Gloryhole Gabbie 02

Gloryhole Gabbie 02“So, uhhh… that happened,” I said.“Yup,” my dad replied.We sat in silence for a moment, both staring out the window at the hood of his truck. He shifted into gear and pulled out of the parking lot of the sex shop without a word. Recently I had taken to attending the glory hole at said shop, and things were going well until my dad came in for a blowie. I didn’t know it was him when I started. That’s kinda the whole point of glory holes, you don’t know who you’re sucking or getting sucked by. That didn’t make it any less uncomfortable now that his sperm was in my tummy and my secret had been revealed. Thankfully he wasn’t my biological father. I kept telling myself that as he drove me home. He had raised me since I was an infant, adopted me and took full custody of me when my mother died a few years back, but he was not my actual father. He’s not your real dad, technically you two did nothing wrong. No matter how many times I told myself that, it didn’t change the fact that I called him ‘dad’ every day and saw him as my own flesh and blood. Try as I might, the taboo could not be avoided.He pulled his truck into our garage and shifted into park. I expected him to open the door and get out of the truck but he just sat there, staring at the steering wheel. I let out a long breath. We sat for what felt like an eternity. Eventually I opened the door on my side to escape the awkwardness. “Wait,” he said. I shut the door.“Yeah?”“How long have you been… working?” he asked.“I started a little over two weeks ago,” I said. And business was fantastic. As a girl that enjoys giving head and making money it was kind of a dream come true. I’m not normally the adventurous type, so it let me come out of my shell and be a little wild without compromising my privacy.“Why?”“Because…” the honest answer was because it was fun and profitable, but given the circumstances I felt honesty was not the best policy, “I needed money for books.”“Why didn’t you ask me for help?”“Because I’m an adult. It’s not your problem my books cost an arm and a leg,” I said. Seriously, one textbook could cost hundred of dollars and we usually only read ten pages out of it the entire semester. College in America is a racket.“Of course it’s my problem, I’m your fath-” the word got caught in his throat.“Well I chose to make the money myself,” I said.“Why not work at Starbucks or something?”I sighed. “Because I chose this instead.”“But why? Surely there are easier ways to make money at your age?”“Maybe if I did porn,” I said. It was supposed to be a joke, but considering I had a load of my dad’s cum digesting as we spoke it was probably poor timing.“Gabbie, quit messing around,” he scolded.“Ok, well, the honest answer is I started it because the pay was pretty good and… well, I like sucking dicks, OK? It’s not something I’m gonna shout to the world, but I was having fun and I’m an adult so…” I didn’t know where I was going with that line of thinking. It didn’t help.“You like, uh, working there?” he asked.“Yes. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but it’s been a break from my studies. I’m allowed to have hobbies,” I said.He snorted. “Hobbies, right,” he said, shaking his head and leaning forward to rest it on the steering wheel.“Are you mad?” I asked.He sighed. “No, I’m not mad. I’m just trying to process all this.”“Yeah,” I admitted. I was too. My lips felt chapped. I licked them and could still taste his sperm. I hate to admit it, but it was yummy.“Obviously we don’t tell anyone about this, right?” he asked.“Oops, I already tweeted it out to my followers,” I said.“Gabbie…”“Yes. Duh.”He sighed again. Without looking over at me he opened the truck door and stepped out, heading inside our house to take a shower and go to bed without looking at me or saying another word all night. I brushed my teeth and did my nightly routine before I also went to bed. I did not sleep well. My mind was racing all night. When you work a glory hole you see a lot of cocks. That’s kinda the point. To me, his was just another cock coming through the wall. I had no idea who it belonged to, I just saw it and got to work. And yet it was different somehow. Something about the mystery man was endearing to me. So much so that I swallowed his entire load. Did I have some intuitive realization as to who was on the other side of the wall? Was I subconsciously more eager because in the back of my mind I knew who it was? That’s absurd, had I known I would have stopped immediately. Right?And what he said in the booth about being lonely really stood out to me. As far as I knew, Matthew never dated after my mom died. Never even flirted with anyone. He was so desperate for some kind of intimate release that he actually went to a glory hole to get it. Not only that, but he went to a clinic and got tested for STD’s so he could supply the necessary paperwork to go bareback. He needed it. He was driven to desperation and wanted to use the anonymity of the glory hole to get his release without putting his neck out. That’s what it seemed like, anyways. I had no way of really knowing unless I asked