Her Victorian Bottom Plundered


In 19th century London, Henry Chambers was a man of note and some means. Left a not inconsiderable estate by his late father, he had speculated wisely in the city and had become a respected authority on the whims and fate of the money markets. Such was his status, his advice was sought from wide and far on all matters related to the pursuit of wealth and financial contentment.

He lived in a resplendent mansion in one of the most fashionable areas of Westminster where he indulged his public passions for art and fine literature. At the age of 50, he considered himself most satisfied with his lot and was able to look upon the years of his life with justifiable pride at his endeavours. His social standing had increased measurably due to his marriage some 20 years previously to Prudence, his dear love, whom he had been introduced to by one of his clients at a New Years Eve gala. Prudence had been the third daughter of the famous Fitzpatrick dynasty who had made their name in the early 1840’s as mineral traders and importers. For Henry Chambers it was love at first sight but his attentions had at first been met with a dry indifference by the handsome Miss Prudence who bore her airs and graces with a lofty distain, and it was not without some serious wooing and courtship on his part did he finally win her hand and agree to become his wife.

Three daughters and two decades later, she was still a remarkably attractive filly whose abundant charms had grown even more impressive with age and no man felt as proud as Henry Chambers did with such a jewel on his arm when out socialising in polite respectable society.

To polite society they presented themselves as a loving devoted couple but for Henry, beneath this nods and smiles, he nurtured a deep dark secret that even his dear wife knew nothing about..


“Avast wench,” said Henry, heroically. “I sense the shiver of lust cursing through thy bones I do. But fear not for I am the one to satisfy the aching of thy hairy damp pit with my trusty weapon. Take it out I say,” he bellowed, standing bare-chested with his hands on his hips. “Take out my emboldened cock for it is the deliverer of your salvation and redemption!!”

At his feet, Bessie, his number two scullery maid, clasped her hands together in rapt but pleading forgiveness. At his command, she reached up and began to tug and undo the laces at the front of his breeches.

“Ooo Sir!!” she exclaimed, her exposed bosom quivering in the flickering candle light most impressively. “Have mercy on a mere serving girl Sir for I am naught but a slave to these wanton desires of which I have no sense. Such sinful words are a torment Sir, a TORMENT!!”

“SINFUL?!” snorted Henry. “I shall have you know there is no finer word for a gentleman’s member than COCK!!” He thrust his hips forward to impress his point. “What else do you know such a thing by wench?”

Bessie, her curly red hair cascading over her sweet natured face, grunted with frustration as she tugged on her masters entwined laces, her eyes fixed on his obvious arousal beneath the cloth. “For shame Sir, tis innocent I be and only know such sinful names from the station I keep and from those that wallow in the gutter below.”

Her face was purple from her efforts until, with a final pull, the laces came free and the front of his breeches sprang open. She gasped despite herself as his bloated deep crimson headed penis slithered and unfurled before her flushed face. Its mass expanding outrageously to reveal a most huge and impressive weapon that had her gasping in high heat and desire. She looked up at him with wide eyes as he stood leering lewdly down. “That Sir,” she gasped in wonder. “Is a prick the like of which I have nay seen and a prick that strikes fear into the well of my cunt so it does.”

Henry grabbed his lolling cock. “I like prick. The vulgarity of such a nasty word is worthy of an occasion such as this lass. I intend to take this prick of mine and spear and plunge deeply into that juicy cunt that lays waiting between your firm thighs. Do you expect any less, wench?” His right hand was gently stroking his tumescence and the quivers of ecstasy were sweeping from his groin to his toes and back again. At each up stroke his spare skin withered and unfurled with greater abandon as the head of his organ began to leak his pre-spend.

“No Sir,” shivered the maid, her face aflame with her heaving lust. “Though my faint heart flutters at the prospect of such a tight pussy as my own being invaded by such a weeping monster I shall bear its sweet agony with resolve and duty.”

She reached up and grasped his veined cock in her slim right hand, her fingers barely able to circumvent its pulsing fatness. Her mouth was dry and her desire urged her to taste his meat. “Sir,” she said hesitantly as she rubbed the underside of his magnificence with her thumb. “I fear my need is becoming overwhelming and its constant whisper begs that I ask you the favour of feeding your prick into my mouth for me to suck on without shame.”

