Graduation Party


Graduation PartyThe Graduation Party!It was such a wild party! We had just passed the last exam with flying colors and were now fully fledged technicians and that called for a huge celebration.The school had arranged for buses to pick us up and drive us to a “secret” location, where the party was to be held. It turned out to be a large, old inn way outside the city, where we could throw the wildest party without bothering the neighbors, ’cause there weren’t any.”School is over” was the most played tune that night, and we danced, sang songs, drank a lot of beer and wine and generally engaged in a drinking bout. I was out on the floor a couple of times with the hottest chick in the class – she was both pretty and very shapely, so I was not the only one to woo her. I had the slight advantage that we had flirted on and off during school, but it had never evolved into anything but the flirt, and tonight didn’t seem to be any different, unfortunately.When the buses finally arrived at around 4 am. for the tour back to town, I found a seat at the very rear of the bus. I had just prepared to settle in for a nap, when someone sat on the seat next to mine and poked me in the side.”Hey, sleepyhead”, a familiar voice said, “it’s not yet time to stop partying.”I opened my eyes and, yes!, there was Karen sitting very close to me. My heart immediately started to pound; there had to be a reason for her to sit here, there were a lot of empty seats elsewhere.I sat up and we started to chat and make fun, until I suddenly shut up, because she had put her hand on my thigh and let it slide slowly upwards towards my crotch. When I looked at her, she just winked and smiled, a smile that was so mischievous and alluring, that it momentarily stunned me.Quickly I regained a measure of control and decided to act, so I put my hand on her knee and let it slip under her loose skirt, that would hide what I was doing, should anyone care to look our way.Her skin was smooth and warm and the thigh firm and midway I dwelt a little to enjoy the sensation. This was not to her liking, though, she put her hand on the bulge in my pants and squeezed it, signaling that she wanted to go all the way – now!Light-headed from beer and the party-daze I let the hand slide upwards till it met fabric halkalı escort – her panties. She spread her thighs a little wider, giving me some much needed space, that I immediately used to let the fingers press against her pussy. Through the light fabric I could feel she was already wet. She pushed her hips forward with a small inviting thrust and let one leg slide right so I had unhindered access. Eagerly I pushed her panties aside as best I could and dipped my fingers in her pussy that was hot and wet. The fingertips immediately got slippery from her juices and could now effortless slide in between the silky pussylips, into her alluring sex.It took a little effort to get the hand turned in the right angle, but soon I was able to caress the surroundings of her clit, touches that made her moan quietly and slide around in her seat, while she fought with the zip and buttons in my pants. When she succeeded she stuck her hand inside and took a firm grip on my cock, that by now was as hard and big as never before. Without a moment’s hesitation she began to slide her hand up and down, spreading wonderful feelings in my body.I am sure we could had just sit there masturbating each other to orgasm, but unfortunately we were back at the school a couple of minutes later so we had to – very reluctantly – remove our fingers and get the clothes in order. I was mad at the World, because things had been so good, but fortunately Karen had no intention of stopping here.”Come,” she said, took my hand and lead us towards her dormitory.She barely had time to close and lock the door before we were in each other’s arms. The first kiss was followed by many more, as our hands and fingers were very busy stripping our clothes, so we soon stood only in our undies. She was a sight for sore eyes in her tiny white bra and just as tiny panties, and it got even better when she reached round, undid the lock, and let the bra fall. A magnificent pair of breasts quivered slightly in their new-won freedom and literally begged for my caresses. I didn’t let them wait, but grabbled them gingerly and let the thumbs glide over the already swollen dark-red nipples. They grew a little more and became hard and almost rubbery, and sensitive taksim escort I could hear, because Karen gave small purring sounds when I bent and kissed them, while letting my tongue glide over them.Karen wasn’t idle, her hands had dipped into my shorts and liberated cock and balls, which she now caressed with both hands. It was very inspiring, but I wanted to take it one step further so I knelt and pulled her panties down. Her pubic hair was just a small triangle, the rest was shaved and recently because when I let my hand slide over it, I could only feel the smooth skin. She spread her legs and put a hand on the back of my head, and I got the hint. I let the tongue swirl at the front of her pussy, only slowly letting it pass deeper between her legs, that now shivered slightly. She tasted really good, of sweet young girl juices. With an eager tongue I probed her pussy, till she moaned and her legs could hardly support her.”Let’s get to bed,” she whispered and let go of my hair. “It’ll be much more fun.”I was more than willing to follow her suggestion and we were in her bedroom before you could say “fuck”.She had a big bed. The bed sheets were thrown aside so we had all the free room we wanted. Lying side by side our hands wandered, exploring each other’s bodies, while the tongues played wildly.None of us had much patience left, so it was a kind of relief, when Karen pushed me so I lay on my back while she straddled me.”I’ve been wanting this for the past two months,” she said with a devilish little smile, “and I can’t wait any longer.” Her hand went down and took my cock, leading it to the right position.I was about to answer her, that I had waited too, but the sound that came out what a stretched-out moan, as I felt the cock’s head slide into her hot, very tight pussy – a sensation so intense that it blanketed out any other feelings, I might have; all that existed in that moment was the feel of the cock slowly penetrating Karen’s juicy sex.When she had impaled herself completely, she sat for a moment, just smiling at me while I enjoyed how her vagina muscles pulsed around the cock. Then she raised her hips as slowly as she had lowered them, and began to ride me.It was a divine sight to look at how her firm breasts şişli escort followed her body’s movements. I reached up and closed my hands around them, caressing and playing and thus enhancing her joy. She leaned a little forward as a sign of encouragement, so I squeezed the nipples softly, making her moan and purr like a kitten and increase her speed.Pretty soon I began to get the first signals, telling me that my resistance was failing, somewhat earlier than I had hoped for, but probably a combination of the fact that it was lovely Karen that was riding me and the alcohol. In order to try and get her off tooI moved my hand to her crotch and let two fingers stimulate her clit, as she rode. It was a good move, she moaned loudly, shivered, and began to ride even faster.I got a bit desperate, I couldn’t hold it back for much longer, even though I tried to think of anything but the hot girl that rode my cock… but nothing helped.With irresistible force my orgasm broke through the dam, and with a muffled cry I shot the first jet of hot semen into Karen’s tight pussy. When she felt the warm liquid spurting out in her innermost cavity, she too gave a cry and slammed her hips up and down in a ride of wild abandon.I had only just delivered the last drops when she gave a low whining sound and started to convulse, as her own orgasm took hold. Her pussy quivered violently and sent new waves of pleasure through me, while she writhed in orgasmic cramps.When it was finally over she collapsed on top of me, and we lay there for a long time enjoying the closeness and the afterglow of a fantastic climax.It was only when the urge to pee overcame her that she got up. I followed her example, relieved myself and went back to bed, where she waited me with a big smile and a warm, passionate kiss.She fell asleep in my arm, while I lay for a while contemplating the fact that I had just had a great fuck with the hottest girl in school – and hoping it wouldn’t be the last.Next morning when I woke up she lay on her back beside me in all her splendid nakedness. I lay very quiet for a while just enjoying the sight of her perfectly shaped, young, and firm body, but in the end I couldn’t help myself, I began touching and caressing her warm silky skin gently.She woke up after a while, stretched and smiled – and then the fun started all over again, only this time it lasted considerably longer as we now knew that our parts fitted together and taking our time to give and take pleasure.It was, as the late Humphrey Bogart put it, the start of a beautiful friendship

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