Growing on My Own Ch. 04


“Where is she?” I could hear Justin yelling from my room. Turning to look I see Lee still sleeping. I gently shake his shoulder. He mumbles to himself when he hears Justin yelling. “Where in the fuck is she? She didn’t just run away with no cloths or money.” We hear him walk to Lee’s room, Lee throws his blankets over my body just before the door swings open. He must have noticed the only thing showing is my feet. “Is that Jessie?”

I can feel Lee move off the bed. Staying as quite as I can, Justin ask one more time. “Is that Jessie?” His voice is steady almost like the calm before the storm. I really want to rip the covers off and say yeah, so what, but I know I cant for Lee.

“Justin that’s not Jessie. I told you she went for a walk. Why cant you believe me?” Micheal voice is calm and collective. Why would he lie for me. Is it to help Lee out? “Just calm down, lets go out and look for her. We will all search, she hasn’t gone too far. Lee get dressed you go to the park, I’ll take Justin and drive around.” Maybe he doesn’t know it’s me. “Have your guest leave after we’ve left.”

“Okay, I’ll call you if I find her.” I hear them going down canlı bahis şirketleri stairs the front door open and close. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until I let it out. “They are gone, come get dressed. Kenny is waiting on you out front.”

“Why is Kenny waiting?” I ask while pulling my shirt over my head. I hear him talking but its more like mumbles.

He realizes I didn’t hear him so he stops and turns. “Because they are covering for us.” he starts pulling his shoes on. “Are you ready?” Nodding my head I’m out the door, down the stairs, and jumping in Kenny’s car.

Kenny doesn’t say anything. The ride is so quite I start to feel like a child in trouble. He pulls out his phone calls Micheal telling him he has me. He also says we are going to have diner just to two of us and we will be home shortly. I know I’m in trouble now.

“Jessie I don’t know you like Justin does and I know your feeling alone, but jumping in Lee’s bed was not the answer.” I’m floored at this words. He thinks I slept with Lee over Justin, wow.

Turning in my seat I look Kenny right in the face. “I got horny because I saw you and Micheal canlı kaçak iddaa having sex. Lee caught me and was going to tell on me. So I kissed him, he pulled away but I push more. He eventually gave in and we just slept together. It’s not Lee’s fault, it’s my own.”

I can tell my words have shocked him. “You saw us?” Nodding my head I keep quite. The wheels are turning in his head. “You cant tell Justin. He doesn’t know.”

“I wont since you helped me out.” I think I just met my greatest anchor. We made small talk while we ate diner. Turns out Kenny has known he was gay since high school. Justin was his first crush, though Micheal is his first love. I’m starting to feel like Kenny is the brother I’ve always wanted. I sure do wish Justin and I could be like this.

After diner we head home. Kenny tells me to stay close to him encase Justin is still mad. I open the car door I hear music blaring, is Justin having a party? I turn to look at Kenny, who’s face is a mirror of my own. We walk up the steps open the door to what looks almost like a girls gone wild video. Lee is playing pool with two topless girls. Justin and Zander are playing canlı kaçak bahis beer pong. Micheal is pouring drinks for everyone. I can tell Kenny just reached his boiling point.

Just when I think its bad it gets worse, Allison walks over to Justin in nothing but a bathing suit. Wow, that is so not what I wanted to see. I turn to Kenny who starts to head off to Micheal when I pull his sleeve. “I’m going upstairs, I don’t want to be down here.” Kenny can tell I’m hurt more than anything. He just nods and tells me to lock the door so drunk guys don’t try anything while I’m sleeping.

I’m really starting to think London would be better than here. As I’m weaving my way through people I notice that Lee and Zander both have their eyes trained on me. I’m not falling for anyone tonight I’m going upstairs to bed and in the morning I’ll talk to Justin.

Reaching my room I walk in shut the door and lock it, I turn to the bathroom walk in and lock lee’s door. If he has to pee he’ll have to go outside. Taking a hot shower I feel myself relax, and wash away my worries for tonight. Not bothering to put on cloths I slid in my covers Turn on my iPod and slowly drift to sleep.

About midnight I hear yelling over my headphones, I slid on a shirt and shorts making my way down stairs.”What do you mean you slept with Jessie, When?” I would know that voice any where it’s Justin, but who is he talking to.

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