Getting Off on the Train


There’s always been something about trains that makes me horny. Perhaps its the gentle rocking and vibration of the carriage moving, perhaps its the fact that when its busy you can get complete strangers bodies pressing right up against yours, or maybe its just that train rides can be so boring so I have plenty of time to fantasise.

I go to university up in the north of Scotland but I live down in London so on days I’m travelling home by train I’ve got about five hours to kill. For todays journey its a hot summers day so all I’m wearing is a little pleated skirt and a white tank top. I had very stupidly packed all of my bras in the depths of my suitcase last night and I was too lazy to open it back up this morning so I just decided to go without. I can get away with going braless because although I’ve got DD breasts I’m still young enough that they stay up and perky without any help. I find being braless more comfortable anyway although I did get quite a few stares as I had to run for my train causing my unrestrained tits to bounce about chaotically. I didnt mind though, I love it when people stare at me, another reason to abandon my bra.

Although the AC on the train is a little higher than I remember it, my nipples have hardened into prominent nubs and I’m sure that anyone looking could spot them from a mile away. Luckily the seat next to mine bursa escort was empty so there was no one around to notice them or how I occasionally reached up and stroked them. The sensation of my fingers stroking them through my top sending delicious tingles through me.

I was trying to use the time on the train to get some reading done, I was reading some fiction and I just began a sex scene and it was doing absolutely nothing to help my nipple problem. As I read about the characters nipples being licked and sucked and nibbled on I started stroking and pinching my own through my top more vigorously. It wasnt enough though so after quickly checking noone could see me I tugged my top down and freed one of my breasts quickly sucking on my fingers so I could spread my saliva over my exposed nipple and imagine someone had their mouth on it. I carried on twisting and tugging my saliva-wet nipple as I read eagerly on.

As the character in my book moved on to stroke and tease his lovers pussy I went along with him. Grateful I wore such a short and slutty outfit as I spread my legs and reached up my skirt to stroke my very wet panties. If I wasnt so horny I would be embarrassed at how wet I was just from reading a sex scene. my panties were absolutely soaked through and already making a very wet sound as I stroked my pussy through the cotton.

Just bursa escort bayan at that moment someone walked past my seat to go to the toilet. I snapped my legs closed and covered my very bare breast with my book. They didnt see anything but the reminder that I was in such a public place only made me wetter. I pulled my top up over my bare tit and waited for the man to walk back down the carriage to his seat.

The anticipation kept building and having to wait to continue playing with myself was almost torture. I kept reading my book, the man had moved his head down and was sucking on her clit whilst fingering her roughly.

I squirmed in my seat trying to find something to rub against whilst I waited to touch myself again. It occurred to me to ball up my scarf and to sit on it. I rocked back and forth on the solid lump I had created, trying to hump the scarf as subtly as possible.

I carried on like that until the man finally returned to his seat. I didnt even care that someone else might walk by, I was desperate. I pulled my top down so both my tits popped out into the air conditioned air and quickly brought my hand to my pussy. I roughly pushed aside my dripping panties and slid two fingers up into my cunt.

I moaned in relief. I fingered myself quickly, the wet sounds of my fingers pumping in and out quickly filled the carriage, escort bursa I absently wondered if anyone else could hear it.

I was holding my book with one hand whilst the other hand fucked my pussy but it wasnt enough. My sensitive nipples were neglected and my clit was begging to be rubbed. I quickly opened up my pencil case and pulled out one of those thick chunky highlighters. It would have to do. I slid it up in me and kept it in with the balled up scarf that I was still sitting on.

This left my other hand free to pinch and pull at my nipples as I began humping my scarf again. The highlighter nestled in my pussy adding a delicious new level. I was beginning to pant and I knew I was getting close to an orgasm. I brought my hand down to start rubbing at my clit more vigorously. I pictured the characters from my book both being with me on the train licking and sucking all of me whilst I am firmly fucked.

As I pictured a thick long cock sliding into me whilst someone else sucked eagerly on my clit, I came. it hit me like a tsunami, I moaned loudly and felt my pussy gush around the highlighter, absolutely soaking the scarf.

I didn’t have much time to bask in the afterglow because I suddenly realised we were pulling into a station. I quickly pulled my top up and tried to fix my hair. I chucked my wet scarf in my bag with the sopping highlighter and rearranged my skirt. I was just in time because seconds later someone boarded the train and took their seat next to me.

I wonder if they noticed the smell.

I still have 3 more hours of this train journey to go.

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