His Turn


Sheila had never done a lap dance before. She’d never done anything truly erotic, really. Tonight would be the first time.

But hey, she thought, there’s a first time for everything!

Besides, for Sheila, Tommy was worth anything. The brown-haired twenty-two-year old college student had been going out with Tommy for six months now. And she was surprised he had stuck around with her. He seemed really serious and into her, staying by her side when she caught that horrible case of chicken pox that had passed her by when she was a kid. And he helped her study for her classes and everything. He seemed to really think of her as his girlfriend, his lover, and his heart’s desire.

That’s why when he proposed they start taking turns doing different things for each other in bed, she’d agreed easily. Of course, she hadn’t expected it would be her turn first.

“Come on, baby,” Tommy had said, his smiling blue eyes looking up into hers.

“Do I have to go first?” she had whined slightly.

“Yes, because I already know what I’ll do for you. You could probably guess, too. But I think I’ll be really surprised to see what you come up with. Please?”

Looking into the young blonde man’s sparkling-eyed gaze, Sheila hadn’t been able to say no. But what was she supposed to do?

It was her mother who had come up with the idea.

“Well, back in the day when your father and I used to try new things, I did a little strip tease for him. You know, taking my clothes off to sexy music, moving all slow and stripper-like – ”

“Mom!” Sheila had objected, covering her ears.

“What? Like you’ve never thought about it while you’re out on the dance floor at those clubs you go to!”

“About taking my clothes off like a stripper? No!”

“Why not? People dance the way they fuck. You think those men watching aren’t imagining you getting undressed, just for them?”

The two women had giggled hysterically at that, but Sheila knew her mother was right. A strip tease was just the thing she would do. It wasn’t too dirty or nasty, though it really did make her blush. It was just erotic enough to belong in the realm of ‘every man’s fantasy is…’ without being something so taboo and wicked she wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

It was her sister who added the ‘extras’ to the whole episode Sheila had planned. “Lapdance, that’s all I gotta say, sis…lap dance!”

And Sheila already knew what those were. Men could go to the strip clubs and sit in a chair, and have a stripper come and dance in their laps, just for them, but in front of everyone.

I can do that, Sheila thought. Take out the bar, the men staring at me from all around, and I could do that.

So that was her plan, and it was pretty easy to set up. She and Tommy usually had several nights during the week where they went to one apartment or the other, having quiet evenings together. So she just had to pick one, and come prepared. Once she told him what to do, he would do it, of course. Especially when he realized she was giving him her ‘special something’.

Sheila quivered with excitement as she went up the stairs to Tommy’s apartment. She was so glad he didn’t have roommates and just had his bachelor pad, with the large double bed and leopard skin print blankets on it shoved in one corner. The couch was in the middle of the room, facing the front door and the television on the entertainment unit next to it. Also, right now Tommy had no neighbors. A lot of college kids were in between semesters, so the other two apartments on Tommy’s floor were empty.

How perfect could it be?

Sheila knocked on her boyfriend’s door and he met her, smiling brightly.

“Hey, baby, come on in! I was wondering when you were going to show bursa escort up.”

He went to take off her coat, but Sheila clutched the long jacket tightly.

“I’m going to keep this on,” she whispered, eyes down.

“Ohhhkay…” Tommy said.

Then he went to sit on the couch, blinking at Sheila as she walked over to the stereo. She knew she was blushing deeply, but she pulled her hair across her cheeks to hide it, hoping Tommy wouldn’t see it. She also hoped that when she leaned forward, the slit up the back of the tan trench coat she was wearing wouldn’t reveal anything underneath. Or the surprise might be ruined!

“What are you up to?” Tommy said, peering at his girlfriend as she turned to face him from in front of the television set and stereo speakers.

“I’m going to show you…in about ten seconds…”

He spread his legs slightly and leaned back against the black leather couch, looking slightly stunned and shocked. Then the music began to play. The dance beat started slow, but was bouncing from the get-go. Tommy recognized the song and bounced his head slightly up and down to the beat. Then his eyes were glued to Sheila as she turned sideways.

