Harriet Potter and the Ringpiece of fire. Part 1/6


Harriet Potter and the Ringpiece of fire. Part 1/6I wrote this nonsense some time ago. It has no ending at present because I sorta lost the plot. If anyone can help please do.I hope you like it as much as I liked writing it….Harriet Potter and the ringpiece of fire pt 1/5Harriet Potter was just 19 just like her very best friend Hermione Parker.They were by far the naughtiest girls in Cockington , a small town in the county of Dorset. The entire town seemed to consist of naughty girls and just a few naughty boys . Harriet and Hermoine were by far the naughtiest of them all.Like all “HP’s they were very saucy indeed.The headmaster of their school was at his wits end as to what do with them .He wanted to expel them but there was no other school for them to go to and the local education authority had forbidden it.Cockington High School was a modern school set on the outskirts of the old town and was one of the few schools to retain the use of corporal punishment .Boys were caned over the trousers as was the custom and girls were spanked over the knickers or for more serious infringements caned over the knickers. Since Harriet and Hermione never wore knickers they always got there canings on the bare bottom .The two girls didn’t wear knickers for several reasons. Firstly because they masturbated nearly all of the time . Secondly because they found it easier to pee and shit without the bother of taking there knickers down . Thirdly ,because with no knickers on the boys could feel their cunts behind the bicycle shed and even fuck them against the school wall without all of that nasty mess, but fourthly and most importantly ,both Harriet and Hermoine were witches and as everyone knows, who knows about witches is that witches don’t wear knickers!The unfortunately named Mr Richard Head ,the current head teacher had always wanted to be a polar explorer or mountaineer of note but since he hated the cold damp weather and had no head for heights became a teacher and having been head of house for three years was appointed headmaster just over a year ago. Mr Head had referred to Harriet and Hermione as witches or “his nemesis”.Little did he know how right he actually was.There were no witches in Cockington as far as he was aware or for that matter anywhere.“Dickhead” as he was known to the entire school didn’t believe in ghouls, ghosts , witches or demons. Monsters and aliens had no place in England in this day and age.Mrs Cummings ,the deputy head and Mr Head were the only one’s allowed to administer corporal punishment at the school and always in the privacy of the Head’s office.When he accepted the post offered to him all to eagerly by the deputy director of education Mr Head was pleased to accept .He was unaware at the time that he was the seventh choice, the other six preferred candidates had gracefully declined. His pretty wife of four years standing had been so proud of her darling husband achieving such a high status at the tender age of thirty eight.His wife , Meg was a typical suburban housewife who longed to have c***dren of her own but despite the endless fucking had failed to produce a single “sprog” Meg Head was a fine and beautiful woman with largish tits and broad hips and vivid red hair. Neither of them smoked , drank alcohol or had even been tempted by i*****l d**gs ever.Meg’s only vice, if indeed you could call it a vice was that she enjoyed being spanked on the bare bottom by her husband. Her father had never spanked or caned her and she felt she lacked something.Despite this and the fucking in every position imaginable including all those mentioned in “the joy of love” which they had in the bookcase ,for all the good it did she might as well be getting arse fucked, which incidentally she quiet fancied !Every night at eight precisely Mr Head fucked his wife vigorously with a repeat performance at seven AM before work which was why the Headmaster always looked shagged out when he arrived at school!Initially Mr Head rather liked the idea of spanking and caning ,especially the senior girls and there was never a shortage of clients for his delectation.The regulation school knickers were bottle green and the uniform consisted of a very short blue skirt and a blue blazer.The regulation school “knicker” rule was a joke and largely ignored by the girls as they he soon found out.More often than not he was presented with a bottom clad in the skimpiest G strings or the tiniest of thongs.For all the use they were the girls might just as well be “bare arsed”The facts of the matter were that Dick Head was a crappy Head teacher and one by one she school rules were abandoned as being “inpractable and unworkableIn the spirit of fair play and equality the boys were soon getting there canings on the bare arse too , much to the delight of the girls as they waited in line for their “whacking’s” .The boys invariably sported an erect cock and it was always a delight for the girls to make comments about there balls and arseholes.Mr Head was sorely tempted to remove the girls knickers too but refrained to the disappointment of most.Harriet and Hermoine and a few other girls simply presented Mr Head with there nude arse’s which suited him just fine.Six strokes was the prescribed dosage but for the naughtiest girls Mr Head “upped” it to twelve good stingers!To be fair it was the girls who were the troublemakers, Harriet and Hermione and a few other of the naughtier girls would openly masturbate in class.Well it was obvious enough as their hands wandered downwards and the real giveaway was the rolling of eyes and the puffing and panting as the girls reached their orgasms.Several of the girls could be found at playtime being fucked by the big boys against the bike shed wall . They could simply whip their dicks out and lift the skirts of their willing victims and fuck away freely.Harriet and Hermoine were somehow different although no one could explain why.Since the two girls were witches they did have certain powers, some of which they were not aware of ……… Yet.Any boy wanting to fuck Harriet or Hermoine could and did , but once their cocks were snugly embedded inside either girls snatch ,there was no release until the girls had cum. Even if the lad had spunked early they were kept hard until the two girls were truly satisfied!Harriet and Hermoine were the only two girls who accepted arse fucking which made them particularly popular as the lad liked a good butt fuck!Mrs Cummings would live up to name as she watched from the window with a tinge of envy at the well fucked girls and her hand moved inside her panties as she fingered herself to a sticky climax. “Just a perk of the job” she often thought.Both Harriet and Hermoine had been caned that day along with a fat cocked lad .It was just a normal day in Cockington after all as Harriet arrived home .Mr Potter was working on his precious vintage Bentley ,his pride and joy and Mrs Potter was cooking dinner robotically .Harriet sloped off to her room with the packet of “ciggies” she had stolen from the corner shop on the way home and had anyone bothered to look ,her bare bottom could be seen wobbling its way up the stairs.Harriet lay on her bed smoking with one hand and wanking with the other. She just couldn’t leave her pussy alone! She heard her Mother call “Hermoine’s “here and she heard the familiar footsteps climb the stairs.Hermione opened the door uninvited as usual. The two girls had been friends since birth and had no secrets from each other . “gimme a fag” said Hermoine . Harriet slid the pack across the bed towards her.Now both girls were quiet tall at five feet nine and had similar bodies. Hermoine had slightly larger tits whereas Harriet had a slightly larger arse.Harriet had longish blonde hair and Hermoine’s was jet black and slightly shorter.They both knew they were witches and had done for many years but like all good witches it was a deep dark secret.