granny fun

granny funMy Granny is 74 yrs. old and fell and broke her hip so she had to go to the nursing home for 2 months and then come and live with us.I was 18 and didn’t mind watching her when mom and dad were at worked.At first Granny had a man come in and help her exercise and then he showed me what to do each day so she would get stronger, I didn’t mind as Granny was funny talking about the old days.We would talk about all kinds of things,but each day during our talks she would call me Carl. Carl was my Grandpa’s name.One night I was on line and I started looking at pictures of naked Grannies and how they enjoyed sucking cock.Then I started thinking about my Granny and wondered if she still had sexual feelings.I thought I would start talking about sex very slowly and see what her reaction would be. The next day when I was helping her exercise I said ” You have to spread your legs a little wide you remember how?”” Oh Carl,you always say that” she replied and spread her legs a little wider. I couldn’t see anything,but her robe and gown were above her knees and that gave me a thrill.It was Friday and I decided that Monday I would start working on seeing her pussy even if it took all week.Monday: I go in to her room she is sitting on the bed with just she nightgown on and I tell her today we have a new exercise and not to put on her robe she agrees.Granny is not a very big woman and she never wears a bra her tits sag to the sides when she lays down and the nipples are real dark. My aim is to see that pussy and the hair around it.I tell her to pull one leg at a time up to her chest she tries put can only go part way I tell her I will help so I get at the bottom of the bed and tell her we will try both legs at one time to see if that is easier.She agrees and I help her pick her legs up and she has no panties on and I get my first look at her crack,but not a real good look. I don’t think she knows that she has no panties on so I tell her now we will try one leg at a time as I move her leg up I get a look at her hairy spot. The hair is not thick and I can see her slit thru the hair. I work first one leg then the other. Now I tell her just one more exercise and we will be done spread your legs as far apart as you can and the bend your knees up she obeys and there it is her hairy pussy wide open for me to look at.I want to touch it,but I don’t dare I have gone far enough for one day. I take one last look and then tell her to drop her legs.” Carl,I think you like helping me,my love” she says as I leave the room.My cock is as hard as a rock and I go to my room to jerk off the sight of her pussy is burnt in to my brain and in no time I am shooting my load.Tuesday:10:00 I go to Granny’s room she is sitting on the bed she smiles as I come in. ” Carl,you are late I have been waiting a long time to do the exercises you showed me yesterday” she said as she laid down on the bed. ” Now you just sit down there and see if I am doing them right ” she said as she started pulling her legs up one at a time. I am looking at her bare pussy and I think she knows it,but her legs are not high enough to see the hair on it.” Now I will try the last one ” she said.Spreading her legs and giving me a real good düzce escort look at her bush and crack she pulls her knees up and her crack opens and there is her wide open cunt right in front of me. Her night gown is up to her waist and I think she is teasing me as she knows I won’t touch her.My cock is making a tent out of the front of my pants, I don’t know why she is doing this,but I love it.” Is all this work making your legs sore,Granny ” I say.”No I kind of like laying of my back for you,Carl, you know like the old days ” smiling as she speaks ” call me Martha like you always do.”I rush to leave the room as not to do something foolish.Wednesday: 10:00 I walk in the room,Granny is laying on the bed in a shorty gown ” Martha, are you ready for a workout ” I say.” Yes, I am ready, Carl” she replies.” Lets do a sit up one first” I say.” Can we do a lay down one after” she answers.I sit beside her on the bed and have her bend in half as I do she pulls up her gown and there is her bush looking at me. My cock gets hard right away and she knows it. She stays bent over right beside my cock and then I can’t believe what happens next she puts her hand on my cock and just leaves it there as she does her bends.” Thats enough bends I don’t want you to hurt your back” I tell her.Sitting up she keeps her hand on my cock my face is as red as a beet.” What do you want me to do next, Carl ,maybe what you like best ” and saying that she starts to unzip my zipper. The head of my cock jumps out as she opens my pants.” Oh honey your cock is always hard let see what I can do about that” and drops her mouth to my cock.”I open my belt and top button I want to slide my pants off so she can suck the whole thing. She picks her head up and I slide them down but before they reach my knees she is back on my cock so I just lay back on the bed. Using my legs I get my pants off and my boxers this is great I am naked now that I have taken off my shirt. I want her naked to so I pull at her gown she stops sucking long enough for me to get the gown over her head.My cock is about 5″ long and she sucks it all into her mouth this is my first blow job and I want it to last. I move around on the bed so I can get my hand on her pussy she opens her legs and I start rubbing her cunt. She has taken my cock out of her mouth and is licking it top to bottom and then around and around the head. Her cunt hole is wet and I put 2 fingers inside her she moans as I do this and goes back to sucking my cock. I pick her leg up and move almost into a 69 position she I can watch my fingers going in and out of her hole.She stops sucking me and says ” You can come in my mouth when you are ready.” I take my fingers out of her and start to explore her crack I slide my fingers between the wet lips and see that there are outer ones and inner ones and a small hood that hides a small button that looks like a small prick I rub my finger around it and she must like that because she moans.”Your just giving me precum honey,I want the real thing ” speaking with my cock still in her mouth.I stick my fingers back inside her and start thinking about her pussy and in a minute I am ready. I shove my cock as deep as it will go in her mouth escort düzce and let my load go.” Oh Martha suck all my cum, suck it all out of my prick” I yell.She