Sheila stuck out one leg, letting the jacket open in front of her, away from Tommy’s eyes. The two parts of the jacket slid down her leg, exposing the fishnet stocking she was wearing. As the jacket moved off of her leg, Tommy could see that she was wearing high stiletto heels he hadn’t noticed before. The fishnet stocking went up to the middle of Sheila’s thigh and was held there by its own tightness, no garters.

And from where Tommy sat on the couch, he couldn’t see even the barest hint of shorts or a skirt on Sheila’s bare leg.

She could be naked under the jacket, for all he knew.

The thought must have excited him because he had to adjust himself slightly. And that made Sheila smile. That was the reaction she wanted.

The music sped up and Sheila whirled around in a circle so fast that Tommy never had a chance to glimpse what was beneath the coat as it flew open, then flew closed. Sheila did a few hip lunges on that side, then let her other leg get exposed the same as she had the first. She grinned wickedly at her boyfriend over her shoulder, hair shadowing her face.

She wasn’t blushing anymore. This wasn’t half bad, after all. But she knew she had to show him some skin or he would lose interest. A guy could see a sexy girl any time on the television, all he had to do was turn on the music video channels. But Sheila planned on showing him more than he would ever see on those types of videos. Pornos, maybe…

This would be real life, though.

Now she had her back to him, and she let her head drop backward, her hair long and flowing in its full bodied curls down her back. She grabbed the collar of the jacket with both hands, pulling it wide so she was exposed.

But her front was facing the stereo. And Tommy was left imagining what she was wearing yet again. Sheila turned her head to give him a sly grin. Then she peeled the jacket off one shoulder, letting her body bounce slightly with the blaring tunes. The words to the music spoke about phone sex and sexual pleasures versus intellectual conversation. It was a blatantly liberal sex song. And it was an excellent choice.

As the jacket slid down Sheila’s shoulder, Tommy could see that she was wearing…nothing still! All he got was her exposed and very bare flesh. Sheila whipped the jacket back up and started teasing him with the other one.

She could hear him groaning. That’s what she was going for.

Tommy called out to her. “Come on, Sheila! Take it off!”

But she ignored him, still going slow and teasing him with her jacket. Now her legs bursa escort bayan were splayed out on the floor, her thighs separated wide. Sheila dropped her head back again, this time lifting the coat up by the collar.

Slowly, the jacket began to expose more and more of her legs. But all Tommy could see was the red fishnet stockings. Nothing else was showing but flesh at the tops of her thighs, where Sheila stopped the jacket from rising any further.

“You better show me what you got under there, girl, or I’m going to come over there and make you!”

Right on cue with the music, just like she had practiced, Sheila whirled around to face Tommy, whipping the jacket off her arms and letting it fly across the room to one side. Now everything she had underneath it was exposed.

Sheila was wearing a costume she’d bought straight from a strip joint’s dance shop. Red leather came up over her breasts, harnessing the rounded tops. Underneath there was no supporting underwire or leather, but instead there were chains, silver chains that slid under the curve of her breasts and held the luscious mounds up off her chest. More chains ran across her exposed nipples, almost appearing to cut into them except that the rounded links were not painful at all to Sheila. Various parts of the leather that ran up to her neck were studded. Her thong matched the top harness, consisting of a leather strap that rode high on each hip and was attached to two chains in front and back. The chains held a small triangle of studded red leather over Sheila’s privacy, barely covering her throbbing lips. But other than that, Sheila wore little else.

Tommy’s jaw dropped, and he was stunned, his fingers clenching and unclenching against his thighs. Sheila could tell he was just aching to touch her, fondle her through this lovely get-up. Her sister had warned her that it would really push him too far. But Sheila didn’t care.

Wasn’t that the whole purpose of this special time? This special arrangement they had made? To do things for each other that would excite them beyond measure? It was obvious she had succeeded. Tommy’s pants were bulging with his rigid cock. But Sheila wasn’t done.

She danced a bit to the music, letting the first song wind down. Then another one came up, about a girl who liked to be roughed up. The words made the prospect of domination sound so sexual and sweet and desirable, it was easy to dance slower to this beat, and let the music infect her libido.

