Goodnight Betty

Goodnight BettyI was fortunate to spend New years day evening at Betty my neighbours house. Betty had a party for some of the neighbours, a very happy if not slightly drunken do. We had a great evening with everyone joining in with great stories and the general chatter of neighbours/friends. As the evening wore on the music got turned up bit by bit, mostly 60’s and 70’s music. Everyone joining in with dancing and singing going on until late into the night. As time wore on people slowly drifted off home until there was only myself and Betty left. Betty was wearing a purple knee length floral dress which showed off just enough of her legs to make her look hot.I remarked at how tasty she looked in her dress and how i missed her full ripe body. She blushed and told me to behave, to which i replied that i would behave but badly. She giggled and stood up from the sofa she was sitting on, her legs slightly apart as she stood, affording me a sweet view up her dress at her full purple panties. I winked at her and said “i see you’re colour coordinated tonight”. Betty blushed and went to swat my shoulder, but the vodka and coke’s she’d consumed meant she stumbled and fell onto me. I grabbed at her to stop her falling on the floor, my left hand grasping her right tit my right hand finding her lower back.I immediately held her and pulled her towards me, my mouth seeking out hers, she wriggled and tried to pull away, before succumbing and her lips greedily forcing mine back. Betty then started pushing her chest forward onto my left hand, my right hand was meanwhile moving down her back and onto her chubby arse. Betty moaned and started grinding her arse onto my hand. Quickly i slid my hand down her thigh and found the hem of her dress, before slipping my hand up inside the dress, caressing up her leg, past her hip and round onto her left arse cheek. Her panties were a silky satin and my hand slid smoothly over her bum. Betty pulled her lips away from mine and panted at me “fuck me hard right here”. I slowly slid off the chair with Betty still on top of me and onto the floor. My left hand slid round behind Betty’s neck seeking out the zip on the back of her dress, which was swiftly pulled down and my hand ran back up her spine to her bra. After a few seconds of wriggling her bra was unclipped and i then took both hands to her shoulders to slip her dress down. sakarya escort By this time Betty was giggling like a schoolgirl and pawing at my trousers. I rose up onto my knees and pulled Betty’s dress down and off, her bra coming with it to expose her large rounds old breasts, her huge nipples erect and poking out like coat pegs. She rolled onto her back and opened her legs displaying ample quantities of grey and black pubes poking out of either leg of her shiny purple panties. As i looked down she put her right hand onto the mound in her crotch and started pressing her fingers against her cunt. She moaned and said “my pussy needs you”. I watched as she rubbed against her cunt through her panties, she moaned and groaned and twitched as she played with herself.I knelt down at her feet and pushed her legs slightly further apart, then leant forward and placed my hands on her hips, sliding them slowly inwards until they were on her panties, Betty pulling her hands up and gasping. I slowly pulled her gusset out of her now soaking wet crotch and pulled it to one side. I then buried my face in her fantastic bush, my tongue seeking out her musky damp gash. As soon as i started licking her hairy split Betty started gushing, her secretions running down my chin. I sucked and pulled her labia into my mouth, my tongue seeking out Betty’s big clit. By this time Betty was screaming at me to fuck her. I continued to lick and suck her gushing gash. I had Betty’s legs pulled up and one over each of my shoulders. For 86 years old Betty was very supple and ground her cunt into my face as my hands supported her ample arse. After about 5 minutes of eating her cunt i started working downwards slightly, my mouth finding her arsehole. As soon as my tongue touched her there she stiffened (her sphincter tightened against my tongue) and she started trying to pull away. I took my face out of her crotch and asked if she wanted something special. Betty by now was twitching and panting. She reminded me that apart from her late husband Robbie and me nobody else had ever had sex with her. I peeled her silky purple panties off her and gazed down at her lying naked on the rug, her full droopy tits with their huge nipples now rock hard and her immense grey and black bush erupting from the base of her belly. I told her to open her legs wide again and went back down on her escort sakarya with my mouth, as my tongue worked on her clit i slid my forefinger deep into her slimy wet