“Proper witches have black hair ya know” said Hermoine ,pulling her hair up into a bun style with her fingers.“Fuck off” said Harriet ,her fingers now working their magic on her bare and shaven cunt, the ciggie still in her other hand.Hermoine leaped playfully onto the bed and her long legs wrapped around Harriets neck in a perfect neck lock . Hermoine’s cunt was pressed against Harriet’s lips. “ Now lick my fucking snatch you cunt” said Hermoine with a smirk!They always played these games and had often licked each other off.Harriet preferred the sixty nine position but she was helpless as both hands were occupied.“ Start licking now”! demanded Hermoine.“Ok ,ok “said Harriet as her tongue licked Hermoine’s large clit and Harriets tongue grew enormously as only a true witches can as she entered her lovers cunt!“Harder” you cunt Hermoine demanded and of course Harriet obliged.Hermoine didn’t take long to orgasm, she never did and her cunt juice almost spurted into Harriets willing mouth.“Dirty fucker” said Harriet wiping her mouth with the back of her hand replacing the ciggie between her lips.“My turn now” said Harriet. “ Ok” said Hermoine burying her face in Harriet’s wet pussy .She loved pleasuring her friend almost as much as she loved getting licked out! Hermoine’s tongue grew longer and larger as she penetrated her friends pussy until at last she reached her cervix and licked it well . How well she knew her friend. She tackled her clitty with gusto as Harriet came off with a groan and a “Oh fuck Hermoine” … Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk “Right in the middle of her mind blowing orgasm Hermoine stuck her middle finger to the hilt ,up Harriets arsehole. Just as she knew Harriet liked it! Mr Potter had long given up on his daughter as a “bad lot” and blamed Harriet’s extremely bad behaviour on his wives side of the family.In fact Susan Potter’s brother had served jail time for fraud but Mrs Potter never spoke of it. Mr Potter serviced his Bentley as often as he serviced his wife which was every six months whether they needed it or not as he like to say.Mr Potter it must also be said had no sense of humour whatsoever.Susan Potter was not unattractive and since her “services” were so infrequent and totally unsatisfying she kept a huge pink vibrating dildoModelled exactly on “Ron Jeremy” in the airing cupboard which she used almost every day.Susan potter had a deep crush on the man from the Prudential who called once a month and she longed for the day that he would “as she said” “fuck the arse of her” ! In fact anyone could fuck Susan if they had been bothered to ask. Sadly no one did.Meanwhile at 26 Primrose Close , Mr and Mrs Head prepared for their evening ritual of “make me fucking pregnant you bastard” as Mrs Head called it.She had specially purchased some beautiful underwear from the lingerie section of Marks and Spencer’s including a rather fetching black “Basque” and some whorish fishnet stockings and a very pretty quarter cup bra which did nothing to conceal her perky nipples, Also a pair of six inch high heels which she had on as she lay on the bed with her legs open as wide as possible .Meg had left a little nicely trimmed pussy hair as she thought it was only decent . She had considered a full “Brazilian” but was scared of the pain it might cause.Richard placed a pillow under her arse in the hope that the little sperm could reach their target more easily . Travelling downhill might help he thought and Meg agreed.Richard left the shower nude and his medium sized prick seemed firm enough to “give it a go” He knelt between the fishnet clad legs and positioned his dick at the entrance to Megs pussy lips. Slowly he started the gentle pumping action he performed each and every night . Meg urged him on and tried to clench her cunt but it made little difference other than Megs arsehole tightened and it did no end of good for her arse cheeks. Meg always tried to orgasm at the same time as her husband. It improved the chances she had heard.All things considered they achieved a fairly good orgasm together and Mr Head felt quiet proud as his cock spurted a good spurt into Megs Quim !“Very nice dear” said Meg as she maintained her position for ten minutes to allow the sperm to work well.At this point it should be mentioned that Meg Head did become pregnant.Not that night or even the next day ,but a year later and when the beautiful c***d was born nine months later he looked a lot like Mr Punetti , the nice Italian man who lived next door alone.At the Potter household, Mr and Mrs Potter ate their supper in silence as Harriet and Hermoine lay on the bed smoking cigarette after cigarette. Hermoine often “slept over” and the girls would spend most of the night in a sexual embrace. Either sixty nining or wanking.Morning broke over Cockington as it always did and the girls awoke blearyEyed and generally shagged out . Another fucking school day !The milkman came with the milk and the postman came with the post.Mr Potter went through the mail . Nothing of interest as usual. A bill and junk mail offering free conservatories and free holidays. And a letter from the Bentley Owners Club telling him his £15 subscription was due and needed to be paid forthwith! Finally a tatty old letter that looked as though it been lost in the post for weeks. “ More junk” said Mr Potter.The letter bore Mr Potters address and was seemingly hand written .It had a pretty picture of a castle on it though and in the corner it said “Hogsknob” “How rude “ rude said Mr Potter “Surely a knob is ,err you know” Mr Potter opened the letter with little enthusiasm.Inside written on what appeared to be old parchment were written these words.Dear Mr and Mrs Potter, A place has been reserved for your daughter Harriet at Hogsknob school for girls of special talents and gifts.The school is for boarders and we are happy to offer a place to Harriet should she wish to accept it . The letter was signed with an incomprehensible sigil and sealed with green wax. Please telephone 01339567666 for further information .. This communication will self destruct in sixty seconds.Mr Potter picked the phone up to tell these scallywags off once and for all .Before he had dialled the number a lady answered. “Good Morning” said the ladies voice. “HogKnobs school” .. “How may I help you Mr Potter?”“I didn’t dial” said Potter. “I’m sure you did sir” said the voice politely. “Oh perhaps I did” said Mr Potter hardly noticing the letter had turned a nice shade of burned black.