Her passed out friend Kat.


Her passed out friend Kat.This is a shorter one about making up for a lost opportunity with one of Erin’s old friends.This one happened about 10 years ago. We were having a get together with an old friend and her k**s and her new hubby. Kat had gotten married a few years before to a guy we found to be very loud and obnoxious. You know the type, 5 foot 7 with a big voice to compensate for his vertical challenges. Kat we’d known for well over a decade beforehand. She had 3 k**s from a previous relationship and they were friends with our k**s.I’ll back up a bit here. Back when we first knew Kat she was a stunning knockout of a woman. She was in her early 20’s, 5 foot 8, dark hair, olive complexion, a tiny waist with a smoking butt and HUGE round tits. She was Erin’s best friend for years and they’d lived together before I met Erin. Shortly after Erin and I started dating we all got together for drinks one night at our place. I pulled out the Twister board and I got the girls on it while I spun the wheel. In very little time, Kat was on her back with her shirt open and her back arched while Erin laid on top of her fondling her tits. I quickly moved things up to our bedroom and got the girls to continue playing. They were soon both completely naked and I was quickly pulled into the pile. Kat had the softest skin I’ve ever felt in my life and I couldn’t wait to stick my cock in her. The problem was that Erin was still a bit insecure in our relationship and as soon as Kat grabbed my cock the look on Erin’s face put an abrupt end to things.Now forward to where I started this story. Kat arrived at our house completely obliterated that night. She’d been pounding vodka with nothing to eat all day and was already 2 sheets to the wind. We had lost touch for a few years so we were looking forward to getting caught up. What I wasn’t aware of was that in her unhappy marriage, she had taken comfort in food, a lot of food. She was no longer the tiny 120 lb girl I wanted so badly to fuck all those years ago, she was now easily 200 lbs and wasn’t wearing the weight well at all much to my dismay. Regardless of this, we all got along well and chatted and drank for hours with Erin also getting very drunk. Finally it was time for Kat, her hubby and her k**s to head out and we all said our good-byes and they left. Not 5 minutes later there was a knock at the door. It was Kat’s hubby. He asked us to istanbul escort follow him to his truck. There in our driveway, passed out in the passenger seat was Kat, covered in vomit. They hadn’t made it to the end of the block before she wretched out what little she had in her stomach. I helped him remove her from the truck and we took her to our downstairs shower. Erin supplied a garbage bag and the hubby started to remove her clothing and passed it to me to put into the bag and then Erin proceeded to dump it all into the washing machine. I had no interest in seeing Kat naked anymore so I averted my eyes and her hubby got her all washed up while I helped hold her up. He and Erin took one of my oversized shirts and dressed Kat again. This entire time she was basically out cold and needed help to stand. Once the clean-up was done her hubby looked at us and said “I’ll come get her in the morning” and he walked out the door. Erin and I were stunned. Suddenly taking care of this drunken mess was our job and not her hubby’s?We decided to go with it. In our guest room we set up an air mattress as we were between furniture at the time. We had ordered a new set but weren’t expecting guests and had already disposed of our old bed. Erin laid out garbage bags all around the mattress in case Kat puked in the night. Last thing we wanted was to be cleaning puke out of our cream carpets in the morning. Erin quickly climbed into our bed and passed out for the night. At this point I had a major concern. Kat likely had no idea of where she was at all and our guest room door opened a mere feet from the staircase down to the main floor. If she woke and stumbled out of the room, she very likely might fall down the stairs. What was I to do? I decided to sit up for a while in the living room which was directly across from the guest room door. I figured I’d stay up long enough to be sure she was settled in and wasn’t getting up and then I’d go to sleep.I turned on some late night brain candy and sat back with another drink. Within 15 minutes I heard a noise so I got up and checked on Kat but she hadn’t moved so I checked in on Erin who also hadn’t moved. I figured I’d rule out Erin by closing our bedroom door and then I went back to watching TV. A few minutes later I heard a noise again, a grunt. I got up again and went to the guest room avcılar escort door and stood there watching Kat asleep. She moved a bit and grunted again, mumbling something. I got closer to try to figure out what it