Her First – My First Chapter 2


Her First – My First Chapter 2Just to be clear, this is a total fantasy. It never happened, it has nothing to do with anyone I know, the names are made up, yada, yada, yada. Hope you enjoy, if you do give it a thumbs up, want to comment? I’d appreciate that. Hate this? Sorry I missed the mark, if you need to give it a thumbs down tell me why and I will try harder to meet your expectations. Nuff said, time to read some smut…I wrapped my arms around Cara drawing her tits against my chest, her nipples were hard as rocks against me and I wanted desperately to touch her everywhere all at once. Even though I had just cum so hard I thought I would explode, my arousal seemed not to have waned.Our lips touched again and I pressed my tongue against her lips that parted letting me into her mouth. The taste of my cum had weakened on her tongue, but the warmth of her mouth and the way she worked her tongue against mine was as sensual as anything I had ever experienced. My fingers found the clasp on her bra, I needed no instructions on how this worked and deftly released the clasp and letting the elastic pull away from my hands. I felt her breasts relax against my chest.I relaxed my arms and I think Cara anticipated my need and moved back a little and dropped her arms releasing her boobs from the bra that fell to the floor. I had an unobstructed view of them for the first time and was mesmerized at them close up. I hesitated and then felt her take my hand and place it firmly on her left tit. I had no idea what a breast would feel like, I had seen so many porn videos but the feel of something is so different that seeing it. I didn’t need to look at my hand on her breast, I could feel how firm it was, yet soft, and her nipple was so hard, yet rubbery feeling as my palm passed over it.Cara bent her head and gave me a little more room and watched as my left hand moved up and I held her other breast. I cupped them, feeling their weight, I loved how they sagged a little, taking a shape that was nothing like the shape when they were in a bra. We have a neighbor, probably 64 years old, that never wears a bra, but her boobs are huge and hang garishly to her waist. I often watched her raking her lawn and watching those huge boobs sway under her t-shirt. Cara’s small amount of sag was seductive and I loved having them in my hands.“Larry, I think we should get on the bed, I really need you to take my virginity, I hope you still want to,” Cara said as she pulled me by the hand and led me down the hall to her bedroom. Her room still looked like it did when she lived here, normal school age posters and pictures, and as we passed her dresser drawer I looked into the open drawer that held all her pretty things. Cara stopped, “do you want me to wear something special?” She asked.I nodded yes, “I love those white meshy panties,” I said blushing because for some reason it seemed like I was admitting to doing something stupid, yet I was still wearing her panties that were now soaked in cum and her saliva from the blow job she gave me. I watched as Cara slipped out of the panties she was wearing and pulled the white mesh panty on. It was a high leg style and she looked so sexy wearing them and I immediately cupped her pussy and felt her arousal seep through the mesh fabric.“These don’t hold my juices so well,” she said as she pulled my hand away and licked the creamy discharge off the palm of my hand. “I hope you like the taste of me as well as I do.” She said and pulled me to the bed. Cara rolled onto the bed lying with her legs spread bahis firmaları forming a V in front of me. “Now you get your first lesson in pleasing a woman,” Cara said as she reached for my hand and pulled me towards her, “Lie on your tummy between my legs, I will tell you exactly how to get me ready for you to deflower me.”She smiled and said, “now pull the panty aside and slowly slide your thumb down my outer lips until you feel where I am wet, never touch a woman between her lips until your fingers are lubricated.” I followed her instructions, her shaved skin was so smooth and before I got half way down her slit I felt how wet she was. I rubbed my thumb into the creamy fluid and she smiled, “good, now slide your thumb between my lips and slowly slide up until you feel my clit and circle around it.”My hand was shaking, I could smell the scent of her arousal and the heat seemed like the sun was shining on my face. I knew how porn stars did this and didn’t wait for further instructions. As I felt her nub I circled around as she said and then spread her lips apart letting her clit expand in front of me. I opened my mouth and put my lips around that rubbery nub and flicked my tongue across her clit. I felt her jerk and looked up to see if I had done something wrong.