“We are please you were so kind as to telephone us” said the voice“We will arrange collection of Harriet next Monday at eight o’clock sharp”With that the line halkalı escort went dead and for the first time in twenty years Mr Potter said “Fuck”!At sixteen Flowerpot road just around the corner, at the home of Hermoine An exactly similar letter was being posted my Mr Dovenose the postman.End of chapter one………………..Chapter TwoAt sixteen Flowerpot Road Hermoine’s mother Deirdre Parker or “Dreary Deirdrie” as she was know to her friends . Even Bill Parker “known as nosey” to HIS friends ,called his wife dreary saw the morning post arrive but left it on the doormat where it belonged.Polly Potter the other daughter aged twelve was eating her coco pops whilst Deirdre hurriedly pulled up her knickers and donned her shell suit .It was her turn to do the “school run” which meant getting Polly finished up and collecting Hermoine and Harriet and getting them to school on time .The green Renault Espace people carrier stood drearily outside on the drive.It was seven seater and since there were only four in the family it had been a ridiculous purchase from the start.Deirdre and Bill had a sex life of sorts. It wasn’t up to much to be fair .Once a week at most Bill would stick his “smaller than average” dick between his wifes legs and spurt in under a minute.Deirdre was glad it was over so quickly as his spunk mostly went over the bed sheets ,on her side as always and in their twenty years of wedded bliss,Deirdre has never experienced a cock induced orgasm.Bill was entirely satisfied with his sex life as he worked for British Telecom and when he had nothing better to do , which was most of the time he would “tap” into “sex chat lines” and listen in while wanking his smallish cock to death!Fucking his “Dreary Deirdre” once a week was quiet enough thank you very much ,he always said!It should be pointed out at this time that “Polly” the twelve year old daughter was NOT witch like her sister but was very naughty indeed despite this disadvantage.Mrs Potter and Polly arrived at the Potter’s at eight thirty two precisely and honked her horn.Mr Potter came to the door in his striped PJ’s and said “Hi” and waved “Did you get any mail today”? he asked Mrs Parker with little enthusiasm .“I think so “ said Deirdre “why”?“Anything from “Hogsknob school”? he asked feeling a little foolish.“I’m sure I don’t have a clue” said Deirdrie.“Oh right” said Mr Potter and was immediately sorry he’d mentioned it at all.Deirdre sat waiting for Harriet and Hermoine feeling irritated as last night was “fucking” night and she could still feel Bills sticky spunk leaking from her cunt staining her knickers . Deirdrie hated sticky knickers because she was so very dreary.………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..The three girls could easily have walked to school . I was well under a mile, but as Mrs Parker had “people carrier” and she intended it to be used to carry people!Harriet and Hermoine had smoked all of the ciggs and Harriet would have liked to pop into the post office to nick another packet.Nicky fags from Mr Sandhu was a piece of cake .Hermoine would simply bend over at the chill cabinet to get a coke exposing her plump bottom and bare pussy . This was quiet enough to distract Mr Sandhu whilst Harriet would jump over the counter and slip a packet of Rothmans into her pocket.Smoking was of course strictly forbidden at school but at least half of the k**s did smoke and Harriet could easily “scag” a fag from some boy even if it meant giving the lad a wank or blowjob .Harriet and Hermoine were very naughty indeed as you can see.The boys and girls cloakrooms and toilets were strictly segregated ,so that was a yet another school rule that was completely ignored. The girls toilets were much nicer anyway and it was the general “hangout” and “smoke room “ for boys and girls. The toilet paper was soft and pink in the girls “bog” too.The private cubicles were no longer private as the doors had long disappeared . No one gave a flying fuck anyway. How pleasant it was to take a nice shit and smoke a ciggie .The toilets were like an opium den shrouded in smoke as they were.Harriet and Silvia were sitting and farting away and straining to shit whilst most of the other boys and girls were smoking and generally fooling about.“Gimme a cig” said Harriette to George who she knew had a nearly full packet of Mayfairs.“Fuck off Harriet” said George. Harriet shat a huge turd and wiped her bottom with the soft pink Andrex bog paper. “Pleaseeeee” said Harriet pleadingly . “What’s it worth”? said GeorgeGeorge was a big lad of eighteen and it was common knowledge he was fucking Tina on a regular basis , He had a big cock which everyone knew because he showed it off so often.“I’ll give you a nice wank “ said Harriet.“Naaaaa” said George, “I can give myself a wank anytime “ which was perfectly right as Harriet well knew . He was in the same class as Harriet and she had often seen him wanking in class as he ogled Miss Cinnamon’s arse and tits.“I’ll suck you off then” offered Harriet.George was one of the few boys who had never fucked Harriet , probably because his loyalty to Tina , or perhaps not.“How about if I arse fuck you right now” said George“I’ve just shit” said Harriet smiling ,”but if you want to you can”“A cock suck then” said George on second thoughts.No one took much notice as George entered the cubicle and Harriet grabbed George’s dick . “it’s a good size Georgy Porgy” said Harriet taking his eight inches into her sweet teenage mouth . She sucked rapidly and she knew George wouldn’t take long as her magic tongue went into overdrive.You see Harriet had that power to control boys dicks. She could make them squirt or not as she pleased. Also more importantly “when” they squirted!Harriet would learn later exactly what powers she did have but right now all she wanted was a “fag” !This is the secret no one knew. Harriet and Hermoine had the power make anyone orgasm at the most inconvenient times. All she had to do was look at them in her certain way and the person would immediately begin to cum.She often did it in class to other pupils and it was always nice to do it to the teachers. For fear of being exposed as the witch she was she used this power very rarely but had often made “Dickhead” cummm in his pants when she was getting caned.She loved to see the patch of spunk appear in Mr Heads trousers and she could make him cum for ages too.Harriet had made Miss Clairmont, the French teacher cum in her knickers a good few times too and she loved to see Miss Clairmonts face turn red as she tried to suppress the groans and moans as she wriggled in her chair. Eventually Miss Clairmont would simply have to rush to the toilets to finally relieve herself with a quick rub.Georgy Porgy was a piece of cake to Harriet. He spurted his wad into Harriet’s mouth in a mere few seconds and Harriet left George still spurting off into the toilet.