Guess What?


Jenny was practically dancing as she headed out for her rendezvous with Angelo. She’d thought long and hard about her decision and she thought the time was right. She was of age and she loved Angelo, so why shouldn’t she show him how much?

Their relationship had progressed from casual, to not so casual. With the not so casual had come the kissing and the petting, and the petting had been increasing quite markedly over the past month or so, with Angelo pressing hard for her to go even further.

Up until now Jenny had always been wary about taking that final step but when going to bed the previous night she’d found herself wishing that Angelo was there with her. That had given her that final nudge, and tonight she’d let Angelo know.

Jenny hugged her secret to herself as she danced down the street.

“You look happy today,” an irritating voice goaded her. “Let me guess. You’ve decided to drop that loser Angelo and are off to meet a better class of boyfriend.”

Jenny flashed Paul an irritated look. Why did he have to turn up now?

“Angelo is not a loser,” she snapped. “Just because you don’t like him doesn’t make him a loser.”

“I know that,” drawled Paul. “Nature did it for him, poor chap. You know, Angelo can’t even spell winner, let alone be one.”

“I regard that comment the same way as I regard the speaker,” retorted Jenny. “Utterly insignificant.”

Paul grinned. “If I’m insignificant, how can you possibly be attracted to a character like Angelo?” he asked. “Test him out some time. I’ll bet he lets you down.”

“Angelo and I are destined to be together,” said Jenny. “All your snide remarks are irrelevant against that fact. You’re just jealous because Angelo can form a loving relationship with a woman while you struggle to even get a date.”

“You’ve nailed me,” said Paul, and Jenny could tell the swine was laughing at her. “Here it is, a Friday night, and here’s me, cruising the town, dateless.”

Jenny blinked at that. Paul was without a date on a Friday night? Must be cold in hell tonight.

“So you’re saying that Angelo and you have a loving relationship?” goaded Paul. “Somehow I suspect not. Despite everything you say, Angelo is just not your type.”

“Oh, really?” snapped Jenny. “And I suppose you are?”

She winced as soon as she said it. Now she’d set herself up for a severe set-down.

Paul only laughed. “Maybe. Maybe not. Only time will tell. And I suspect that time will tell where Angelo is concerned, and probably before too much longer.”

Jenny looked at Paul suspiciously. What did he mean? Did he know something?

“Are you saying that Angelo is seeing another girl?” she demanded. “I don’t believe it.”

“I never said any such thing,” replied Paul, “and to be honest, as far as I know you’re the only girl who sees anything in him.”

“Then just what are you insinuating?” demanded Jenny.

“Nothing really. Just trusting my instincts. You’re growing and maturing. Angelo is a wuss and you’ve already grown past him but don’t realise it yet. I’ll bet that you won’t still be going out with him in a month’s time.”

Jenny was feeling frustrated and indignant. What did Paul know about her relationship with Angelo? Nothing, that’s what. As though she’d be willing to sleep with him if they were about to break up.

A nagging little worry started to curdle in her tummy. Paul was very astute, she knew. Could he be right? And if he was, and she was sleeping with Angelo, it would be devastating. Maybe she’d better give it some more thought.

Observing Jenny pointedly ignoring him, Paul grinned.

“I’ll do a deal with you, sweetheart,” he said. “If you’re still going out with Angelo in a month’s time I’ll pay for a meal for the pair of you at a restaurant of your choice. If he dumps you, or you dump him, before that, you have to go out on a date with me.”

“Deal,” snapped Jenny, already considering expensive restaurants, “and don’t call me sweetheart.”

She stalked on towards the mall where she was scheduled to meet Angelo, trying to ignore the tall figure walking next to her.

To Jenny’s intense irritation, Paul was still with her when she arrived at the mall, apparently intent on following her to her meeting with Angelo.

“Why are you following me?” she demanded.

“Curiosity,” Paul said calmly. “There’s something different about you today and I want to see what you’re bahis firmaları like when you meet Angelo.”