does as I ask and doesn’t stop sucking until my cock is growing smaller.”Wow that was some blow job you are great” I tell her.” Rub me till I come, honey ” she said as she laid back on the bed.I spread her legs and start rubbing her pussy she puts her hand down and opens the hood that covers her hot spot. I lower my mouth and rub my tongue around it she starts to go wild so I put my mouth around it and start sucking it she yells ” Thats it I’m going to come, oh yes Granny’s coming stick your fingers in me my pussy ” as I do she is bucking her ass and going wild it is that minute that I know that she knows that I am not Grandpa I am her Grandson.Thursday: I have to go to school,but Fridays comings and I want to fuck her.Friday:10:00 Into the room I go and Granny is on the bed waiting she smiles with a smile that just knows we shared something special.” Ready for some exercise today” I say.” I was born ready for some workouts” she replies.” Do you want to sit ups or flat on your back” I ask.” I think this time flat on my back ” she answers.” Ok, lets do it ” I say as I move to the bottom of the bed.She lays down and says ” you just watch and see if I am doing it right.” She lifts one leg at a time and I get a small view her nightgown is a little longer so it’s harder to see her crack.Then she spreads her legs and does the lift and there it is her wide open pussy I just have to fuck her.She lays back down and says ” Did it look good.”” It looks great to me” I replied.Her bush is now uncovered and I know what she wants and so do I.” Come up here and give granny a hug” she says.I slide up her body dragging her nightgown with me, I hug her and then kiss her her mouth is hot and soft,but my cock is hard.She slides her nightgown off and then removes my shirt my bare chest feels good rubbing her tits.” Suck Granny’s tits, suck then hard ” she says.I take the large dark nipples in my mouth and squeeze the fat flesh.First one then the other she starts to moan as my hard cock pushs into her stomach.” Let me take off my pants ” I say.” Don’t be it a hurry ” she replies “you are going to get what you want soon enough.”I stand up and take off my pants my prick is rock hard.” Your prick is beautiful come here and let Granny taste it ” saying that she opened her mouth and I put my cock in it.She only sucked it for a minute then said “Suck Granny’s tits some more.”I did as she asked and went back to sucking her tits and ran my hand down into her bush. She didn’t open her legs wide enough for me to get to her hole so I just keep rubbing her fur. She knows I want to loosen up her hole and get into it.So she says ” Move to the side so I can hold your cock.”I move around and she begins to pull on my cock and I keep moving up and her tit pops out of my and my face is on her stomach. I think she wants some 69 action,but will not ask so I guess I should start by kissing her stomach. She now has the head of my cock in her mouth and my face is in her bush what can I do ,but start lapping her pussy. She spreads her legs as I keep düzce escort bayan licking deep into her crack. I remember her small hot spot and pull the cover off it and give it a lick.Granny says ” I love it when you suck my little man in a boat.”I think to my self what is she talking about,but I keep licking and sucking it.” Granny I don’t want to come in your mouth today I want your pussy I want to shot my load right in your fuck hole” I tell her.” I know you do,baby ,but keep licking me and my hole will be good and wet for you” she answered.I was getting hot so I pulled my cock out if her mouth and keep working on her pussy,I now had 2 fingers deep inside her and she was fucking them like crazy,now I heard what i had been waiting for.” Granny’s coming,Granny’s coming suck Granny’s pussy Oh I love it ” she screamed.Granny came all over my face,but I didn’t care she was going to get a good deep fuck. She lay there panting and looking like some old whore.Now it was my turn I spread her legs as wide as they would go and began rubbing my cock up and down the slit I let the head enter and rolled it around inside her she smiled and said ” You have wanted that pussy for a long time, old granny’s right isn’t she?”She was right, but I not only wanted her pussy,but her ass and her mouth.” Go ahead and stick you hard cock in me” she said.With that I plunged forward driving it all the way in her.Slowly I began working my prick in and out as she tried to move her ass as I did.Her hole was tight and it felt so good it her that I keep pushing it all the way in and holding it there.” Granny,can you fell how deep it is in you? I asked.”Oh yes go ahead fill Granny’s old pussy with your juice” she answered.” Not yet Granny, first I want you in the dogie position ” I said.” Ok,but you will have to go easy” she replied.She turned over and and get up on all fours exposing her pussy and asshole to me.I ran my cock into her pussy just to make sure it was good and wet and at the same time ran a finger up her ass she didn’t say a thing so I knew she could take it up there. I slid my cock out of her pussy and rubbed the wet thing on her asshole she never moved so I took aim and shoved my cock into her ass. She groaned as about half of it wet inside her then another push and she had it all.” Granny my prick is up your ass” I told her.” You aren’t the first Sonny ” she replied.” Granny, how many men have you fucked?” I asked.”Sonny do you want to talk or fuck?” she asked.I went back to humping her ass,but it wasn’t as good as her cunt so I pulled it out and asked her to turn over. She laid flat on her back and open up her hole to me this time I knew I just wanted to shot in her hole.” Granny I am just going to fuck you until I cum,ok? I asked.” Yes, baby thats what Granny wants ” she replied.Her hole felt loose to me this time and I was having trouble getting off so I asked her to trash talk to me.” Oh Sonny what can Granny say” she asked.” Tell me about sucking and fucking,Granny” I told her.She told about the first time she was fucked and how she thought she would die and how it hurt and then she started sucking cock to give her pussy a break and before you know it my prick was ready to unload and it did she worked her ass until it hurt. When I took my cock out of her she said ” go wash it off.”When I came back I laid on the bed and she sucked it until it was hard and then we fucked again she said I just love your cock.

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