Gen: First Time Sex


Gen was eighteen, her birthday was last week. Her boyfriend DJ was already eighteen about a month ago. Gen had brown hair and dimples. She had one sibling who was a few months older than her named Andrea. Andrea was a few inches taller than her and had D cup tits. Gen on the other hand had C 30 size cup. Gen had beautiful green eyes and flawless skin. She was average sized when it came to her height and she had pouting lips. She often fantasized about having sex with DJ. DJ was tall and had black hair. He was fit but not bulky. He had a smile to kill for and many girls crushed on him. He was around Andrea’s height.

Gen was in her room drawing when she heard the doorbell ring. She went through her house to the door. Her house was of modest size and her parents had taken Andrea to a dancing class. Gen was alone in the house. At the door was DJ dripping from head to toe from the rainy weather outside.

“DJ you’re soaking!” Gen said shocked ushering for him to come in.

“Thanks Gen I wasn’t prepared for this weather,” kocaeli escort bayan He said graciously.

He leant up close to her and planted a long gentle kiss on her lips. She loved the gentle way he kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his body. He put his hands on her hips. Her breasts were pushing against his chest. She forced her tongue into his mouth while she moaned. When they finally broke apart Gen giggled and blushed deeply.

“Do you want to watch a movie DJ?” Gen asked quietly.

“Um sure I better call my mom and tell her I’m going to wait out this weather here.”

While he left the kitchen to call his mother in the living room Gen heard her cell ring.

When she picked it up she heard her mother’s voice on the phone.

“Hi sweetie, your father, Andrea, and I are checked into a hotel for the night we can’t make it home, the weather is too bad tonight.”

“Okay mom.”

They said their goodbyes and Gen hung up. A whole night alone with DJ! Her heart leapt in excitement.

“Hey izmit escort bayan Gen is it okay if I spend the night here? My mom doesn’t want me to walk home in this weather.” DJ’s voice called from the living room.

“Sure!” She called to him.

She skipped over into the living room and put a movie in the VCR for them to watch. God she was so excited!

After the movie they snuggled up in Gen’s king sized bed. DJ had his arms wrapped around her and his chest was pressed against her back. She took one of his hands and slid it gently up her flat stomach up to her naked breasts under her loose silk night dress. She rubbed his hand against her breast groaning. He planted several kisses on the back of her neck.

“I love you Gen,” DJ whispered softly.

“I love you too,” Gen said fondly rolling over so that she could face DJ.

“Maybe we should take a shower together before bed,” DJ suggested.

Gen planted a long 10 second French kiss on him then she led him, hand in hand, gebze escort to her parent’s large shower. They let the water warm up while we stripped down naked and then climbed in. Gen went down on my knees and gave DJ a blowjob. She kissed the stalk up to the head than kissed and licked the head. Than Gen took it into her mouth and sucked and licked it. DJ shot a huge load into Gen’s mouth. She swallowed it with difficulty. Than she stood up and pinned him against the shower wall. Their love toys rubbed against each other as they kissed. When Gen came up for air DJ kissed her eyelids. They clutched each other and kissed with the most passion either of them had ever felt. Gen positioned DJ’s cock into her vagina and moved her hips with the rhythm of DJ’s sac slapping against her skin. Their moaning and groaning was the only sound in the house. DJ started to play with Gen’s breasts. He rubbed them and sucked them and kissed them. Gen was pulling DJ’s head in to her breasts moaning, with her legs spread wide and DJ’s cock still hammering away at her.

She was screeching now and moaning loudly. DJ started to passionately kiss her now. Their tongues played with the others.

“Gen will you marry me?” DJ asked.

“Yes OH YES!” She screamed hugging DJ.

Next story is Gen and DJ’s marriage.

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