Gay Friend is best thing ever


Gay Friend is best thing everI was having so much gay sex with my friend we pretty much fucked every week. We would always go to his place to fuck but that changed one evening when he decided to show up at my place out of the blue. He had been going on about how he would be able to come over to hang out even with my gf is around, as she had no idea who he was nor did she know that he loved cock. He was fine with acting straight until we were alone and then he’d turn into a hot gay slut. The idea turned me on but i told him it was too risky. I didn’t want to walk around the house with a hard cock wanting to fuck him while my gf was around. We didn’t talk about it much after that but he was determined to make it happen. A random night as i was with my gf and she was about to fix a dinner for us, and then came a ring at the door. She went and told me to get it and i was so shocked when i saw him standing there looking at me. He smiled as he leaned in and gave me a kiss, so bad as he grabbed my cock. “Who is it?” my gf yelled. I had to push him back as i answered , saying it was a friend. We went over to the kitchen as i had to introduce them. He had such a satsified smirk on his face i couldn’t wait to wipe it off now. “Oh.. you didn’t tell me we’d have someone over.. I think i’m going to need to make a quick run to the store…” she said. “No… it’s fine really.. i was just in the area, you really don’t have to..” my friend replied. Of course she insisted as she got her things and she headed out the house, coming over and giving me a quick kiss before leaving. As soon as she left i closed the door and turned around üsküdar escort to see him standing there looking right at me. I nodded as i walked over and got right in front of him, “What do you think you’re doing?” i asked as he confidently reached down to grab my crotch. “I just wanted to suck some cock…” He replied. Feeling that my cock was now rock hard he leaned in as we started kissing eachother, my hand going behind him to grab his ass and pull him into me, “You’re so bad… you planned this didn’t you?” i said as he continued to smile and moan, kissing me. After making out for a a good minute he got on his knees and started digging for my cock. He pulled it out and I watched as he looked up at me slapping it on his lips and then started licking it, up and down, kissing the head of my cock making me moan. “Should i leave or should i suck your cock?” he teased. “fuck.. suck it… suck my cock..” i moaned. Right away he put it in his mouth and started working my cock so good with his lips, his tongue sliding all over it as he sucked me. I reached down, hand on his head as i moaned louder and louder. “Fuck.. you bad slut…” I let out as he continued to suck my cock moaning with me. He then got up as he made me taste my cock off his lips, kissing me and sliding his tongue in my mouth. “mm.. where are you going to fuck me? In the kitchen? on the couch right here? Or maybe in your bedroom?” he asked. I knew he was pushing for the bedroom, but i went ahead and pushed him towards the couch. “Turn around… let me see that ass… ” he smiled as he went ahead tuzla escort and pulled off his pants, getting on all fours and shaking his ass for me. i got right up behind him, and got on my knees as i started to lick his ass. Making him moan as he shook his ass all over my face. “Mm.. fuck yeah… tastes so fucking good…” i told him as he let me eat him. I then quickly got up as i grabbed my cock, slapping it on his ass, thrusting my cock between his ass cheeks rubbing it against his tight little gay hole. He reached back with both hands as he spread his ass for me, looking back at me as he begged for my cock. “Fuck my… fuck my ass.. give me that gay cock…” I took my dick and i went ahead and slid it inside his tight ass, letting out a loud moan as i felt his tight ass around my hard raw cock. Pre cum leaking inside of him as i started thrusting. “Fuck that feels so good… you look so good..” i said as he stared at me the whole time. I went ahead and grabbed him by his arms as i started to thrust deeper and deeper into him. “You like this gay cock? is this a gay cock?” i asked him as he smiled, “Yes….” I slapped his ass hard as i leaned into him and kissed him, both of us moaning as i went ahead and let go of his arms, pushed him down and i whispered into his ears, “Fuck my gay cock….” I sat back and watched as he shook his ass all over my cock, sliding his ass back and forth on my cock , his hot gay ass bouncing like crazy. “Yes.. fuck it.. fuck that cock… fuck it like that..” I moaned. Both of us sweating and getting so hot as we fucked. I went ahead pendik escort and pulled him up as he arched his ass, i went on kissing him again as i placed both hands on his hips and i started pounding his ass. Loud claps of our bodies slamming into eachother as i pounded him from behind. “You want me to cum in your ass? Can i come in that ass?” I asked as i held him by his throat now, “Mmhmm. cum in my ass.. cum in my ass… fuck me and cum… ” he moaned. Looking down i started to fuck him as hard as i could. The whole couch shook as i fucked him both of us so loud with not a care in the world. I felt my self cumming as i slammed my cock in him with a loud moan, “Fuck!!!” I said as i stopped in his ass, all the way, my balls restin against him. He started to shake his ass again and i watched as he went on to drain my balls. I stood there behind him shaking as i watched that beautiful gay ass take my load. “Fuck… fuck that’s good…. damn….” i said as he looked back at me smiling once he knew i was done. I pulled my cock out of his ass and he turned around as we kissed all over eachother, before making our way to the bathroom to clean up. I made out with him in the bathroom as he stroked himself and he finished. With no time to shower we went ahead and got as clean as we could so he could leave. While walking him out we watched as my gf pulled up. Just in time as she asked where he was going. He said he had to leave as something came up and that he’d be back. She went inside as he looked back at me for a final good bye as i stood there balls drained but still horny… watching him drive off i headed inside and saw my gf standing in the kitchen. She had switched to shorts and had her ass showing just a bit. I again got hard as i walked behind her, grabbed her ass and we ended up heading upstairs where i would fuck her ass with my hard gay cock while thinking about what just happened and wanting more of my gay friends ass.

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