Help from IT pt 8


Help from IT pt 8Chapter 8Saturday was such an odd experience, Charlie couldn’t remember the last time he slept so well, and when he woke he was full of ideas an inspiration. The morning flew by as he worked through designs, occasionally stopping to refine or adjust his work, but it felt like every idea he had was coming out fully finished. This kind of inspiration was amazing, he thought to himself during a short lunch break before jumping right back to his projects.A few hours later his phone chirped. It was a message from Dani. A picture. His pulse quickened before he even opened it up and when he did he wasn’t disappointed. Dani was laying across his desk, wearing only a black shirt, and the garter belt and stockings from the night before with the caption “Excuse me, do you have a position I can help you with sir?””Be careful what you send me, you will give me all sorts of bad ideas!””Sounds like a challenge!! ;)” she responded, and after a few minutes a new picture came in. This time she was on her hands and knees on his desk, her ass high in the air.Without realizing it Charlie started rubbing his cock through his pants, it was so hard it was straining, and all he could think about was how amazing Dani was.”OMG! Mr Andersen almost just saw me! gotta go ttyl!”Charlie laughed at how panicked Dani probably was right now, and then he got lost again in the thought of her being naked in his office. She had just sent him pics in her lingerie in his office. Fuck. He went back to looking at them and absently stroking himself before he realized he had his cock out and was jerking off furiously as he thought about climbing on the desk and fucking Dani senseless. His orgasm was almost as good as any he had last night. Almost.Resuming work was surprisingly easy, his inspiration was still so close to the surface that he couldn’t help but tap into it. Before he knew it, it had already gotten dark outside and way later than he realized, as he finished and saved up his last project his stomach reminded him of exactly what time it was. After making himself some dinner, he sat down on his couch to watch some tv to pass the time, but Dani was the only thing on his mind.”Hey sexy. Got a TON of work done today, and now all I can think about is you””Just getting ready for bed :* can’t wait to see you tomorrow, text me when you get up?” was attached to a picture of Dani in her bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body.”Sure thing babe. Have a good night!”The next morning Charlie woke up feeling every bit as rested as he had the morning before, despite having some very hot dreams. A nice hot shower was going to feel good, he thought to himself as he absently stroked his morning erection. Reaching to his bad side table he grabbed his phone. The picture he sent Dani showed the outline of his very hard cock through his sheet. “Guess who I was dreaming of? Going to grab a shower quick then I was thinking of brunch, sound good?”Feeling the warm water on his body was as good as Charlie had expected, showers were such a simple luxury, but one he always kadıköy escort appreciated. Soaping Dani up in the shower was definitely on his to do list, just thinking about her got his cock throbbing again and he started stroking it without even realizing. It wasn’t until he was about to explode, thinking about how amazing it felt when she sucked him dry, that he realized he was jerking off. Got to save that for Dani, my cock is all hers now, he chuckled to himself as he rinsed off before getting out of the shower, drying off, and heading to his bedroom to dress. His phone was on the corner of the bed, and he could see it was flashing. “I’m really hungry! come satisfy me he he he””Heading over now babe, can’t wait to see you” He sent back before heading out to his car. It was a nice warm day, the sun was shining, the sky was a really clear blue, it was a perfect day for driving. Charlie turned on the radio, found some good music and turned it way up. It felt like it was going to be an amazing day. It seemed like he had just gotten started driving when he found himself already pulling into Dani’s driveway, and he felt like he was floating as he walked up to her door.As she opened the door, charlie realized just how beautiful Dani was. She was fairly dressed down, wearing just a green spaghetti strap tank top and a pair of dark short shorts, but her hair was up in a pony tail, she was wearing some hoop earrings and just a hint of makeup. Nothing glamorous and yet she looked simply amazing. He swept her in his arms and gave her a hug and a quick kiss before stepping inside.”Morning sexy. Damn you look amazing!” He smiled as he slid an arm around her waist as they headed to the kitchen.”You smell great” She giggled as she squeezed close to him. Charlie pulled her closer and they stood in the middle of the kitchen together for several minutes absorbing each other. It felt so right to have her in his arms, I have to get to know this girl better he thought to himself when an idea came to him.”Lets go for a drive. It is a beautiful day outside, and I want to share it with you.” Her smile was encouraging, but he sould see an edge of nervousness. “You ok?””Yeah… I just… I don’t… well… I don’t really go out like this?””Really? You look great. Even in the slacks and shirt look you do at work you definitely have something going on””What do you mean by that?” she got inquisitive and gave him a curious look.”Only good things,” he said as he gave her a quick hug “remember that I was the one who got us started. The first time I saw you I knew immediately that there was something different about you. I can’t describe it, but I just knew I wanted to get to know you more. And then I saw you were wearing panties. It isn’t something I can explain, but I knew for sure that I didn’t just want to, but I had to!”She smiled and gave him a hug before he continued.”So I was thinking you could grab some music, we could hit up the farmers market, then maybe drive to a nice place for a picnic. Seems like beylikdüzü escort a perfect day to spend out and together, right?””I would really like that.” she smiled as she hugged him tight again.”Perfect!” he said before