was that she was saying but it was too quiet to hear. I knelt down beside her and put my ear next to her to hear. I couldn’t make out what she was saying at all. I was about to leave and then stopped to look at her again. Her face was still pretty despite the weight. Her face still looked a lot like that 120 lb vixen from all those years ago and I started to become attracted to her. I’m not the type to take advantage of people but I felt a sudden yearning overcome me and I felt the familiar stirring in my pants.I stopped and ran my hand across her cheek, partially because I wanted to touch her and partially because I wanted to see if she’d awaken. Her skin was as soft as I remembered and she didn’t react to my touch. I started to lust after her even though I had no attraction to her body, but that face was so pretty. I touched her face again and this time I ran my hand across her cheek, then ran my finger across her lips. Again she did not react. I kept my finger there on her lips, then slowly parted them and slid a finger into her mouth. My cock was now straining to get out of my jeans, I had to let it out but before I did I had to check on Erin again. I quickly went back to our room and quietly opened the door. Erin was still passed out in the same position as before so I closed the door and hurried back to Kat.Kat had not moved at all either except that her mouth was now closed. I knelt down next to her again, staying on my knees and quietly undid my jeans and slid my zipper down, then wiggled my jeans and underwear below my hips. My cock was rock hard and already dribbling precum. I had flashbacks to that moment a decade before when she started to suck my cock. I was so overcome with lust that it defeated my morals. I wiggled over so that my cock was almost touching Kat’s face and I started to stroke myself. Now I got even more daring and I placed my other hand on Kat’s cheek again but this time I turned her head so that she went from flat on her back to facing me and I played with her lips again, then slid a finger back into her mouth, opening it. I hooked that finger onto her bottom teeth to keep her mouth open while I stroked şirinevler escort myself. Now another wave of lust took over and I leaned forward more so that my cock now touched her lips. This was awkward so I slid my cock head between her lips so that I could remove my other hand and balance myself against the wall behind her head. Soon I’d removed my other hand from my cock and was thrusting in and out of Kat’s mouth, using it as I wished. In less than a minute I felt my balls start to tighten and within seconds I was ejaculating. My orgasm was incredibly intense, likely due to the taboo aspect of what I was doing. My first few shots went directly into her mouth but then I got concerned that she may choke so I quickly withdrew from her mouth and grabbed my cock, jerking it furiously as I aimed at her face. I continued to ejaculate, at least 6 more heavy ribbons of cum shot from my cock, splashing across Kat’s face until I was finished. My body was shaking and twitching. I milked the last drop from my shaft and rubbed it across Kat’s lips. Not once did she move. When I was done I leaned back and tucked my cock away and then admired my dirty work. Kat’s face was completely glazed with my semen. It was dripping off her face and some was dribbling from her open mouth. The thickest of my cum simply stayed where it was deposited on her face. I wanted to take a photo but knew that I’d be pushing my luck and didn’t want the evidence so I quietly went to the washroom and grabbed a hand towel, returned to Kat and wiped the cum off her face. When she was cleaned up I quietly left the room and then slipped into bed next to Erin and fell asleep.As I’d had the least to drink, I was also the first awake in the morning. Erin likes to sleep in so the next up was Kat. She stumbled out of the guest room and looked confused. “Where’s my husband?” she asked. I filled her in about him leaving her at our house and she was pissed off at him. She came and sat next to me and asked about what else had happened the night before as she had no recollection of anything after arriving at our house. Obviously I left out the best part but while talking to her I noticed that she had dried cum in her hair and a line of it across her cheek from where it leaked from her mouth after I left the room. To cover what it was I suggested that she have a shower as it would help her feel better and because she still had some dried vomit on her face and hair. She was horrified and quickly took me up on my offer to get cleaned up. My ruse worked and no one was any the wiser.I never got that blowjob all those years ago, nor did I get to fuck that young hot body, but I did get to use her mouth and that was a decent consolation prize.

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