call him.” Rose called Gary from the kitchen, she handed him the phone. “Hello mum.” At the other end of the phone, Marion Davis said, “listen son, I think Mrs Tyler may be in shock, I want you to stay with her, then in the morning, if she agrees, you can take her to the police station, call me in the morning and you can let me know what she wants to do, goodnight son, and I’m very proud of you.”Gary hung up. “Mum says I should stay with you tonight, is that what you want?” Rose nodded. “Thank you, I have a spare room, I don’t have any pyjamas for you to wear, but I expect you won’t mind sleeping in your underwear.” Gary nodded.They sat drinking the tea he had made. “I’m sorry Gary, I didn’t introduce myself, my name is Rose Tyler,” she extended her hand and Gary took hold of it. “I’m pleased to meet you, it’s a pity it had to be under such dreadful circumstances.” Rose held his hand and he felt her give it a squeeze.Rose took the tray of tea things into the kitchen, she returned and said, “I’ll leave them until the morning, if you follow me upstairs, then I will show you the spare room.”Gary followed her up the stairs and she led him into the room at the back of the house, it was clean and bright, there was a single bed. “Would you mind keeping the door open, I would feel more at ease if I know you are close at hand.” “Of course not Mrs Tyler, if you need anything in the night, just call out, I’m a light sleeper.”Rose went to a chest of drawers and opened the top one, she reached inside and took out a tube, she saw Gary looking, “it’s just a tube of lubricant, that man, his fingers have made my opening sore.” Gary blushed. As she walked to the door, she said, “goodnight Gary.” “Goodnight Mrs Tyler.”After she had gone, Gary pulled back the duvet, he removed his shirt and took off his trousers. Climbing into bed, he realised he had to turn the light off. He climbed out of bed and walked to the light switch which was by the door. As he turned the light off, he saw the light coming from Rose’s room, her door was ajar and he could see her standing by the foot of the bed. Rose had removed the torn skirt and kırklareli escort also her stockings and suspender belt. Gary felt slightly ashamed, the sight of this old lady, naked from the waist down, was causing him to become aroused. He watched as she lifted her leg up and placed her foot up on the bed. Taking the tube of lubricant, she squeezed some onto her fingers, which she proceeded to insert up inside herself.Gary turned away and got back into bed.He eventually dropped off to sleep.He was unsure how long he had slept for, he heard her calling him. He got out of bed and switched on his light, crossing the landing to her door, he knocked gently, “did you call me Mrs Tyler?” “Yes Gary, could you come in, but please leave the light off?” this was handy as he only had his boxer shorts on. Stepping into the room, he was unaware that he was framed in the doorway and the light behind him, allowed Mrs Tyler to see him. “Could you come and sit on the bed Gary, I know I’m a nuisance, but I had a bad dream, would you sit with me until I fall asleep?”Gary sat on the bed near the bottom. “Please Gary, can you sit nearer, so I know you are close by?” He moved up the bed. Her hand came to rest on his bare leg and he jumped. “Oh Gary, you’re freezing, I tell you what, if you get in, just until I drop off to sleep, otherwise you’ll get hypothermia.” “It’s alright Mrs Tyler, I’m not really cold.” Her hand rested on his leg again, this time near the top. “Don’t be silly, I can’t expect you to catch cold because of me, now I insist.” He made his way around the bed and slipped in beside her, he made sure to keep right over on his side of the bed.“There, isn’t that better?” “Yes, I suppose so.” “Can I tell you about my dream?” Gary said, “okay,” he was tired and just wanted her to go to sleep, so he could go back to bed.Rose sat up, “it was just like before, I was taking a short cut through the common, the two men grabbed me, one held me down and covered my mouth, the other one tore my skirt open, then ripped off my knickers.” Even though he was tired, Gary listened intently. “He was rough, he was pushing his fingers up inside my vagina, just like before, but this time, you didn’t come along to save me.” Gary felt her shudder. “He pushed my legs apart and climbed between them, he undid his trousers and I felt his penis start to penetrate my vagina, his penis was very big and he forced my legs apart, so he could get it all the way in.”Listening to her account of the dream, had given him an erection, he gently eased down his boxer shorts enough to be able to wrap his hand around his penis.