Hard Day’s Knight


David had had a bad day. It seemed everything that could go wrong did. It started from when he woke up. The alarm clock was flashing 2:54 there had been a power failure. Grabbing his watch he saw it was after nine. He was late for work. “Shit!”

Quickly getting out of bed he stubbed his toe on the bed’s leg as he hurried to the toilet. “Owwww. Damn.”

Then the train was canceled when he got to the station. It started to rain. He had left his rain gear at home as it was sunny.

Finally at the office, dripping wet, the boss chews him out for being late. His computer crashes loosing half the days work. He misses lunch trying to recreate the lost files. By the end of the day he was totally miserable.

The walk back to the station did not improve his mood. Almost hit by a car as he crossed the road. The trip home looked like it will be as bad as the whole day had been. David couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Finally on the train home the seats around him filled with nameless strangers. At times different bodies crushed in around him. At one point a dirty construction work. A guy in a suit. A couple of high school girls from a private school. David barely saw any of them. Just vague awareness of the crush of people.

Sitting opposite, a young woman in her 20’s. Dressed in a neat skirt that did not reach her knees, a matching jacket and a hint if a white blouse underneath. The woman was definitely attractive. Slim, 5’2 tall. Blonde. Blue eyed. Nice smile, which she flashed when his eyes flicked up to meet hers. Not that David had noticed, barely seeing her in his dark mood.

As the train pulled in and out the various stations the faces changed around them. Some chatting friendly other eyeing off the passengers with either suspicion or lust.

All the time though, the young woman sat opposite David in silence. Reading and occasionally looking up to smile. A friendly smile full of promise.

David was barely aware escort kartal of the woman when se got up for her stop. That was because he had to for her so he could get up. what he did see as he followed her through the crowded train was the hand that pinched her as she walked past. He couldn’t tell who’s in the crush and from the yelp, he didn’t think she liked it. Finally off the train, the doors hissing closed as he stepped onto the station, he headed up the stairs for the walk home. That’s when it started.

Yelling. Taunting calls behind him. Glancing back he saw the young woman surrounded by three teenage and rough looking boys. At this time of night the station was deserted, no staff and only the five of them there. He knew he couldn’t walk away. Unnoticed, he slipped back down the stairs. The teens so focused on their intended victim.

David had almost a foot in height in the youths plus he was a solid man. Quietly he approached and kicked the feet out from the one he thought seemed the leader. Down he went like a sack of potatoes. Stunned the other two jumped onto the tracks and ran into the night. Cursing and swearing the leader crawled to the edge and hobbled after his friends.

“Are you Okay?” David asked. She looked at him. The fear of what might of happened evident on her young face.

“Oh God. Thank you.” She muttered over and over.

David decided she was not in a fit state so he offered to escort her home. After a slight hesitation, she accepted. Together in silence they walked the five blocks to her home.

Finally, they arrive and to David’s surprise she invited him in.

Living in a nice quiet area her home was clean and well kept. The living room was compact but well laid out with a futon lounge, two single arm chairs and a coffee table. Opposite the lounge an entertainment unit.

“Please, make yourself comfortable.” She says indicating the lounge. David sat, loosening his tie a bit. maltepe escort The woman disappearing through a doorway returns having changed out of her work clothes into a T-shirt and light jogging pants. As she bent to pick up a magazine to move it the pants pulled tight across her curved full hips.

She turned to face David. “I want to thank you for your help.” She sits beside him. Leans in. And kisses him full on the lips. David was shocked. She pulled back. “Did I do something wrong.”

“No.” David reassured. “I just did not expect it.”

“Oh. Okay.” She smiles. She kisses him again, this time David kisses back and the kiss goes on for what seems like forever. David pulled her closer. Taking her in his arms. Pulling her onto his lap.

Feeding each others need for comfort. They touch. Lips exploring. Hands caressing. David feels her back and realizes she had also removed her bra. She undoes his tie then the buttons of his shirt. He pulls hers up and over her head temporarily trapping her arms and blind folding her he holds it there as he sucks first one, then the other nipple.

Letting go she takes the shirt off and discards it. Topless, bare chest to bare breast they kiss again. David feels the warmth of her breasts the tension of her nipples. He massages her hips and backside as they kiss.

Breaking away she stands up. David looks up at her. Bending she takes her hand and stands drawing David up with her.

Again they kiss. His hands finding the delicate clasp and zip of her skirt. Hers finding his belt and fly. Soon more clothes hit the floor. His shit and jacket, her skirt, his pants. In just briefs David allowed himself to be led up a short passage and into a bedroom.

A large queen four post bed in the centre of one wall. Built in robes and a dresser with matching wood finishes. Thick brown wool carpet moving softly beneath their feet as she led him, pulling him by the hand up into the bed. The pendik escort bayan soft mattress seemed to swallow them as she pulled David on top of her.

Mouths meeting hungry for each other. Her nails digging softly into his back. David, all thoughts of how bad life was now gone, caresses this wonderful, sexy girl beneath him. Her skin, soft, blemish free, so smooth to the touch. Full round breasts crowned with dark, hard nipples. Slim waist. Slightest of curves to the stomach. Wide, curved hips. Long legs. A fantasy come true.

It excited him hearing her moan beneath him. To feel her rolling movements. Her nails scratching softly at his back. His excitement obvious.

As he explored her body she did the same to his. Long fingers tipped with delicate nails trailed up and down his back and side. Their lips not separating for more than it took to take a breath. Time lost meaning. The two lost in passion, lost, consumed by lust.

Who would have thought a day started so badly would end on such a high David thinks as he begins to penetrate this dream laying beneath him. Slowly inch by inch she envelopes him. Cries of pleasure coming from her as he stretches he, opening the tight passage as he rubs against sensitive walls.

Legs hold him tight as she grips him. Her flesh, her muscles spasming around and beneath him. Breathing quickly. Body thrashing she experiences one of many orgasms she feels that night.

Finally her legs relax their grip and he begins to withdraw. Slowly, careful not to pull out completely. Forward again, driving deeper into her. Back. Forward. Back. Forward. Her hips lifting to meet him. Her legs, locked behind him, drawing her up. Her full, round breasts squashed beneath him. Her nipples rubbing against his chest. Lips still locked in an almost endless kiss.

Lips part as she moans only to join again. In the lounge room an old grandfather clock chimes the hour. No one listens.

In the old bed pleasures build in both of them. Moans, soft cries, orgasmic screams drown out the clock.

On and on they go, sweat coating them. A glistening film over their bodies.

Finally exhausted and spent, David listens to the old clock strike out another hour..

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