Gillian Ch. 02

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Gillian 2: The Help

As I watched from the crack of the nearly closed armoire, Mistress Gillian hastily undressed herself. She threw her pretty new dress on the floor. I was shocked- her underclothes were black! Most proper ladies wore white or other light colors. Still, the sight of her dressed so daringly aroused me. I wondered why she could possibly be dressed like that, and for who? I wasn’t to wait long for my answer.

A strange man appeared at the doors to the balcony and started shedding clothing. I didn’t want to be here, I wasn’t supposed to be here, she’d given orders not to be disturbed. Yet I was drawn to the scene before me. He was motioning to her, and removing the last garments to stand naked now. He stripped her of the silk-and-lace petticoats while caressing her legs, his mouth level with her nether lips. I reached under my clothing and began to stroke myself, shivering and embarrassed at being aroused by the happenings before me. By the look on her face, Mistress Gillian was enjoying herself as much as I was, and she was moaning prettily as his mouth invaded her intimate regions.

She collapsed and he carried her to the bed. He was stroking her soaked love-tunnel, wetting her anus with her own juices. I didn’t understand what he was preparing her for until I saw him plunging his shaft into her depths. I kept in time with his thrusts as I masturbated in my mistress’ closet; when he stiffened and held her to him with a loud grunt, I came too, a little weak in the knees. As he let loose his load inside her rear, she sighed and passed out. He pulled away and picked up his clothes. He dressed himself quickly- then he flew out the open window! I was so tuzla escort frightened by this dark magic that I blacked out myself.

I awakened some time later. I was still at the bottom of the wardrobe, and Mistress Gillian was still passed out face down in her pillows. I looked about me and saw that the candle was burned halfway down as I stepped down out of the freestanding closet. Crossing to the bed, I moved to cover my mistress with her bed linens and a light coverlet.

As I gazed down at her nearly naked, corseted form, saw her breasts with their newly-made purplish bruises, something stirred within me. I felt my skin flush as all manner of naughty and dirty thoughts ran through my head. I stared agape at her form, shaken that I held such lustful feelings for the daughter of my employer. She’ll never know, I thought. How could she? Now’s the only time you can do this, come along, try it, do it, do her…

As I inwardly debated, she stirred. That did it- next I knew I was making sure my face was covered by shadows, and I was beginning. I lowered my head to her curved rear, lowered it to the sweetest pair of buttocks I had ever seen. I spread them wide with my hands, then gently I started my ministrations on her perfect anal opening with my tongue. I licked lightly around her hole, suckled gently on the skin around it.

She awakened and looked back at me; I smiled at her knowingly, my face was covered and the most she could have seen was the lower half of it. I slipped my tongue into the hole between her cheeks, tasting the strange man’s seed. It was salty, musty- I didn’t like it. But I was willing to do anything, anything at all to haver her, to enjoy her. I suppose tuzla escort bayan it was because my mistress was moaning in pleasure and begging me fervently to allow her to know who I was. I wouldn’t tell her, not yet. I wanted her to enjoy herself with me like she had with him before I revealed myself. I could smell her juices, could feel them dripping onto my arms where they were held under her. I pulled my tongue back from her anus and began to suckle her honeypot’s flower-bud, flicking it with my tongue.

She cried in pleasure and tried to squirm away from me, but I grabbed her hips and held her fast. I was merciless on her sensitive little button and flicked it as quickly as I could, all the while keeping my lips suctioned on it like a nursing babe to his mother’s breast. I scooped her liquid from her flowing tunnel and used it to lubricate her rectum. I slowly worked my fingers into her. One. Two. I stroked into her slowly as she groaned and writhed underneath me. Three. I pistoned my fingers in her, then worked my fourth in. She went insane; her hips bucked wildly and she was screaming into her goose-down pillows. I could barely keep my mouth on her, I had to wrap my other arm around her legs to keep from being flung away from her.

I stopped my movements in her anus, giving her time to calm a bit. Then, I worked my thumb into her. A quiet whimper was my reward, a whimper that worked its way back to a high-pitched moan, then to a scream as I gently moved my fist in and out of her. I was turned on immensely, and I slipped my hand down and started to masturbate in time with my thrusts. I licked up and down her juicy lips. My own excitement started to build as I thrust deeper escort tuzla into her. She was still save for the clenching of her inner muscles and the small tosses of her head. My mistress, my beautiful blonde mistress with hair like a fashion plate and bruises upon her breasts like a common whore… this woman was subdued by the pleasure I was bringing her. This woman was my complete and utter slave.

How I enjoyed the reversal of roles! Now she served me, instead of I serving her. She served me in her pleasure, in her writhing. Every moan she made was mine and mine alone now. It made my skin hot to think of it, and made my hand move faster as I pleasured myself while pumping her and feasting on her sex. She was trembling, her muscles gripped my arm and my tongue as I made love to her, and to myself. She was in cascades of ecstasy, every shudder she made accompanied by the slightest of purrs, coos, and whimpers. My mistress was in the throes of orgasm, and it was because of me!

I shuddered in a climax myself, and moaned into her opening. She shuddered and lay still while I pulled my fist from her depths, and moved from her still pristine ecru sheets- still clean, at least, if not perfectly made. I stood and wiped my hands on my black maid’s uniform, and as I walked past her, I heard her gasp. A- a woman? She was startled, I enjoyed that and smiled in triumph. Jennie? she asked, puzzled and not yet comprehending I was the one who had so mercilessly played with her anus and delighted her dripping box. I started for the door. Better be quiet about this, I warned her, I saw everything with that man. She blushed furiously, I laughed and went to be on my way. Her eyes lit. I saw them light and was puzzled. Then someone grabbed me from behind. A strong hand clamped over my mouth.

I tried to scream. Something sank into my neck.

And the candle winked out.

To be continued…

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