“What made you wake up Mrs Tyler?” “Well, as he was pushing in and out of my vagina, I was shocked, I didn’t want it to happen, but his penis was beginning to give me that lovely feeling, it was when the moon came out from behind a cloud, I saw his face, but it was your face.”Gary released his penis and Mrs Tyler grabbed his hand. “When I awoke, I found I was all wet.” Before he knew it, she pushed his hand down between her legs, he felt the thick growth of hair and he felt her wetness. “Can you feel how wet I am Gary?” “I don’t think I should be touching you like this Mrs Tyler.” “Please Gary, that man, I can’t stop thinking about what he wanted to do to me.”Gary could have quite easily taken his hand away, but he didn’t. “Put your fingers inside me Gary, urghhh.” Gary had never touched a woman before, he didn’t care that she was in her sixties, his fingers probed the hair, until he found her opening and they slipped inside.“Oh yes, oh god, finger me Gary, urghhh.” Her hips were jerking as he eased his fingers in and out of her vagina.“Stop a minute,” he did as she asked, “climb on top of me.”Gary rolled over and climbed on top of her, he realised that she was naked.“Lift yourself up Gary, I need to pull down your shorts all the way down.” Almost like a robot, he obeyed her instructions. Raising his hips, Rose wrenched his shorts down. “Lower yourself on top of me,” he flinched slightly as his penis came into contact with her pubic hair.Rose brought her knees up and slipped her hand down to grasp his penis, “oh Gary, it feels so hard,” he felt her move it around, until the tip was touching the entrance of her vagina. “Push forward Gary.” He pushed his hips forward and it started to penetrate her, they both gave a satisfying groan. Instinctively, Gary’s hips moved backwards and forwards.“This is what he wanted to do to me Gary, he said he was going to fuck me, urghhh.”Gary thrust harder when she said this.“I expect he was going to say dirty things to me Gary, do you think so?” Gary kept pushing into her, “yes, I suppose he was.”“Do you think he would have said he was fucking my cunt? Urghhh.”“I think he would, yes, he would have said that.”“Urghhh, you say it Gary.”“He would have said he was fucking your cunt.”“He would have ****d me Gary, he would have ****d my cunt and when he came, he would have squirted his come inside my cunt, then his friend would have ****d me to, he wanted to fuck me.” Gary realised, that she liked him to talk dirty to her, so he became bolder.“Yes, he was waiting for his friend to finish fucking you, then he would have fucked you and come in your cunt.”“Urghhh, fuck me harder Gary, you won’t hurt me, urghhh, it feels so good, having your cock in my cunt, urghhh.”Gary pumped harder and Rose grunted louder and pushed up to meet his thrusts.“Keep, talking to me Gary, fuck me and give me that lovely feeling.” “I’m fucking you Rose, arghhh, can you feel my cock in your cunt.” Gary felt the tingle that signalled his approaching climax. “I’m nearly there Mrs Tyler, do you want me to take it out?”“Urghhh, no Gary, urghhh, oh fuck, urghhh, I’m coming, urghhh, keep fucking me, you have to do what he wanted to do Gary, you have to come in my cunt, urghhhhh.”Rose lifted her hips off the bed, and Gary felt the semi pleasure, semi pain, as he started to ejaculate. Rose groaned as she felt the first ropey strand of his semen, squirt up inside her vagina. “I can feel it Gary, I can feel your come going up inside my cunt, urghhhhh.”Gary lost count of the number of times he squirted inside her. As his penis became flaccid, he eased himself out from between her legs and rolled over.“Thank you Gary, that was wonderful, but I expect you think I’m a wicked old woman?”“No, I think you’re beautiful, it was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced.” “Thank you Gary, but I think you should go back to your room.”In the morning, Gary awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs, he dressed quickly and made his way downstairs. “Good morning Gary, I hope you slept well?” “Yes, I did, what about you?”“Well, after our little bit of hanky panky, I slept like a log.” Gary blushed. “I’m sorry Gary, if you’d prefer, we’ll pretend it never happened.” “It’s alright Mrs Tyler, I always blush, I don’t regret what we did, I just thought it would be inappropriate for me to mention it.”Rose smiled, “oh Gary, you are a gem, you rescue me from those thugs, then you made me feel like a real woman again, you really are my hero.” He blushed again.