cunt. As i did this Betty ground herself onto my face, I worked away at her cunt with tongue and fingers, slipping 2 then 3 fingers as deep as i could, meanwhile my pinkie jabbed against her tight closed arsehole as my other fingers were being pushed deep into her.As i ate and probed her pussy her juices flowed down her thighs and my little finger was pushing against her sphincter, which was now getting slippery. My pinkie burst into her ring and she gasped and groaned and pushed harder against my face with her crotch. I started pushing more with my pinkie into her ass and Betty groaned even more and another wave gushed from her slippery cunt. I pulled my fingers out of her holes and slid my middle finger up her asshole, probing and twisting as i continued to lick and slurp at her cunt. Betty was gasping and writhing on the floor and started pounding on the back of my head grunting at me to “put your thing in me”. I stood up and stripped off in a flash, as Betty lay there on the floor slowly playing with her soaking wet hole. My cock was already standing to attention, so i dropped down onto the floor and climbed on top of Betty as she spread her legs, her sopping wet hole swallowing my 6 inch cock instantly. Betty pushed back at me as i pounded at her from on top. Betty orgasmed within seconds and then told me to roll over onto my back, which i duly obliged to. Betty grinding down hard on me. me hands found her fulsome arse cheeks, my right hand sliding in towards her crack. I rubbed my fingers against her asshole as she rode me, it was like she didn’t know what to do next as she tried to grind her arse against my hand as well as ride my dick. She then asked if i would “put it in her bum”? I got Betty up onto her knees on the sofa and pulled as much of her juices out of her cunt with my fingers as i could, smearing it on her tight hairy bumhole and on my throbbing cock. I then pressed the tip of my knob into her asshole slowly. Betty gasped and gave a small scream, before pushing slowly back onto me. She rocked back and forth taking just the tip of my rod into her ass.I gripped her hips and let rock backwards and forwards on me. Gradually she took more and more until she sakarya escort bayan was almost pushing me off my feet. After a couple of minutes i gasped at Betty that i was going to cum, this made her turn into a demon and she started grinding her arse against me, my balls slapping against her cunt. I couldn’t hold back and pumped my cream deep into her bowels. Betty groaned and gasped as my cock twitched inside her, depositing my load.As soon as i’d spunked Betty pulled forward letting my now shrinking member slide out of her slimy asshole, she slid down and between my legs turning as she did to take me in her mouth. Her tongue probed at the tip of my now flaccid cock, probing and sucking she noisily cleaned up my cock and balls. Smiling she looked up at me and told me to go home as the party was over and she was expecting her daughter to visit the next morning early. I reluctantly got dressed and had a long lingering kiss with Betty behind the front door before she pushed me out.The next morning i woke up at 9 o’clock to a commotion in the street outside, it was Betty’s daughter. I pulled on some shorts and a tee shirt and went out to see what was happening. Betty’s daughter Elizabeth was concerned as she couldn’t get an answer at her mums door. I told her that mum had had a party last night and that it had gone on until the early hours and she was probably still sleeping. Elizabeth told me she’d tried phoning her mum several times but got no answer. I told her that her mum had a spare back door key under the step to her garden shed. Elizabeth asked if i could show her where it was, and if i would go into the house with her. I said yes, and retrieved the key, quickly opening the back door and entering the kitchen shouting “hello hello”. There was no response and as we looked into the sitting room the scene of last nights fun, Betty’s dress bra and panties lay strewn on the floor. Elizabeth gasped and said something wasn’t right “mum must have been really tired or really drunk to leave that mess” she said. We went upstairs and as i entered Betty’s bedroom i saw her lying there naked and legs akimbo with a vibrator slowly buzzing feebly away in her hairy cunt. Elizabeth gasped and tried to pull me back out of the bedroom. Poor Betty had passed away in her bed with a dildo in her pussy. Poor Elizabeth finding her mum like that but Betty had gone out in style. We buried her yesterday beside her beloved Robbie, as her coffin was slowly lowered into the grave i thought of the times i’d helped her out over the last couple of years, i was happy that she’d gone out of this world with an orgasm.

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