kissing her and smacking her on the ass. “In that case we need a few things, do you have a blanket or something you can grab? I can head to the kitchen to get anything I think we can use.””Yes sir.” she giggled as she headed out of the kitchen and down the hall. Charlie started searching for some cutlery and glasses that would travel well, as well as a few odds and ends he thought might be useful, placing them all in a bag on the table. Dani came skipping in with a big plaid wool blanket rolled up and filling her arms, her phone in her hand.”I just put a bunch of stuff on my phone, and I think this should do the trick.”With a big smile, Charlie grabbed the bag, the blanket, and Dani and swept them all out to his car. She started looking through music as he stashed all the picnic supplies, by the time he was done she had picked something amazing they were off and heading to the market. The music was something familiar but he couldn’t quite place it and as they got to talking music, Charlie realized just how similar their tastes were. Dani was a little more deep and intense with her tastes, but they were all bands he liked, or bands he liked that he didn’t know the names of. Every time he shouted “No way, that is who this is?” she laughed, and every time he heard that laugh he just wanted to reach over and kiss her. It was a shame he was driving, he thought to himself.The trip through the market ended up being way more involved than either expected, there were so many things to see, smell, and taste, and they wanted to explore them all. The sheer number of fruits and vegetables was dwarfed only by the variety of flowers, every color and shape possible.”You look like a smart man, come get your girlfriend some flowers!” a man in one stall called as he waved them over. The look on Dani’s face pulled him over harder than her hand in his, and before he knew it he was handing her a nice bouquet of flowers.”Good man,” the seller said with a wink “with a bouquet like that you will have a great day for sure!””Oh he is going to have a great day, and an even better night!” Dani giggled as she squeezed Charlie before they headed back into the market hand in hand.As they continued throught he market stalls they kept talking, about themselves, their pasts and experiences. The more they shared, the more they realized they had in common, the more lucky Charlie realized he was. This girl was radiant, hilarious, and sharp as a razor, there wasn’t anything about her he didn’t enjoy. They were so caught up in conversation and exploration that they hardly even noticed the time, and it was late afternoon before they knew it. The first hint was Charlie’s stomach, the rumbling was enough to startle a small c***d walking nearby, getting a laugh from both of them.A change of plans was drawn up taksim escort immediately. Dani grabbed a few more things from a butcher and declared,”This has been terribly fun, but we are heading back to my place right now so I can make you some dinner. You have been so wonderful all day and I want to make it up to you!””Can’t argue with my lady now can I?” he said as he wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her “and I really am starving, thank you.”Dani had some real skills in the kitchen, Charlie was amazed to see how fast and sure she was with her knives. She quickly broke down a whole chicken and a sackful of vegetables before he even knew it. He decided to help by opening some wine and pouring them both a glass before slicing up some of the cheese from the market, some crackers and a few light vegetables would make a perfect snack while they waited for the main course to finish. Dani got a big smile after placing the chicken in the oven and turning to see what Charlie had been up to. They headed to the living room to snack and talked more, sharing stories of people, places and things they had done.Relationships naturally came up, and Charlie had plenty of stories of old flames and things gone wrong, but Dani didn’t say much. At first he didn’t want to pry, but then reminded himself of just how close they had gotten, and figuring with the rest of the things he had done to her, asking questions wasn’t a big deal.”So… You haven’t said much, haven’t you done much dating?””Well… not really. I dated a girl for a few months before I moved up here, but. Yeah… Not really. Is that bad?” she asked quietly.”Not at all.” Charlie laughed, smiling broadly to try and disarm the look he saw creeping into her eyes. “I like you just the way you are. All the girls I have dated have just been missing something. You have a special kind of beauty that they never could. It really it amazing. You are amazing. Having my monitor go to crap was the best things that has ever happened to me because it brought me to you.” he said as he reached out to pull her closer to him.As soon as his arm was around her, she was in his lap.”I just… sometimes I just get nervous. You treat me so well, but I worry about..” she trailed off as she looked down to her lap.With a laugh Charlie pushed her back onto the couch and pulled her shorts off in a smooth motion. His hand ran across the front of her panties as he moved on top of her and began kissing her fiercely. The more he kissed her, the more he could feel her swelling, and her panties were barely holding her in.”I am more interested in making you happy and making you feel good than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, I am still getting used to my girfriend having a cock, but you are so much more than just that.” he peeled her panties down and took her in his hands as he kept talking between kisses. “When I was giving you that massage and you creamed your panties was one of the sexiest things ever. I knew right then that I wanted to make you cum a lot more!”Dani was moaning and squirming with pleasure as she was getting stroked. Before he even knew it she screamed out and thrust her hips against him and was pumping her cream across his fingers. He kept stroking her, working every last drop from her as she softened in his hands. It took a moment for her to get her breath back, but when she did she had only two words.”Fuck me!”

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