“Ten minutes I think “ thought Harriet as she accepted the promised cigarette which she shared with Hermoine as they smiled at each other.You see Hermoine had the same powers as Harriet but so much more as we shall find out later!As fate would have it Harriet and Hermoine both found themselves in Mr Heads office later that day for the cane. Not for smoking but for “undone” homework .The girls had been too busy licking each other out and completely “forgotten “ to do it.Mr Head had decided to cane the two girls together and side by side they were bent over the Headmasters desk ,bottoms fully exposed and cunts agape . The girls had decided to deprive Mr Head of “free cum” Mr Head was well and truly sick of these two and he selected the longest and stingiest cane he had for the two naughtiest girls in the school.“Wappppppppp” went the cane with a life of its own as it delivered alternate hard strokes on the girls upraised arses. “Arggggggg” went Hermoine. “Ewwwwwwieeeee” went Harriet as there bums reddened nicely and each stroke left its legacy of a nice red mark and a stinging bottom.Twenty four stroked of the horrid cane later the two girls left the study rubbing their respective bottoms close to tears.You see ,even witches feel the pain of a good caning which is a good thing isn’t it?“Another fucking boring day over” said Hermoine as they declined the lift home from Mrs Parker in her “people carrier” The girls had decided to walk home because they really needed to pay a visit to Mr Sandu’s fine emporium … to steal cigg’s of course………….……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….It is worth mentioning at this point that there are approximately 250,000 witches on the planet at any given time . Most are “hereditary” witches and some have newly acquired powers from where …. No one knew.There are a lesser number of Wizards,in the region of 10,000 . Most witches and wizards are English although not all . This was supposedly because of their direct decadency from Merlin the famous Wizard from Arthurian legend . That was the story at least.None of the Salem witches were in fact witches and no witch had ever been “burned at the stake” or even been subjected to “the ducking stool”!Of course there were witches in every country of the world, but all claimed to be descended from Merlin .All that is except for Mr Sandhu who was a pure Indian wizard. Not only a Wizard but a Grande High Wizard of the noble order of Calcutta (retired) Mr Sandhu and his pretty wife were in fact four hundred years old which for a Wizard isn’t all that old.He had always fancied being a shopkeeper and postmaster and it did have a certain appeal . Mr Sandu liked the anonymity of it all and hardly ever practiced his magical arts these days which were formidable to say the least!This information is highly secret readers, so please don’t be telling anyone else about this ,lest thee be smitten by the wrath of Sandhu!Harriet and Hermoine were likewise ignorant of Mr Sanhu’s powers and former high office .The great Sandhu had long been aware of Harriett’s and Hermoines stealing of the Rothmans . He also knew that they were witches.Not wanting to break his cover ,so to speak he had allowed the girls to steal from him but not without just retribution,The girls wandered into the innocent post office and Hermoine as usual would bend over exposing her red and striped bottom to Mr Sandhu whilst Harriot skipped onto the old mahogany counter ……..At that very instant Mr Sandhu waved his hand and ………. Time froze!This was a simple trick to a former Grande Wizard of the noble order of Calcutta.So simple that he had Hermoine perfectly positioned by the drinks cabinet ,bare arsed and Harriet on the mahogany counter legs akimbo and like wise bare arsed for as long as he wanted. He had frozen time for the entire earth and no one ever noticed. Ten minutes was enough for what Mr Sandhu always did to the naughty witches.To begin he always arse fucked Hermoine for five minutes making sure he stretched her puckered pink hole to the maximum ,expanding his magical cock to a huge fifteen inches . Hermoine always farted loudly as he plopped his cock out of the girls naughty ring piece.Then moving on to Harriet who was the actual thief he would smack her bare bottom smartly and bugger her arsehole in a similar manner but Mr Sandhu never ever came inside the girls as he had no need because he had the same powers over self orgasm as our two naughty witches!What fun it was and an endless source of amusement to Mr Sandhu and his wife. With a simple flick of his hand ,once again time restarted and Mr Sandhu looked away as Harriet slipped the stolen goods into her pocket.Hermoine paid Mr Sandhu for the coca cola and he thanked them profusely for there custom with clasped hands and an Indian bow of respect.“I don’t know about you” said Hermoine.“But I always get a sore arsehole when we nick fags of old Sandhu”“Yeah” said Harriet, “me too” ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Life went on in Cockington as always . Boring as hell and twice as shitty.Nothing ever happened in Cocking ton ,everyone knew that.It was Sunday evening and Harriet and Hermoine had packed small brown suitcases with the bare necessities of life.“Why if fuck did we do that” said Hermoine.“I have not a fucking clue” replied Harriet.Hermoine was sleeping over again and the girls were eager to start licking each other out and Harriet had even “borrowed” her mums huge black vibrator as she wanted to try to see if it would fit into Hermoine’s arsehole.It would of course because Harriet had tried it in her own hole earlier and it went in easily.At two am the girls finally fell asleep after several hours of bum fucking and hours of licking pussy and a dozen powerful “cums” each. They were sound asleep and dreaming strange dreams of “who knows what” and thingamajigs”At eight o’clock precisely a large yellow New York cab pulled up outside Harriet’s house.The driver looked exactly like Danny de Vito except for the pointy hat that Danny de Vito would never wear.“Taxi for Miss Potter and Parker” said the driver flicking his “taximeter” to zero $ and zero cents.Mr Potter stood at the door in his dressing gown inadvertently scratching his balls. “Oh yes” said Mr Potter, “ I was expecting you”.Mr Potter scratched his head with the same hand he had been scratching his balls with ………. “Why did I say that”? he thought, “ I wasn’t expecting anyone much less a New York cab with a Danny de Vito look a like driver!The cab took off with a screech of tyres and Harriet and Hermoine were still waving goodbye to Mr Potter who was waving back from several miles back.“Where are we going”? said Harriet“Call me Danny” said the driver“Where are we going Danny”? said Harriet“Its not so much WHERE we’re going although I can tell you its Hogknobs schools for naughty witches” said Danny“Its more, when we are going” said Danny.“I thought we were going now “ said Hermione.“We are going now” said Danny , “I mean to say when in time are we going.“And when in time are we going”? said Harriet.“fuck knows” said Danny as he shrugged his shoulders.The big yellow cab was doing eighty miles an hour and none of the scenery looked familiar to either of the girls.They knew the area pretty well and this wasn’t where they lived at all .It was nothing like Dorset.“We have a taksim escort long way to go girls” said Danny and many years to travel.“Fucking years” said Hermoine ,”We’re travelling for years”? “Not FOR years” said Danny ,”THROUGH years” … “Silly cunts” he thought.