“Now eat your breakfast, afterwards, you must call your mother and tell her I will be reporting the attack, but you must promise, not to mention what the men wanted to do to me, as far as anyone’s concerned, they were after my handbag.” Gary promised.Marion Davis was waiting outside the police station when Rose and Gary arrived. “Hello, you must be Gary’s mother, I’m Rose, I’m pleased to meet you.” Rose stretched out her hand and Marion took hold of it. “Hello Rose, please, call me Marion.” They went inside and after about five minutes, they were seen by a two officers, one male, the other female. Gary went with the male officer to give his statement. He recounted the event but carefully omitted the part about the two men’s attempt to **** Rose. “It was lucky you were passing, lord alone knows what might have happened if you hadn’t interceded when you did.” Gary asked the officer, “will I get into trouble?” “Good heavens Gary, why would you think that?” “Well, I think I broke the man’s nose.” “No, you used the minimum force, so there’s no chance of you being prosecuted.”The female officer took Rose’s statement, he said she should have reported it straight away, but under the circumstances, unless the men attacked someone else, they probably wouldn’t catch them.Marion stood up when Rose and her son came out. “Right, I suggest that you come and have some tea with us Rose, I think Gary will need to change his underwear.” Gary blushed, “mum, don’t show me up.” Both Marion and Rose chuckled.When it was time for Rose to leave, Marion said, “why don’t you come round next Saturday and have a meal with us?” “Thank you Marion, I’d like that very much.” Gary spent most of the afternoon in his room, he wrote up his diary, he kept it hidden in his wardrobe, under a loose panel. He wrote everything that had happened that night, in great detail, including all the swear words.On the Thursday, Gary had gone out for the day and Marion was putting away the ironing. Taking the clothes into Gary’s room, she opened the wardrobe and started to put his shirts on the hangers, she dropped one of the metal ones and it landed on top of the loose panel, the hook of the hanger lodged in the gap and as she lifted it up, the panel came out. Marion was about to put it back in place, when she saw the diary. Marion knew it was private, but human nature being what it is, she was curious as to what Gary might write about.Most of the entries were innocent enough, his school friends, trips he had been on, visits to his aunt Mary. Mary was Marion’s sister, a few years younger than her. Marion blinked, then re-read the passage again. ‘stayed at aunt kırklareli escort bayan Mary’s, when she was laying on the settee reading, I was able to see up her skirt, her knickers had slipped to the side, saw some of the hair between her legs, I wish I could see aunt Mary’s cunt. Marion sat down on the bed, she never imagined for a minute, that Gary would entertain thoughts like that. Then she continued to read the next page, it said, ‘I saw mum squatting down, she had her knickers on, there was hair sticking out from the side of the crutch, I wish she wasn’t wearing any and I could see how hairy her cunt is.’ Mary began to feel strange, but she continued to read, “I know she’s my mum, but I would love to fuck her and come in her cunt.”Mary shuddered and to her horror, realised that her vagina was becoming wet. Then she reached the date when he had come to Rose’s rescue. “Oh my god.” The things he had written, surely Gary and Rose hadn’t done those things together, hadn’t said the things that she was now reading.Hearing the front door, Marion got off the bed, she replaced the diary in its hiding place and continued hanging the clothes up. Gary shouted for her. “I’m just putting your ironing away, I’ll be down in a minute.”As Marion descended the stairs, she wondered if she was going to be able to pretend she was unaware of his secret. “Hello Gary, would you get fish and chips for your tea? I’ve got a granddaddy of a headache, I might go and have a lie down.” “Of course mum, what time do you want me to wake you?” “Don’t worry, if I don’t wake, I’ll sleep until morning.” “Won’t you be hungry?” The last thing Marion felt like was food, she felt sick to her stomach. “No, I think it’s a bilious head, you take the money from my