Helena and her dark stallion


Helena and her dark stallionHelena and her dark stallionAna’s girlfriend Helena and her cuckold husband Jorge had bought a farm in the country, not so far from town. During the fall, they invited Ana and me to spend a weekend there.Ana was very happy, because she loves the country life, milking cows, feeding ducks and goose, riding horses. She is a real amazon lady…We spent the Saturday having some riding and walking. We all went to bed early… this time it was Ana with me and Helena with her husband.Sunday morning I woke up early and found Jorge taking a light breakfast in the kitchen. He told me he was in a hurry, because something had occurred in the hardware system at his office and, although it was Sunday, they needed him there as soon as possible to solve that matter.Before leaving, Jorge told me that Helena was milking the cow in the barn, to get some fresh milk for our breakfast.I was curious about Helena good behavior. I suspected she was hiding something. So, bearing in mind my sweet Ana would be in bed for two more hours at least, I decided to pay a visit to her slut friend in the barn.When I got near the place, I saw Helena from the back. pendik escort I was not surprised to see her butt naked. I knew she was a bitch, but it was a curious place to have a meeting with a lover. I wandered who her lover was, there in the middle of nowhere, just when her cuckold husband had to rush so quickly.But then I understand everything. Helena was squatting down under her favorite horse Blue, a very elegant dark skinned young stallion. She was stroking his twenty inch rock hard horse cock. That bitch was also licking the pre-cum off his huge penis.I would have thought I could have been disgusted by this scenario, but I was totally turned on, watching my wife’s girlfriend starting to have an intercourse session with her dark stallion.Helena could not see me; so, I took my hard cock out and started jacking off. Watching that sexy woman sucking a horse’s cock was way beyond hot.Then she stood up and bent over at the waist, moving under Blue. Her head was almost between his front legs as she reached around and grabbed his huge swollen cock and started rubbing his giant cockhead up and down her already dripping pussy.He was hunching his escort pendik ass and I knew he wanted his cock in Helena’s pussy. I thought there was no way he was going to get that giant pole in her cunt.But I was wrong. That horse cockhead was at least four inches thick…Helena rubbed it up and down her swollen slit a few more times and then pushed back and I watched in amazement as the huge cockhead and about twelve or more inches of that magnificent piece disappeared into her cunt.She put one hand against his back leg, to keep him from ramming his full twenty inches up in her and found her clit with her other hand. Even though she was keeping him from burying his whole giant cock in her pussy, the horse was still giving her a good fifteen inches with every faster stroke.I could see by the expressions on her sensual face that Helena was really enjoying it. Her dark horse had her all stretched out. He started pumping her even faster than any man could…and finally cum in her hungry cunt.Helena’s eyes were closed and her face was contorted in ecstasy as she too was getting her own orgasm, taking care of her clit with her soft fingers.The horse’s cum pendik escort bayan flooded her pussy and ran down her long legs like a river and that caused me to let go my load as I watched them.Helena was enjoying getting horse fucked by the way her legs were shaking and I was surprised that she was still able to stand on her feet.Much to her credit she did not fall to the ground, but stayed right there under Blue until his huge cock softened and fell out of her swollen well used cunt.Like a plunger it pulled another torrent of his remaining cum out of her stretched cunt and sent it spilling all over the ground. With shaky legs she turned around and squatted down under him and started very gently kissing and stroking his cum and pussy juice soaked cock.I had always known Helena was a real slut and a cuckold wife, but never thought she could the way of being such a horse lover…As she sucked that giant penis clean, I quietly put my cock inside my trousers and slipped out of there, going back to the house. I went to call my sweet Ana, telling her that Helena would bring some fresh milk for breakfast.When we went to the kitchen, Helena was there, already boiling the milk.She kissed a warm good morning to Ana and then came closer to me. The bitch stared at me with her sluttiest look and then she whispered in my ear:“Hope you have enjoyed the show out there in the barn…”

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