Girls who love the men and creampies


Girls who love the men and creampiesWhat I love about menSomeone recently asked me what is was about men that I loved the most. My answer was, “their cocks.” I thought about this for a while and realized it is not just certain men or types of men that I like, it’s cock that I love about men. Considering the fact that I grew up behind a strip club, a massage parlour and a adult arcade, I saw a lot of men, and a lot of cock. As a young girl I used to sneak into the arcade through the back door and hang out in one of the back booths. Back then cameras were not everywhere like they are now. So, I was able to hang out and no one, except the men I had sex with, knew I was there. I grew up seeing men getting blow jobs in their cars and watching the movies in the arcade through the glory holes. I watched other men sucking men and having sex with men. I was about 11-12 years old when I realized that cock was something that people desired. And that cock was the one thing men loved using and having sucked. The first cock I ever sucked was very thick. I had never sucked a cock, but had seen a lot of them. And they fascinated me. Small cocks that seemed so little could grow to be very thick, others were very long and grew only a little, but were big no matter what. I have been and still am fascinated by men’s cocks because of their magical ability to go from soft to hard and back. When I sucked that first cock I felt something inside of me change. I felt a sense of purposeness. It felt right. When that first man came in my mouth I was surprised and actually gagged. Afterward I realized that the flavor he left in my mouth was one I had never known, but liked a lot. The second man I sucked, just moments after the first one, was long, but thinner. After I had sucked him for halkalı escort a while, he whispered for me to turn around. When I did he told me to back up to the hole his cock was sticking through. When I did, some how, I knew what he wanted. I positioned myself so that he could enter me. After a few jabs he entered me. I let out a kind of loud moan and tears filled my eyes because of the pain. I pulled away a bit and the man begged me to move back, and I did. He was in me for what seemed like an hour. When he went soft I could feel something dripping down my leg. He thanked me and left. I stood against the stall wall and cried with a smile on my face. I hurt, but I liked what had happened. I stayed in that stall for about four hours that day, and I sucked a lot of men, and many fucked me. It was that day that I realized what it meant to be someone. Men had cocks and they wanted them sucked and they wanted to use them. And I really liked that. After losing my cherry, I went to the arcade on a daily basis. After that day, I knew what I really liked and wanted most . . .cock. I wasn’t attracted to boys my age. I had some boys in the neighborhood show me their cocks, but they were not like the ones I saw and had in the arcade. I did end up having sex with a lot of the boys in my neighborhood, though, but I preferred the men that went to the arcade. After about six months of going to the arcade everday and sucking and fucking as much cock as I could, one man asked me if I wanted to go somewhere. When I asked where, he said somewhere a little more private. I said yes. I went to his car with him. It wasn’t until I came out of the booth and we got outside that I saw what he looked like. He was an older man in his late 40s. He took my hand şişli escort and we went to his car. He told me he only lived a few blocks away. When we got to his house he put on a pron video and asked me to get undressed. I only had on a dress that day and took it off. He looked at me, naked, and told me I was a very beautiful girl. That made me blush. This man then asked me to follow him, and I followed him into his bedroom. He had me lay down and he kissed me and fondled me and then he did something else … he went down on me. I asked him what he was doing. He told me to just lay back and enjoy. And I did. After sometime he got on top of me and entered me. He fucked me slowly and for a long time. All the while this man kissed me and whispered to me how wonderful I was and how good I felt. And I felt the same about him. After he came in me, I sucked him until he was hard again and he fucked me again. It was really that day that I realized what I really liked about men . . .their cocks. I liked what they looked like, how they tasted, how they felt in me. Most all of the men I sucked or had fuck me in the arcade I never saw. All I ever saw was their cocks. And that was what I liked and wanted. The man I went home with was a good looking man, but it was his cock that I liked most. I liked that he wanted me to have his cock in me. I liked that his cock got hard for me. I liked that he let me suck him. I liked that he came in me more than once. So, to this day it is not really men I like to please, it’s their cocks I want to please. I know that may seem like I am . . .who knows, but I know what I like. I love cock! I have been with men that most women wouldn’t look twice at, and they had amazing cocks. I have sarıyer escort been with all races and sizes of men. I have been with geeks and professional looking men. I have been with men that looked like they were homeless. And the only thing that mattered was if they had a cock. I have never cared what a guy looked like, as long as he had a cock that could get hard. Since first going to the arcade I have been sexually active everyday of my life, with someone. And it really doesn’t matter who they are. So, I guess I am not like some other women who go for looks or money. I go for cock! I love sex and the best way to have sex is with a cock. I don’t want you to buy me flowers. or give me gifts. I want your cock! If you give me that, then I have all I want. I have been married for about 27 years now to a man that loves that I love cock so much. He gets to see me with a lot of men, not all, but a lot of them. I go to an adult theater and have several men do me, we go to a swingers motel and I have several men do me, we answer craigslist ads and have men to the house, I pick up men pretty much everywhere, why? Because I love cock! I have to say that my husband is a wonderful man and he has a great job which allows me the ability to play a lot. And I have had more men than I can count. The one thing I have realized is, most men do not care to use a condom. And I like that. When I chat online I find men that will always ask about STDs. And to each of them I have been able to say I have never had one. And to be honest, I don’t think about STDs. I know what I like and what I want and need . . .and that is cock. You only live once. So, why not live it the way you want to? It’s funny that no man I have ever been with has ever wanted to use a condom while having sex with me, but men I have not had sex with usually say I am taking a big risk and they always bring up STDs. So, not to drag this on for ever. I wanted to say that I have realized it is not men that I am attracted to … it is what they have. And unlike most women, what I crave is not monetary. (via

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