purse.” Gary went to give her a kiss, but Marion moved away, “I think I might be going down with a cold, wouldn’t want you to catch it.” “I hope you’re better for Saturday, when Rose comes.”Marion suddenly felt giddy, she had forgotten about the invitation, should she cancel it, perhaps she needed to think this through. With this in mind, Marion went up to bed. Marion lay there, all manner of scenarios were going through her head. Should she confront Gary with his written evidence? or should she visit Rose and confront her with it?Maybe when Rose came round on Saturday, sit there and watch as they had their evening meal, then confront the two of them.Her mind played back the words she had read, Marion found it hard to believe that Gary would say this, let alone do the things he described. Maybe Rose was innocent, perhaps Gary wrote them as some distorted fantasy. If that was the case, what kind of son had she raised?Climbing off the bed, Marion decided to undress and put on her nightdress. As she stripped in front of the mirror, she looked at her figure, she wasn’t exactly fat, well rounded. With all her clothes off, she studied herself again, her breasts were still quite firm. She slid her hands across her flat stomach, then down to the mass of dark hair between her legs.Had Gary seen Rose naked, seen the forbidden areas of her body. Rose was an attractive woman for her age, slimmer than Marion, her breasts were a lot smaller. Did Rose see Gary naked?Marion wondered what position they adopted and she lay back on the bed, her nightdress forgotten. Marion’s fingers moved down between her legs, and she started to imagine how Rose felt when Gary first pushed his penis inside her. Was Gary well endowed, how many times did Rose climax. Marion started to feel the rush as her orgasm swept over her. What did it feel like, when Gary ejaculated in Rose’s vagina, what would it feel like if her son pushed his penis into her vaginaNot bothering with her nightdress, Marion just pulled the covers over her naked body and drifted off to sleep.Gary had cleaned up and already gone out when Marion awoke, there was a note on the table:Mum, gone swimming, back at five o’clock, hope you feel better, love Gary.Saturday arrived and Marion had decided what she was going to do.Rose knocked at seven as agreed and Gary opened the door for her. “Hello Rose, please come in, the food’s nearly ready, Gary, take Rose’s coat.”Marion watched as Gary helped Rose off with her coat, she saw Rose pat Gary’s hand. Perhaps it was an innocent gesture, perhaps not.They sat and talked generalities as they ate. Suddenly the room was lit by a flash of lightening and Rose jumped. Gary counted until the clap of thunder came. “It’s about two miles away,” he said. Marion leaned over and pulled the curtains to one side. The rain was falling hard. “I hope this eases off before it’s time for me to leave,” said Rose. They finished their meal and went to sit in the sitting room. Rose looked at the clock, it was almost ten o’clock. “I think I should be making a move.” Marion looked out the window again. “I don’t think that would be a good idea, come and take a look.” Rose went to the window and saw that the rain, if anything, was falling harder. “Could you lend me an umbrella Marion?” Marion looked at Gary, “I could have, but Gary left it on the bus, there’s nothing for it, you’ll have to stay the night, that’s if you don’t mind sharing my bed?” Rose looked at the rain again, “I couldn’t put you to all that trouble Marion.” “Nonsense Rose, after all, you shared your bed with Gary,” Marion waited a few seconds, then said, “I mean your spare bed.” Rose laughed nervously. Marion looked at Gary and he had gone bright red. Rose saw this and said, “well, if you’re sure you wouldn’t mind Marion?” “No, of course not, I can lend you a nightdress, I assume you wear them?” “Of course, it’s been a long time since I slept in the buff.” By now, it was close to eleven o’clock and Gary said goodnight to his mother, then he turned to Rose, “goodnight Mrs Tyler, I’ll see you in the morning.” Rose saw his face, he looked anxious. “Goodnight Gary,” she was unable to communicate anything in her expression, as his mother was looking at her.Once in her bedroom, Marion asked, “which side do you Marionlly sleep on Rose?” “I don’t mind Marion, I’m just grateful that I don’t have to go out in this rain.” Marion took out a spare nightdress and laid it on the bed, then she started to undress, she felt a little self conscious at