“By the way” said Danny , “Are either of you wearing knickers ?”Neither of the girls answered . With a sweep of his hand , Hermoine’s and Harriet’s short skirts flew upwards revealing two nude cunts and arseholes!“Thank fuck for that” said Danny, “I wouldn’t want to make that mistake again”!An hour past in complete silence.Finally Danny spoke. You two are witches, right”? “Yes” Harriet mumbled.“There are four schools for trainee witches in England “ Danny said. “There’s Knobend which is a very good school, and there’s Wankstain Abbey which is even better““ There is “Hogswort” which is the very best in all England” he went on .“And there’s Hogsknob which is the worst school you could ever care to find”“Its not so much a school” said Danny smiling. “Have you ever heard of “Borstal” or a reform school where you get the cane for fuck all “ “Well” said Danny, “Its way worse than any of those”! “Oh fuck” said Harriet!End of Chapter twoChapter Four …… “Hogsknob”The big yellow New York taxicab drove endlessly through the English countryside, over hills and dales ,across bridges and through deep valley’s, to where and when the two girls knew not. What the fuck was “Hogsknob” anyway? And why were they going there? Harriet and Hermione hadn’t really understood a word of what Danny the driver had been talking about but it didn’t sound good! Not good at all.“I’m starving” said Harriet.“And I need a p*o” said Hermoine.Harriet rooted in her old brown suit case and retrieved a Mars bar which she broke in half and shared with Hermione.“I wouldn’t mind a “bigmac” said Hermoine“There’s no McDonalds where we’re going “laughed DannyAt that moment two metal openings appeared under the girls bums and they could feel the cold air from outside going up their arseholes and cunts.“There’s your shitters” said Danny, “I’m not allowed to stop for man nor b**st”“You call these toilets” said Harriet.“Yep” said Danny.” Shit now or shut up”Not that Harriet or Hermoine were shy or anything but really.They looked at each other in resignation and began to poop ,farting as they did.“Actually this is quiet handy “ said Harriet,” We could do with bogs in our car” she said and Hermoine nodded in agreement.It was six o’clock when they eventually arrived in the village of Hogsknob.It looked positively medieval with old oak framed houses.A man was wheeling a cart down the cobbled street and some c***dren were playing hopscotch .There was ,what seemed to be a Tavern of sorts again an old Oak framed structure called “ The Olde Cock and Tit” “Your not allowed in there” said Danny.As they turned the corner and went over a humped back bridge and old castle could be seen . It looked quite charming really, but as we all know ,looks can be deceptive.“It looks like Windsor Castle” said Hermione who had been to Windsor the year before on a family outing.It did in fact look a lot like Windsor Castle apart from the drawbridge and moat and the four tall towers on each corner of the stone building.It was still light and Harriet and Hermoine saw that they were not alone.In fact over a hundred other girls already stood on the green in front of the drawbridge and about sixteen boys of various ages. The girls were all shapes and sizes. Some tall ,some short. Some fat and some thin. Some appeared to be as young as twelve whilst others seemed to be in there twenties . At least three were older looking to be nearly forty!Each girl and boy clutched a small brown leather suitcase.Standing impatiently and supported by a large wooden staff with a huge knob on the end stood Cuntly Griffendome , a thin man of indeterminate age,although he looked about sixty had anyone ventured a guess.He was Six feet eight inches tall and looked pretty “cheesed off”…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….“Welcome to Hogsknob” he finally announced when at last the “students” settled down ““You are all here because you are witches, albeit trainee witches” “You have been selected for Hogsknob because you are by far the naughtiest witches in the land”.A few girls murmured in decent.“Furthermore” said Mister Griffendome,” We do know all about you,so it of little use denying your naughtiness because we know everything about you”The dissenting voiced silenced at this news.“You will for straight line of twenty five each and we will open the drawbridge for your induction to Hogsknob”“Before we proceed” he coughed .”There will be no merriment regarding my name . It is Master Cuntly Griffendome of the fine and old family of Griffendome “ “Any pupil ,boy or girl calling me “Cuntly , or “Cunt” will receive twenty four strokes of the cane ,slipper or Birch immediately and with no formality! The new students formed orderly lines of twenty five as the huge drawbridge cranked into life noisily. Great chains were released and the mighty wooden structure descended slowly. The moat looked deep and muddy and it was easy to imagine it was full of dead bodies and crocodile or worse.The three older woman were pretty enough. There was Peggy Pooper, Annie Fartington and Molly Mingeworthy. Each forty one exactly and each born on the same day and minute as the other although they were strangers. Witches often are born of Friday the thirteenth , and so it was with Peggy, Annie and Molly. They all worked in different branches of different banks and moved around a lot which was why it had been so hard to locate them and why they were so later in attending “Hogsknob”They had all been embezzling small amounts of money from their employers over the years ,not a great deal , just enough to make ends meet so to speak . For this reason they were classified as “Naughty witches” and had rightfully earned there present predicament.There magic was very small and they didn’t even know they had any other for the fact that none of them could bear to wear knickers and they could all do special things with their pussy’s.Slowly and in single file they all made their way across the moat as the boards of the drawbridge groaned and creaked at every step and every girl wondered if they could survive the terrors of the moat should they fall through. In fact the water was six inches deep and apart from being slightly muddy was crocodile and “dead body” free.The massive doors to Hogsknob opened with a sinister creak as though they hadn’t been opened for centuries revealing the Great Hall of the legendry Hogs knob ! Legendry to the five permanent members of staff that is!In the “legendry” great hall there were four huge long ancient and gnarled oak tables . Each had long benches on either side, presumably for sitting on.Ancient oil paintings covered most of the wood panelled walls and three suits of armour stood ominously in various places. The floor was composed of terra cotta cold tiles .“Quiet nice” said Hermoine “For a castle” she added quickly.At the far end of the great hall was a platform with a table and five “throne” like chairs . Seated in four of the chairs there were three men and a woman .All were wearing “pointy hats” which for some reason surprised no one.Cuntly Griffendome followed the girls in and joined his colleagues and sat in the remaining empty chair.“Be seated” thundered Master Griffendome and the girls all shuffled along sitting their bare bottoms on the splintery benches .