Something different about her? Could Paul see that she’d decided to finally sleep with Angelo? That sort of thing couldn’t possibly show, could it?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s Angelo. Go away.”

Jenny waved to Angelo, smiling when he promptly spotted her and waved back. He was smiling, looking really happy to see her, almost bursting with happiness. Him, too? Could men sense when a girl wanted to have sex?

Jenny hurried over to Angelo, hoping Paul would get the message and fade away. She was surprised when Angelo took her hands instead of kissing her.

“Jenny, I’ve got great news,” he said. “Bruce here has explained it all to me and everything is so much clearer now. Guess what? I’m gay. Bruce is my new friend.”

“What?” said Jenny, looking at the odd character standing next to Angelo, smiling possessively.

“That explains why I’ve never really tried to sleep with you,” said Angelo. “You’re just the wrong person for me.”

“Never really tried?” thought Jenny, remembering a time or two when she’d just about needed a whip and a chair to fend him off.

“And how long have you known?” she asked.

“Well I’ve suspected for a while, but it wasn’t until I met Bruce a month ago that I was really sure. We’ve moved in together. Things seem much simpler now that I’ve stopped fighting it.”

“I see,” said Jenny. What could she say?

“I wish you well,” she said, turned and walked away.

Jenny didn’t really focus on anything. She just left the mall and walked away, stunned. Her heart felt like lead inside her. She’d been so excited and ready and now this. Fucking Paul. He must have known and he hadn’t warned her. She lifted her head. She’d kill him.

“No, absolve me of any blame,” said Paul, and Jenny started to find he was walking next to her. “I just thought him a loser and you too good for him. I never realised he was gay, although thinking about it, it doesn’t surprise me.”

“What makes you think I was blaming you?” asked Jenny indignantly.

“Um, ‘Fucking Paul. I’ll kill him.’ Sort of gave me a clue,” Paul told her.

“Oh.” Jenny grimaced. She hadn’t realised she’d been venting aloud.

“Well, why are you still hanging around?” Jenny demanded. “You’ve had your fun and been proved right. You can just go away now?”

“I’m sticking with you for a while for several reasons,” Paul told her. “For a start you’ve just had a nasty shock and you might need a shoulder to cry on or a man to abuse. Second, you now owe me a date and why not tonight? Third, I strongly suspect from your earlier attitude that you’d finally decided to sleep with Angelo, and now you’ve had a serious let down and a good slap on your amour proper. That might cause you to decide to sleep with someone else, so I’m making sure I’m the only choice around.”

Jenny stared at him. Of all the arrogant, self-centred, chauvinistic swine. . .

“Paul,” she said quietly, “feel free to go away or to drop dead. Either will be suitable. I’m going home.”

Head high, Jenny walked determinedly home, refusing to even look at Paul to see if he had thoughtfully dropped dead. Arriving home, her eyes were tearing over as she fumbled with the lock. She was completely unprepared to have someone calmly reach past her, take the key to unlock the door and then shepherd her inside.

She turned to blast Paul, tears already running down her cheek, when he pulled her to him, holding her as she cried. She wasn’t sure how it happened but she found herself cuddled up against Paul, crying onto his chest, while he sat in one of her lounge chairs, just holding her.

She cried for her lost dream, for her silly decision to sleep with Angelo, only to have the idea slapped down before it saw the light. She cried for what might have been and she cried because Paul had witnessed it all. And she cried because she wanted to.

Jenny cried until she had no more tears, and just lay there, quietly curled up, hurting. She was vaguely aware of being picked up and carried but ignored it. Even when laid on the bed she didn’t react. She did start to protest when she felt Paul undressing her.

“No, Paul, please don’t,” she said, tears still leaking. “I can’t. I just can’t.”

“Relax, little one,” whispered Paul. “It’ll be alright. You don’t need to worry. I’m kaçak iddaa here and watching you.”

