Got his wish pt2


Got his wish pt2She had on one of the shortest, tightest, black leather skirts he had ever seen. Just beneath the skirt, you could almost make out the snaps on her garter belt that were holding up her Cuban style black stockings with the back seams topping off the look. On her feet were a wicked pair of black patent leather, fetish style high heels. They had a dangerous looking pointed toe and the heels were a sexy 7-inches.Looking at Joanna’s face, his breath was taken away by her erotic beauty and the pure sluttiness of her makeup. Her beautiful azure blue eyes were bright and enhanced by her sexy smoke gray eye shadow, her luxuriously long lashes and the highlighting of her eyes with black liner that extended off the corners of eyes, giving her an erotic cat like look. Her mouth was a brilliant red gash and had a sparkle gloss enhancement.When Bob finished taking her in, he realized that she had also had her hair color changed to a platinum blonde with hair extensions that was full of curls and cascading down to the middle of her back. Bob realized she no longer looked like a cougar, but maybe a 30 something erotic slut. “Oh my God Joanna! You are a living, breathing, fucking wet dream. Anyone that sees you will fall in lust will you. Every man that sees you will have the strongest erection of their life.””My God Bob, it looks like that includes you! Fuck, how big is that monster” Joanna asked staring at the front of his pants?”Just about 8-inches, although as fucking hard as I am from just looking at you, it might be bigger then 8! Plus, I didn’t tell you, but I gave you an injection that helps your body produce more pheromones and I can tell you that you are exciting me like no other woman I have been around. Joanna, I need to take you out, show you off and then take you home and fuck you.” Joanna then said that wasn’t going to happen as she had other plans.”Oh dear God, you can’t leave me like this. I’m going to explode any minute!””Don’t worry love; I plan to take care of you. First, how do you like your handiwork,” she said as she pulled her top off exposing the huge mountains of tit-flesh.”Joanna, just looking at your tits, in all their splendid glory has me ready to nut right now.”Speaking as she licked her lips, “Good, now drop those pants and boxers and let me see what I’m working with. Jesus Bob, that pussy pleaser has to be a full, thick, fucking beautiful 8 inches, half of which I plan on having in my throat.””No way, no one has ever even come close!”Joanna with a devious smile said, “Would you like to bet on that? I win, you tear up my charges and you do any procedure I want going forward, deal?””Depends, what do I get if you don’t?””Well, I pay your bill and you have access to all of my holes any time! Now, do we have a deal?””What if I say no” Bob said as he contemplated her offer?”Do that, I will write you a check right now and walk out of here and you never get to experience my lips on your cock, sucking it all the way down. You don’t get to experience looking at me while I am down on my knees worshipping your cock, licking your taint and sticking my tongue up your asshole! You lose your chance tonight and any chance in the future to be serviced by the sexiest, nastiest slut you will ever meet. So, what’s it going to be?”For the next 10 minutes, Bob tried to delay blowing his nut. Joanna played his cock like it was a musical instrument and she was 1st chair in the orchestra. She worked her way down to his balls and licked each of them before taking one, then the other in her month and sensuously sucking each of them, bathing them with her saliva. Next she worked her way underneath and licked back and forth on his taint. Suddenly, she dribbled her spit onto his asshole and stabbed her tongue right up his ass, working it around and licking it lavishly while jerking his cock with her hand.Bob thought he was going to lose it right then before she even had a chance to try and suck his cock balls deep. Instead, she gripped his cock in a vise like grip to subdue his urge to blow. “No, no, no, we’re not done yet. I am going to drain your balls down my throat and suck you until you beg for mercy or pass out.””You over estimating yourself a bit? You’re fucking hot, but I’ve had true cock sucking sluts on my cock before.”At this point, Joanna knew she had him. “Just shut up and be amazed darling, you are about to have a truly religious experience, one that will change your life forever and ruin you for any other woman because you will be disappointed from now on whenever you get with any other woman!”Joanna then proceeded to stick his mushroom tipped head in her mouth, lubing it up good with her saliva. She then rubbed it all over her face, nuzzling the head and shaft while talking about how she was going to drain his balls. After a few more minutes, she put her mouth over the head of his cock and starting sinking bursa