Good Deed Rewarded


Good deeds are sometimes unexpectedly rewarded. I had the luck, when I was in my early twenties, to work at a job where it was ninety-five percent females. With a large number of them being not much older and single to boot.

Besides the skills needed for my area of work, I also possessed many skills in the home repair and auto repair areas. As such, I would often help out these ladies with small repairs on their vehicles or around their homes. I enjoyed helping them and was often rewarded with a great home cooked meal or some baked goods.

Terry, a tall, large breasted coworker whom I worked with for about a year, bought her first house. It was a nice 2-bedroom ranch that was in fair shape but dated. She had a few little things that needed to be taken care of and asked for my help. I gladly helped her out and while looking over the new place, I commented about the fake, plastic stone that was covering a hallway wall.

“I know”, She responded, adding, “I saw that when I was buying the house but figured that would be a project down the road. There are bigger priorities for now.”

It was obvious that she thought it would be a huge amount of work and expense to remove them. I said to her, ‘These are pretty easy to remove and I can easily repair the wall, a little primer and paint and it will go a long way into moving this place out of the 70’s.”

She seemed truly relieved by what I said. I continued, “It will be a whole day to remove the stones and fix the wall because of the time needed for the compound to dry between coats. If you don’t mind we can set up a convenient time to do it.”

“That would be great, “Terry said, and we set up a time.

I enjoy working with my hands and doing these types of projects, it is almost escort ataşehir therapy for me. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment and I do it because I want to, not for money or other rewards. There are no ulterior motives but I wouldn’t necessarily turn down a good offer.

The day came for us to tackle the wall. I arrived early and was greeted by Terry. She was dressed in tight faded jeans, which accentuated her nice ass, and a tight tee shirt that showed the outline of a lace bra underneath. Her tits are not the type that would work well as “free roamers” while doing some manual work. “Damn”, I thought to myself, “I am going to like this job.” We set out the tarps and got to work removing the plastic stone.

As I worked, Terry cleaned up the debris. Watching her bend over, her ass in those tight jeans and then stand with those tits straining her tee shirt caused by dick to start to stand. It actually became uncomfortable for a bit till I could covertly rearrange it in my jeans.

I was standing on a platform for most of the time and my crotch was at eye level to Terry often. If she noticed my bulge, she surely didn’t let on to it. It a short time the wall was cleared of the stone and mastic. A quick sanding with a pole sander and the wall was ready for smoothing. A fast setting compound for the big gashes went on first and was followed with a longer setting compound for the first coat. After a quick cleanup of the tools, there was nothing to do but wait for the compound to set.

We had started early in the day so Terry suggested a nap while we waited. The mere suggestion caused another erection to form. Instead of her bed, she suggested to nap on the couch. I was a bit tired so, off came the shoes and I lay down. kadıköy escort bayan Unexpectedly, Terry then joined me on the couch, both of us spooning.

She smelled sexy, just the right balance of musk from working and the shampoo smell in her hair had my heart racing, and my dick as hard as one of my chisels. I placed an arm across he waist and set off for fantasizing. Was this “nap” planned? Can she feel what she is doing to my dick? God she was sexy and I was horney as hell. How could I think of sleeping?

It short order, my questions were answered. As we lay on the couch, she reached down to my hand that was across her waist and placed it on her breast. As I felt her firm breast thorough her shirt, she slowly turned to face me.

A quick stare, eye-to-eye, and then our mouths melded together. She embraced me as our tongues intertwined and my hand kneaded her breast. I quickly moved my hand up under her shirt. Ahhh, what luck, a front clasp bra. Deftly I unsnapped the clasp and was skin on skin with one of the firmest breasts I had ever held. Terry’s pert nipples were rolled between my fingers as our tongues explored each other’s mouths.

While I explored her breasts, I felt her hand move down my chest and begin to rub my cock through my jeans. A small moan escaped my mouth as she ran her hand up and down the covered shaft. I tried to use this as an opportunity to move my hand into her pants but was quickly rebuked. She grabbed my hand and returned it to her breast.

Terry slowly slid off the couch and knelt on the floor. We continued to kiss as her hands worked to free my hard on from my jeans. Once unbuttoned, I lifted my hips and she pulled them lower. As she stroked my shaft, she broke the kiss and lowered her escort bostancı head to my crotch.

While continuing to stroke my cock, she ran her tongue up from its base, around the head and back down. Her touch was amazing. Soon she engulfed the head and bobbed up and down the shaft. Her warm wet mouth, darting tongue, and expert stroking was the best combo I had ever felt.

I tried once more to enter her pants and was again moved away. She looked at me and said, “Just lay back and enjoy this.”

I propped my head up and watched her give me one of the most amazing blowjobs I had ever had. As she continued to engulf to my cock, I ran my hands through her hair and massaged her breasts. Soon that feeling was building deep in my pelvis.

I started to thrust my hips ever so slightly. With this being the first sexual encounter with Terry, I did the gentlemanly thing, slowly tapped her head with a finger and warned that I was close to Cumming.

She didn’t hesitate at all; she just kept expertly moving her hand and mouth up and down my cock. I squeezed my pelvis as hard as I could to prolong this amazing feeling but soon, could hold out no more.

Clinching my pelvic muscles, I let out a grunt and then let out a load deep into Terry’s mouth. Spasm after spasm fired in my pelvis. As I came, she slowed the bobbing and just traced the head of my cock with her tongue.

When I was spent and shuddering from the sensitivity, Terry pulled her mouth off my cock. A quick swallow, then she rested her head on my abdomen.

“That was amazing,” I said, as I continued panting.

“Glad you enjoyed it,” she responded. “Now take a nap.”

That wasn’t the last project I helped Terry with, nor was it the last time we had sex. What it was though, was one of the most memorable sexual encounters I have ever had. Not just for the amazing blowjob (which it most definitely was) but the lead up to it. Its been over 30 years since that encounter and as fresh in my mind as the moment it happened.

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