Ghost in Her Shell


Ghost in Her ShellDisclaimer: A fanfic that’s completely fictional that probably has never and will never happen? Why I never! Yes this is complete fantasy and never happened. As usual, feedback is more than welcomed! **October 2014*Top headline: “DreamWorks casts Scarlett Johansson as Motoko Kusanagi in live action Ghost in the Shell.”*Comments section*”NOOOOOOOOOO!””More Hollywood whitewashing smh.””Why is always mayonnaise being cast in these roles?””OK. I’ll wait and see.”To say that there was backlash over the decision to cast Scarlett Johansson as the lead in the live action Ghost in the Shell was a massive understatement. Margot Robbie was originally offered the role but even if she was cast, the backlash would still be the same and none of the fault would really be placed on the actress. Sure you can argue that they can refuse the role but this is an adaptation of an iconic anime. It’s pretty coveted and while it would’ve been preferable to cast someone of Asian-descent, ScarJo has name value and money ultimately plays a factor.However, Scarlett, who is not someone who uses social media, braced herself for the impending media backlash. “How bad is it?” Scarlett asked her publicist.”Yeah, it’s bad.” He replied.”Can you read me some of these comments?” Scarlett asked as she bowed her head and closed her eyes.”FUCK OFF HOLLYWOOD!””Whitewashing. AGAIN. I’m done.””I love Scarlett but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.””Anyone have some bleach so I can numb myself so I can pretend I didn’t read the article correctly?””Rinko Kikuchi wasn’t available?””Jesus.” Scarlett exclaimed. ” “Wait, did that comment say Rinko Kikuchi?” “Yes.”Rinko became a fan-favorite after her performance in Pacific Rim and fans online had lobbied her to play the role of Motoko Kusanagi in a live action Ghost in the Shell. Scarlett had an idea on how to combat this negativity before it starts to overwhelm her. “Do you think you can get me in contact with Rinko’s people?” She asked her publicist and he nodded. After 15 minutes of getting in touch with Rinko’s people, a meeting was set up in Rinko’s native Japan. In a week. It might’ve felt like a dogs’ age for Scarlett but it was enough time to let this news die down slightly. *1 Week later*Scarlett arrived in Japan, luckily not detected by the paparazzi. She traveled to the destination, which was a club that Rinko recently purchased. It was so dynamic looking that it could be used for a sequence in Ghost in the Shell. “Nightclub? Hm.” Scarlett thought to herself as she took a look around and admired the scenery. “Why not a house or apartment?” “At least it gives me an excuse to wear something somewhat casual tonight.” There were just some of the things running through Scarlett’s head.*4 Hours later*Scarlett got dressed and headed to the club, which was called “The Red Cat.” She was wearing a navy blue jacket with black sweatpants which showed off her ample behind, black shades, and a plain white shirt. The club was packed, the drinks strong, the House music loud, and the lighting red. Hey, it wasn’t called “The Red Cat” for nothing. But that didn’t seem to matter too much for Scarlett as she was scheduled to meet Rinko Kikuchi. “I’m here to meet Ms. Kikuchi.” Scarlett told the bouncer with a smile in her fluent Japanese. Years of promoting her tentpole Marvel movies and other films of hers in the country has more than helped her to get used to the Japanese dialect. “Yes, she is expecting you.” The bouncer retorted and escorted the blonde actress to the back of the club. “Wow, this place is even bigger than I thought.” Scarlett exclaimed in English and she was right. The staircase was uniquely designed, a floating staircase that was so….Kubrickian in design that it’s really hard to describe other than it was painted blood red and black. Eventually, the music began to drown out as they reached the hallway. “Does Rinko live here?” Scarlett thought. This place was big maltepe escort enough to live in but in any case, they eventually arrived to Rinko’s “office.””Ahhh Scarlett.” Rinko joyfully exclaimed. She was wearing a purple cutaway dress and silver heels. “That’s okay, Hotaru, we’ll take it from here.” Rinko explained to the bouncer as he departed. We then sit alone in her office, the decor being all red and white. “Wow, this is a pretty big office.” Scarlett said, admiring the decor. “You could probably live here if you wanted.” Which caused Rinko to giggle.”So…..Miss Johansson. What brought you out here to Japan? We could’ve done this with just a simple phone call.””Well…” Scarlett began to explain with a slight hint of hesitation. “It’s about Ghost in the Shell.” “Oh. Yeah, I’ve read some of the comments.” Rinko said.”Yeah, it’s pretty bad.” Scarlett replied.”But why come to ME of all people?” Rinko asked almost rhetorically, like she knew the answer. “Many people have threw your name out there and I would have to agree with them, especially after Pacific Rim.” Scarlett said in a downhearted tone.”You’re letting a few anonymous comments on the internet get you down?” Rinko asked. “Internet comments almost never bother me but…..Many mainstream media outlets are commenting on it.” “I thought YOU of all people would be able to handle criticism like this.” Rink