Girls Nite Out Part 2


Girls Nite Out Part 2We walk from the kitchen in to the lounge — Mick sits in the corner of the sofa and I sit between his legs … I feel his still hard cock in my back…I have a sheet wrapped around me —- as I lean back into Mick his hand slides inside the sheet to hold my breast and my nipple is caught between his thumb and forefinger…..Jen sits in the opposite corner of the sofa — sitting there in her silk vest top and boxer style silk bottoms — nice and baggy for max comfort … as we sit chatting I notice her damp patch between her legs — not just damp soaking … Mick whispers in my ear ” ask her if she is turned on? ” he has noticed the wetness too…I smile and say — Mick has just asked me to ask you if you are turned on? — Jen says what makes you think that — Mick answers — Well Jen I don’t know you at all but when a woman is as wet as your gusset is right this second — that tells me that she is very, very turned on!!!Jen blushes a little and says well guys you where really putting on a show in the bedroom!! And the answer is yes I was extremely turned on!!Mick is now playing on this and he remembers me saying I wouldn’t mind having Jen in bed —– well he makes the sheet fall of my shoulder and he’s now massaging my left tit —- she is transfixed — watching his fingers work my nipple —- my head is back on his shoulder — he whispers again — you want to make love to Jen ?? I will help you babe!! He says —- please Mick will you!!!He eases me forward the sheet falls to my waist his other hand comes round me and cups my other breast too … now I am moaning my approval —- Mick tells Jen to come here and help him —- she kneels on the sofa and moves to us —her tits are dangling against the silk vest — her nipples are huge —- I lean forward and slide my hand inside the hanging vest — holding each breast firm and rolling her nipples….She has very sensitive nipples as do I and we are both moaning from our massaging!!!Mick’s hands release me and open the sheet fully so that Jen can see my very wet open pussy —- her fingers dive into me — as she pulls them out she shows me my thick creamy cum all over her fingers —- she slides her fingers into her perfect mouth — sucking all of my juices from her fingers before going back canlı bahis inside me for more……..Mick moves from behind me and makes me comfortable laying me back and exposing my pussy even more by holding my legs wide for Jen…She goes down on me now — fuck her tongue feels so good — I know she is getting the best part of mine and Mick’s love making —- she is drinking me down like there is no tomorrow — I feel an orgasm building — Mick knows all the signs — He places my one leg over the back of the sofa and the other on the floor — spreading me even wider — he kneels at my side so I can take him into my mouth —- my moans are stifled as I suck hard on him — Jens also working my bum now opening me and closing me — Mick’s cum is still leaking out of my bum and I’m still gapping wide — she forces 3 fingers deep into my bum —- the first wave of orgasm hits — I thrust up into her face —- her teeth bang against my clit —- again and again I do this until no longer can I hold back — finally my first gush hits her in the mouth — the second and stronger hits her full in the face — she dives right back in for more — her fingers are working hard inside my bum hole—– Mick takes his cock out of my mouth — I say why ???He says nothing —- he pulls Jen away from my pussy and her fingers plop out of my bum too — he throws her back into the corner of the sofa —- pulls off her silk shorts — opens her legs wide and says —- Come and eat her cunt Missy — I don’t need to be asked twice !!!!!OMG she tastes incredible — her thick creamy cum running down my throat —- Mick removes her top too and plays with her nipples!! Rolling pinching squeezing —- her orgasm is like a tidal wave as it hits her — she screams so loud — my fingers are working her bum hole now!!!!! 3 fingers deep inside — forcing her to cum again —-Jen reaches for Mick’s cock — he moves her hand and says only if Missy says so…….Then he moves behind me — an starts to lick my bum hole — Tasting his own cum still left deep inside me — I push back as far as I can opening my holes as wide as I can for him —- I truly am in heaven eating pussy and being eaten too !!! But I know I have a nice thick cock to finish me off — which makes it so much better —- bahis siteleri I am banging my fingers into Jens now wide open bum whole —- she is fuckin