him, and I was pretty sure he never wanted to talk about tonight’s events again. With any luck, we could just pretend it never happened and go on with our lives.When I woke up the following morning there was breakfast on the table for me like always, and my dad was gone. Working construction meant he had to be up at the butt crack of dawn every day and be on the road before most people hit their first snooze alarm. I went to school, got home at my usual time and tried to make small talk with him but the vibe of our household was off. There was tension in the air.This persisted for several days. It was kind of infuriating, actually. If he wasn’t going to talk about it he should at least make an effort to make things like how they were. Priya, the owner of the glory hole, texted me several times asked if I’d be willing to work. I had several customers asking when I’d be in and she didn’t want to keep putting them off. Thankfully she was always very flexible about my schedule, but I had to get back to work soon or she’d just can me.At first I was apprehensive to get back into the booth, but after a few days of tip-toeing around my dad I needed some kind of a distraction and having some extra spending money wouldn’t hurt. I told Priya I’d work a shift Sunday night and that tokat escort I’d consider a double if there was enough interest. I wanted those big tips. Money tips, not dick tips. Scratch that, I wanted both. Some girls do yoga to relax, some drink tea and read a book. I like to give head.When Sunday finally rolled around I was all but ravenous. I packed my normal gear: lip balm, condoms, hair ties, a towel, etc. and hopped an Uber over to Priya’s sex shop to start my shift. I heard several voices out front, mostly male. Thankfully, Priya gave me a key so I could enter through the back of the shop and let myself into the glory hole booth without anyone seeing me. I locked the door behind me and texted Priya that I was ready for action.Not five minutes later a fresh dick came through the hole to my left in booth one. He was already hard and wearing a condom, which Priya insisted on unless they submitted an STD test less than a week old to her. I was very grateful for her responsibility, and always made sure my clients didn’t regret wearing a rubber. It meant I could service more men, which meant more money for both Priya and me. Not to mention is was just safer, for obvious reasons. I wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock to hold the condom in place, took him into my mouth without so much as a ‘Hey, how are ya?’, and sucked hard. I heard the wall creak and the man on the other side groaned. “You’re easily my favorite,” he said.“Fank oo,” I mumbled around his cock. Priya usually waited five minutes before sending the next guy back, which was often just enough time for me to finish the man I was with. Even if I wasn’t done with him he was always close, and there was a separate booth on the other side so they could wait for me to finish. I bobbed my head up and down my client’s cock, sucking hard and keeping his condom in place with my fingers. He was average sized so it took no effort for me to deepthroat him with each trip down, a gesture he very much appreciated. Eventually I slowed my pace to let him enjoy my mouth a little more delicately and change up the sensation. I kept deepthroating him though, burying him down my throat and wiggling my tongue under his shaft for a mix of sensations that made every man tingle. I sucked my way back up to his tip and slowly increased my pace, getting back to my regular bobbing speed, keeping a tight ring around his shaft with my forefinger and thumb for his benefit. Almost four minutes in I heard a knock on the wall, standard glory hole etiquette for when you’re about to cum. With his condom on it didn’t really matter, but it was still polite. I sucked harder and slid my mouth up and down his shaft faster until I felt his cock twitch and pulse in my mouth, shooting load after load into the latex around him. “Thank you, sweetheart,” the voice said as his dick slid out of the hole. A twenty dollar bill came through after it, which I snatched up. “Come back any time,” I said. About thirty seconds later a new cock slid through on the other side. This one was the same length as the first, but a little thicker. So thick, in fact, that the condom he wore looked like it was strangling his cock. “Is that one of the house condoms?” I asked.“Uh, yeah, I didn’t have any on me.”