Hard Day at Work


You come home from work. When you step inside the front door you bend down and take your boots off. I am walking toward you wearing only one of your dress shirts. When you stand back up I rise up on tip toes and give you a peck on the cheek. You look like you’ve had a bad day and I don’t want to bother you so I start to turn around and walk away.

You grab ahold of me around the waist and kiss me. Fully and hard. Your hands move down to my ass and squeeze and lift up slightly. That feels really incredible. And turns me on immediately. Then in a quick second you pull up on my ass so fast before I know it you have picked me up. My legs come around you. You turn and slam my back to the wall. You have lifted me high up on your waist, my chest is in your face. You hold me to the wall with your body. Both of your hands come between us and pull my shirt apart so hard the buttons fly off. I can hear them hit the floor. My hands are on your shoulders. You take one of my nipples in your mouth and suck. Mmmmmm. halkalı escort I feel your hands under me. You are working on getting your pants down. You bite my nipple hard. Not enough to hurt me but enough to cause my mouth to fly open and a loud moan to escape. My fingernails dig into your shoulders. I can feel the tip of your cock on my pussy.

When you release my nipple you put your hands on my hips and drop me down your body. Impaling me on your rock hard cock. Omg. So many sensations are coursing thru my body. You fuck me hard and fast. Pounding me like it’s been weeks since you’ve seen me. The way we are so close against the wall has you grinding on my clit with every thrust. I am going to cum. When my pussy starts throbbing you pound me deep and you cum too.

You head bends and rests on my shoulder. We stay against the wall just for a minute before you hold me to you and walk to the couch. You sit still holding me. I am straddling olgun escort you. I make a move to get up off of you but you hold me to you and say don’t go. You reach up and remove what is left of your shirt from my body. I put my arms on the back of the couch and rest my head on your arms. We stay like this. You still inside me. Soft now. I can’t really feel you but I know your there.

After some time I feel your hands splayed out on my back. Rubbing my back. I hear myself mmmmm. After a time I feel your fingertips on my back. Lightly and slowly moving down to my ass and back up my back to my neck. Then under my arms. The sides of my breasts and down the sides of my body.

I am getting turned on by this. I raise my head and start to grind on you. But you are not ready and put your hands on my hips to keep me still. Your not fully hard and don’t want to slip from my body. I lean şişli escort back and put my hands behind me into your knees. You reach between us and touch my clit with your thumb. You thumb starts moving back and forth over my clit. Your other hand is playing with my nipples. Twisting each one between your finger and thumb.

I can’t stay still any longer. I sit up straight and put my hands on the back of the couch. I start to grind back and forth on your cock. You feel incredible. I bend my head to your and we kiss. Not hard like before. Slowly. Our tongues tasting each other.

I move my legs from beside your on the couch pull my knees up so my feet are on the couch. Squatting on your cock. I start moving up and down your shaft. Your hands are on my hips. My body is straight up in front of you. My head is leaned back pointing toward the ceiling. My hair is moving over your knees with every move I make. My hands are moving over my tits. Playing with my nipples. You start thrusting up to meet me.

I reach down between us a fondle my clit. Slide my fingers on either side of your cock and feel you sliding in and out of me. I am so close. Oh baby please. I need to cum.

As I am riding you you move me around a little with your hands on my hips. That is enough. I have such an intense orgasm that it brings on yours. When we are both spent I fall over to the couch. Exhausted and feeling great.

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