“Ummm, I don’t need to tell you what to do, you must have studied this in porn videos because you just made it feel so good.” Cara said as she looked down at me and I continued. I could see she had propped herself up with a couple pillows so she could watch me eat her pussy. I had never done this but having watched so many videos I really did know how the porn stars did it.I moved both arms inside her legs spreading them further apart and watched as her labia spread open, using my fingers I spread her labia wide open and admired her hot pink colored sex, it was glistening with her arousal and my saliva and I could plainly see her opening, the place we both wanted me to be. I made a long slow pass from near her ass hole all the way to the smooth skin above her clit. I watched as her skin turned to goose bumps from the sensation. Using just the tip of my finger I traced a line around her opening, the slippery fluid coated the tip of my finger.I looked up at her, Cara’s eyes were fixed on me as I sucked the tip of my finger, the thick creamy fluid tasted wonderful and the scent had my cock hard as a rock. I dipped my finger just inside her pussy as I made strong eye contact with her, she sucked in her breath and I felt her body quiver. “Carefully push your finger inside of me Larry,” Cara said in a hoarse whisper, “but don’t break my hymen with it, I want you to do that with your cock.”I pressed my middle finger into her and felt her opening contract around my invasion, I marveled at the complexity of her pussy. “There was so much going on down here,” I thought as I felt her relax and open again. I slid in a bit more and felt some resistance, “that must be it,” I said as I pressed against her hymen, “will it hurt?” I asked.“Some say it hurts like hell,” Cara said, “Others tell me they couldn’t tell, but I know that before we get off this bed you will have taken my virginity and in that same act I will have taken yours. Does that bother you?” She asked.“No,” I said, “I guess I never thought about a guy losing his virginity, I mean I have jerked off so many times,” I said and added a second finger again marveling how her pussy opened to accommodate the extra invasion. I bent forward and kissed either side of her opening and pulled my fingers out. kaçak iddaa I watched as her opening remained open for a few seconds and then seemed to close again.Cara raised her knees up and spread her legs apart and she opened again and I could see inside of her, without any hesitation or instruction I slid my tongue inside of her as far as I could, my nose bumping against her clit as I started to fuck her with my tongue. She moaned and grabbed my hair pulling me hard against her sopping wet pussy. I loved the feel of her labia against the side of my mouth, so wet and smooth, slickened with our play, I knew what I wanted but also wanted to make her cum this way. I moved a thumb up above her clit and pressed down against it making circular movements as my tongue slid back inside of her. The scent of her arousal drove me into a frenzy.I felt her move, her hips began moving against my thumb and my mouth and then she stopped and became rigid and I heard her moan and the fluid increased. I knew she was cumming, she was silent except for an occasional whimper and them she humped against my face. “I need you Larry, I need you inside of me.”I raised up slowly, my lips covered in her cum and I moved deliberately to her lips and fed her the creamy fluid from her cum, just as she had done for me. Her tongue darted into my mouth and across my lips, she cleaned me completely and her breathing became frantic, “it is time Larry,” Cara said as I rose onto my knees.“I don’t think I need to instruct you,” Cara said, “nature seems to help us know what to do, but please be gentle, I want this to be something special for both of us.”I looked down and Cara’s panty had covered her pussy. Her fingers pulled the fabric up as she said, “slide your cock between me and the panty, I want to see it inside my panties.”I did as she asked and felt her smooth skin on the underside of my cock, the feeling was nothing like my hand and honestly nothing like her mouth when she had given me a blow job. I felt in control of the situation, she was lying on her back, legs spread and I watched as my cock slid up inside her white mesh panty. The feeling of her skin was smoother than the panty fabric, I wanted to know what it felt like to be inside her yet seeing my cock in her panty seemed so special as well.I felt Cara arch her back and knew what she wanted. I slipped my cock against her labia and felt those puffy lips part inviting me to go where no man had ever been, inside her vaginal canal. Cara was so wet from her first cum and I felt her hand