escort it further and further into her month, all the while twirling her tongue around and around his cock. While doing this, she was drooling a heavy load of saliva down his cock until it was dripping off his balls.”Oh God yes, fucking suck me you fucking slut! I’m going to fuck your mouth until I come!”Joanna momentarily backed off, asking him if he had ever been with or even seen anyone as slutty as her. “No bitch, you’re the best ever!””Are you ready to fuck my face with this gorgeous, fucking cock” Joanna asked as she bathed his cock in spit?”Yes, let me in your throat, I’m already boiling!” With that, Joanna started a slow steady descent down his mighty lance. One inch, two inches, now three. She continued at a slow measured pace, slurping at his missile jutting up from his balls. Four inches, five, and now six, this was amazing to Bob. She already had six thick, rock hard inches of his cock swallowed and she wasn’t even struggling a bit. Now she took another inch and then one more as she was the full 8 inches in. Bob was starting to sweat, he was seeing stars and flashing bright lights. “Oh God Joanna, finish me, I need to cum.”With that Joanna pulled away from his cock and said, “Time to pay up because you lose!” With that, she pushed her face all the down his cock, taking every inch, all the while staring him right in the eyes. Then, just when he thought he had died and gone to heaven and was at the point that it couldn’t get any better, she pushed her tongue out and licked his ballsAs Joanna did this final act, Bob screamed that he was cumming and starting filling her month with shot after shot until she was at the point of overflow but somehow kept sucking all of his cum out of his balls and swallowing every drop of it. At this point, Bob’s eyes rolled back in his head and he started to drop to his knees totally incoherent.As Joanna rose back to her feet and stood before Bob in all her slutty glory, she said, “Thanks for the free work! I’ll call you the next time I need some work, but now I am going to the main attraction of the night. Dancing with Tyree, and then sucking and fucking him at Club Xcess and then in my bed for the rest of the night. As the final act to cuckold my husband like he had dreamed about, I’m going to call him in Germany where it will be the crack of dawn. I plan to put the call on speaker phone so he can hear my pleasure in getting my ass fucked by Tyree. By the way, he is black and hung like a horse measuring in at over 12 -inches. After I am done with him, I probably won’t even be able to feel my husband in my pussy, if I ever even let him fuck me again.””I love the fact that he was so turned on by those Taylor Wane videos because he thought she looked like me and he wanted to change me to look as slutty as she is! Won’t he be amazed when he sees my tits are bigger then hers, I look at least fifteen years younger than her now and I suck cock deeper and better? Who knows, maybe I’ll start making MILF porn. Oh my God, I cream just thinking about that. Getting paid to fuck cocks, especially biiiiggg, black, cocks. Huge cocks of all colors and getting a belly full of cum every day. I am so going to do this!”About an hour later, Joanna was pulling up to Club Xcess, a perfect name for a club she was going to be seen in tonight. As the valet came to get her car, the young buck’s eyes popped out of his head and he immediately got hard! Joanna smiled her wicked little smile as she said. “Like what you see?””Fuck yes,” he replied!””How do I compare with all of the other sluts here tonight?””Are you k**ding, none of them can hold a candle to you! You are the fucking sexiest woman I have ever seen!”As Joanna looked him over, she grabbed his crotch and told him, “From the way your pants are tenting out, I have to believe what you’re telling me. Tell me stud, how big is that package you’re showing off?””Just, j-just under 10-inches, although looking at you I’m sure it’s bigger than that!””Mmmmmm, just how I like them, young, big and hard! If you’re still here when I leave you may really like you tip. How do you like my lips and my color of lipstick?””God it looks fantastic!””Do they look like they should have a cock between them” she asked licking her lips?”Oh my God, I’m so excited I might cum in my pants!”At this point Joanna went to meet her destiny, Tyree. As she strutted into the club, virtually every eye was on her, especially all the male eyes, the black male eyes! Although, several of the young sluts were also eyeing her, but in their case it was with envy!Just then she saw Tyree walking toward her. “Shit, is that you girl! You’s looking hot as fuck. Ah, fuck, look at them big o’ titties. You gotz my cock’s attention now girl and I ain’t gonna let you slide on out of here this time before I gitz to slide into that sweet pussy bursa escort bayan of yours. You got it shaved all nice and smooth for me baby?””God you know it