Glorydaze 2


Glorydaze 2I ran! I grabbed my clothes, threw them on and pushed my way out. I was mortified, I had just had sex with a man and people had watched!The drive home was a blur. I was so nervous I couldn’t think and didn’t want to. I spent three days chain smoking weed, drinking and trying to forget.Then I spent two days remembering and masturbating.Then I freaked out! I didn’t even get his name, how was I going to find him again? I decided to go back to the same place at the same time on Friday which was the day it happened. I couldn’t wait.I walked into the store as normal, head down, not making eye contact, went to the change machine and headed to the back. As soon as I stepped in a voice behind me said “You ran away” I started and then saw it was him. “Yeah, I freaked, sorry” I apologized. “Don’t do that again” he said “Come on”He led me to the same room we were in before and closed the door. I really wanted to know his name so I lied and said ” My name is Mike” without hesitation he said “Mine is Dennis, but you can call me sir” I waited to see bahis firmaları if he was k**ding but could tell he wasn’t. “Put your change in the machine” he said “then get those clothes off.” I turned to start and he stopped me, “What do you say?” he asked. I answered “yes sir”Once I was naked he told me to bend over and put my hands on my knees. Once I was in position he started to rub my ass running his fingers up and down my crack teasing me. Just as I started to spread my legs for him he swatted me hard. I jumped and straightened, he pushed me back over. “Don’t you ever run away from me again!” he said, then swatted me again. He kept that up for a few minutes, fondling my ass then spanking me. When he told me to stand up it surprised us both how hard I was. Dennis pushed me to my knees and undid his pants. He was about half hard so I took him in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip and slit. As he got harder I cupped his balls and squeezed gently, taking him deeper and deeper. He put his hand behind my head and started working kaçak iddaa his hips, fucking my mouth, pushing towards my throat. When he was completely hard and starting to gag me as he went deeper he pushed me away.”Stand up” he said “and open the door” I stepped to the door and unlocked it. Taking a deep breath I pulled it open and there was no one there. “Open it wide” he ordered. I did, but the hallway was empty. He told me to step out. I did as I was told, standing there naked, the hall seemed bright and electric. “Walk to the corner and back” he told me “slowly.” On trembling legs I walked my small penis bouncing with every step. I could hear movies playing in a couple of the booths but no one came out. By the time I got back I had relaxed a little, until I saw our door was closed and locked. He made me knock, then stand there.When he opened the door his dick was out, he pushed me to my knees and told me to suck it. I was kneeling in the hall naked sucking his cock for what seemed like five minutes before he pulled me into the room. Turning kaçak bahis me he pushed me over and slid his dick between my cheeks and started moving it back and forth. I bent over and reached back spreading them for him, giving him access to my hole. He pushed against me dry and hard, hurting me a little before he opened the lube. Once we were lubed he pushed against me slowly, working the head in my tight ass. I groaned as it popped in and he started to go deeper. I could feel him squirt more lube as he started to move in and out with small strokes. His hands on my hips and mine on my hips we moved together, back and forth, in and out till he was buried hard against me. Then he started to stroke, his balls slapping my ass as he fucked me. I was full, the long strokes turning my mind to mush. When I started to feel him tighten up and his movements got more urgent I started stroking my dick, hoping we would cum together. It didn’t work, he came deep inside me trembling against my back. I didn’t cum until he pulled out, then I saw stars and almost fell down. I came all over my hand, stomach and the floor in front of me. By the time I recovered Dennis was walking out, leaving me fresh fucked, naked and covered in my own cum….. and standing in front of an open door.

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