Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to MeSo last month, I was lucky enough to experience one of my favoritest annual events ever: my birthday party!!! Now, for those that don’t know, I take my birthday VERY seriously. You see, I was only 12 years old the first time I played with a pecker…and I’ve been lickin’ ’em and suckin’ ’em and bouncin’ up and down on ’em ever since 🙂 I suppose my love of being gangbanged and making guys cum on my birthday all began on the eve of my 14th…It was a hot night in June and I had invited about 20 friends to a backyard birthday party sleepover. 14 of my best buddies showed up. I had blown most of them and had even been fucked by 5. After my mom and dad had fallen asleep, I put on a pair of my mom’s silky, black stockings, her lacy black garter belt, her black sky high stiletto heels and even used her makeup to paint my face like a slut! And out on a trampoline in the backyard under the light of the full moon, I greedily sucked and fucked on my 14 friends until the sun came up. I even swallowed and everything :-)When I turned 15, I invited about 2 dozen of my friends…only this time, 15 guys showed up. Once again, I spent most of the evening in hose and heels as my mouth and poopchute got stretched out by my friends! When I turned 16, 16 guys showed up. A friend and I talked about it and I jokingly said that for my birthday I wanted one hard pecker for every year I was celebrating 🙂 I have done my best to make that come true and last month, I celebrated my 42nd birthday by playing with 42 hard cocks!I have a friend who I have known, and been dressing up for and having sex with, for over 15 years. He is very involved in the predominant religion in Utah and he LOVES to put these kind of events together for me. He will take care of inviting all the men. He will take care of finding a place for it to happen. He will take care of all the details. My only responsibility is to do my hair and nails, to wear a slutty outfit, to paint my face like a whore, to act girly and to prance around like a sissy little cock crazy cumslut 🙂 I call him the Host. In the week preceding the event, everyone (including myself) donates plasma at a local center. Now, it should come as no surprise that all plasma that is donated anywhere is tested for all diseases, including everything that’s sexually transmitted. The Host knows someone at the plasma center who informs him of the results of all of the men attending.After putting on naked naughty sex parties for years, the Host and I have found that there are some men that want to come (or can ONLY) attend at certain times of day. There are some men who can only attend in the morning. Some men, the afternoon. Some, the evening. Usually, it’s the only time they can get away from their wives or girlfriends 😉 For this reason, the event is broken into 4 time blocks: Night Owl, Early Bird, Afternoon Delight, and the Main Event. The Night Owl block begins at midnight and wraps up around 4 am. For these kinds of things, some guys can’t show up right at midnight, but instead show up at 1…or 2…or 3 am. The participants are asked to bahis siteleri sign up for a block and commit to their reservation. This helps a) keep traffic down so there aren’t nosy neighbors wondering what all the commotion is and why all the cars are parked in front of the house and b) this basically staggers the party so that every hour, there are a few more hard cocks showing up for me to have fun with :-)At 4 am, I clean up, take about an hour power nap till 530. I wake up, put on a new outfit and freshen up my hair and makeup and prepare for the Early Bird block (6am-10am). At 10 am, I freshen up and eat a breakfast that has been prepared by a master chef and his two assistants. I take a power nap until about 1130, at which point I prepare for the block we call Afternoon Delight (noon-4pm). I am usually quite exhausted when this winds up at 4 in the afternoon and I usually sleep for about 2 hours. I am awakened at 630 and take a shower. Then, a professional makeup artist that the Host knows who works for a local television station comes over and does my makeup and hair 🙂 Around 730, I am served a dinner that has once again been prepared by the Chef. At 8 is the block that we call The Main Event, and that basically lasts until…well, the Main Event doesn’t end until I my mouth and ass have drained every single drop of cum from every single cock in attendance :-)In the nights preceding the event, a chatroom is set up in which I interact with the men that will be attending. The men are given a poll in which they are asked which outfit they would like to see me wearing. The Night Owl guys, who were all primarily younger, some even teens :-), all voted for me to dress like a sexy, hippy, boho MILF. The Early Bird guys were mostly older and voted for me to dress like a slutty schoolgirl. The Afternoon Delight crowd consisted of all kinds of guys and they had voted for a sexy cowgirl outfit. And for the Main Event, I was to wear one of my favorite outfits: gothic punk slut!Shortly after the sun went down and the sky got dark, on the night before my birthday, I began to prepare for a 24 hour sex marathon…that began at midnight! As I got ready for the Night Owl block, I began the way I always begin: by sliding an inflatable buttplug into my eagerly awaiting boipussy! As I painted my nails, I gave the bulb a squeeze every couple of minutes so that my hole would be nice and ready for cocks! Once my toes and fingernails were done, I deflated my buttplug and removed it, but only long enough for me to shave my pink, puckered asshole until it was completely and utterly hair free. I put the buttplug back where it belongs, gave the bulb about 4 squeezes and put on my makeup. I began to hear knocks coming from downstairs…I heard voices…I could hear men talking. My heart began to race with excitement 🙂 My little boiclitty began to tingle…my little boipussy throbbing at the thought of being stuffed full of cock, being filled with, and overflowing, with hot cum. I took off my pantyhose and removed my buttplug and put on the hose I was going to be wearing for the event: mobilbahis a coffee colored pair of crotchless pantyhose. The way I look at it, nothing says, “Let’s