“Mind if I put a larger one on you? I’d hate for a big guy like you to beak the one you have,” I said. “Yeah, go ahead,” the voice said, his voice beaming with pride. Men’s egos are so easy to stroke. I pulled on the tip of his condom, and it was so tight it was actually difficult to remove. Once I got it off I gave him a few strokes with my left hand while I used my right to bring a Magnum up to my teeth and rip it open. I put the new condom between my lips and leaned forward, using my lips to roll it down his shaft.He groaned as my mouth placed the condom on him, sending his tip to the back of my throat with only a little bit of effort. I wrapped my fingers around the base to keep the condom secure, then began to bob my head up and down. I felt him push his hips closer to the wall, sticking more of himself through the hole and into my mouth. “That taste good, hon?” the man asked. It tasted like latex and lube, which wasn’t my favorite mixture, but I gave him an assuring moan anyways. “Mmmm, that felt good, keep talking,” he said. As requested, I moaned onto his cock, slowing my bobbing so that he could feel the vibrations better. I started to use my hand to assist in milking his cock because as much as he wanted me to take my time I wanted to get him out of there to make room for my next client. After a few more minutes of me bobbing and moaning on his cock I heard the door shut in the booth behind me. Damn, another client already. I pulled my face off Mr. Talk-to-me and glanced over my shoulder. A black cock slid through the hole, longer than my previous two by about an inch and wearing an appropriately sized condom. I reached over and started to gently stroke him, to let him know I was there.“Aw c’mon, I’m so close!” Mr. Talk-to-me said. With my hand still stroking the black cock in booth two, I returned my face to Mr. Talk-to-me and sucked hard, bobbing up and down his entire length to get him off as fast as I could. About thirty seconds of that action sent him over the edge, and I felt his fat cock twitching in my mouth. I let his orgasm subside before pulling my face off his cock and kissing the tip.“Come back soon!” I said. Another twenty slipped through the hole, which I shoved into my purse as I turned to my booth two black guy. I took him into my mouth, letting his tip graze against the back of my throat before pushing him deeper so that my lips poked through the hole to his side. “Mmm, I love white girls,” he said, and his cock twitched to prove it. I slid my face off him.“What a coincidence, I love black guys,” I said. Truthfully, I don’t care what color skin you have. As long as you’re clean and kind I’ll suck you all day long. But part of my job was to sell a fantasy, and being a hungry, eager little minx was part of that. I opened wide and sucked him into my mouth again, already bobbing up and down at a good pace with my lips suctioned tight around his shaft to help milk out my third load of the night.The door to booth one closed behind me. I barely got started with my current client, it was going to be tough to finish him fast enough that the other guy escort tokat wouldn’t get bored. A bored client meant for a bad tip, and possibly a bad review. I didn’t want either. I glanced over my shoulder with black guy still in my mouth, which shoved his cock head against the inside of my cheek and puffed it out like a chipmunk.A wrapped, hard dick slid through from booth one. I reached over with my hand and started to stroke it. He had thick veins, so thick they felt like rubber tubes under his skin. Then, to my surprise, black guy pulled out of my mouth and out of the hole. “What’s wrong?” I asked. In response, his big balls pushed through to my side.“Can you lick these for a bit?” Special requests were pretty common, and normally I was happy to oblige if they weren’t outrageous, but I wanted to blow through the opening rush as fast as I could so I was a little irritated. Then I considered why I was here in the first place. I wanted to let loose, go wild, escape from the awkwardness of my life at home and make a few extra bucks doing it. Why shouldn’t I take my time a little and have fun? These men came because they wanted me. Sure, some were just drop ins, but many were frequent fliers and wanted what I had to offer. I had fans. Most guys would be my fan after a blowjob, but even still. My irritation washed away and I happily took his big black balls into my mouth, sucking them gingerly and enjoying the salty taste. “It seems like you’re kinda busy,” booth one said as my hand half-heartedly stroked him. Not because I didn’t want to, but because it was hard to focus on two things at once. I let black guy’s balls escape my mouth and leaned over to address booth one. I kissed his cock and licked a swirl around the tip. “I’m sorry hon, finishing up another client, be with you soon,” I said. Then I leaned back over and sucked on black guy’s balls again, lapping my tongue over them like they were covered in ice cream. “Can I watch?” booth one asked. Normally I’d say no. I liked keeping my identity private and didn’t want to set a precedent that I’d have to uphold later. But seeing as I was in a screw-it kinda mood, I let go of his cock.