Hey teach


Hey teachChristy was finally enjoying herself. She was at the mall shopping and finally had some time to herself. Things had been tough lately. The k**s were wearing her out. Her husband was always at the firehouse. It was causing stress. She couldn’t spend another day hanging at the pool or working out at the gym. Though those days had given her that firm body she always wanted while having k**s got her the C cup she desired.As she walked though a store, she heard a voice call her name. As she turned, she didn’t immediately recognize the face. When he walked up and said hello, she realized it was a former student of hers. However, he was a lot more grown up now. Jermaine was in her class 4 years ago. He was one of those students who was smart but didn’t do well in her class. He was always joking and interrupting things. Yet, he always made her laugh with his jokes. He had gone up to the high school. She heard he had to leave and go to another school after getting in trouble there. He did tell her how he had finally graduated. Now, here he was.He came up and hugged her. She didn’t like people in her personal space, so it made her uncomfortable. Even more, he didn’t let go. He kept his arms around her as he asked her how she had been. He was taller now, a basketball player while in high school, and looked good. He could always get the girls too with his wit and charm. As she tried to get out of his arms, he just kept her close, making small talk and making her laugh with his comments. Finally, she got some space. She was flattered when Jermaine told her she was the best looking teacher he ever had. She blushed as he told her she was even hotter now than when he was in her class.Feeling uncomfortable, she said her thanks and said she had to get going. As she walked away, she didn’t understand why she was so nervous. Her heart was beating fast and she couldn’t think straight. She kept thinking about Jermaine and how good he looked. She didn’t know why she was feeling and thinking this way.After stopping at a few other stores, she made her way out to her car. As she got in and turned the key, he heart stopped. The car didn’t start. It didn’t even make a sound. As she tried and tried to start it, she heard a car next to her honk. As she looked over, she saw Jermaine in his car. He had just pulled up next to her in his decked out car. He had rolled down the window and was asking if everything was alright. He told her he recognized her car and saw she looked upset. She told him it wouldn’t start. He told her he could take her home and let her call someone.As she sat in his car, she couldn’t believe the things he was listening to on his radio. She couldn’t count how many times she heard the words “bitch” and “Hoe” in the 10 minutes it took to get her home. As they pulled into her driveway, she thanked him. He told her he would stay with her since no one was home and she might need a ride back to her car. Christy didn’t feel right confirming this, but she knew he was right. So she let him come in the house with her. He sat down on her couch in front of the big screen. Clearly he was comfortable being there even though she was as nervous as could be.He turned on the TV and put it şişli escort on some music channel. It was playing all hip hop music. Christy loved country and rarely listened to that stuff. Jermaine asked her if she danced. She told him she did from time to time as she walked over to him. He stood up to meet her and began to dance. She laughed and stepped back. He just stepped closer to her and kept dancing. This made her laugh as she was trying to cover up her nerves. Why was this young black man making her so nervous?Jermaine danced closer and closer to her. Eventually he got around behind her. He put his hands on her hips as they danced in unison. He kept telling her she was a great dancer. Suddenly, he pushed her forward, forcing her to bend over. He then grabbed her by the hips and started to grind on her. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this, but couldn’t stop. It felt so good to her to have him control her. She kept pushing back into him, grinding right back on him. They kept doing this for a whole song when she suddenly felt something that made her stop. There was a rather large bulge in his pants and she could feel it on her ass. It was sliding up and down between her thighs and rubbing her from her crotch to her asshole.Quickly she stood up and walked away from Jermaine. She didn’t know what she was doing or feeling. She kept smiling and giggling as he walked towards her. She lost track of her steps and fell back onto the couch. He sat right down next to her and put his hand on her knee. Her told her how good that was and that he didn’t know she could move her booty like that. He asked her why she stopped. She began to stumble in her words saying she was getting hot and needed a break. He told her he thought it might have been something else, looking down at his crotch. As she looked, she said that too made her stop. He asked her why. She didn’t know what to stay and just stared at his bulge. He realized she wasn’t taking her eyes off of it, so he went for it.She lifted his hips up off the couch and pulled down his shorts. It was easy since they were just those long basketball shorts. He then took down the boxers he had one revealing his hard cock to her. She gasped as he sat back to show her that he had a 10 inch cock. Before she could comment, he took her hand and put her forearm up next to it. He told her that he liked to tell the girls his dick was as big as their forearm. As he said it, she looked and realized it as true. His cock was every bit as big as her forearm. She then realized she was actually touching it and tried to pull back. He kept ahold of her hand and guided her to grab his hardon. For some reason, she didn’t fight him and put her fingers around his shaft. He then motioned her to move her arm up and down. Before she realized it, she was jacking off this monster cock of Jermaine’s.The contrast of her white hands sliding up and down on this big black cock mesmerized her. She kept stroking it, only coming out of her trance when she heard him moan slightly in pleasure. It was then she realized she was jerking off a former student of hers, a black one at that. She stopped and told her she couldn’t do this, that she was married and had k**s. şişli escort bayan His response was to slide her shirt up over her head and take it off her. She didn’t