Henry felt his heavy under hanging balls tighten in their hairy sac at the lascivious nature of her words. The thought of his comely escort ataşehir maid devouring his outsized cock was one to savour for, alas, twas only under such circumstance as their clandestine meetings whilst his dear wife was away that such a pleasure be upon him.

He frowned inwardly at the merest glimmer of his wife for even though he loved her passionately she was cautiously high strung and the very idea of anything more than straight forward love-making was abhorrent to her whiles. Heaven forbid he so much as suggested she pleasure him with her sweet mouth!!

The frustration he felt at her lack of adventure had lain heavy upon him for all of their marriage. His pursuit of this adventure had found him cast between the firm thighs of his scullery maid who had no such hesitation in joining him in seeking pleasures of the flesh. Indeed, she had suggested and encouraged him on such dark travels that even made him gape at their outrageous landscapes. If only his wife had the merest hint at such mischief and want.

His mind drifted as he considered his dear heart on her knees before him, begging to take his staff between her lips and to suck out his thick creamy spend. The stuff dreams are made of he mused. Egad, he wished for nothing more than to ravish Prudence with eager abandon and have her panting beneath him like a bitch on heat, urging him on to fuck the ripe bulb of her vagina with all his might.

Bessie glanced up as she fisted her Masters Iron rod. His eyes were closed and he swayed slightly in rhythm to the pleasure of her ministrations. She knew that look for he had spoke idly with her after their exertions had ceased about his frustration and regret. Her Mistress was a sore old fish she thought. Blessed with good looks and a fine figure she was to all intents and purpose primrose, stuff and duty with naught in between. Bessie could only imagine her frigid nature in bed. Twas no surprise her employer sought comfort in the arms of another.

His bloated angry cock head was nigh kissing her lips and in that moment she knew it was her duty to ease his frustration. Shifting forward slightly, she opened her mouth as wide as possible and slipped her stretched lips over his pulsing bulge and down over his shaft until she felt his mushroom butt the back of her throat. The smell and taste teased her senses as she began to draw back and suck deeply on his organ. The sucking of cock was to her a delight, a dirty devilish deed that warmed her soul for she knew she was skilled and the pleasure it would bring in its wake. She smiled at the sound of his sigh and lowered her head again as she sucked his prick to her hearts content.


In her small room, the oak creaked and groaned as Henry forced his rigid cock into the maid’s succulent cunt as he held her face down over the end of the bed. Deeper he plunged until the neck of his organ slapped wetly against the petals of her orifice which clung eagerly to his girth as if trying to capture its thrust and never let go. The pleasure washed over them in warm wafts as the heat of their fucking grew steadily to a crescendo that had them both grunting and crying out loud. The room bore witness to the depths of their lust and the insanity of their passion.

“Take my fucking cock wench,” hissed Henry as he speared her again and again. His appendage was glistening with his pre-spend and her copious seepage now that the climax was near. “Thy swollen twat shall be sore for a week once I have had my way with you Bessie.”

Bessie scrabbled at the bedclothes feeling his tumescence crest deep within her belly. Her poor pussy felt over stuffed with cock and the ecstasy was so never ending she feared she might faint at its joys. “Ohhhh Sir,” she gabbled. “Again. Again. Punish my poor pussy with your huge prick. Tis wonderful. Oh SIR!! I can feel another climax building within. Fuck me Sir!!”

The plain oak bed creaked and groaned louder.

Henry stared down at his mount, leering at the sight of her full arse wobbling from between the confines of her tugged open white bloomers. His feverish hands reached under her to grasp and kneed each full and impressive tit that had over spilled from the top of her starched blouse. He pinched each swollen teat making her shriek then moan with painful pleasure. He jabbed his cock into her again thus lifting her off her feet and held her against him as he flexed the muscles in his firm backside.

For a man of his years, he was still in fine shape and built for stamina. He slithered slowly out of her cunt making her whimper and claw at his naked thighs. Before the next thrust he gave her pale arse a firm slap that made her yelp in surprise. He grinned. Unknown to her, he had come across a book that detailed how the matter of pain by deed of flagellation or spanking was one which was being much discussed in secret society as a means of further sexual exploration, and it was one he was most interested in discovering with his pretty 19 year old maid at a future date.