“Go for it,” I said, turning my booty towards booth one to give him something other than my face to look at and enable me to focus all my attention on black guy. I decided to try something new and attempted to fit both of his balls into my mouth at the same time. Behind me I heard the unmistakable sound of masturbation. Black guy moaned as I struggled to fit his big balls into my mouth, finally making it work after about a minute of effort.I popped his balls out of my mouth and told him to send his shaft back through. Once he did, I started bobbing up and down again, eager to make him cum. I felt fingers glide over my booty. It seemed booth one was getting impatient. I moaned onto black guy’s cock as booth one slid his fingers under my undies and got a handful of my booty. His thumb rubbed over my back door, but without lube he wasn’t getting in. Booth one slid his hand out from my undies and gave me a hard spank, which forced a surprised yelp out of me that I turned into a moan for both of the men I was currently tending to. That moan must have been enough to push black guy over the edge because I heard a knock on his wall. I kept up my pace, burying his cock down my throat over and over until it started to buck, trying to shoot sperm down my throat but only filling the condom he wore. Booth one’s hand slid between my thighs and massaged my lips through my undies for a moment before I heard him groan behind me. Black guy slid out of my mouth and pushed a twenty through the hole, which I stuffed in my purse before turning to booth one. Another twenty was already waiting for me. “Did you finish?” I asked.“Yeah, you put on a great show,” he said. I took the twenty and waited for my next client. Four down. There was maybe one or two more on average, then the night slowed down. I heard the door to booth one close and shortly after another wrapped cock slid through to my side. I wasted no time taking it into my mouth. The man groaned.“Can you rub me between your chest for a bit?” he asked. “Sure,” I said. I pulled my tank top down to expose my cleavage and crawled over to rub the tip of his cock between my breasts. I was lucky to be pretty well endowed. Well, lucky for these men. Any time they got a look or a feel of my rack I made a loyal client for life. Having big boobs was hell on my back though.“Oh yeah, they feel so nice,” he moaned as his cock slid between my breasts. I held the base and slid his tip back and forth over my cleavage, letting him feel the contours of my chest with his cock head until I heard the door to booth two close. Geez, they weren’t letting up. I wondered if Priya really put the word out or if my reputation was enough to keep me this busy. Whatever the reason, I had to blow through these guys faster if I wanted to keep up my pace. I gently slapped booth one’s cock against my chest, hard enough so that he could hear it on his side. Then I lowered my face onto his cock and started sucking as I reached over with one hand toward booth two. It startled me when I felt fingers latch on to my own. I instinctively recoiled. “Can I feel you again?” booth two asked. It must have been masturbation guy, or maybe a frequent flier. Instead of taking my mouth off booth one to speak, I just shuffled my booty back into booth two’s hand. This time he recoiled. Then his fingers gently probed across my booty, feeling the shape and suppleness. He rubbed the fabric of my undies in the most tender and caring way. It definitely wasn’t masturbation guy. I used a mixture of sucking and licking, sucking my way down booth one’s shaft and swiveling my tongue on the way up to try and get him to cum quickly. Booth two’s hand left my booty.“Ok, ready,” he said. I assumed he slid his dick through the hole, but didn’t look back to check because I wanted booth one to keep enjoying my mouth and reach his climax as fast as possible. It seemed like Priya was only sending back guys with condoms, maybe because she knew I wouldn’t have to clean anything and could go faster, so I trusted that the new guy in booth two was wearing one as well.Still sucking on booth one, I slowly swayed my hips back as I searched for booth two’s cock with my booty. I felt him rub against tokat escort bayan me and pushed my hips back, putting pressure on him and letting him slip between my legs, but I couldn’t get him inside me without his help. I felt his cock head probe around until he pushed against my lips and got maybe an inch inside me before he pulled out.“Holy shit, is that what I think it is?” he asked. With my head bobbing up and down booth one’s cock I couldn’t answer. Instead, I shoved my hips back again, pressing my booty against the wall so my vagina showed through the hole behind me. “Oh god, are you sure?” he asked. I spread my knees a little, which also spread my lips a little wider for him to see. Quit asking questions, my mouth is full, I thought. Booth two hesitated. If he wasn’t going to take advantage then I was going to have to finish off booth one faster to keep things moving, so I sucked harder and wiggled my tongue rapidly against his cock. Right when I heard a knock on the wall in front of me, booth two pushed his swollen cock head between my legs and slowly buried himself inside me as far as he could go. Even if it was just for business, it felt great and I moaned onto booth one’s cock right as he came into my mouth.Again, the condom saved me from any mess. Booth two started to pump his hips behind me and flecks of dust fell from the ceiling as the wall between us shifted from his attempts at getting as deep inside me as he could. Booth one’s cock slid out of my mouth and I caught my breath. I was going to turn around and start sucking on booth two but there was already another man entering booth one.