Tyree. My snapper has been creaming all day thinking about you and that big fat cock of yours.””You thinks you can handle this pussy destroyer?””Ha, handle it; I plan on taking that thing to the root in all three of my holes before the nights over.”At this point, there was a fire raging in both of them, so they decided to have a bottle of Crystal before starting the fireworks display. Tyree had a private area for the two of them in the upper level. After they adjourned to the couch in there, they had a glass of Crystal and then began to make out.Joanna started rubbing his cock through his pants and even though it was already hard to begin with, his erection went into over drive. As she pulled his cock out, she gasped, “OMG, that thing is fucking huge!””Yeah it’s a monster, measuring in at just about 13-inches baby girl. An’ I gonna make sure you have it in every hole all night long””Oh fuck, I want it in all 3 of my holes right now, starting with my ass!” As Tyree dropped his pants and boxers, Joanna was ripping off her thong and getting on all fours on the couch. Tyree reached for a bottle of Astroglide on the side table and began to shove some up her Hersey highway with his finger. “Oh fuck Tyree, shove your fingers up my ass. God your finger feels bigger than my husband’s puny little dick.”Joanna was now backing into his hand trying to get it deeper, while frigging her pussy with her own hand. She started to tense up as she had the first tremors of her climax building. “Oh fuck Tyree, get that cock in my ass, I want to feel every inch of it pulsing in my asshole.”Tyree began to grease up his cock getting it slick enough to penetrate her ass. As he lined up the bulbous mushroom head of his cock, which was already dripping more pre-cum then any of those pathetic white boy cocks could produce with their whole loads! “Damn it Tyree, what are you waiting for, shove that pole up my asshole and fuck the shit out my ass!”With a mighty roar, Tyree started to push at her rosebud applying constant pressure until finally her sphincter opened up and welcomed home his magnificent tool. Tyree then got into a solid rhythm and started to open up her asshole. As he did, both of them started to roar and scream! “Oh fuck Tyree, fuck the shit out of me!””Oh not to worry baby girl, ole Tyree gonna own this ass after tonight. Matter o’ fact, I wants you to getch yo ass tattooed with my name on it, maybe in the middle of a heart.””Oh God, anything Tyree, just keep pounding my ass!””Not to worry slut, I can keep this up all night, even after I cums. Oh yes, baby girl I gonna own you after tonight, might even turn you out” Tyree gloated as he smacked her ass.”Oh baby yes, but please make sure you get me on film. I want to watch my body getting pounded by black cock.””Oh wow baby, you is one nasty fucking slut. Now hold on, cuz I’m gonna nut in your ass.” As he bellowed out, he started to fill her ass with his black breeding juice, counting on turning her black only.As he came in her ass, Joanna stared creaming as her pussy juices flowed down her legs. “Yo bitch, you loving that black nut juice I’m giving you? You lovin’ my big, black cock?””Oh God damn yes Tyree, I love it, really pound my ass. I need it!””Oh yeah baby girl, Tyree gonna take care of all your needs. Tell me baby girl, is Tyree’s cock the best you ever had? Do you ever want anything but BBC?””God no Tyree, I’m officially a black cock whore. No little pathetic white boy penis is ever gonna get in me ever again. I wanna be black owned and black bred! Now pull that cock of yours out and let me suck you off. I want to taste my shit on your cock to show you how nasty I am for BBC.” As Tyree pulled out of Joanna’s ass, she spun around licking every inch of his fucking cock, savoring the earthy taste of her ass mixed with his cum. She had never tasted anything as sweet in her life.As Tyree’s cock started getting rock hard again, Joanna started to slowly take his cock into her mouth, stretching her mouth and jaw to its limits while she slowly started to swallow the monster cock. She now locked eyes with Tyree and began the slow exciting descent on his cock, all the while looking up to Tyree seeking his approval. She now had almost nine inches down and showed no signs of easing up. Now she had 10-inches, then 11, working her way to the 12 inch mark.”Oh baby girl, ya gonna make Tyree nut!” As she pushed down, her lips showing just a hint of a wicked smile, she swallowed the last inch. Now she started suck for real, sliding back about 6 inches and then ramming it back down her throat.She briefly let his cock come out of her mouth long enough to say, “Fuck my face you mother fucker and don’t stop until you nut in my mouth and down my escort bursa throat!” She now started back in sucking him, her cheeks hollowing out as she took more and more and sucked harder and harder.After about 5 more minutes, Tyree roared, “Here