Hannah Hill Ch. 01: Library Encounter


I have always been a well behaved girl. Good grades, wholesome friendships, a boyfriend that my parents approved of. Unlike my older brother, who was wild, I had never given my parents reasons to worry. If anything, my dad would be concerned that I was too serious, and suggest that I would go out clubbing instead of staying at home with my books. But I have always been happy as I was.

This is why it came as a big surprise when, on my eighteenth birthday, I announced that I would move to the city and postpone my university degree.

“I am very grateful for my wonderful family”, I said, “But I need to see the world a bit more before deciding what to do in life. I have been too sheltered, and I do need to understand things a bit better.”

My parents were shocked, but neither of them tried to stop me. “I don’t understand what you are doing, but I trust you, Hannah. You have always been wise.” My dad said.

Later that day, my mum confessed that she wish she had done something similar. “I love my career, I adore your father and I am proud of the life we’ve built, but… I do wonder what would have happened if I took some time off to understand what I really wanted from life. I was so young when I chose my degree, and the only reason why I chose to be a doctor was because my father was a doctor too. And I married dad way too early – I should have given myself time to know other people.” I kissed her and said I understood.

One week later I left to the big city. I rented a room in a flat share and took a job in a local museum. The view from the window of my small room, overseeing the roofs made gold with the sun, made me feel a thrill of excitement. I was alone for the first time. I had a life that was all mine. I could do exactly what I wanted – a sense of freedom I had never felt before. No school, no assignments, no time for dinner. I could do exactly as I pleased. No expectations. No one even knew me!

Working at the museum wasn’t difficult. I did a bit of everything, from being at reception to cleaning the windows. The money was quite bad, but it wasn’t stressful or too boring. The visitors were rare, and as a result I could spend a lot of free time at the computer, reading a book or chatting with the rest of the staff, if they were around. A girl called Emma has been working there for a couple of years, and she told me everything I had to know about my job, and much more. Emma was six or seven years older than me, and I admired her enormously. She was confident, funny and absolutely gorgeous. I wished I was like her, and I found myself copying her unconsciously.

I have always been self-conscious of my body. I am short, my hair is too straight and my boobies are too big. At school, I have always tried to hide them in loose clothes, because I hated the way boys leered at me. I still remember, full of shame, the day I found out that the boys in my class rated me “BB & BT”, which apparently stood for “best bum and best tits”. I was so angry. I felt they were mocking me.

Emma, on the other hand, had no problems in being stared at. Her boobies were also quite big – actually, they were bigger than mine, because she was a little bit chubbier, while I had a more slender figure. She wore very tight, low-cut t-shirts and skinny jeans that left nothing to the imagination. One warm day she came with a lovely black dress which hugged her figure so well I felt a little bit attracted to her.

“Are you going somewhere, Emma?” I asked. Her thick brown hair cascaded down her pale shoulders, in a sophisticated hairdo. Her long lashes had at least two layers of mascara, and her lips were a beautiful coral pink. She laughed.

“How did you notice? Yes, I am going somewhere. I will have a first date today. I am absolutely on fire.” She opened her handbag and showed me something long and pearly pink. “See this?” she asked, conspiratorially. “This is a state-of-art dildo. I have been using kartal escort it every night for the past week. I am so horny, I need to fuck someone. So I accepted to go on this first date with my friend’s friend. He is a bit stupid, I must admit, but he is very good looking and I do need to have sex with someone. I decided he would do!” She winked at me, smiling.

I wasn’t sure what to say. I have never seen a dildo before, and I have never heard anyone being so open about their sexual needs. I have surely felt horny before, and I had played with myself at night. Me and my ex boyfriend had had sex many times, but I would never dream of telling this to anyone. It was something very private to me, and I felt a mix of excitement and disapproval towards Emma. She didn’t seem to notice, though, and carried on telling me about her plans for the evening. Later on, when I saw her leave, I couldn’t stop picturing her fucking some sexy stranger, her beautiful hair messy and wet, the dress pulled up, the hand of the stranger in her boob. The thought made me inexplicably wet.


