Gay couple go straight

Gay couple go straightAs I walked through the door, I froze to the spot! That’s all I could see was my boyfriend’s huge cock, shooting ribbons of spunk all over a fat hairy pussy. I dropped my things, which startled them. He pushed the woman off and jumped to his feet, his cock was glistening with her juices. She remained on the bed, legs wide open scooping his spunk up with her fingers, then fingering it inside it gapping hairy pussy. I don’t know what shock me more, my boyfriend fucking another woman after being openly gay for years or the fact that the woman was late 50’s, plump with big saggy tits. Undeterred she reached for his cock again, he push her hand away. She jumped to her feet and pushed him onto the bed; he kept looking at me until she jumped on casino siteleri the bed and squatted over his face. He was smothered by her hairy crack. It was no time at all, until his cock was throbbing again, he started flicking his tongue over her huge pussy lips, tasting her juices mixed with his warm spunk. She reached out her hand, as if calling me. I walk towards her and she lunged for my crotch. She undone the tie string of my shorts and pulled my shorts now. My fat cock was limp as she began tugging away at my cock; she teased my long foreskin over my thick cock head. My boyfriend laid there motionless, save for his eager tongue burrowing her pussy. She manoeuvred herself down to his cock again, spat on his cock and began trying to fit his big cock canlı casino inside her ass. She squealed as it entered, then began riding it like mad, fingering herself same time. I stood on the bed to face her and she suck on my cock, by this time it was semi erect (still shocked I blame it on). She sucked frantically, concentrating on my throbbing head. It drove me wild and I was fully erected, I pushed her back slightly, his cock was still deep inside her ass. Her pussy looked so inviting; I had never fucked a woman before so I was apprehensive. I ease my fat cock inside her, it felt so wet. I began fucking her and by boyfriend laid there with his cock inside her ass, eventually we built up a harmonious rhythm and she was loving being fucked in both holes kaçak casino the same time, he was rubbing her saggy tits as we fucked her hard. “I’m going to cum” my boyfriend shouted, as he filled her ass with another load of his spunk. I pulled out and she eases his cock out of her ass, as she did all his hot spunk began dribbling out of her ass and down his cock shaft. I rubbed by cock head in his spunk and filled her mouth with my cock. She laid back down and I continued fucking her, my boyfriend was watching my cock plough inside, every now and then I was take it out of her pussy and he’s suck it. It wasn’t long before I was ready to cum, as I was about to blow my load and withdrew from her fat bush and shot my load all over his tongue, he swallowed every drop, and then licked my cock clean of her pussy juices. We all fell in a heap on the bed, sometime later we woke to find she had left. However, she cleaned in the hotel, so we had a repeat show a few more times during the holiday.

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