She felt herself being tucked into bed, and trembled when she felt Paul join her there. He was naked, she could feel his skin against hers, and she was scared.

“No, Paul, please,” she mumbled.

She found herself being held close, a hand idly closed around her breast. She knew Paul was ready to take her. She could feel him pressed up against her, and she shivered.

“Just relax,” came that quiet voice. “Close your eyes and just let it go.”

Oddly enough Jenny found that she could relax, with Paul holding her. Even with his hand on her breast, she felt protected. She lay there, feeling the tensions drain slowly away. She slept.

Jenny woke up. Something was wrong. Badly wrong. She was lying on her back and someone was in bed with her, one leg hooked over one of hers and a large hand resting on her breast. Her heart jumped. Angelo! It had been a bad dream. She glanced to the side and saw dark hair. Paul! It was a nightmare.

She jerked herself into a sitting position with a shriek, flailing at Paul’s chest. He gave a grunt, opened his eyes and fended her off, laughing.

“Hey, cool down,” he said. “You’re fine.”

“Rapist,” she yelled at him. “You assaulted me when I couldn’t defend myself. I distinctly remember saying no but you wouldn’t listen would you. You abused me. You’re nothing but a lecherous swine.”

“I assaulted you?” asked Paul. “Ah, when did this assault take place? I seem to have forgotten the details.”

“The hell you have,” came the shrieked reply. “You’re still right here in my bed. You took my virginity, and after I set no.”

“Um, still can’t recollect it,” said Paul. “If you could let me have more details?”

“How do I know the details? I was asleep, damn you.”

“Oddly enough, so was I. Gee, I bet that’s the first time both participants have slept through the deflowering of a virgin. Maybe we should check the Guinness Book of Records.”

Jenny paused. “You were asleep?”

Paul nodded.

“You mean you didn’t. . .” Jenny’s voice faltered. She suddenly realized she was sitting up in bed naked and that Paul was examining her figure with keen masculine interest. She hastily dived back under the covers, only to discover another disturbing fact. Paul was naked and it wasn’t just his eyes that were interested in her. Jenny jerked her hand away from what she had accidentally grabbed.

“Sad but true,” said Paul, “but I didn’t. You didn’t seem in the mood and I didn’t think you’d want a sympathy fuck, to put it crudely.”

Jenny blushed, relieved and feeling slightly insulted. She’d been naked. No-one had ever seen her completely naked before, and he hadn’t been interested.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Paul told her, watching the mixed emotions playing across her face. “It wasn’t that I didn’t want to. It was more of a case that you weren’t in a position to defend yourself. It would have been like taking candy from a baby, and I’d have felt like a complete heel.”

“Oh,” said Jenny. She sighed and bit the bullet. “Thank you for looking after me last night. I was a bit of a mess and I really do appreciate it.”

“And saying that must have hurt,” said Paul.

He grinned as she glared at him.

“Um, would you mind going now?” Jenny asked in a small voice. “I want to get up.”

“Actually,” said Paul thoughtfully, “I would. You’re not helpless now and we are still naked and in bed. You should be able to give me a bit of a fight now.”

Jenny’s eyes widened as Paul turned towards her, one hand claiming her breast and one leg snaking back over one of hers, drawing her legs further apart.

“What do you think you’re doing,” she said with a yelp. “You surely don’t think I’m going to let you take me now.”

“Not let, exactly,” said Paul. “I expect some spirited resistance before you succumb, but you will yield and we both know it. We’ve been heading in this direction for ages now. I’ve just been waiting for you to grow up a bit.”

Jenny stiffened as she felt Paul’s hand move from her breast, travelling along her body and capturing her mound. She squealed, trying to bring her legs together to protect herself, remembering Paul’s leg over hers when her own leg failed to move.