“On the side table” said Master Cuntly thundered, “ There are exactly one hundred school uniforms” “They are all the same size and you will find that they will fit you whatever size you are”.A small twelve year old looked at Harriet towering over her and sighed.“Each uniform has your name on the Blazer Label and you will notice that each breast pocket has a badge on it” said Master Griffendome. Each badge, you will see has an emblem of either a slipper , cane ,birch rod or a leather strap.” “These emblems denote the name of the “house” you have been allocated to”“The slipper emblem means that you will be in “slippering house” which is my house and has been since time immemorial “The cane means you will be in “caning house” ….. Likewise the birch means you will be in “Birching” and finally the Strap mean you will be in “Strapping House” ……….. Is that fully understood ?”Most of the girls murmured “Yes sir” and the rest looked totally confused.“The clothing you arrived in had been burned” said Master Cuntly!With a wave of his “knobbed staff” the new students found themselves stark bollock naked except for shoes!Each girls cunt was bare naked which was the state most of them had arrived and the girls rushed to dress in there new clothes as quickly as possible. “Not you Molly” said Mistress Potnoodle the only woman at the top table. Patricia Potnoodle was Mistress of scorcery and had been a member of staff for over three thousand years. For her age she looked pretty good , no more than fifty , black hair as Hermoine had rightly said was the “only” real hair colour for a witch.She seemed to be wearing a brown cloak and the regulation “pointy” hat as witches do.“You” said Mistress Pot noodle “ are to shown as an example to the other naughty girls” She was quiet tall for a witch and carried a long bamboo cane which she tapped firmly on the low leather “spanking bench” which had gone unnoticed until then.“Me” said “Molly. “why me ?”Molly Mingeworthy had long flaming red hair because she was an Irish witch but spoke with a rather posh accent that she had acquired at the bank.“Because you my lady are a thief and liar” said Mistress Potnoodle.“Now get that fat naughty arse of your across this bench before I do something you might regret”!Molly started to protest but she was a thief ,there was no use denying it was their?“You have been selected by me, although every girl here is as naughty as one another because as an older woman you should know better ““Furthermore “ said Mistress Pot noodle ,”you have a really nice big bottom “There was nothing for it thought Molly as she walked in her nakedness towards the caning bench clutching her large “soon to be red” arse!Molly Mingeworthy d****d her large titted frame across the caning bench . It felt quiet warm and comfy she thought.There wasn’t a girl in the hall who hadn’t felt the cane across there bottoms as all of them were naught by nature and ALL had been spanked and caned at school or work ,or both! Molly Mingeworthy was no exception and she had been caned hundreds of times at school and several time by the Manager of Lloydstsb Ltd.Nothing could have prepared Ms Mingeworthy for what happened next…..The long cane leaped out of Mistress Potnoodles hand and “snicker snack “ ,”wickerty whack “ it began to cane Molly’s arse relentlessly ! “Ouchhhhhy ouch” went Molly as the cane delivered twenty eight very hard strokes across her entire expanse of bottom flesh which was glowing precisely the same colour as her hair!“Ahhhhhh fucking hell” said Molly and with that the cane delivered a further two stinging twackkkks to the poor ladies already steaming hot botty!“There is actually no point of any of you girls getting dressed” said Mistress Potnoodle. “You are all going straight to bed after supper anyway”One hundred and five bowls of steaming oatmeal appeared magically on the table along with one hundred mugs of slightly sweetened cocoa .“Eat up please” said Mistress Potnoodle.The porridge could have been used to build a house as mortar to hold the bricks together but the cocoa was quiet pleasant.Nothing was wasted however as the girls were starving.Each carrying there newly acquired clothing the girls then followed their respective “Housemasters” up the large and winding staircase to one of four dormitories .Large austere rooms each had twenty five beds each and Harriet and Hermoine were pleased to see from their respective badges that they were both in “Slippering” house which was clearly denoted by the picture of a leather spanking slipper painted on “Slipperings” door.Master Cuntly was clearly “Slippering’s” house Master .“Stand by your beds” snapped Master Cuntly The nude girls could do nothing but obey as the cane in Master Cuntly’s hand was vibrating and itching for action! “There are showers at the end of the room” he pointed at a vestibule that said “Shower Room” “Next to the showers are the toilets” he went on .“The showers give water for ten minutes and kept at a constant freezing for your own benefit” “You will all poop at bedtime and again at five am “ “Each girl has been allocated a towel” he said holding up a small hand towel and smiling” “If you lose your towel, you will be caned”!“Oh fuck” thought Harriet and the cane quivered. “Yes” said Master Cuntly , “the cane can read minds” ….. “As can I” “ It was exactly seven forty five and the girls had five minutes to shit and ten minutes to shower in the pre frozen water.Harriet rather bravely put up her hand … “Please sir” she asked meekly“What said Cuntly” “What happens if I cant shit” said Harriet ,a question they had all thought but not dared to ask…..“Oh don’t worry about that girls” said Master Cuntly, “You will want to , believe me you will” !End of Chapter fourIn Chapter five we deal with “shitting ,showering and broomstick riding” And the famous “Hogsknob” chair of delight ………………………………………………….Chapter Five of Harriet Potter and the Ringpiece of fire“You have fifteen minutes to shit and shower” said Master CuntlyMolly Mingeworthy had also found that she was a member of “Slippering”And her arse was still bright red and stinging like fury from the caning.Mingewothy ,come here” said Master Cuntly.“Yes Sir” said Molly as she hurried to stand before the Mighty Wizard.“Your fat arse must be stinging” said Cuntly“It is sir” said Molly “Fortunately for you we have a magic lotion “ said Master Cuntly as he produced from nowhere a small jar of lotion.“This is a marvellous lotion which was invented by a former Grande High Wizard many years ago. His name was Master Geoffrey Posterior and it is very expensive but very effective for caned bottoms” Actually the lotion was made by magic at no cost whatsoever.“Bend over girl” said Cuntly.Molly bent over her allocated iron bedstead and presented her arse to Master Cuntly for “Posturisation” as he called it in respect for the old Wizard who had invented şişli escort this marvellous lotion.“Spread those cheeks” snapped Cuntly . Molly spread as wide as possible as she didn’t want another dose of that horrible cane again today.