said rather bluntly. “Not really something Kusanagi would stand for.” Rinko playfully quipped.”I know it’s just….This is a beloved series.” Scarlett said quietly.”I totally get why they would cast you in the role Scarlett: you’re strong-willed, smart, and incredibly beautiful. Even without not being Japanese, you have it in you to play The Major.” Rinko reassured with a smile. “But I would lying my ass off if I said I didn’t want that role BADLY.”Scarlett nodded her head understandably. Who didn’t want that role? Rinko REALLY wanted the role but her schedule was full as she’s shooting a TV show and 3 new films from now until the principal photography of GITS starts. “Still, Scarlett, this could’ve been done over the phone or an e-mail. Why did you come all the way to Japan just to see me?” Rinko asked. Even Scarlett was perplexed. “Umm……I have no idea.” Scarlett replied casually. She really did have not one clue, which led Rinko to simply laugh.”Since you’re here, why not stay for a drink or two?” Rinko asked and Scarlett happily obliged. For the next hour or so, Rinko and Scarlett had a friendly chat over drinks and tried not to bring the film up. Until Scarlett brought it up…..Again.”Wow, I’m getting really nervous about Ghost.” Scarlett said, which caused Rinko to groan.”JEEZ SCARLETT!” Rinko exclaimed. “YOU. ARE. GOING. TO. BE. FINE.” As Rinko held Scarlett’s face in her hands. You know what? You need some proper motivation.” “What kind of motivat…..” Scarlett tried to let out before Rinko placed her lips to hers.”Wooah woah WOAH!” Scarlett exclaimed as she stood up and nearly spilled her drink on the red carpet. “Rinko what are you doing?” Scarlett calmly asks, completely taken aback by what just happened.”I’m giving a boost. You’re gonna need it to play The Major.” Rinko playfully joked as she wrapped her hand around the shorter, younger actress and brought her lips towards her, this time much more slowly. Scarlett was still somewhat reluctant but it was Rinko’s soft, almost lemon-covered lips made it impossible as she now hungrily began to kiss Rinko back, which made Rinko smile in the kiss.”Hmmmm seems you’re getting it already.” Rinko whispered in Japanese. Whether or not Scarlett understood that is irrelevant as she was so caught up in the moment to care about anything. After a few more moments of intense kissing, Rinko pulled away and clapped her hands together twice to reveal a secret bed come of from the wall.”Well.” Scarlett laughed. “Guess you DO live here!” bahçelievler escort She quipped as they resumed kissing. “The first thing about The Major is: POWER.” Rinko moaned, which caused an intrigued look to appear on Scarlett’s face. Rinko really was a fan of the property and it showed. Rinko then guided her hands around Scarlett’s hips as she threw her on the bed.Several minutes had passed and Scarlett and Rinko were in their bra & panties, Scarlett’s breasts barely being protected by the bra.”The second thing is…..” Rinko took a long pause before answering. “CONFIDENCE.” Scarlett then returned her lips to Rinko’s, this time with much more force than before. She was definitely getting into the swing of things and then some. What did all of this have to do with Ghost in the Shell? In most cases, maybe next to nothing but in this instance, Scarlett was relieving some tension while gaining more confidence to tackle this iconic property.Scarlett then tossed Rinko on the bed and began to slowly kiss down her body, causing her to moan in ecstasy. She was whispering something in Japanese and Scarlett couldn’t quite catch understand what she was saying but given her actions, it seemed that she was more than pleasing Rinko. “OOOOOHHH.” Rink moaned aloud as Scarlett began to reach lower to her damp panties. Rinko was already more than ready but just before Scarlett was able to remove her panties, Rinko reversed Scarlett and now she was the one mounting her. “My turn.” Rinko whispered as she kissed Scarlett, causing the dirty blonde-haired actress to wince. Instead of teasing like Scarlett did, Rinko just went to work removing her top to reveal Scarlett’s incredible breasts as she immediately to kiss and suck at them.”Oooooh wow….” Scarlett moaned as she wrapped her hands around Rinko’s head, allowing her more access to her chest and her neck area. She never experienced the night to end this way but that didn’t meant she wasn’t going to enjoy it.”Hmmmmmm.” Rinko moaned against Scarlett’s breasts as she smothered herself with them, causing Scarlett to moan quietly.”Goddamn Rinkooooo.” Scarlett moaned in a husky voice, which only urged Rinko to prolong her attack on her chest puppies. Rinko intertwined between light, quick licks and long, hard sucks.”SHIT!” Scarlett squeaked, the pleasure starting to build more and more. Eventually, Rinko reached down to her panties and pulled them off, leaving Scarlett completely nude in front of her. Rinko then stood up and went into her closet for whatever reason. A few moments later, she pulled out a 9¨ purple dildo! Scarlett immediately let out a laugh and smiled.”It’s for whenever Shota isn’t around.” Rinko was referring to her husband Shota Sometani, whom she had recently just married. Scarlett prepared herself as Rinko crawled to Scarlett and positioned the dildo at her wet