Headmaster’s Punishment Part 1


Headmaster’s Punishment Part 1There is a hesitant tap on the headmasters door.”Come in” Mr Garvey repliesAndrea walked in, her head is slightly bowed a worried expression on her face as she steps forward to hand the headmaster a note. He takes it and quickly read the contents while she stands nervously beside the door. Andrea looks down at her black shoes before bringing her gaze upwards to her white knee length socks, bottle green skirt and pale green blouse. He sighs and look up at her “Let me have it then” he asks wearily and she hand him a mobile phone. The screen comes to life with a shaky clip of video, Mr Garvey recognise the inside of a school toilet the voice of a Sixth Form boy, then Andrea’s head fills the picture. She is keeling in front of him, her hair is braided in a blond platt as it is now but unlike now her uniform blouse is open revealing a low cut black lace bra which is loosing the battle to contain two perky teen breasts.There is a smile on her face as she touches the cameraman’s erect cock, running her fingertips gently bahis siteleri along it’s shaft from tip to balls. With one hand she peels back his foreskin to expose its head and cup his balls with the other. The boy gasps as she begins to move her hand up and down his shaft, her smile is wider, there is a hungry look in her eyes as she stares straight at the camera. Never breaking eye contact her head descends downward to the tip of his straining cock, her moist tong extending between crimson lips wetting them seductively. She is gently massaging the boy’s cock with one hand and teasing his balls with the other, he is moaning slightly. Andrea smiles and draws his straining cock head to her lips. planting a light kiss on its tip. Her nubile teenage tong darts out and traces a trail of saliva around it before licking her way to the boy’s balls. She nibbles on them gently before returning her attentions to the tip of his engorged cock. “Ready?” she whispers pulling back his foreskin, her crimson lips engulf his member and the picture begins canlı bahis to blur as the young cameraman give in to the sensation of this teenage cock-sucker greedily swallowing him. One hand holds his cock tight and hard against his balls while the other grips his ass, pulling him firmly into her. Andrea moves her mouth gently at first slowly building up the tempo felling his head against the roof of her mouth pressing it upwards with her tong. It doesn’t take long before the boy grunts and stiffens, his load already on its way, Andrea doesn’t flinch but keeps his cock held firmly in her mouth. She feels the first spirt while its still inside him and takes his warm salty offering a moment later before savouring the sensation of his load slipping down her throat. Releasing his cock she looks up at the camera smiling sweetly, “lovely” she says and the video stops.There is silence in the office and Mr Garvey places the phone gently on his desk, Andrea is standing meekly head down chin on her chest, trying not to cry. The head teacher looks güvenilir bahis her in the eye.” I would say this isn’t the first time you have done this is it?””No sir” she replies quietly “Many more videos?””No sir, just this one”Pity he thinks before turning his mind about what to do with this contrite young vixen. “You are aware that this sort of behaviour should lead to your expulsion?”Andrea flinches at the thought, a letter to her o so strict parents, the disgrace, the humiliation, the lack of cock, no it couldn’t happen. “Please sir not that, not so close to my exams, I couldn’t take the, if my parents…” her voice trailed off.Mr Garvey smiled inwardly this is what he wanted the girl had to be compliant, keeping his face a stern mask of outrage the headmaster danced a jig in his head. “Very well Andrea I will have to consider some alternative punishment for you, you are a remarkably bright student and you are expected to do very well in your examinations it would be a shame to jeopardise your future over this incident. However you have committed a very serous offence and I shall have to make the punishment aproproiatly severe.”Andrea slowly raised her head and looked her headmaster in the eye, “Sir, I will do anything you ask.””Yes” replied Mr Garvey, “you will.”

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