“She’s amazing man, you’re in for a treat!” the previous guy said as the new one replaced him. It seemed the clients would never end. Not even a minute later and a semi-hard cock pushed through the hole in front of me. I adjusted my knees to be able to set my weight back against the wall to booth two so I could keep my balance while the man steadily pumped inside me. I took the semi-hard cock in front of me into my mouth and started sucking it to life, careful to hold the condom on tight since it was going to be a little loose until he hardened up.It didn’t take long. As he filled and stretched out his condom I couldn’t help but moan while sucking on booth one and taking booth two’s cock inside me. “You love this, don’t you?” booth one asked, feeling my moans around his shaft. He started to work his hips a little, gently sliding in and out of my mouth so I didn’t have to bob. I nodded and felt his thick cock head rub the roof of my mouth. “Don’t you?” he asked again.Right. He couldn’t see me. My nod was useless to him. “Mhmm,” I mumbled around his cock. I felt it swell as I said that, getting rock hard in an instant. By now both men were pumping their cocks into me from either end and I basically just had to keep my balance between them. The walls separating us helped. I almost laughed as I pictured this sort of sawing motion between the two men, like I was a log and they were lumberjacks sawing away at me with their cocks. Booth two slowed down behind me. He buried himself to the hilt and just hung out there for a second. I wanted to ask what was going on, because he definitely wasn’t cumming, but booth one was too busy humping my mouth for me to speak. I felt booth two’s cock throbbing inside me, thick and hot. Was he trying to last longer? C’mon man, the whole point is to blow your load and take off!I almost gagged as booth one sped up, thrusting his cock down my throat like I owed him money. He knocked on the wall just in time for his cock to start bucking in my throat. Again, with a condom the knock was more of a courtesy, but I appreciated it nonetheless because I was about to pull my face off him and catch my breath. If I hadn’t known he was going to cum I would have ruined his orgasm. Booth two started pumping again, but very slow. Booth one let his cock slide out of my mouth and pushed a twenty through the hole. “What’s the matter?” I asked over my shoulder to the guy in booth two.“I’m really close and I don’t wanna-”“Go ahead and finish, that’s why you came here,” I said as another cock poked my cheek from booth one. Lord, there was no end. “Are you sure? I mean-” “Yes, go ahead and cum inside me!” I said, trying not to sound irritated at the timid voice on the other side of the wall. “Go ahead and what?” the new guy in booth one asked. “Nothing, never mind,” I said, taking his flaccid cock into my mouth and sucking it to life like I did the previous one. How many was I on now, six? Seven? I lost count. This was definitely the busiest day in my short tenure here at the glory hole, and we had just barely opened for the day. Timid guy in booth two started to pump inside me again, his cock hard as a diamond now that he had permission to cum inside me. Even with a condom on, men loved to hear that. Short, high-pitched little yelps escaped my mouth as timid guy pumped faster and faster, causing the wall between us to shake. Booth one hardened in my mouth and I started my usual bobbing routine, but my mind became distracted by timid guy pounding me from behind. My blowjob technique went out the window and I pushed my hips back against the wall to try and get as much of timid guy inside me as possible, clenching my abs to tighten myself around him.I heard him moan at my flexes, and a few short moments later I heard him knock on his wall. Finally. I pushed my hips back against the wall as hard as I could, letting him pound me until his cock started to twitch inside me. I won’t lie, it felt amazing. He was harder than I’d ever felt before, and that extra size felt amazing as he pushed his hips against the wall so tight I actually felt his thighs against mine through the glory hole.That, of course, meant he was about as deep inside me as a man could get given the circumstances. If he wasn’t already a repeat customer, he most certainly would be now. I felt him give me a few slow, parting pumps before he slipped out of me. I was turned on, for sure, but I was shocked at how wet he actually made me. It was almost like…“Thanks hon, I really needed that. I’ll see you when you get home,” he said.Oh god. It couldn’t be. I immediately pulled my face off of the guy in booth one and turned to look through the glory hole to booth two. Exiting the room I saw my dad with his favorite hat pulled over his eyes. Thick, warm sperm dripped down my thighs and to the floor. The first time he came here he didn’t know it was me, but this? And inside me? I told him to, but I didn’t know who it was.Good thing I never miss a day of birth control.

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