Girl in the park


Girl in the park[user]So i was going threw some ruff times my parents didn’t enjoy my behavior as they say ” your a teen with hormones and you need to be control” and all i wanted was a fun time and for people to get off my back so i had to get out of the house and seeing how most of friends were busy doing some random boring shit they usually do i decided to go to the park and chill out.So on my way there i decided to take a back trail to the park and i knew they’re was a swimming hole around but when i pasted it i herd a loud moan so i stop and had to clarify it so i slowly walk up to the water hole to see a Brown hair chick working her pussy with a massive purple vibrator. Now the massive bulge in my jeans started to feel uncomfortable so i had to get it out now and i couldn’t think of any better time, so i took my cock out and started stroking it. But then after a little amount of time of stroking the girl saw me and she cover’d herself in horror, now i was surprised as well so i coward back into hiding and yell’ed sorry as i quickly tried canlı bahis to throw my jeans back on but it was hard to do with a massive boner.Then what happen next was a praise to god. I turn after trying to put my pants on and they’res the brown hair girl behind me still wet from the swimming hole and shes trying to cover herrange from a 36B to a 34D breast and she majorly blushing. then she says ” ummm would you like to join me in the water… possibly?” now in my mind i was like SCORE!!! so i like any teen i studder and say “yes” she chuckles and offers me a hand up and i accepted it except i go right for a kiss and she collapse on to me when this happens and we go into deep kissing and during this process my shirt fly’s off and my brief’s and jeans come off and were in the water.The water was amazing due to the great sunny summer weather so it was a perfect warm temp and my body was getting hotter as we rub body’s as we deeply kissed and i touch her body with my hands she shivered when spread her legs apart under water.She smiles whisper bahis siteleri in my ear ” hold on baby i want to feel yah awhile” and then she grab my eroding 9 inch cock and gasp ” OH MY!! your so big and your tip” *Strokes and rubs tip* ” its massive!”. feeling a firm grip on my cock felt amazing and she saw this pleased me so she stroke it a bit and i moan, then i went in and started to fondle her right breast and twist her left nipple and she like that as well she moan quietly but soo sweetly. then i saw her rubbing her clit so i started licking her erected nipple and started playing with her clit under water she squeak when i rub inside and out of her pussy. Then i grab her hips and scooted her up on a hot rock and open her clit and started tonging her wet pussy she moan and grab my head as i lick all around then i spread it wide open and started finger it again and she moan louder and louder and i placed her on her back and started working her pussy faster and faster and i wanted to try something so i put my tip in her and started fucking güvenilir bahis her she was surprised and when i started trusting she yell ” Yes! oh god Yes mmmm god go all in mmmm”. Her breast were shacking and my cock was all the way in and her tight pussy was clenching on it so hard it felt amazing she moan every time i thrust.” mmm baby im about to cum” she said so i took my cock out and then she didnt know this would happen i fingered her so hard and made her squirt so much out of her pussy she fell back on her back again and cum all over herself. Now after fucking her tight pussy i was about to cum so i told her to come down and ask her to eat my cock so she sucked down on it right off the bat slurping and licking my tip and fondling my ball sack it felt great then she started jerking hard after sucking on my cock she moan and told me sexy things like ” oh god baby i want to be your cum baby” or ” cum all over my face im ready” and that encourage me so much so i moan hard and cum all over her face and cumm into her mouth after i shoved my cock into it with some force she gag’ed after i pulled it out and then we kissed again for awhile and then we got up and left the park together.After we did it she gave me her number and we saw each other a couple times[/user]

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