resist, even when he reached around and unfastened her bra. He quickly cupped her breasts, playing with them. He pinched her nipples, revealing to her that they were as hard as rocks already. He then pushed her back so she laid down. He unbuttoned her shorts and quickly slid them off her legs. Her shoes were still on, but he didn’t seem to care. She tried to cover he breasts with her hands, but this just allowed him to spread her legs, push her thong to the side, and play with her pussy. As he stroked her folds, she felt the wet juices coming from it. His fingers slid in and out easily as she was practically dripping. She moaned as he hit her spot, stroking her clit up and down wit his thumb and sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy.She began to moan outloud as he was bringing her to an orgasm. She couldn’t believe how quickly this was happening. Normally it took lots of foreplay to get her there with her husband. This time, he panties had just been off for a few minutes and she was starting to shake. Before she knew it, she was bucking up and down. Instead of hiding her tits, she was playing with them, pinching her nipples and squeezing her mounds. Before she could come down from the intensity of her orgasm, she realized her legs were being pushed back and spread by his hands. He was rubbing his hard cock up and down her wet slit. As she looked down to see that dark black cock rubbing her, she knew she wanted it in her. Before she could say a word, he grabbed his cock and put the head into her hole. Her breathe left her as the size of his cock pushed into her wet pussy. With each motion of his hips, another couple of inches went in. It went from the head, to 3 inches, to 6 inches, to 8 inches, and then finally she could feel his balls slapping her ass. He was now all the way in.He began thrusting hard into her pussy. She reached down and put her hands on his ass cheeks. She could feel his muscles flexing with each push into her. Her senses were heightened to where she could hear the sounds of their sex. Her moist pussy was gushing each time his hard, black cock pushed into her. The couch cracked as their bodies pushed back and forth. Then she felt another wave overcoming her as an orgasm took her over. She closed her eyes and just felt waves of tingling nerves wrack through her. She could only manage to look down and see his black shaft going in and out of her. Her pussy lips would pull out as he withdrew and her legs would push back when he thrust forward.When she came back to her senses, he pulled his black cock out of her. The plopping sound it made startled her. She reached down to feel her pussy entrance. He was wider than ever before and coating with pussy cream coming from inside her. As she sat up, she looked and began to marvel at it. Her pussy hole was huge, big enough to see into. She was snapped out of her trance as he picked her up and put her on top of him as he sat on the couch. She reached back and guided his cock into her. She began to buck up and down on his cock while mecidiyeköy escort bayan he played with her tits. All she could do is bounce up and down on this young black cock. She felt it splitting her, going deeper than she had ever felt. It went on forever in her mind as all she knew were orgasms and his cock inside her.Finally, she had to stop as she was dripping in sweat. Her thighs were shaking more than any workout she had every done. He knew she was spent and rolled her over. As his cock fell out of her pussy, she turned to try and get it back in. He stopped her and told her to get on all fours. She quickly turned over and put her ass back to him. He pushed her shoulders down, forcing her face down into the couch. Her ass was now all exposed to him. He pulled her shoes from her feet and then pushed her ankles further apart. She jumped as he smacked her ass hard and told her this is what he wanted as soon as he saw her at the mall. All she knew is she wanted that black dick back in her. As she pushed back, her hungry pussy trying to find that cock, he smacked her again. He kept smacking her ass, telling her she will get his dick soon. Finally he guided his manhood into her, shoving all 10 inches into her with one thrust. Her face shot up as she gasped and moaned. He kept it all the way in her, pulling her hips back into him and making his dick go as deep as she could take it. She came immediately from this. As her pussy shook again, he began to pound her. Her orgasm stayed as she felt his hard thrusts. His hips smacked into her ass making loud smacking sounds. She could barely stay conscious as her orgasm went on and on.He was loving every minute of this. Her orgasm made her pussy spasm on his cock. It was massaging his shaft as he increased the speed of his thrusts. He knew her pussy belonged to him. Here he was fucking that good looking teacher he had years ago. She was begging for him to fuck her harder. He did, pounding her with no worry for her well being. As his balls balls smacked her pussy, they started to tingle. His seed was about to erupt. He fucked her with bad intentions now, pounding her down into the couch. He felt that sensation rise up into his cock. He gave one extremely hard thrust into her and shot his load deep inside her.She could feel his cum shooting into her. The warm feeling of it spilling into her brought her back to reality. She now realized this young black man was spilling his sperm into her. As he shot deep into her, he fell over onto her back. She felt all of his weight on her, holding her in place as if they were two dogs fucking in the woods. She reached back to pull him in as deep as he could go. The two of them just focused on their breathing, trying to stay conscious so as to enjoy this moment.Finally, he pushed himself back up off of her. Slowly, he withdrew his cock from her pussy. As he did, she could feel his cum dripping out of her hole and down the folds of her pussy. She rose back up to her hands and knees, causing the cum to now drip down the inside of her legs. She sat up, now just on her knees. He was behind her, just admiring her ass from behind. She felt like a puddle was forming on her couch as so much cum was escaping her. She now knew what it meant to be fucked good. She now knew what women were talking about when they mentioned black cock. Her pussy was now satisfied like never before. The two of them also knew this wouldn’t be the only time this would happen.

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