center, slowly teasing it with rubs that went up and down, as if it were an actual penis.”Plllleeeeassseee.” Scarlett begged as Rinko flashed a devious smile, planning her next move.”Of course.” Rinko whispered as she finally inserted the sex toy into Scarlett’s pussy, eliciting a loud moan from her.”Mmmmmm.” Scarlett sighed as Rinko began to slowly jerk the dildo in and out of her wet snatch as Rinko licked her lips. Back and forth, nice and slow, Rinko kept a solid rhythm with her movements as Scarlett began to raise her moans as her breaths became more and more pronounced.”Wowowow….” Was all Scarlett was able to let out during this session. Eventually, Rinko grew bored of this methodical pace and began to start jamming it into Scarlett’s pussy, driving her crazy in the process. Noticing her body language, Rinko saw Scarlett was close and began to insert the dildo inside of her with great force.”OOOOH SHIT OH……” Scarlett moaned aloud before climaxing and letting out a low groan.”Hmmmmm you’re getting the hang of adana escort it.” Rinko giggled, seeing Scarlett still trying to recover from her orgasm. After a few minutes of recovering, Rinko removed what little clothing she had left and stared at Scarlett with lust in her eyes.”YOUR turn.” Rinko whispered. Without hesitation, Scarlett grabbed the dildo and did what Rinko had just done to her.*5 Minutes later*”YESYESYESYES!” Rinko shouted as Scarlett made her cum, her orgasm more intense than Scarlett’s. A few moments after collecting herself, Rinko still was not done and neither was Scarlett.”The final thing about The Major is how vivacious she is.” Rinko whispered as she wrapped Scarlett’s right leg around her as she brought her hips to Scarlett’s for a scissoring. Scarlett was a little perplexed at first but she eventually obligied and got into proper positioning. Scarlett had thicker thighs of course but Rinko was leggier and that was enough to help give her the advantage and lead.Slowly, their vaginas were close as they slowly began to gyrate against one other. “Wow, I’ve never…..Hmmm done anything like this.” Scarlett gasped, loving every second. The feeling was mutual on Rinko’s end.”The thing…..About The Major is hhmmmmmm she can be lively when need be. At least….wow…..In her original incarnation.” Rinko responded with a whisper, giving Scarlett two lessons for the price of none. Scarlett began to moan a lot louder as her pussy began to become a fountain, her juices landing on the bed and all of this before she even came again.”Close?” Rinko moaned as she gyrated her hips a lot faster now, her breaths now becoming more and more throaty as she held onto Scarlett’s neck for leverage.”YUP.” Scarlett said under her breath, her breasts starting to heave as she too began to rock her hips faster. “SHIT DON’T STOP RINKO!!” Rinko didn’t say anything except to even further continue rocking her hips. “OHHHH MY!” Rinko moaned in Japanese as Scarlett brought her lips towards her and they pulled in for a deep kiss, their hips continue to go back and forth, shaking the bed in the process.”SO CLOSE SHIT!” Scarlett moaned as her normally pale face began to turn a pinkish red while Rinko’s face was covered in sweat. This wasn’t going to last much longer, much to the dismay of both women but that didn’t mean they weren’t make the absolute most out of it.”I’M THERE SCARLETT!” Rinko groaned as her she was panting like a wild woman, as if she was taking her last breaths of life ever and her end would come in a second.”ME TOO!” Scarlett gasped as the sensation of her vagina touching and grinding against Rinko’s became too much. With a few more movements, Scarlett eventually came first before Rinko, which initially disappointed Rinko as she wanted to cum with Scarlett but that thought eventually faded.”OOOOOHHHH GOOODDDDD!” Scarlett shouted, cumming like a faucet and getting Rinko’s bed sheets messy. “YYYESSSSSS!” Rinko shouted as she reached her peak too, harder than Scarlett did. After a few minutes, they both caught their breaths and sat next to each other, completely spent.”WOW THAT WAS SOMETHING.” Rinko muttered in Japanese. Scarlett was too tired to even say anything. She wasn’t quite sure how this meeting with Rinko would end going in but coming out? Worth it.”Thank you Rinko.” Scarlett said as she kissed Rinko’s cheek.”For what? The sex or the ‘history’ lesson?” Rinko said rather bluntly.”Hmm. A lil of both.” Scarlett giggled.”Hope you take this as a….Learning experience Ms. Johansson.” “Oh believe me, I will.””Ahhhhh see. The ghost is already coming out of its shell.” Rinko joked as Scarlett couldn’t help but laugh at her (somewhat cringey) joke.*2 Years later***First teaser for Ghost in the Shell released*****Internet comments***”Well, this doesn’t look half bad. More faithful than I anticipated.””Glad I always held out hope until proper footage came out.””Still not a fan of the choices made but this seems like it could be entertaining.”For the most part, the trailer was received fairly and got more people on board with this “Westernized” take on Ghost in the Shell. But for Scarlett, it didn’t matter as that night with Rinko was the biggest confidence booster one can receive. The ghost indeed came out of her shell.THE END.

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