party,” quite like a crossdresser in crotchless pantyhose! I pulled on a distressed denim mini skirt, a pair of strappy, woven high heeled wedges, a white tanktop that said, “I “heart” swallowing cum”, and a very 60’s looking, flowing kimono top with a paisley design on it. I had put my hair into very 70’s looking hairdo (my inspiration was Farrah Fawcett 🙂 I texted the Host (who was downstairs) and told him that I was ready. I was upstairs. The men were downstairs and I could see a little bit into the basement. The lights downstairs turned off, the guys begin hooting and hollering and I could see the flashes of a DJ light show begin. The windows had be covered up so that nothing was visible from outside. As I heard the sounds of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”, I knew that was the cue. I begin strutting down the stairs and into the living room, dramatically flinging my hips from side to side, embracing and playing with the power of femininity. As I entered the room, I was greeted by 7 young men, all completely naked, all stroking their teen cocks 🙂 I was completely electrified, throwing my hair and hips around seductively. The guys began to reach out and put their hands on my warm, soft, smooth skin. I turned around, spread both legs, and bent over at the waist, keeping my legs as straight as I could. I put my hands on my calves and started running them up the backs of my legs, towards my ass. I pulled up my skirt, and in my completely bent over state, I pulled each cheek apart, revealing my tender, puckered pink hole for all to see. I begin rubbing my little boipussy with my fingers. First, I slide in one finger. Then, two. Although, from my vantage point, all of the guys were upside down, as I slid my third and fourth fingers into my anus, I’m happy to say that everyone’s cock was sticking straight down ;-)I dropped to my knees and was immediately surrounded by hard peckers in my face…four of them, actually. Soon, it was 6. The 7th guy dropped onto his back on the floor and began eating my ass as I sucked and stroked on the other 6 participants.“Shall we bring out the Cushion,” asked the Host playfully. “Bring out the Cushion!” I proclaimed. It was nothing more than a footrest that a chair had come with, but with it, I was able to pleasure many cocks at once. By laying on my back and lifting and spreading my legs, three men were able to get on their knees on the floor: one kneeled near my anus and he was responsible for licking and tongue fucking my ass, two more men kneel near my stomach, one sucks and licks my balls while the other sucks and licks on my boiclitty. I throw my head back and as my head hung over the edge of the cushion, 2 hard men fucked my mouth. I reached out an arm and gave a handjob to the 6th guy while the 7th was busily kissing and caressing my stockinged legs and feet. The guy eating my ass sat up and slid his hard cock into my turdbox as the other two men continued mobilbahis güvenilir mi to lick and suck on my cock and balls. The guy on my feet undid one of my shoes and began passionately and romantically kissing my feet, rubbing his face into the soft wrinkly soles, gently sucking the small toes into his mouth. We were about half an hour into it and had been in several positions when I heard the words that I love to hear: “I’m gonna cum” 🙂 I was on my hands and knees getting fucked in the ass from behind, one guy underneath me in a 69 and 5 guys waving their stiffies around in my face. It was the guy fucking me. I pulled away from all of the cocks in my face, turned around and took his penis into mouth just in time to feel the splash of warm sperm hit the back of my throat 🙂 I closed my eyes and savored it’s texture, relished it’s taste. I opened my mouth to show them all my mouth full of sperm, let out a loud GULP, and opened my mouth to show that I had swallowed everything. One of the guys that I had been sucking had gotten so turned on that he shot a second load into my willing and eager mouth! One guy layed on his back, I mounted him and lowered myself onto his shaft, as three of the men stood in front of me, their hard penises in my face. The fifth guy was still playing with my feet. Now he had both shoes off and was rubbing his hard cock on my toes through my pantyhose 🙂 One of the guys I was sucking threw his head back and began grunting and moaning. I took him into my mouth and was soon treated to my third mouth full of delicious teenage cum!The guy that I was riding pulled his cock out and began stroking it, spraying his load all over his chest before I could get him into my mouth. I got on my hands and knees, arched my back and really stuck my ass up into the air, and as I licked the sperm from his chest, one of the other guys slid his cock into my warm, tight, hairless hole. There were now only 3 of the original 7 participants and as I prepared myself to make them all cum, the door opened, and 4 more guys walked in…all young…all naked…all completely erect :-)Soon, everything became a blur…of naked bodies…of throbbing cocks…of hot, gooey, yummy cum!Three more guys showed up at 2 am, and 5 showed up at 3 am. Sometimes, they were men that I have known, and been celebrating my birthday with for years. Some of the men, I had never seen in my life. We were complete and total strangers. But all of these men had one thing in common: they all had hard cocks, and they all wanted to cum!When it was all said and done, I had pleasured 19 cocks for the Night Owl block and I am pleased to announce that I did, indeed, swallow every single load 🙂 While many people, especially women, don’t believe me, there is an ecstatic state that can be reached only by swallowing lots of cum and somewhere between the 8th and 9th load, I got “cum drunk”. When the last cock had been drained, I went to the bathroom, took off my hose, which were covered in cum and sweat, cleaned off all of cum from my ass, face, chest, took off my earrings, jewelery, and outfit, set my alarm for 530 and I absolutely COLLAPSED! Lemme know if you enjoyed hearing about my birthday party! Especially wanna hear from anyone that got their rocks off! If enough people like it, maybe I’ll tell ya about what I did with the Early Birds 😉

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