Beata Undine

HAPPY SPANKSGIVING DAY!My stepmother was a real bitch so much of a bitch that my dad went and left her the bad thing was he forgot to take me with him and now I was stuck with her and she didn’t like me! She was a hard looking woman she liked to wear black leather outfits and although she had a nice body she looked mean not sexy! I was little I guess around six years old and it was the day after Thanksgiving which had been just another day for me the bitch cooked no turkey I got some take out from the local diner and we ate that in silence…The next day in the afternoon she called me to her and announced that it was SpanksGivingDay! This was going to be a new holiday for me and one that I would not forget for the rest of the year! On this day she said I would get a spanking one that would last me for the rest of the year she said that if it did not last and I was bad she would give me another with the paddle she went to a drawer and got out this wicked looking paddle that had big holes drilled into it she explained that the holes caused even greater pain when it hit you and that I would not want to be spanked with the paddle! She told me to take off my pants and to come get over her knees she sat in a big high backed chair like an evil queen at first I hesitated but then she reminded me of the paddle and I pulled down my pants and red faced got across her knees there was a large mirror right across from me and I was able to watch myself being spanked I know she planned it that way and it was why she chose to put the spanking chair in that exact spot! She had hard hands muscular with long blood red nails and she said “This is going to hurt very bahis firmaları much but it will only be once a year on this day!” Then she began to spank me I had never been spanked before and the first smack landed on my left cheek with a resounding slap I gasped and she chuckled and then another blow fell this time on the right cheek harder then the last one she was testing me watching my response to her hits I bit my lip and gritted my teeth as she really began to give it to me again and again her hand rose and fell my ass never stopped jiggling and I felt the pain building as my ass grew very tender and still she continued and it went on for a very long time I swore I would not cry but hot tears began streaming down my face as her hand continued to beat my poor little ass it felt like a big red balloon and looked like one too the entire ass was red not one spot had been left unspanked and when she finally stopped and I think it was because her hand hurt not that she wanted to I looked at the clock in the mirror she had been spanking me for an hour!She told me to get up and to show her my ass I got off her and then meekly with tears running down my face showed her my abused bottom “Perfect! ” She exclaimed “What a lovely shade of red!” “That should hold you for the year Billy but if not you know where the paddle is and I am not afraid to use it on you so don’t make me okay!” I said “Yes Mother!” Then I tried to pull up my underwear and pants but my ass was so swollen I could not get them over it and it hurt like hell to try…She laughed and said “Go soak your ass in some ice water that will take down the swelling!” So I shuffled off kaçak iddaa with my pants around my ankles to go do just that it helped a lot but my bottom was so sore I could not sit down at dinner and even the next day I could not sit down and I had to sleep on my stomach that night…I was good as gold that year I got good grades and cleaned the house like she wanted and did everything she asked of me but the following year the day after Thanksgiving I found myself across her knees again this time she wore a leather glove on her spanking hand and it was an hour and a half before she finished with me…this went on every year until I hit puberty then things changed and on Spanksgiving day she said that I was too big to go over her knees and that she was changing the game as she called it she told me to go into her bedroom and take off my clothes I was to get on my hands and knees on the end of her bed and of course there were mirrors so I could watch then she went to the closet and got out a thick leather belt I suspected that it had been my fathers and she lay a wicked lash across my bottom it sounded like a bulls whip cracking it was so loud I cried out and she laughed “You’ll get used to it Billy!” she growled I looked in the mirror and she was grinning she was enjoying this the bitch and as the blows fell on my upturned ass and as my cries grew louder something changed I began to get an erection and the harder she hit the harder it got until it was throbbing and bobbing beneath me she saw it there and exclaimed “So you begin to enjoy this that’s good Billy!” My ass was almost purple and she said “I am going to give you three more and on the kaçak bahis last one you will finish understand?” I knew what she meant and I had felt an orgasm building inside me for a while now and as she gave me the last hit with the belt I felt it come from the tips of my toes it rose exploding over my body like a wave my cock bucked underneath me and began spewing cum out of me like a fountain she clapped and applauded me and when I had finished cumming I was panting in shame and in pain! “Now it’s my turn she announced you have had your fun and she made me get off the bed and then she removed her leather pants and panties and she lay on the end of the bed with my cum beneath her and spread her legs “Come over here and lick my pussy Billy!” I did as I was told and as I got close to her I could smell her sex the musty earthy aroma of her and it aroused me I began to lap at her pussy like a thirsty dog in his water bowl she giggled and laughed and then guided me to making her cum which she did again and again on my face I was covered in her juices I inhaled and breathed her and when she finished she told me to go take a shower and then come clean up my mess on her bed I did as I was told until I grew up and went away to college I did as I was told and every year I would come home for the holiday and would go back with the taste of her pussy still on my tongue!I fucked many college girls but it never seemed to satisfy me as much as when I came from her spankings after college I moved back home and I live with the queen she dominates me and I grovel at her feet it is the only thing that gets me off and she knows it the bitch she made me this way to be her slave to rule me like she could not rule my father but it’s okay I enjoy it! Need it! Want it!She is calling me now and I must go for if I’m late I get the paddle I think I will be late today…Never,THE END!

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