loving it (dirty bitch told me she didn’t like anal!!! — Obviously it was never done right!! ) Mick wipes his cock along my slit — then I feel him nudge against my bum hole —- fuck I want and need it so badly —- I just fall back onto him — my mouth leaving Jens cunt and my fingers pulling from her —- I just want it so hard and deep — Mick knows just what I need and he gives it me that way —- his hands on my hips as he pounds me so fuckin hard — Jen has worked her way under me — now she’s watching Mick fuck my arse — but then she starts to lick my clit —- that takes me over the top again —– gush after gush hits her mouth — my muscles tighten around Mick’s cock — milking him —— I just know he is ready to cum — in my arse I shout cum in my arse —– the last 3 strokes he is like an a****l pounding into me !!!!!!!! I feel his cum wash inside me — 3 spurts —- as he eases out he is still cumming around my bum and running down my gapping pussy lips…Jen is drinking us both again — fresh cum from us both…Mick pulls me into a kneeling position and kisses my neck — I turn slightly and out tongues play as we kiss —-Jen kisses up my body as she joins us!! She still has a cocktail of Mick’s cum and my own all over her mouth and face —- I hold her head and french kiss her — not for the first time we kiss — but this time — I know that more is to follow…As me and Jen finish the kiss — I see Mick walk into bathroom — Jen says — Fuck me Wend did you really meet him on line — I smile and say “yes” — we just hit it off and when I gave him my mobile number he just sends simple text’s which makes me know he is thinking of me and wants me — I think I love him Jen!! And I know he loves me!!! He tells me every time we chat…..Mick comes back into the lounge both me and Jen are sitting naked on the sofa — as though it was the most natural thing in the world…He says look at you too — as we both are glowing and have huge smiles on our faces —– I pat the sofa and Mick sits next to us —- in between us…..Jen says you know Mick turned me down –for a blow job while you güvenilir bahis licked me!!!! He said only if Missy says it’s OK!!!!Well Wend is it ok she says!!!!I laugh and say of course it is —- she is down on Mick’s Still hard cock in a second — sucking and slurping him — we kiss as Jen sucks him off — Mick’s fingers are working my clit again —2 fingers inside me and his thumb rubbing me off — my juices are again flowing — the sofa is soaked with my cream —– Mick breaks the kiss and says I want your pussy babe Now!!!I lift Jens head off Mick’s Cock — she looks hurt!!! sorry babe but my needs are greater than yours —- I straddle Mick with my back to him—– we love this position — as Mick can finger my pussy while I fuck him as hard and as deep as I want !!!!Jen soon get back between my legs — moving Mick’s fingers from inside me so she can lick me once more — Mick continues with my clit massage —- he does me so fuckin well……. Jen gets the full force of my gushing cunt once more — but she just licks me through yet more orgasms ——- Mick’s breathing changes and I know he is about to shoot —- I want Jen to share him this time !!!I literally jump of Mick’s Cock — and tell Jen to sit on him —– I’m kneeling on the floor behind her — I reach through her legs and guide his cock into her open lips —-her cunt glides all the way down his thick shaft — she is so fuckin tight on him —- 10 thrusts later — she cums on his cock and he cums inside her —- she just falls forward on to his chest —— his cock still deep inside her — I watch as she just lies there gasping for breath — I see cum running down the side of Mick’s cock —- Breakfast I think !!!!!I lick round Jens bum hole mmmmmmmmm tasty — then I ease her forward — licking Mick clean as he eases from her!!!As his knob leaves her wide open — there is a huge gush of their juices —- falling onto Mick’s cock and dripping from her pussy lips —- finally she also ahs a huge fanny fart and screams with laughter — the more she laughs the more she farts cum over the place —My mouth is every where cleaning them both —– Dirty bitch now has her nipples in his mouth!!!!! Hee heeI know I said I was going to have NSA fuck last night but I actually think there are going to be a few complications that can now never turned back……..To be honest I don’t want them to be put back………..Jen is now a lover as well as my best friend!!!! And Mick — Well — lets see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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