Hearing Sheila’s moans in the next room


Hearing Sheila’s moans in the next roomMy Boss informed he would send me to a conference round in a far city and he gave me the choice to pick up my own female companionship.I used to travel with Angela, a very efficient but boring lady. She was older than me; a very good looking woman, longtime married. But she was hetero and had never accepted my sexual insinuations…This time Angela was ill; so my new choice was Sheila, a skinny redhead in her early thirties, married and social. She was also a real workaholic…While on the plane to our destiny, Sheila bored me with work schedules and stuff, until eventually I just tuned her out entirely.We get to our hotel late in the evening and after checking in we went for dinner at the lobby bar. There were many gentlemen in their business suits, staring at Sheila and me from across the bar.My nice partner girl looked fine. She was wearing a sexy outfit; a tight skirt and a transparent white blouse. I could see her dark nipples through the thin material. All of a sudden I felt getting wet between my thighs…We had a nice meal for dinner and invited Sheila for a coffee at the bar.She insisted talking about schedules, until I told her I was a bit tired. So I left her there with her boring papers halkalı escort and I went upstairs to my room. I called my loving husband; who was at home, to tell him about the flight and some other things. Victor asked me if I would spend the night alone and I joked, telling him that none of the cocks I had seen around, were worth for a good fuck…Victor laughed, saying I was a liar…I read a book in bed for a short while and then I turned the lights off.Sheila had the room next to mine and I heard her door shut around the same time that I turned my lights out. I closed my eyes in the darkness, but then I heard a man’s voice in Sheila’s room, along with hers. They were talking and laughing loud; I then realized that the walls were a bit thin. After a while, everything was quiet; but that only for a couple of minutes. First, I heard Sheila’s bed creaking. I took me some time before I realized that my sexy secretary and the mystery man were having sex there. I tried to ignore it, but as the bed creaking became louder, I knew there was no point. I got turned on myself and all of a sudden I felt my own wetness. I heard Sheila starting to gasp not so loud.The taksim escort creaking of the bed became even louder and I now could hear the sounds of flesh smacking flesh. The tempo of penetration increased as well, and the gasping became moaning. I could not help my voyeur whishes came out from my dirty mind.I then got out of bed and took off my damp thong. I moved to place my ear on the wall to hear the two of them in greater detail. The fucking now was becoming faster and the man was pumping Sheila at full speed. Now she was grunting more than moaning. Her sounds were muffled, as if she had a pillow on her face; but yet it was still loud enough to the point where I did not have to put my ear close to the wall anymore. This went on for over half an hour. During this time, I kept fingering myself, getting my wet cunt swollen and slippery with my own juices. As Sheila grunted while she was coming, I also felt my climax taking my whole body and I fell on my knees onto the carpet, as I had a very intense orgasm. I had to bite my lips to avoid they could hear me across the thin wall.I went again to my bed and spread my thighs to caress my cunt softly between my naughty fingers, as I recovered my şişli escort normal breath.A while later happened something that was amazing. Sheila’s mystery lover apparently changed position and he started fucking her so hard that she was moaning louder instead of grunting. I could even hear a different type of flesh slapping, as if the man’s thrusts were hitting Sheila’s nice round ass cheeks. It looked as if they were in doggie style…The man suddenly stopped, but he started again.I then heard Sheila’s pain cries. She begged him to get some lube from her purse. So the bastard was trying to fuck my sexy coworker up her tight ass.Soon the bed started to creak again and both of then fucked during another ten minutes. Sheila’s grunts were muffled; but it seemed like she was bearing a very painful fucking session in her ass.Another ten minutes later, I heard Sheila’s door opening and shutting, signifying that the unknown stranger was finally done for the evening.In the morning, I met up with Sheila at breakfast. She looked great, a little more relaxed than the day before. I smiled at her; but Sheila then looked kind of embarrassed, maybe by thinking that I had heard her marathon fuck session from the night before.As we had breakfast, she brought up the topic of the day’s work reports.While Sheila was showing me some boring schedules and spreadsheets, I just thought on how I could pound during the night that nice round young asshole of hers with my strap on rubber dildo I had brought with me. I was sure Sheila was straight; but she would not feel any difference at all…

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