first, but noticed that Rose had started to disrobe as well. Both women were down to their underwear. Marion slowed down a little and waited until Rose had removed her bra. “I hope you don’t mind me saying Rose, but you’ve certainly kept your figure.” “Why thank you Marion, it’s probably because I never had any c***dren.” ‘Apart from my Gary,’ thought Marion, who then removed hers. Rose felt duty bound to comment when Marion’s breasts came into sight. “Well, you’re not exactly flabby in that area.” Marion nodded slightly to indicate a thank you.Marion wondered if Rose wore her knickers under her nightie, so she took hers down, “I hope you don’t mind Rose, but I think it’s so unhygienic, having worn them all day.” Rose stared at Marion’s lower region. “Yes, I totally agree.” With that, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her knickers and slid them down.Both woman were endowed with the same amount of pubic hair, which was a lot, although Marion was a few years younger than Rose, hers were peppered with grey, Rose’s on the other hand, were jet black.Marion could hold her piece no longer, as Rose went to pick up the nightdress, she said, “so tell me Rose, did Gary have a good look at you like this, you know, before you had sex with him?”The hand that Rose was reaching for the nightdress with, pulled back, as if she had touched something hot. “I beg your pardon?” Rose hoped that the indignant tone would convince Marion that she had made a mistake. “I think you heard what I said.”Rose was determined to try and bluff her way out of the situation. “I don’t know where you got the idea that Gary and I slept together, but I assure you…” Marion raised her hand, “would you put your nightdress on.” Rose complied and Marion did the same. Gary had just put his pyjamas on, when there was a knock on his bedroom door, “come in,” he said. Marion walked in, “Gary, could you go into my room a moment?” Gary was oblivious to what had transpired in his mother’s room, “sure.” As he left, Marion opened his wardrobe and lifted the secret panel, she removed the diary and walked back into her room.Rose had no time to warn him, but he saw the diary in his mothers hand. “Mum, that’s private.” “Be quiet Gary, I just need to ask Rose something.”Rose was on her guard. “So tell me Rose, did you enjoy having sex with my son?” At this, Gary gasped. Rose stayed silent. Marion spoke again.“Why so quiet Rose, from what I read in Gary’s diary, you were quite outspoken.”Marion flicked through the pages, until, “ah, here it is, entry for Monday 15th June, wasn’t that the date Gary came to your rescue Rose?” Rose just nodded. “I’ll skip the preliminaries, here we are, ‘As I had sex with Rose, she asked me to say things, she wanted me to say I was fucking her cunt, she asked me to come in her cunt. Rose’s cunt feels really tight, I hope she wants me to fuck her again.’ “Come on Rose, I’m as eager to know, I expect Gary does as well, do you want him to fuck you again?”“What about you Gary, don’t you want to see Rose’s hairy bush again?”“I didn’t see it, we did it in the dark.”Rose sat on the bed, “I’m sorry Marion, please don’t blame Gary, it was all my fault.”“Yes, I daresay that’s the way the police will see it.”Rose’s face went white. Gary stepped forward, “no mum, you can’t do that, it was my fault.”Marion stood there, she waited, then said, “I’ll make a deal with you, I think the greatest humiliation, would be for you to do it again, in front of me.”Rose’s head snapped escort kırklareli up, “you can’t be serious Marion, surely there must be another way?” Gary just stood there open mouthed.“Sorry, it’s the only option on the table, you know the alternative?”Rose and Gary looked at each other. “I tell you what,” said Marion, I need to go and clean my teeth, you and Gary discuss it, I’ll be about ten minutes.”Marion left the room. “Listen Gary, you don’t have to do this, I daresay the court will be lenient because of my age.”Gary shook his head, “no, everyone will find out, I don’t want you to be shamed like that.”“Do you think you’ll be able to do it Gary, in front of your mother?”