But that would be for another time. The matter at hand was to slake his lust before his wife got home!


Bessie stood over kadıköy escort the small bowl and began to wipe between her thighs with the damp cloth. She winced slightly for her well poked vagina was blistered and sore from its vigorous shafting by her employers cock. She could feel his spend seeping from between her flower and she shook her head with a smile for the amount of his cum was a never ending surprise. Behind her, he stood fastening his breeches and making himself decent again. She realised his wife would be home soon and it was with sly female knowing that she had eased his need before she got back. Her Mistress would benefit from a good nights sleep this night no doubt. Though that was but a small victory for she had learned through servant gossip that the pair rarely indulged in marital bliss these days. She felt a slight pinch of regret for him. Mayhap she should offer a word or two.

“Have I pleased you, Sir?” she asked.

He looked at her. “As always Bessie,” he smiled. “I can walk in society now without feeling as if the frustration of my cock weighs heavily like a ball and chain.”

Bessie smiled. “I be glad, Sir.” She paused and bit her lip. Should she be so bold? Her station was only to listen and obey after all. But he had loved her nearly a dozen times now and perhaps he would consider her opinion. “Sir, if I may?”

He stood at the door to her quarters. “Yes?”

Bessie looked at him. “My ma’ma always told me never to be untrue to one self. In life, one has to live as if each day is the last and the day should be lived as if twas the last day. Do not let frustration spoil that last day with regret Sir.”

Henry looked at his servant. A moment of understanding passed between them until he opened the door and quietly left.


Dinner was served at eight o’clock sharp.

At one end of the long table sat Henry and at the other end, his wife, Prudence, who fiddled with the food on her plate as she was wont to do. Henry looked at her as he idly swilled the wine in his half empty glass. Their conversation was one sided and she chatted away about this and that, and how her day had gone. Dressed in a lace blouse whose frills danced around the crown of her neck, a sensible cut of pleated black ankle length skirt and strapped black knee boots, she looked as ravishing as ever to his gaze. At forty three years and the bearer of his three children, she had lost none of the vitality and beauty that had clasped his heart all those decades ago. He took another sip of wine and felt a familiar stirring in his loins. Despite the events of this afternoon he still felt the pang of desire whenever he looked at his wife. Egads, why did she have to be so wilful and disinterested in the physical side of their marriage?!

“..and I said we would be delighted and honoured to attend your ball.”

Henry blinked. “What?”

Prudence put down her fork and looked at him in that way she had that made him feel slightly guilty. She dabbed the napkin over her full perfect lips. “Really dearest, I swear you look as if your head is in the clouds again. I was saying, Lady Fabisham has invited us to her winter bash on the 16th of December. I told her we would be delighted to attend such a society event. Everyone of worth shall be there. With good fortune, you may be able to charm some new business contacts and opportunities. By the by, I shall need a new frock for such an occasion for one must keep up appearances in such company. A small increase in my allowance is agreeable I’m sure. Heavens, I can’t wait!!”

Henry pursed his lips, deep in thought for her words drifted in one ear and out the other. There were so many balls, galas, invites to this and that these days that to his mind they all merged into one unedifying mass of time wasted. He had more important things on his mind this night. He took another sip from his glass and waited for the moment when they would retire to their bedchambers later that evening.


Prudence stood before the long mirror in their bedroom unpinning her long and lustrous auburn hair. She could see her husbands reflection as he leaned against the door watching her with the glass of wine still in his hand. For a brief moment she shivered for she knew his moods and the sound of his silence. Oh good grief, was that pesky male urge upon him again? She gave her head a shake and her hair bloomed around her porcelain face. No matter. She was tired from her shopping trip and needed her rest. A word of desist would suffice as it always did. Once every month was more than enough for such base encounters she reasoned. The last thing she wanted was to bear another child unto the world. No, Henry would just have to be satisfied with his lot in life.

Henry continued to stare at his undressing spouse who had let the black skirt fall to gather at her feet. His jaw steeled as he watched her bend over to pick the garment up thus revealing to his gaze her spectacularly broad bloomered bottom.

“The last day with regret.” said the voice in his head.