it cums bitch, take it all.” Joanna was sucking and swallowing for all she was worth, but there was just too much and his cum started leaking from her mouth and dripping down his rigid cock. As he was pushing the last of his nigger juice up from his balls, Joanna backed off and with gobs of saliva dripping from her mouth and down his cock with the cum that had leaked out, she skillfully licked up every drop, savoring the flavor. “You like my big fucking nigger cock and nigger juice slut?””Yes Tyree, I fucking love it. I don’t want anything but BBC from now on. I’m now a full fledged black cock whore.”After a brief rest and another glass of Cristal, Tyree was ready to go again and Joanna was thrilled. However, before she got started again she knew there was a call she wanted to make. She had to keep her promise to herself and call her fucking pathetic husband, the one who had started her down this path of sexual nirvana! When she told Tyree about her plans, he said, “Wait, I gotta idea that you are gonna cream over baby girl.”With that, he picked up the phone and called Antoine to fire up thevideo equipment so that they could make a video call to Mike in Frankfort, where it was now just before 8:00 AM. As Antoine came in, Joanna watched him set up the equipment and get instantly hard looking at her. When it was ready to go, he nodded to Tyree.”Well baby girl, you ready to make your pornographic debut” Tyree asked her? Joanna was about to cream herself as she breathlessly nodded her head. “Good, give Antoine hubby’s number and we will start the final cuckold process. Just talk into the camera and then we get started fucking, sucking or whatever you want to do!”After Joanna had given her husband’s number, the call was placed over Skype to her husband’s phone. A minute later she saw his loser face appear on the monitor. Mike answered the call and started to talk, but was quickly cut off by Joanna. “Mike, we need to talk. I found your cuckold stash of websites and videos on your computer.””I, I, d-don’t understand, I have my computer with me.”Acting the dominant bitch, Joanna shouted, “Shut the fuck up and don’t interrupt me again. Anyway, I found your stash and imagine my surprise when I found all those videos of Taylor Wane fucking and sucking one BBC after another. I was surprised with how much she looked like me, except that she had fucking huge tits, and mine had been a small B-cup before my surgery made me a C-cup.I also found out she also goes by the name Joanna Gee and with my name Joanna, that made me realize how much you wanted me to be her! That also explained why you wanted me to go even bigger. It also made me think how many times when we fucked, you would say, ‘Oh Joanna, gee you are so fucking good!’; you were imagining your fucking videos with me as the star. Well I hope you like it, because you are going to get your wish! You know the one, where your big tittied wife cuckolds you with a giant black cock.”As Joanna paused, Antoine panned the camera back to take in her body and the rest of the room. “So, you pathetic excuse for a man, what do you think of the new and improved Joanna Gendry, or should I say Joanna Gee? Myself, I don’t think she can compare to me, I look 15 years younger, and her tits are quite small compared to mine. I am much more erotic with fat, swollen, cock sucking lips; so much so that no man has been able to resist me. Every man who sees me, wants to fuck me. I had an injection which upped my production of pheromones by 200%. Add in these babies (as she slipped her top), and this ass and no one can resist.”From the right, Tyree came into camera view. “Isn’t that right Tyree. Oh, you remember Tyree from Club Xcess? Turns out he owns the place and is making this video possible. So Mike, set back and relax and discover all the other ways I am better than Taylor what’s her name, AKA Joanna Gee.”As she said this, she slid her skirt off so that all she had on was her garter belt, stockings and her “cum fuck me” pumps. At this point Tyree slid in closer and grabbed her platinum blonde hair and asked, “Are you ready for this bitch? What about you Mike, are you ready to watch your wife swallow this cock? Are you this big you wimpy cuckold?”Joanna interjected, “Hell no, he’s barely half as big as you Tyree. Plus, he doesn’t know the first thing about pleasing a white slut like me. That’s why he has to watch movies with a lookalike of me getting pounded by a BBC and satisfied like he could never!””Let’s show him lover, let’s show how a black stud like you pleases a slut like me, something he could never do in the past and won’t get a chance to in the future. That’s right wimp, only black cock goes into my holes from now on. Tomorrow Tyree is getting me branded. Tramp stamp on my back, ‘Black owned’ right above my shaved pussy and a ‘Queen of Spades’ insignia on my left tit.”

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