The next day was a Saturday. I am not sure if it was Emma’s fault, or if I just hadn’t had sex in a while, but I woke up incredibly horny. I had this crazy sex dream where Emma was being fucked in the museum reception by my ex-boyfriend. He pulled her top down and was sucking her tits, and then he pulled the skirt up and she wasn’t wearing any underwear, and he fingered her and she moaned loudly, and then he fucked her hard on top of the table. I woke up almost in the verge of an orgasm, my vulva dripping with desire. I rubbed my fingers lightly over my outer lips and over my clit, the other hand massaging my boobies under the nightie. A wave of pleasure run through my body, and I rolled over my stomach, the images of Emma and my ex-boyfriend still on my head. I rubbed my vulva against my flat hand, moving my pelvis as I imagined them fucking over the museum table. As the orgasm approached, I introduced a finger up my arse, and my whole body twitched and contorted as a soft moan escaped my lips. I laid there for a few more minutes, enjoying the warmth of the morning sun rays.

Even after getting up and drinking a fruit smoothie, the morning emotions hadn’t subsided. I was still feeling aroused, my senses were heightened, my head felt light. I decided to go out – there was no point in staying inside in such an agitated state. Surely a walk around the neighbourhood would clear my head.

I opened the wardrobe and looked at the bags of clothes I had bought that week. Inspired by Emma’s confidence, I had decided to buy skimpier, more attractive garments, saying to myself that the whole point of this gap year was doing new things. I took the clothes out of the bags and tried them out.

I chose a knitted woollen pink cardigan and a white mini-skirt. The pink cardigan was quite thin, and one could guess the contours of my white bra underneath, so I decided to take it off and just wear a stretchy white camisole under the cardigan. I liked the look of my tanned legs under the white skirt, and on the mirror behind me I could see how the skirt made my arse look nice and round. For the first time, the memory of “best bum & best tits” made me smile. “It might have been quite crude, but I deserved the title”, I thought to myself.

I finished the look with leather sandals that showed my pink toenails, pedicured recently. Once again, it had been Emma’s idea, and as a result of her teachings my nails sparkled and my eyes glittered with new eye shadow. I felt very desirable indeed.

I explored the nearby streets for a bit until I found a library, where I decided to enter and browse some books. Since I was feeling quite horny, I picked up the old Fanny Hill classic. I was re-reading my favourite bit – the one where Fanny and Phoebe watch that young couple having sex – when I noticed this man staring at me.

I maltepe escort bayan wouldn’t usually like being stared at, but I had this new fire inside me. The man must have been in his late twenties. He was athletic, tanned, very tall and of Asian descent. He was wearing a white, tight t-shirt that showed off his pecks. His black and sleek hair was quite long and dishevelled.

I looked back at him, through the room. His regard lowered to avoid mine. “I wish he spoke to me”, I thought, feeling electric with desire. I tried to read a bit more, but his look and the scene on the book were making me too horny. I could feel his eyes on me again. I decided to get up and pretend I was looking for another book. I browsed the shelves, my back turned to him. I was very glad I brought that white skirt that suited me. He could have a good look at my attributes from where he was.

I picked up a random book and was about to return to my seat when I noticed he wasn’t there anymore. My heart skipped a bit. Was he gone? How disappointing. I was putting the book back in its place when I noticed someone approaching me.

It was him. It looked like he was browsing the shelves too, or maybe he was just pretending. I felt his smell of fresh clothes and shampoo, but also of something else, a sweaty and sexy smell that made my vulva heavy and moist. I unbuttoned a couple of buttons from my low cut cardigan, showing even more cleavage. Would he notice?

He did notice – I saw him peak. I looked at him directly, and smiled. “It is the first time I come to this library.” I said, trying to sound confident.

“I would have noticed you if you came here before.” He answered, with a shadow of a smile. “I spend my days here, to research for my PhD.”

He was so close I could feel his breath. He moved away to put a book down. Maybe by mistake, he brushed my hip lightly with his finger. To my own surprise, I hold his hand. He looked surprised too, but came a bit closer.

“What books do you prefer?” I whispered, because we were in a library, and he came even closer to answer, also in a murmur.

“My favourite books are on the philosophy section, on the floor above. Would you like to see them?”

I said yes and we both went up the stairs. I wondered if he could hear my heartbeat, so loud on my ears. The philosophy books were in a small area surrounded by shelves, with a table in the middle. No one was around, and I felt a strong impulse to kiss him. As he was scanning the shelves for something, I grabbed his arm. It was so strong, it felt like wood under the skin.

He looked at me, surprised again. Our eyes locked, I have no idea for how long. He moved a step forward, and we finally kissed, first softly, so I could feel the smooth skin of his lips on mine, then hungrily, kisses that made my vulva beg for his touch.

