Going Up Going Down


I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t wait to do this. I can’t believe I’M DOING THIS!

For all my big talk, my cunt talk, I’m still stunned that I’m standing here, dripping, my cunt wide and wet, waiting to be fucked by a man I’ve never laid eyes on, but am willing to be laid by.

Laid by.

This is a LAID BY.

It’s not a stand by.

I’m sick of standing by!

I need a laid by!

I have no time to think of anything else because there HE IS.

JEFF: My walking, but not talking, cocksman.

Wow, I love that word. Cocksman.

Cocksman For Hire! Though I’m not paying him. No. He’s my Serviceman!

Come Cocksman! Service me now!

He smiles at me.

I smile at him.

I smile at the bulge growing in his pants. He licks his lips, swallows. Me too.

The door opens again.

I step inside. I walk to the back wall.

I don’t turn around. I wait.

The door closes with a thunk.

The floor drops away, I steady myself against the back wall. The floor presses the bottom of my shoes as the elevator stops.

I can hear him moving toward me. I don’t look, I just want to feel.

He’s standing close behind me now…oh FUCK!

What were the rules? Oh, ya. No talking, no kissing, and something…oh, my cunt gets sucked first…well, okay, but it sure wants some cock in there!

I spread my legs, squatting a little, my arms slide up the wall. My skirt rides up (I’m wearing a lovely business suit cut in the classic Chanel style).

Why isn’t he touchi-“AGGGHHHHHH!”


Yes because…he’s stuck his finger up into my cunt…he wasn’t supposed to do that! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I fuck up and down on it, frantic! IT’S NOT ENOUGH!

I turn around ataşehir escort bayan – open my mouth – his mouth is on mine – he digs in me with his tongue, his cock grinds against my mound, his finger still pumping in and out…pumping…now his thumb is on my clit…my happy fucking clit!! She’s singing now…buzzing…humming…hmmmmm

“Hmmmmmmmm hmmmmm” That’s me again. I’m noisy. Always.

“HMMMMMM” That’s him! I love his sound!



I sink to my knees, my torso falls forward, I press my cheek to the floor, my ass in the air, my pantyless ass, I feel my cunt open wider. I imagine how I look…white flesh, slash of dark pink folds hanging wetly out, puffy with anticipation…

“FUCK MEEEE!! AAAGHHHHHHHHH!!!” He shoves that cock right in – “GUHH! GUHHH!’ Me again.

I’m suspended – my body weighs nothing – is nothing – but the piece of ravenous, squishy, squeezing, flesh clinging to his hot pole.

My being is laser-focused right there, where it’s hot and swollen and turgid and all the other words that can’t describe IT…the FUCK.



I’m not making love here. I’m being serviced by a cocksman of uncommon skill. As I deserve. My body is being satisfied. I need to fuck. I need to come. I need to come with my cunt clutching a hot cock, milking it, sucking it in.


Fuckme fuckme…I can’t believe…I’m fucking this man RIGHT NOW! In an elevator!

I’m on my knees, my ass in the air like a bitch in heat (come and get it!) and I’m taking it and loving it and look at me!



The noise is all me. He’s silent, well, no, there was that one and if I listen…oh….

It’s escort kadıköy the wet sound…how do you type the wet sound…the TSLA? The wet smacking, sucking sound….I LOVE THAT SOUND…TSLA TSLA TSLA!


He RAMMED that one in! His balls slapping my belly!

Ramming now…ram ram ramming…fuck…FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!


Each thrust is a slam pulling a gut deep GRUNT! out of me!


All I can feel now is what’s in the air behind me, my cunt, splayed open as shoves his cock in, and then…his fingers are at my clit, my legs kick back, he catches me now, holds my legs up, I’m like a wheelbarrow he’s ploughing into.

My torso is a rag-doll hanging from his cock, my hair sweeps the floor, his cock harpoons in, deeper, my cunt opens wider and spreads over his pubic area, sucking at him.

He stands completely erect, now I’m hanging loose from his cock, HE’S SO STRONG! He’s holding me, upside down, my calves under his arms, the blood is rushing to my head.

“Jeff!” (Oops, did I say that? Okay, his name IS Jeff.)

Suddenly he’s gone! “NOOOOOO!” Put it back, put it back, put it back! My cunt spasms without coming, as he lays me down on the floor.


He tries to stick his head between my legs!


“I haven’t sucked your clit!”

“Fuck my clit, FUCK ME!”

Oh, ya! He grabbed my legs, squeezed my fleshy gorgeous thighs and lifted my legs up over his shoulders. And then, he pushed into me with unbelievable control, he wasn’t a jackhammer spazzing out on me, he was the boss of his cock and he was taking his cock for a walk down my Love Canal. (Sorry).

He bostancı escort pushed in so SLOW that I humped my hips up at him, tried to climb up his pole with my cunt.

He laughed at me! Until I squeezed for all I was worth.

Then he “UGHNN!” And now he was the jackhammer…bang bang bang bang! “GUH GUH GUH GUH GUH GUH GUH!” He banged a grunt out of me on every slam. YAAAAA!


My legs strained against his shoulders, my body tried to push itself straight as I came but he held me tight there, the tension of not being able to move was excruciating!!

And he’s still fucking me!! In out in out —- my cunt gapes, grasps, thuds, thumps, spazzes out…

“GGRRRR!” That was Jeff, as his body went rigid, began shaking against me…he reached my tits, squeezed them.

“HARDER!” I scream. His hands squished my tits, a little tiny zing of pain and…


I’M COMING AGAIN as he shoots into me

(SORRY, ME AGAIN WITH ANOTHER NOTE…HE DID NOT, I REPEAT NOT! SHOOT INTO ME! HE WAS WEARING A CONDOM. I should have mentioned this earlier. You’re an idiot if you sleep with a guy without a condom. What’s your life worth to you for chrissakes! I wrote it like that just because that’s what I like to imagine when they come, that they’re shooting into me, filling me up, blah blah blah..okay I digress and you know)

(NOTE: I changed tense here…don’t know why…) – he clasps my ass tight to him, pushing himself against me like he… can’t …get …IN … THERE…ENOUGH…. his cock jerks inside me, jets his come into me, out of me, down my thighs as my cunt twitches…and twitches…and…oh…oh! OH! OH!….




Luckily I didn’t sing that out loud.

And then, he had to go.

Hey, I didn’t get my clit sucked.

It was okay. My clit was pretty happy.

And, after all, tomorrow was another day!

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