Granny Ellie


Granny EllieI looked over the photos. A buddy of mine had been snooping around his parents room and found these naked photos of his mom. They showed everything, one of the pictures she even had her pussy slightly spread open. Too bad she is ugly I thought to myself. A few days later another friend of mine showed up with some naked pictures of his mom, a short chubby lady with little tits and a huge hairy pussy. A couple of the pictures even had his dad in them showing his dick stuck in her pussy. That evening I got to thinking about those pictures and decided to have a look around. I found only a couple and they showed nothing, just my mom with her back to the camera and a coy smile. A month later I am at my granny’s house. We call her Ellie. I go there every summer. I enjoy being around and we get along really well. She is exactly 40 years older than I am to the day. And at fifty six years old she is very beautiful. Gramps had died a few years ago of a heart attack. Since then Ellie has hardly done any thing except hang around her house and keep to herself. I have always been attracted to Ellie, she has the most amazing boobs. I mean they are a D cup, almost perfectly round with just a slight sag to them. The nipples are not huge neither is the brown area them. I don’t get to see these tits very often but when I do it is always a treat. But it is not just Ellies tits, she is a good looking woman and has aged very well, well all the women on my mom’s side of the family are attractive. Any way I am at Ellie’s house and she leaves to go some where and I am there alone. Thinking about the recent nude photos my friends had uncovered I decide to check around Ellie’s house as I would love to find a photo of her perfect tits. During my search I found nothing so I go to the attic which is easily accessible from the second floor. While searching thru there I come across an old VHS tape. thinking that it might hold some old family video and maybe a few minute of Ellie in a bikini I take the tape to her room where there is a VHS player. I was not expecting what I saw. The tape starts out with Ellie standing there naked. She is standing and looks comfortable being naked in front of the camera. She twirls a little and smiles real big. bahis firmaları Her perfect tits standing proud causing my cock to harden. Then these two naked men come into frame and start kissing her and fondling her as she does the same back to them. “Oh shit this is a home made a porn tape” I say to myself as one of the men pushes his cock into Ellie and starts pumping her. After a minute or two he blows his load in her, pulls out his limp cock and the camera zooms in for close up of Ellie’s creamy cunt. Then the other man mounts her and he does the same, filling her cunt full of jizz. Ellie seems perfectly happy with this and thanks the men for the good time as she wipes her pussy with a cloth. Then I gramps tell her something, then the camera is set down and he enters the frame for a second or two and then the camera switches off. Then comes on with Ellie standing there with another woman, both naked, and they introduce themselves, the other woman is a neighbor, not bad looking, claiming her husband is out of town and she has always wanted to try “this”. Then four men come into frame and they all have sex. again with the close ups of cum filled pussies. This is a six hour VHS tape that is all home made porn of my granny Ellie and my gramps and their friends having sex with strangers. I continue watching the tape forgetting I am in Ellie’s bedroom. I watch this for an hour, Ellie must have fucked eight men and three different women when from behind me I hear “Oh my you found one of our old home movie tapes.” It was Ellie and I was not sure how long she had been standing there. “There is a whole box of those in the attic. Eddie loved to watch me with other men and we started to record these adventures. I liked watching him please other women, there is a few like that too.” Ellie said. ” I looked so good back then. The men could not wait to get with me.” Ellie said with smile. I was not sure what to do as my cock was throbbing. I stopped the tape but Ellie said I could keep watching. “I am happy somebody is enjoying these. Eddie and I would watch these and get so horny and make love for hours.” Ellie reached for the play button and sat next to me. She started to narrate the video and it was really turning me on. kaçak iddaa It was turning Ellie on also. “Oh my, I hope you don’t think I was a slut. Your grandfather and I just like sex and would share that with others. This one you like, we met this couple at the beach, his wife is so pretty. Eddie said she was a tight fuck. Then we got these guys to join in. These old movies are making me all horny and wet. It seems to be having the same effect on you.” Ellie said blushing. I was watching as Ellie and this amazing woman fucked these guys and seemed to be having a genuinely great time doing so and not really paying too much attention to what Ellie was saying. But the words horny and wet caught my attention. I told Ellie I could edit these tapes with her and put them on the computer to preserve them as the VHS tape would not last. We went to the attic and Ellie showed me he box. It had tons of tape, VHS, Super8, something else and even a couple of DVD. Wow I thought to myself. These two have recorded a lot of themselves fucking. I had most of what I needed to edit all these formats and put them to digital. So Ellie and I started. It took two days to do the first tape. two days for the next. Several times we would take a break from the work and I would sneak off and stroke my boner so I did not explode in front of my granny. The third day it finally happened and I did not really expect this. But this tape we were working with was really erotic for both Ellie and I. “Well, I am just as turned on watching this as I was when I made this. What I would give to have those men right here right now.” Ellie said. “What would you do?” I said playfully. “Well I would fuck their brains out, do you know how long it has been for me? How long it has been since a man has been inside me? Since your grandfather died, that was the last time. Two years, I went from all this fucking you are looking at to nothing. Now after watching these tapes I really could use a good hard cock.” Ellie said as she twitched around in her chair. She looked at me in a way she had never done so before but it made my cock even harder than it had ever been and I knew what she was thinking. “Well, maybe, we, I could help each other….” I stuttered. “I don’t think kaçak bahis it would hurt anything. I mean we are adults.” Ellie added with a slight smile. “Yes, we are.” i added. Ellie stood up and pulled off her shirt, then her bra, those luscious globes were now right in front of me in all their glory. I reached out and took them in my hands. Ellie dropped her pants, the sweet smell of her pussy filled the air. In a second I was naked, my cock painfully hard and dribbling pre cum all over Ellie’s stomach as we kissed and fondled each other’s bodies. Ellie pulled me back onto the bed, she falling on her back and pulling me on top of her, my cock head now pushing at the entrance of her wet love tunnel. “But Ellie, I have never..” “I will guide you, teach you, don’t worry.” Ellie said as she pulled open her pussy with one and guided my cock into her with the other. I pushed forward sinking into Ellie’s tight, wet warm pussy. Working my way deep inside her. ” how do I feel? it has been so long for me, since I felt a man deep inside me.” Ellie said under her breath. “Pound me! pound me hard and fill me with your sweet nectar” Ellie said as she pulled my butt cheeks. I did as I was told but being my first time I did not last very long. I exploded deep inside Ellie pumping a massive sticky load into her, causing her to cum hard also. “Oh my it has been so long, pump me full of your cum! I am cumming!” After my balls were drained and my cock deflated I rolled off Ellie, her cunt still tight around my cock. Cum was every where. Both of our bushes were soaked with cum as was the bed. “Tell me you will fuck me again. I need more of your cock.” Ellie begged. I started to fuck Ellie every chance I got after that day. She never said no. She seemed to love sex as much as I did and she could not get enough of my dick. We would work with her videos and then fuck. We were fucking four or five times a day. When we finally finished our work with all the videos we decided to make a new one.We went to a local bar ( I had to wait outside) and talked to a couple of men. I directed and worked the camera as Ellie took on these two strangers. Each filling her hungry pussy with jizz. She tried to get them to go a second round but they were not up to it. We went home and watched the video and then we fucked each other brains out. Ellie was good at rounding up people for our videos, men and women both. We are still making videos. Ellie can not get enough hard cock.

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