Jenny struggled vainly, pushing at Paul, trying to move his hands away from her delicate flesh, finding she couldn’t kaçak bahis stop him from making free of her breasts and her pussy. She pounded futilely on his back as his mouth descended on her breast, sucking on her nipple and gently biting. She squealed as Paul’s hands dipped between her lips, stroking her internally, agitating her vulnerable inner nerves.

Jenny lay there glaring up at Paul when he suddenly stripped the bedclothes off, looking at and enjoying her nudity.

“OK, sweetheart,” he murmured. “Time for us to progress things. Give it your best shot.”

Paul rolled over onto Jenny, settling between her thighs. She felt his hand close over her mound and felt his fingers spreading, spreading her lips at the same time. She squealed and twisted as she felt him pressing between his fingers, between her lips and into her.

She did her best. She struggled and twisted, feeling Paul starting to move into her. She shrieked when she felt her hymen give way, but continued to resist as Paul pushed determinedly forward, slowly filling her. Her resistance didn’t fade until she felt Paul give a grunt of satisfaction as his groin pressed hard against hers. Then she collapsed as if boneless, staring angrily up at him.

“So go ahead,” she snapped. “Ravish me. I can’t stop you.”

“Liar,” said Paul, deriding her. “You know damn well I would have stopped if you’d asked me to but you very carefully refrained from doing so. Now are you going to lie there like a blow-up doll or continue to show some spirit?”

Blow-up doll? As if? Jenny was already pushing hard up against Paul before he’d finished talking.

For Paul, what followed was an experience to be treasured. For Jenny, it was a first, and one she didn’t want to forget.

Paul drove forcefully down into Jenny, his hands anchored to her breasts as he went. He made no allowances for her inexperience. As far as his cock was concerned she was his and had been a thousand times in his dreams. Now he was making up for lost time, plunging into her hard and often.

Where Jenny was concerned, what was happening was something her body had been itching for. The fact that it was Paul rather than Angelo made no difference to the way her body reacted. (Or maybe it did, she reflected? She couldn’t imagine Angelo being this forceful, if he was to take her. She found she couldn’t even imagine why she’d wanted Angelo to take her.)

Jenny reacted just as forcefully to Paul as his assault upon her body. She pushed up against him dynamically. She was no blasted doll. She was a woman and quite willing to demonstrate this fact. If he wanted to use her, fair enough, she’d use him just as much, driving home against him as he assailed her yet again.

Paul was delighted with Jenny’s response. He’d always enjoyed sparring with her verbally, knowing she’d give as good as she got, and this talent was spilling over into the sex. He didn’t need to make allowances for a fragile ego but could set about her as heroically as he liked, knowing she’d be bouncing right back at him.

Bouncing being the operative word, as the pair of them almost came clear of the bed with the violence of their clashing bodies. Jenny was squealing and yelling, her legs clamped around Paul’s waist, pulling him onto her even as he pushed forward, wanting him to fill her to as great a depth as possible.

Excitement growing within her, Jenny clung to Paul, her hips pushing hard against him, taking the pounding he was delivering and staying for more, begging for more.

Paul was gasping while he repeated lanced into Jenny’s tight hot passage, his own tension growing by the moment. Christ, he thought, if she doesn’t come soon I’m going to disgrace myself. He redoubled his efforts to please Jenny and himself.

Hearing Jenny’s scream was sweet music to Paul’s ears, and a bloody relief to his balls. He relaxed and let his seed flow, pounding his final offering home to where Jenny was gratefully receiving it.

Relaxing afterwards, Paul turned to Jenny.

“Angelo dumped you so you owe me a date. I’ll pick you up tonight about eight. Be ready.”

“What are you talking about?” snapped Jenny. “What about last night and just now?”

“That wasn’t a date,” pointed out Paul. “Last night I was comforting an upset friend. This morning we can consider a training session. I need to take you out on a date and then be able to lure you to a place where I can seduce you romantically, peeling your clothes off with your enthusiastic cooperation while you undress me. Then I want to be able to drag you to a bed and ravish you all through the night.

So, eight o’clock tonight. Be ready.”

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