as she guided me to her opening. I looked into her eyes, she smiled, I didn’t ask or hesitate, I knew what she wanted.I pressed forward, her pussy opened as my tip began its invasion of her body. I watched her face and knew this was special from the expression on her face. She had a dreamy look as I slowly slid in and felt her legs relax further opening her pussy for my penetration. Then I felt it, that obstruction I had pressed with my finger, I stopped moving and held the tip of my cock firmly against her hymen.Cara inhaled deeply and with no warning she arched her back and pressed against my cock, I knew she didn’t want to wait any longer and I responded by pushing my cock hard against that thin membrane that marked her virginity and felt my cock slide past it and saw her grimace and then smile. I worried that it had hurt and she would want to stop, but I needed to finish but didn’t want to spoil this by getting rough.I should not have been concerned and was encouraged when I felt her hands grasping kaçak bahis my ass and she started grinding against me. I pushed my cock all the way into her and then slowly pulled out until I felt the entrance to her pussy. Her eyes pleaded with me, “don’t stop” and I didn’t. I slowly penetrated her to my full length again and then as she had indicated, “nature took over.” Neither of us had ever done this, but within a few seconds we developed a rhythm and the only sound was our ragged breathing, our moans of pleasure, and the sloshing of my cock in her sopping wet pussy.I looked down between us, her panty was dragging against my cock with each pass and I saw a ting of a pink stain. I knew immediately that breaking her hymen caused that, but the look on her face was pure pleasure and I wanted nothing more than to bring her a second orgasm with my cock, which if we both got there would be a first for both of us.Cara pulled her legs tight across my back and started humping hard against me with each thrust into her now deflowered pussy, “Unh, hhhmmm, ahhh,” Cara groaned with pleasure, and looked into my eyes, “I want you to cum inside me Larry, I am on the pill, just keep going, I am so close.” I was encouraged by her words and rocked in and out of her feeling the walls of her pussy bringing me closer to my second eruption in the last hour, a new first for me as well.I felt her legs relax and she placed her feet beside me and started banging her pussy against me, the look of determination on her face was so intense. I felt her reach between us and rub her clit, then stop, “make me cum Larry, this is about us both having our first cum from intercourse,” she said and I knew I was so close.“I want you to cum first Cara,” I said, “I don’t want to leave you disappointed,” I said as I plowed my rock hard cock into her hot slick pussy.“Ohh yeah,” she cried out, bit her lip and her eyes fixed on mine and I felt the first wave of her orgasm hit her. Her vaginal muscles clamped down hard on my invading cock and she humped against me and I felt her stiffen and knew she was deep into her orgasm. I rode high on her pussy and felt her swollen clit rubbing against my hard shaft and I groaned as the cramp deep inside hit my prostate signaling my ejaculation.I pushed as deep as I could and locked my eyes on hers just as she did for me when her orgasm hit and she knew I was cumming, pouring my seed deep inside of her, the first time a man had done so. I saw tears in her eyes, and a smile from ear to ear. My cum was as hard as the first one when she blew me, I hadn’t anticipated that as usually my second jerk of the day was pleasurable but weak.Not so this time, I was pressed deep inside her and out of habit counted the number of contractions of my prostate. It was usually four times, then a few week ones. I lost count at six strong contractions as the pleasure blocked all thoughts except that I had made love to a woman and it was so special.I started to pull out and got caught up in her panty and felt my cock spurt again, I looked down and was pleased to see my pearly white cum filling the white mesh panty. I looked at Cara, “I love that Larry,” she said as she pulled her panty up, the pink stain clearly showing where my cock had dragged across it.“I sort of made a mess,” I said, “I hope I didn’t ruin your panties, they are just so sweet,” I said and then blushed. “Most 18 year old guys don’t talk about sweet panties,” I thought to myself.“They will be fine,” Cara said, “and the next time we are together they will be the panty I choose, unless you have other ideas.” She let the edge of the panty loose and it snapped across my half hard cock and I jumped, then smiled and bent to kiss her.“I hope this was as special as you wanted,” I said…

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