As we embraced, I felt how solid and warm he was. I smelt the musk of his sweat – was it stronger or was I more sensitive? I wanted to bury my nose in him, to inhale every bit of his scent. His lips moved away from my mouth to my neck, as his hand slided down my spine, grabbing my arse. He pushed me against him, and I could feel his erection against my stomach. His hands continued exploring, caressing me over the clothes, and then moving to my bare legs. The feeling of skin on skin was so strong I pressed harder against him. He stopped kissing and moved away ever so slightly, just to look at me. Then, as if we couldn’t be another second apart, he kissed me impetuously and caressed my breasts.

The cardigan was now unbuttoned, and my nipples were hard and super sensitive under the thin silk between them and his fingers. His other hand made its way up my skirt. I was so wild, I just wanted him to touch me inside, to feel my lower lips, to play with my clit. But he took his time, not willing to satisfy my desires at once. He felt my arse cheeks under the escort pendik skirt, but over the knickers. He touched and squeezed, still away from my pleasure centre. His other hand was making its way under the camisole, stroking my boobies until I couldn’t take it anymore, and then pulling the top down and licking my nipples. I felt goosebumps all over me as he also caressed me between my legs, closer and closer to my vulva.

That’s when we heard the sound.

We stopped. I quickly put my top up, my skirt down, and smoothed my hair with my hand. How could I have forgotten I was in a library? We faced the bookshelf, pretending to be absorbed in research, just before someone entered the area.

As I was super aroused, letting this go was out of question. I have never been as turned on in my life. I looked at him and whispered: “Do you want to go back to mine?”

He seemed a bit unsure. “Oh, come on.” I said “We went this far, and now you want to leave me here like this?”

I could see he was still a bit worried, but he was feeling very turned on, too. I could see it by the bulge on his trousers, which didn’t get any smaller.

We walked the short distance to my flat without speaking, just holding hands very tight. Even if he seemed concerned in the library, now his pace was quite fast, as if he didn’t have a moment to spare.

I opened the door to the flat, where the afternoon sun was invading the space, making it look bright and cheerful. As soon as I opened the door he grabbed me and we started kissing again, kisses even wilder than the ones back in the library. He pushed me against the wall and I interlaced my legs around him. His bulge pressed against my dripping vulva and it felt amazing. We moved rhythmically, as if we were having sex, but still with our clothes on. He put me down and took my top off, and I took his t-shirt off. He was fit as fuck. I couldn’t wait to be taken by this god like creature.

Kissing and touching each other, we fell on the bed embracing, his caresses all over my body, my eyes closed in abandonment. He slid my skirt down my legs and started kissing and licking around my belly button and on the brim of my underwear. The touch of his hot lips on my sensitive skin made my vulva pulsate with desire, and when he touched it my whole body spasmed.

He took my knickers and kissed my mound and my lips, and finally opened my legs and reached my clit in a light movement of his tongue. My pelvis moved by its own accord, as if to rush him, but he wasn’t one to be rushed. He took his time playing with me, using the tip of his fingers to smear my juices around my vulva, licking and kissing my most intimate parts. For a moment, I thought I was going to come before he would penetrate me, but he stopped just in time.

He got up and looked at me for a long moment. He took off the rest of his clothes and stood by the bed with his sweaty, tanned skin, his messy but freshly washed hair falling over his shoulders, his erect cock ready for action. His eyes became slithers as he approached me, his svelte and solid figure becoming closer, the well defined muscles as in an anatomy book. He lied over me and his cock slid inside my dripping vagina, making my body spasm again. He pushed and pushed, and every time he did it my pleasure was immense. I moved my pelvis alongside his, in a crescendo of pleasure until I lost complete control. I have no idea if I was moaning, or screaming, or silently taking his cock. He picked up speed, sweat dripping down his beautiful forehead. Faster and faster, each one of his strokes was an impossible joy.

He finally let a sound escape his lips, an animal moan that accompanied the last few strokes. I was shaking, my heart was pulsating violently on my chest, and the happiness I felt was complete. For that moment, there were no more moments. It was just him and me, covered in our sweats, panting in unison, side by side on that bed, our interlaced fingers connecting us. I stayed there, incapable of movement. After a few minutes, he took some fresh sheets that I had left by the bed and covered us with them. Then he hugged me and we fell asleep again, his sweet scent filling my entire self with bliss.

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