HeatwaveTo start our story my name is Gem and my boyfriend is Owen, we are a young couple who live in England in Bedfordshire in a small market town and have done for the last year. This was our first home together and the pair of us feel very happy and in love (and lust), we are both attractive and we have always enjoyed being extrovert and a little bit naughty. When we moved in it was the height of summer and we were both keen to catch some sun and get some nice tans so we retreated to the garden and spent many a day out the back getting nice and tanned. Our garden is fairly well hidden from view so privacy is not a problem although one house at the bottom of the garden did have a view point of our sunbathing patio but due to the man that lived in the house being away on business we did not see much of him so felt it was safe to sunbathe in view of the house. One afternoon it was particularly hot and I decided that going topless was a good idea. I had done this many times before and enjoyed it in the garden as its more private plus Owen liked me to get lovely brown boobs, so topless I went. Many times when sun bathing I wear a pair of bikini briefs that tie at the sides and my mp3 player that I listen to or occasionally read, That day I had on the mp3 and was very relaxed Owen had gone indoors to fetch me a drink and get changed himself. I was half sleeping whilst listening to music çankırı escort when Owen heard a car pull up in our neighbours drive. Shit! It was our neighbour Ted obviously back from business early and hopefully not going to pop his head over the fence and say hi! Owen at this point was upstairs getting changed whilst I was down on the patio area lying on my back shades on with my 34ff boobs out getting a very good tan developing having a great time. Ted had walked into the front of his house so there was no problem I was not spotted, meanwhile Owen went into the kitchen to get the drinks. At this point I was still unaware that Ted the neighbour had come home and decided that I would give Owen a naughty treat before he came back out so I slipped of the bikini bottoms and put both of my legs up onto the lounger so that my shaven pussy was totally in view and exposed. Being this naughty was something that we fantasised about and I was getting very wet thinking about Owen getting horny and how naughty it was. When he did come out he nearly split those drinks as he saw me lying there all brazen and wet. Just thought I would get an all over tan! I stated. We started kissing and he began rubbing my pussy ‘god your wet gemma’ he said and it was true! I was soaked and he jumped back indoors ‘where are you going’ I shouted but shouldn‘t have bothered, in our bedroom I have a little cupboard escort çankırı which contains all my sex toys my favourite being a mulatto 6 inch realistic cock which I received for Christmas. This was quickly brought out and he lay next to me and fed it up my pussy slowly ‘urghhh!’ that‘s good I groaned!. He began slowly at first feeding the head into my wet pussy stretching it and getting the entire length gradually pushed in, it felt so dirty in the back garden in the sun and open air but I just did not care I wanted to act like the slut we had spoken about in the past. The sun was beating down on my body and I was shaking and sweating all over the lounger, my pussy juice covering the toy I must have looked like a complete whore! With my big ass on the lounger legs spread apart and a shaven pussy full of a black dildo and being fucked with it by my boyfriend. I knew after a few minutes of the toy he would want to fuck me indoors and do it properly on the bed but this was so good and he knew I loved it. I came loudly in the garden creaming all over his hand and that black rubber cock. It felt so dirty and horny but so good. We shot upstairs so I could finish him off, as I got into the bedroom and glanced out the window I shut the curtains then to my utter shock received the most erotic experience of my life. Our neighbour Ted was sat in the corner of his garden behind bushes çankırı escort bayan masturbating a HUGE cock it must have been about nine – ten inch long he was staring intently at Owen who was picking up my stuff from around the lounger and trying to get indoors as quick as possible and then it dawned on me he had seen the whole thing! Every dirty detail I just hoped he didn‘t have a way to record it! When Owen did get upstairs I told him what had happened but this only made us hornier, for the next hour I fucked and sucked and done all the naughty things we could do to each other. Ted was mentioned several times during the session Owen whilst we were fucking asked me if I wanted to fuck him as well because of that big cock of his. He asked me directly if I wanted to try to seduce the neighbour I replied that I did and I want to sample that great big cock of his and try to suck it as well, getting it in my mouth and be a good little slut for my man lots of pillow talk! During the session I opened the windows and curtains wide I wanted to be really vocal so perhaps Ted could hear us, Owen fucked me on all fours my back and even bent me over he edge of the bed and pushed his thumb into my arse hole as he fucked my pussy telling me that it was another cock it felt so good to be a total slut that afternoon. Eventually we finished and the next day we were up bright and early Owen went out to get a paper, on the way he bumped into Ted morning he stated ‘lovely day to improve my tan!’ he said Ted apparently went bright red and mumbled some thing about it being hot!! I still might try and seduce him though! A true story Gem xxx

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