“I guess I’ll have to, as long as you don’t mind?”It seemed natural for them to hug. Rose felt Gary press his hips against her, she felt the onset of his erection.Marion returned. “Times up, have you made your minds up?”It was Gary who spoke up, “yes, we’ll do it, but I’ll never forgive you mum.”Marion tried to ignore this, but it upset her slightly. “Right, time for the unveiling, Gary said you did it in the dark, this time with the light on, he’ll get to see your magnificent bush Rose, oh, by the way, you have to use all the words, just like you did the last time.”Gary took off his pyjama top, Rose just grabbed the nettle and pulled the nightdress over her head. Gary just stared. “Come on Gary,” said his mother, “don’t keep the lady waiting.”Gary pulled the cord on his pyjama bottoms and they dropped to the floor. His mother stared at his erect penis. “I see why Rose wanted to have sex with you, it’s lucky I brought this up with me.” Marion held out her hand, in it, she held a jar of Vaseline, “I think you’d better use some of this Rose, us old ladies get a bit dry down there.” The comment was meant for Gary. Rose just took the jar and turned away so that she could apply some to her opening.Marion pulled the chair over, so that she had a sideways view of the bed.Rose said, “I suppose we’d better start Gary, get it over with.” Climbing onto the bed, she lay on her back and raised her knees. Gary climbed on and positioned himself in between them. In a voice barely above a whisper, Rose said, “try and forget your mum’s there Gary, just try and enjoy it.” Gary gave a half hearted smile.Reaching down between their two bodies, Rose took hold of his penis and positioned it at the entrance to her vagina. Marion got up from the chair and walked to the end of the bed, she wanted to see the moment Gary’s penis penetrated Rose’s vagina. Gary pushed his hips forward and felt himself slide into her, there was an audible gasp from his mother. Marion returned to her vantage point on the chair. Gary kept his movements slow, even though his mother was watching, he wanted to make it last as long as possible.It was Rose who succumbed to the pleasure of their coupling, she groaned, “urghhhh, mmmmm, that’s it Gary, oh yes, don’t stop, urghhhh.” He pulled back, almost to the point where his penis nearly came out, then pushed back into her. Rose took no notice of Marion, who was sat just a few feet away. “Fuck me Gary, urghhhh, fuck me harder, urghhhh, let me feel you in my cunt, arghhhh.” Gary thrust harder, “can you feel my cock in your cunt Rose?”There was a sound, that made Gary turn his head towards his mother, he gasped, as he saw that her eyes were closed and she had her hand under her nightdress. His mother was masturbating.This egged Gary on and he spoke louder, enough for his mother to hear him, “you have a lovely hairy cunt Mrs Tyler, I love fucking your cunt, urghhhh.” He kept his gaze on his mother as he said this, he saw her arm move faster under her nightdress and her body shuddered.Marion opened her eyes and saw that her son was watching her. “You have a lovely hairy cunt.” Their eyes maintained contact. Gary watched as his mother slowly hitched up the hem of her nightdress, then she spread her legs. “You have a beautiful cunt,” he said, Marion knew that this was directed to her. Her fingers thrust deep inside her vagina and she moaned, “urghhh.”Rose recognised the sound and turned her head towards Marion. “That’s it Marion, finger yourself while you watch your son fucking my cunt with his lovely hard cock, urghhh.”Marion groaned, “Urghhh, what does Gary’s cock feel like inside you Rose?” “It feels wonderful Marion, it would feel good inside your cunt.” Marion stood up, “Gary, when you said you’d never forgive me, do you still feel that way about me?” Gary shook his head, “no mum.”Marion reached down and pulled her nightdress over her head. “Would you mind if I lay on the bed with you?” Rose looked at Gary, she saw the excitement in his eyes, “do you like seeing your mum naked Gary? Seeing her tits and the hair between her legs? If you let her get on the bed, you can see her cunt close up.” He nodded, “you can get on the bed if you want mum.”Even though they were still joined together, they managed to shuffle across to give some space for Marion to climb on the bed. Close up, Gary was able to see his mothers body. “I think you’re beautiful mum,” he said. “You don’t think I’m a wicked old woman for letting you see me like this?”“No, I’m only sorry you’re my mum.” “Why Gary, because it means you can’t do to me, what you’re doing to Mrs Tyler.” Rose shot Marion a look, she tried to ignore it, but she knew what it meant.