“Master Cuntly gently applied the lotion to Molly’s arse cheeks and it stung like hellfire but after a moment she could feel her bottom getting better and in fact was restored to its previous colour of pinkish white “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” said Molly as the feeling was very sensuous and her pussy was itching somewhat.Master Cunly poured another glob of the precious liquid onto his long middle finger and inserted it deeply into Molly’s arsehole!“Better to treat the whole area I always find” said Cuntly as he arse fingered Molly relentlessly .“Oooooooooooh” said Molly “Its very nice sir” “I know” said Cuntly, “You’re a very lucky girl” !Yet another glob of the magic elixir was applied the Wizard’s long finger as he changed holes and inserted his digit deeply into Molly’s cunt and began “frigging” the affected area.Molly’s gash was dripping wet as Cuntly magically enlarged his finger to eight inches and kept working away at Molly’s very naughty cunt!In just two minutes Molly was gasping for air as she went red in the face and orgasmed heavily. The cunt juice was now flowing like Niagara falls as Molly’s cuntal opening dilated spasmodically in perfect rhythm to her arsehole .“Mmmmmmmm Sir” That was wonderful ! “Thank you so very much Sir”…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..“Now” said Master Cuntly and the girls now knew the reason for the Wizards Name,” Its shitting and shower time , hurry up ,its lights out in but ten minutes”“Walk this way” said Cuntly and he lead the twenty five naughty girls to the vestibule which had twenty five identical toilets side by side with one inch separating each shitter.“Be seated” ordered Cuntly The twenty five girls seated there bare arses on the cold enamel bowls and nothing happened at all!“I cant shit” said Harriet. “Nor me” said Hermoine “We had a shit in the taxi on the way here “ said Harriet pleadingly.With a wave of his mighty knobstick , Cuntly created his favourite spell!Simultaneously the twenty five girls farted and shat ,farted some more and each girls arse ring parted and twenty five perfectly formed turds popped from their bottom holes in perfect unison!“Wow “ said Hermoine , “That was amazing”!Each girl wiped their respective bottoms with the cheap hard toilet paper we all know and love and flushed it down the loo!“Into the showers now” said Cuntly, “Hurry hurry” Opposite the toilet bowls was a shower area with twenty five shower heads but of course no separating walls. There was certainly no concept of pricacy at “Hogknob”The girls stood beneath the showers and waited.The water temperature was set fro freezing which was its warmest setting .The morning setting was minus two!With an almighty “whoosh” the freezing water cascaded from the showers drenching the girls in icy water.“Fucking hell” said Harriet . The other girls just looked pathetic as Cuntly made a note in his little magic book“Potter to be caned on the Morn” it read ….“28 strokes”For five full minutes the torrent went on freezing the tits of those girls who had tits and the arses of those that didn’t ….. which was all of them.The tiny hand towel was then used for drying which was totally inadequate but somehow they managed. Then “off to bed” Cuntly ordered and the girls scurried to their beds which had their names above them and a tiny bedside cabinet which contained their brown leather cases.“It is exactly four minutes to eight” said Master Cuntly. “We allow each girl five minutes of “frigging” time each bedtime but since you have wasted so much time you have but four minutes to take your pleasure” “This is the ONLY Time you will be allowed to masturbate” said Cuntly ,”so I suggest you start now as you will all be sound asleep by eight of the clock.Now we all know that witches wank pretty much all day long given the chance so the girls started straight away. Even Sally Simple the twelve year old needed a good wank and Molly Mingeworthy who had already cum was eager for another frigging!Needless the say Hermoine and Harriet wasted no time in pushing four fingers into there eager twats!The thin “duvets” supplied were soon pushed aside as twenty five girls began to pleasure their pussies.Harriet the worlds “wanking” champion was first to orgasm which started a chain reaction and soon all twenty five girls were moaning and groaning . Fingers were flying as each and every girl came with an almighty “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as they spunked off!Thirty seconds later the girls were all sound asleep “Dirty little fuckers” said Master Cuntly as he left them in the care of the resident “autocanes” hanging and quivering on the hooks at the end of the bed chamber.Pretty much the same scenario had been enacted in the other three dormitories .Mistress Potnoodle had “tagged” Tina Trollope for saying “cunt” when the showers started and put her down for twenty of the cane and an hour of “the chair of pleasure”She had also slippered the more mature Annie Fartington for twiddling with her pussy and nipples without permission.The “slipper” wasn’t actually a slipper as such but rather a leather paddle that was sort of “slipper” shaped and Annie had been over Mistress Potnoodle’s knee for a good whacking without the benefit of “Posturisation” afterwards. She had also been arsehole fingered thoroughly!Grandmaster Griffendome had no trouble to speak of with his girls but had subjected three of them to a good “finger fucking” because they were especially pretty and had nice bottoms and cunts.The last of the houses was “Birching” which was the domain of Grande Master Adolphus von Fuckstien of Bavaria, a rather sinister and younger Wizard who was a bit of a loner but nevertheless it was said “Had great and unusual powers” but no one knew who had said it. He was in charge of twenty two of the girls and the three “token” boys at the school. This was fine by Master Adolphus as he seemed a little gay at times and certainly the boys arses did seem to be “well used” and seemed to sport permanent erections of monumental proportions!Before retiring for the night it was the custom at “Hogknob” for the resident Grande Witch .ie Mistress Potnoodle to service the Grande Wizards either by fucking them senseless or making her very pretty arsehole available to them. Mistress Potnoodle was partial to having her ample arse birched before any favours were allowed and Master Griffendorf performed the honours that night by placing Mistress Potnoodle over the very same bench that had been used earlier to birch the Mistress with fifty of the very best lashes of the freshly cut birch rod. Each lash cut a swathe of twenty red marks into the good Mistresses arse which brought her to the very verge of orgasm . Following which the Grande Masters fucked her in the twat for what seemed an eternity except for Master Adolphus who buggered her arsehole as was expected.Finally Mistress Potnoodle dildoed herself to a giant and noisy orgasm with the largest dildo ever seen at sixteen inches long and made of solid leather!