His maid was right. What noble deed was he following? He was head of the household and had rights because maltepe escort bayan of that fact. His mouth felt dry despite the wine. Those rights included the say over his spouse and family. His wife should be beholden only unto him and at the behest of his requirements both emotionally and physically.

All his adult life he had been sworn by this sense of husbandly duty and had always submitted to her every whim both in public and private. That she was overt in public was of no import but her dismissal of his urges in private was a nagging boil that he now needed to lance

He downed the last of the wine and placed the empty glass on the table. Taking a deep breath, he walked over to the side of the large double bed where his wife was slipping the nightgown over her head.

At the sound of his approach, Prudence turned around, unable to see her husband for she was still enshrouded under her night garment. “Henry, can you turn out the light dearest and help me with this infuriating thing.”

Henry ignored her, grasped her upper arms and lifted her off her feet. Hidden, he could hear her gasp with surprise before beginning to struggle.

“Henry, what are you?”

Henry kept silent. He carried her to the foot of the bed and dropped her face down, keeping a hand firmly in the small of her back to keep her in place. With his other, he reached up and tugged away the nightgown.

Prudence twisted her head to look over her left shoulder. Her face was a blushing mask of surprised indignation. Just what did he think he was doing? He had better stop playing games and let her up forthwith or else! Her furious alarm rose when she felt his free hand clasp the buttons which held the backside of her bloomers together. What? Was he possessed? Had he lost his mind? She writhed harder. That what he wanted was obvious by his very manner but it was most certainly not something she wanted right now!

“Henry, dearest, please, you have to let me up,” she gasped as she felt him tugging the second button free. “Look, this is not fair. Dearest husband, you should keep thy urges for when I am agreeable for such a thing. I am tired, give me a few days and I promise you shall have your way — once!!”

A third button slipped undone. The deep crack of her bottom peeked from the widening gap making him more determined to follow his instinct. After tonight, his lovely wife would know who was master in this household and if he wanted to submit to his desires she would have no choice in the matter. Between his thighs he could feel his penis strain for release from its confines. His lusty gaze fell to his wife’s increasingly exposed backside and swallowed hard. He was determined to teach her there was more to fucking than poking her pussy. The shadow of her secret crack was deep and long. No, tonight it wasn’t her pussy that was going to take the length of his abundant cock. His desire mounted as the last button slipped free and the stretched cloth of her undergarment split wide to set free her glorious arse in all its abundant magnificence.


Prudence felt the cool air caress her now bare bottom. Her heart thudded in her chest, and she gasped as she felt his hand suddenly fondling both pale cheeks. This was intolerable! What gave him the right to do with her person as he wished? Used to getting her own way, she drummed her feet on the floor with a mixture of outrage and fear that her husband could be so, so, unreasonable!

“H..Henry,” she muttered. “Stop or else I shall be very, very cross with you!”

Her husband ignored her threat and grabbed the abundant flesh of her bottom harder. And what a fine bottom it was indeed. So very full and inviting for any man who wished to cast aside his morals for the pleasures awaiting him. He grimaced for his cock was most insistent on its need to be set free from its confines and to seek that which it hungered for.

“Henry, are you listenin..”

“Be quiet wife,” he interrupted. “I shall not countenance your demands or excuses anymore. From this moment, you will obey my every word when matters of the flesh are in my thoughts. You shall be agreeable to my needs as a loving husband and physical man. Do you understand Prudence?”

His wife lay motionless face down on the bed as she considered his terms. He still held both her hands in his at the base of her spine so escape was not an option. Her husband was determined no doubt to extract whatever due he felt was necessary from her person and there was nay anything she could do to prevent such an event!

“I understand perfectly well, husband,” she replied coldly. “Tis not oft I say the pleasure is mine and this moment shall it be even less. Do as you will Henry for I submit to your whim as needs must. Indeed, once this penetration is over then tis normal we shall return and the sooner the better I think.” Resigned, she shifted her hips into a more accommodating position for her husband to spear her sex. Despite her graces, she still felt a shiver from experience their past love-making did have faint pleasures, though being a woman of repute she suffered such simple delights with reserve and kept her true emotions hidden. It was unseemly to appear so wanton even in the privacy of ones chambers even unto her mate in life. Until now, Henry was not a man to let his lust rule his head and after the birth of their children, his ardour had settled into a particular routine. Until now..

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