“I think you should concentrate of giving Rose pleasure Gary, don’t you?”Gary resumed his movements and soon Rose was moaning and asking him to fuck her harder, finally telling him to come in her cunt. As they told each other what they were doing, Marion was fingering herself and made sure Gary was able to see her fingers working in and out of her cunt. This seemed to make Gary come harder than he had done before.Gary eased himself off Mrs Tyler, he was now laying in between the two women, Marion stared at her son’s penis, which was still erect. “Gary, can I ask you something?” “Yes, of course you can mum.” “I see you are still hard, does that mean you could do it again?” “Yes, but I don’t know if Mrs Tyler could manage it.”Rose propped herself up on her elbow, “you’re right Gary, maybe your mother might like you to fuck her.”There was a long drawn out silence. Finally, Marion spoke. “I’ll understand if you say no, but would you like to son?”He stared at his mothers naked body, Marion saw her sons penis jerk. He jumped slightly, when Rose placed her hand on his arm, she spoke softly to him, “your mother has not had the love of a man for a long time Gary, what better way for a son to show his mother that he loves her.”Gary turned to his mother, “do you really want me to mum?” Rose said, “I expect you want to be alone,” and she started to get off the bed. “No Rose,” said Marion, “if you want to stay, then I won’t mind.” Rose moved back onto the bed, “are you both sure?” “Yes,” said Gary and his mother together.Marion turned to Gary, “listen son, I’ll understand if you don’t want to do this, but I need you so much.” Gary smiled and said, “the moment I saw you fingering yourself, I wanted to.” Rose sat watching them, she felt the excitement of the moment and trembled with anticipation as she pushed two fingers into her vagina and felt Gary’s sticky gift, one that he would soon be depositing up inside his mothers vagina.Gary slid his hand down between his mother’s legs, Marion gasped as she felt his probing fingers and spread her legs open. Marion’s masturbation had made the need for any lubrication unnecessary and Gary’s fingers slid easily into her vagina. “Oh yes Gary, I need you inside me now,” sighed Marion. The boy climbed between his mother’s open legs, then Marion spoke to Rose, “please Rose, this would not be happening but for you, I want you to help Gary get his cock inside me.” Rose shifted forward and reached between their bodies, Gary’s cock was harder than when it was up inside her, with one hand she spread Marion’s vaginal lips, then with the other, she positioned Gary’s cock at the entrance. “Now Gary, push your cock into your mums cunt.” Both Gary and his mother gave a satisfying grunt as his cock slid into the moist opening between her legs. Almost instinctively he started to pull back until his cock was almost out, then thrust back in as far as he could. Marion spoke again, “Rose, put your hands behind my knees and pull them back onto my chest, then Gary can get his cock all the way inside my cunt.” Rose did as she was asked. “Oh god Gary, I can feel you right in me, fuck me harder darling.” Gary fucked into his mother, but he was afraid of hurting her, “are you sure I won’t hurt you mum?” he asked. “No Gary, you won’t hurt me, I need you to fuck my cunt hard to help me come.” Gary did as he was asked, the feeling was indescribable and he knew that even though he had just come inside Rose, he was not going to be able to last long, Marion sensed this and told him to talk to her, like he had to Rose. “Oh mum, I’m fucking your hairy cunt, I’m nearly there and I’m going to come inside your hairy cunt.” This tipped Marion over the edge, “yes Gary, fuck your come into mummy’s hairy cunt.” Both their orgasms came at the same time and Marion felt Gary flood her cunt with his sticky semen. “I’m sorry I didn’t last very long mum.” “That’s all right Gary, there will be other times, that is if you want to?” “I love you mum, of course I want to.” They felt the bed shift as Rose got off, she was starting to get dressed. Gary turned back to his mother, “what about Rose?”Marion indicated that he should roll off her, “Rose, I hope you realise, that Gary will not be able to come round your house any more and fuck you.” Gary was surprised, “mum, that’s not fair.” “No Gary, your mother’s right,” said Rose. Marion sat up. “If the two of you would let me finish, I was going to say, I doubt if I could keep Gary satisfied, what I would like is for Rose to come round here any time she wants Gary to fuck her.” Gary leaned over and hugged his mother. “Are you sure Marion, you won’t be jealous?” “No, as long as we all do it together.”

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