……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….At five sharp the bells rang and the girls of all houses were awake and grumpy . The “floating” canes were busy urging slowpokes into action and finally all the girls were seated ,doing their morning shit! No girl was naughty or swore because they now knew the consequence of doing so . They all plopped nicely and in good time and stepped into the showers for their minus freezing morning shower………..Two hundred nipples stood to attention as the icy water rained down on their nude bodies.The one good thing to be said for “Hogknob” was that NO germs ever got into the castle and therefore no student ever got ill.Also the diet at “Hogsknob” seemed meagre enough but it was nutritionally “perfect” and fat girls soon got slim and thin girls soon had a bit of meat on ‘em!The uniforms were as good as promised and “one size did fit all” as by magic of course each uniform “moulded” itself into the correct shape and size.The blazers were a very pretty shade of blue with matching “house” ties.The shoes were black and shiny and had three inch heels. The skirts were exactly one inch to short however and exposed each girls bottom by the regulation one inch!Very pretty indeed everyone agreed!How smart they all looked as they came down the grand stair case for breakfast. The girls all seated themselves on the still splintery benches awaiting their breakfasts of “rice crispies” and tea.There was the punishments to do before anyone could eat and Tina Trollope and Harriet Potter knew they were for it ! Tina was first and it was decided that Tina AND Harriet should have a taste of the “ chair of pleasure” as well as Harriet.Tina bent over the flogging stool with Harriet by her side and both girls were close to tears .“Its all very well for you bitch “ said Harriet, “Your only getting twenty” At that young Tina did start sobbing as she wasn’t so used to getting caned as Harriet.Tina’s mouth formed a perfect “O” as the first stroke landed across her cunt line!Harriet grit her teeth as usual and took it well until the second stroke landed in exactly the same spot! “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh” yelled Harriet! “Oooooooohhhhhhhhaaaa” said Tina!Tina’s bottom was well striped before she was sent to the corner to await the “chair of pleasure” ,whilst Harriet had eight more to come yet. It stung like hell of course but as usual Harriet’s cunt was steaming cunt juice by the twenty eighth stinger! Finally both girls were placed in the corner . Skirts raised as a warning to others . Both arses bright red and beautifully striped . The famous “Chairs of pleasure” were brought out and placed on the dais.The “Chair of Pleasure” was actually four chairs of pleasure but usually one was used at the time but occasionally all four had been used together for “special events”They were quiet simple devices made cheaply but so very effective being a simple oak stool with a very low back , very ordinary really except …. Except for the huge anal or cuntal dildo which was jointed in the seat .The dildo was cock shaped and eight inches long as very thick being made from the finest hardwood from Togoland and polished to perfection by craftsmen and oiled with the finest lubricant. Not so bad you might think? But it was in fact much worse than anyone could imagine . The Chairs of pleasure were feared and loathed by all but the bravest witches in the land.Mounting the Dais the two naughty girls were made to crouch over the dildo’s and allow the eight inches of wood penetrate their cunts. This wasn’t easy even for Harriet and she used all of her witch powers to accommodate the huge cocks. Tina struggled for a while but managed to get the whole dick in after a few minutes. .The power of the chairs of pleasure was not in magic but in the essence of the wood. It had a slightly irritating affect which was tolerable for a few minutes but as time went by the irritation became unbearable and the girls began to wriggle in discomfort more and more. Tina and Harriet did everything in their power to get comfortable but the irritation was wearing them down second by second . They just couldn’t sit still ……… and that was the secret of the “chair/s of pleasure. There was nothing for it but for Tina and Harriet to raise their arses to relieve the itching right to the top of the wooden cocks and then ………. Drop down again . Then up again ,and down yet again ….. The irritation was driving them both crazy as they were up and down on the huge dildo’s until at last the girls were effectually “fucking themselves”!What Tina or Harriet did not know was that the chairs were to be “ridden” not for a few minutes but for three hours! In the first twenty minutes both girls had four orgasms each and their pussy’s were so very sore . When an hour had passed the agony was excruciating but the girls had no option but to keep fucking their own cunts! By the second hour Harriet was bawling for mercy and Tina was close to dying! Both girls shit themselves after two and a half hours and still there ordeal was not over! Harriet was a bigger girl and her legs were finally giving up whilst Tina was lighter but not as strong. The world record for the “Chair of Pleasure” was currently held by a Russian witch at an incredible “SIX” hours!On the tlast second of the third hour Harriet and Tina were braying like donkeys… Nothing on earth would ever get them back on the “Chairs of Pleasure”!!!!!The very thought of being arse fucked of these devilish chairs was beyond imagination .“Posterisation lotion was quickly applied to the girls tenderised arseholes and the pain was soon subsiding. Not only that but the girls had missed their rice crispies and tea . They were starving! And they still had a full day in front of them including “broom riding”!“Mistress Potnoodle took pity on the two pathetic specimens and gave them a bowl of Shreddies each and a cold cup of tea.Little did Harriet and Tina know was that Mr Shagrod, the gamekeeper, handyman and general ne’er do well was currently working on a “sawhorse” punishment device on which naughty witches would be “straddled “ for hours on end with the sharp triangular wood cut into their pussy’s and arseholes!Shagrod was a cross between a giant and a human and stood eight feet tall and he like pretty girls rather too much.Outside in the giant central courtyard the “brooms “ had been released and two girls from each house had been selected to go for a “road test”.It was all a dangerous business ,but no girl or boy had actually been killed in the act of broom riding although a few had been maimed!“Witches cannot fly “ explained Master Cuntly , a past champion broom racer. “The broomsticks do all the flying and the witch merely steers the broom “ he went on.Hermoine had been volunteered for “slippering” and Peggy Pooper was riding for “Caning” “Broomsticks today” said Cuntly “do all the work for you ,unlike in my day with yer double de clutching and all” “They even have “cruise control” and handle bars to steer with” he mumbledThe “sticks” did in fact look pretty modern these days being smooth wooden stick with a traditional brush on one end (for effect it was said” Handle bars on the other and along with some “high tech “stuff had two prominent “pegs” . One for cunt entry which gave excellent manoeuvrability and another for arsehole entry as an extra feature for height control!Peggy Pooper mounted the stick first and the pegs were oiled for an easy insertion . The cunt plug first which seemed to vibrate with power .

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