GinaGina goes to the mall for a new dress to wear for her husband’s company bash Tom her hubby was being honored for his 25yrs of servers to the accounting company. He started as a mail boy and now was becoming a partner in the firm. Gina was so proud that she had to look just right to support him. As she looked around the new dress store she was seen by Penny who was Tom’s biggest rival at work she thought she was the one in line when they picked Tom and was not at all happy to stand aside.Penny came up to Gina and the greeting was nice and friendly they looked around and picked dresses to try on and head to the dressing rooms Penny peers into Gina’s room and just as she is pulling her top off grabs her from behind Gina starts to yell and Penny slaps her shocking her Penny takes pic on her phone of the naked Gina and says for Gina to get dressed now and come with her. Gina head is spinning and face hurts but still dresses and follows Penny to her car Penny looks at her with hated in her eyes tells her get your ass in and shut-up now… After driving for about 15min.she turns on a dirt road to a shack and says get out bitch taking Gina inside and making her sit Penny calls someone and ask them to come there the two women wait and about 10min. later and car comes there Penny goes and talks to them soon the door opens and a tall well built canlı bahis man comes in Gina looks up into his eyes she becomes scared she had not seen many black men and he was big and blackest one ever smiling he speaks to Penny YOU CALLED ME HERE TO DO WHAT? she shouts out I want you to FUCK THAT BITCH and I’m going to tape it. WHY? cause her hubby got my job and if his little wifey get taped fucking you she will do as I say to keep him from seeing it that’s why.. Gina screams GOD NO PLEASE NO PLEASE… Penny just laughs and as she heads out says have fun I’ll be back in 2 hours.The black man says come bitch what’s your name? Gina Casper and how old are you Gina? 39 in two weeks. Well have you ever sucked a big black cock Gina. crying Gina says no the man says how about a white one do you suck hubby’s cock again Gina says no. Well you will mine take those tits out first then on your knees Gina just sits there and he slaps her face NOW BITCH and hits her again she sits up and removes her top bar too little one he tells her and with shaking hands she undoes her bra to reveal her 34C tits GOOD NOW OVER HERE GIRL as she comes to him he grabs her tits and twists the nipples hard making her yell from the pain and pulling her down to her knees he undoes his pants to unlesh his big black monster and her eyes widen never has she seen anything so big bahis siteleri long and black as coal the head was leaking pre cum here it is little whore after today you will be a white cunt for BBC to come in and that is all you will want you will be BLACK OWNED and proud of it too. With his hand on her head he pushed his massive into her mouth making her gag he pulled back then in again over and over till her mouth was sore and her tits covered with spit he was fucking her mouth like a cunt and moving faster as he went. After a while he pulled out and she tried hard to catch her breath he wiped her tits with the spit and twisted her nipples again pulling her to her feet he riped her skirt and panties away and rubbed her pussy Gina tried to move away but he was to strong soon his hugh fingers were inside her cunt and the feels were so hard to fight she knew it was wrong that she was married and this was **** but still could not get over the burning desirer he was causing laying her back he guided his meat pole to her opening and eased in inch by inch filling her as never before unable to with stand it she humped up to meet him and begged for more he had her so filled so starched and it was so wrong but she knew she needed much more her first cum shocked her as to how strong it was and the ones that followed were ever better yet. She gave güvenilir bahis him her all she knew that he could do whatever he want now and she would always be his for the taken. They fucked for the next hour and Penny came back in checked the tape and left. He helped her dress and took her to her car.Gina had to think what to do she knew that Penny would show Tom the tape if she didn’t help her get Tom’s job and she also knew that she would gladly fuck the black man over and over but how to save Tom his job her marriage and have her BBC too when Tom came in that night they eat supper and had a normal night till bed time her pussy was sore and destored but her hubby wanted his wife and she didn’t want to disappoint him honey I want to try something new ok? Tom was no fool ok sure baby go for it, well ok lay back and she licked his dick and gently stroked it then put her mouth over it and went to town sucking him with force and till he came in her mouth she sollowed it and kept going till he expoled again Tom dazed ask where that came from and Gina told her storied of the day and that she wanted to have much more like it. They talked all throught the night when the party came and as people were taken there seats Penny came to there table to take the last seat but Gina said no Penny that seat is taken and just as Penny started to talk Jim the big black man came in Tom shook his and Gina hugged and kissed him and he sat down Gina’s right hand on her husband’s lap and left on Jim’s lap then Tom says oh yea Penny I would like to see the tape when your done…..

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