Here are 63 statements for your sissy to read alou

Here are 63 statements for your sissy to read alouMasters… A little training exercise that I have found useful for those of you who may be breaking in a new sissy also serves as a good mantra for all those wannabe gurls out there who are looking for a master:Have your sissy learn all 63 statements by heart and have her say them out loud every day. If you have a favorites, then play a little memory game with her and have her recite the mantra for your favorite numbers. Rights:1. Sissies have no moral right to enjoy the same pleasures as a Master.2. Sissies have no right to refuse discomfort or frustration from a Master.3. Permanent Orgasm Denial is safe and sane and is therefore fully within the rights of a Master to evoke.4. Sissies have no automatic entitlement or rights to any pleasure.5. Sissies have no rights or decision making in relation to their own orgasms.6. Masters have the right to orgasm whenever and however they choose.7. A sissy has no physical need to orgasm and therefore no right to it.8. A sissy’s body belongs to her Master and he decides how it is used, as is his right.Benefits of Orgasm Denial:9. Orgasm denial makes me more subservient and willing to do domestic work.10. Orgasm denial helps me to see all forms of service as being of equal importance.11. Orgasm denial helps me prioritize service to others above pleasure for myself.12. Orgasm denial makes me easier to train and control.13. Orgasm denial makes me able to quickly get up and continue serving after being used sexually.14. Orgasm denial makes me more eager bursa escort to find a Master to whom I can serve and submit.15. Orgasm denial allows me to serve fully without any expectations of my own pleasure.16. Orgasm denial prevents mood swings caused by fluctuating sexual arousal and the highs and lows of orgasms.17. Orgasm denial makes me a better sissy as I am not distracted by the hope of my own orgasm.18. Orgasm denial allows a Master to focus entirely on his own pleasure during service.19. Orgasm denial allows a Master to enjoy sexual relief without the pressure of being required to reciprocate.20. Orgasm denial gives a Master an additional way in which to cause and enjoy my feminization.21. Orgasm denial makes me equally happy to be used orally or anally, or to be cum on.22. Orgasm denial makes it easier to accept being used by others when a Master requires it.23. Orgasm denial ensures that I have less self-imposed limitations and expectations about service.24. Orgasm denial helps me give complete sexual control and obedience to those who dominate me.25. Orgasm denial ensures that I am mentally ready whenever and however a Master wishes to use me.26. Orgasm denial makes me see my sexual use by others as a privilege and not a right.27. Orgasm denial allows the Master’s sexual preferences to take full priority.28. Orgasm denial helps me focus on the pleasure of a Master instead of my own physical sensations.29. Orgasm denial reminds me that my preferences are not the limit of how I can be used, sexually.30. Orgasm denial and serving escort bursa anally and orally will help me focus on the pleasure of those who are using me.31. Orgasm denial helps me appreciate the utility, imposed femininity and submissiveness of my body.32. Orgasm denial accustoms me to the reality of service that may be physically or mentally challenging.33. Orgasm denial helps me, as a sissy, to appreciate the beauty, dominance and eroticism of the male orgasm.34. Orgasm denial makes me more accepting of things that are not pleasurable or desirable for me.35. Orgasm denial causes me to remember and focus on the non-physical and non-pleasurable aspects of my submission.36. Orgasm denial trains me to give up control of my body, even when single and without a Master.Negatives of Orgasms:37. Orgasms make me bossy, manipulative and self-serving.38. Orgasms make me disobedient and demanding.39. Orgasms make me spoiled, greedy and needful.40. Orgasms make me selfish, lethargic, unfocused and negate my submissiveness.41. Orgasms make me unwilling to serve and obey and are therefore counterproductive.General Benefits of Denial:42. Being aroused but caged makes me more fun to use.43. Being very aroused makes me more eager for, and responsive to, sexual use.44. I will always remember that Masters prefer to fuck a very aroused submissive and thus will seek to remain aroused but always frustrated.45. My mouth, throat, anus and caged sissy clitoris are at the service of my Master and his friend’s at all possible times.46. My holes belong to those bursa escort bayan who use them and are for their pleasure only.47. A lack of concern for my pleasure and satisfaction gives more options to those who use me.48. The lack of any expectations about my pleasure ensures that a Master does not feel judged, compared or rejected sexually.49. My own pleasure is irrelevant to how much pleasure and satisfaction I can give to others.50. Physical arousal caused by continuous unrelenting denial enables me to pleasure more people, making me much more useful as a sissy.51. My orgasms do not benefit anyone else and are therefore totally unnecessary.52. My frustrated arousal allows my body to be used to give pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction to others, even when I dislike what is being done with it53. Working solely towards the Master’s pleasure creates harmony of purpose and avoids conflict of interest.54. Sissies are inferior to Masters and do not deserve to orgasm.55. I am more useful as a sissy when my enjoyment is of no concern to myself or others.56. Sexual frustration and arousal is a constant reminder of my submission and such a state is to be desired.57. Orgasms are unnatural and un-submissive for sissies.58. Sexual frustration makes me emotionally happier and more subservient.59. Permanent Orgasm Denial is a great reward which I should seek and hope to experience.60. Orgasm denial is not an irregular restriction but a natural and permanent state for a sissy.61. Intense sexual arousal is a preferable and healthy state for sissies.62. A sissy’s discharges and sissygasms, triggered by sodomy, are an acceptable reaction to submission and will always be collected and consumed.63. Orgasm denial helps me to see myself as a total and permanent sissy whore.

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