Sheila reached over to where the stereo was. When she turned around to face Tommy again, she was holding a small five inch dildo of clear silicone. She had been warned against the dangers of latex, and had bought only the best. It was more of a butt plug type of toy, but Sheila didn’t want anything to replace a living cock. She already had Tommy.

This was just for one purpose – to tease the hell out of her already-tormented boyfriend.

Sheila propped one foot up and a bit to the side on Tommy’s glass coffee table. She looked down and realized she could see her own reflection in the mirror-like surface of the table. Her sex was exposed between the peeking slit in the leather triangle and once she unclasped two of the chains on one side, the whole piece came off. She could see her own lips, swollen and excited, and the bright red flush of her open and wet cunt, waiting for attention.

Tommy leaned forward slightly, but Sheila warned him off with a quick and evil grin. He stayed forward but knew to keep his hands to himself. Slowly, hips swaying gently as the music began to get more serious, Sheila lowered the dildo to her waiting pussy.

The tip of it was cold at first. She had considered buying lubricant, but that had seemed so fake. She didn’t escort bursa want to interrupt what she had been hoping would be an incredibly sexy interlude just to apply gobs of fake cum to a dildo.

Sheila ran the tip of the silicone toy up and down her lips, looking down into the top of the coffee table and seeing the fake penis-shaped dildo parting her sex. Already she was wet. It hadn’t taken much to get into the mood for doing this. But she hadn’t expected to be this turned on.

As she watched, she slid the dildo up against her clit, teasing her sweet love bud. Then she lowered it down, knowing Tommy was watching her every move. Daringly, she teased it over her anus. Her whole body shook in tiny shocks as the new sensation of having something other than flesh touching her asshole stimulated her. But quickly, Sheila moved it back up to her sex. She looked up, making sure Tommy’s eyes were glued to her cunt. Then she began to slowly insert the toy into her privacy.

The short toy was rather thick, its fake bulbous head expanding her hole. She had never been able to watch herself like this before. Sheila watched as her inner labia sucked at the toy and almost seemed to pull it deeper inside. And she could hear Tommy groaning in pleasure as the toy slid further, deeper, inside her.

Sheila could feel her legs getting weak. She licked her lips, feeling her mouth getting incredibly moist as she looked down into the coffee table’s glassy surface. The toy was sliding deeper inside her now. Carefully, almost intrigued, she withdrew it. It was coated with juice and wetness. Slick with her own excitement. To see it there, like that, nestled between her pussy folds and cunthole, was almost too much.

She began to push it back inside, making it move quicker. It slid in with incredible ease and she groaned, making soft moans as it went all the way in and then came all the way out. Then Sheila rubbed the wet head of the toy over her clit, flicking it back and forth, imagining it was a finger or a tongue.

It was too much for her…and for Tommy.

One minute she was over his table, slowly fucking herself with the new toy. Then the next, Tommy was next to her, picking her up by the hips and throwing her down on the couch.

“I can’t fucking stand it anymore,” he was growling.

Tommy threw the wicked toy away from them with one hand while the other deftly undid his pants. Then she felt the hot warmth of a real cock entering her. And Tommy took no time in starting his pounding fuck-thrusts.

Sheila raised her netted legs and draped them over Tommy’s back, high enough to be spreading her pussy wide for his thick, long member. He was much more than five inches, and she could feel him fucking deep into her cunt.

“Sheila, you’re so fucking hot, oh my gods,” he was moaning.

Sheila felt her pussy being pounded more viciously than ever before. The excitement of everything she had done to get Tommy to this point washed over her, along with the hot ending of the music and the beginning of another dark and delicious erotic song.
Soon, she was coating his cock with a new thicker juice, her own orgasmic cum, and she could feel herself gripping his thick shaft as he continued to ram and piston in and out of her.

Then Tommy was joining her, forcing her harder and harder into the couch’s cushions as he blew his hot load up inside her pussy. He panted and groaned and pushed himself deeper and deeper, until at last he was lying over Sheila, quite spent.

She chuckled lightly, and he looked down at her, his face coated with sweat.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“Oh, I just wonder what you’re going to have to do for your turn.” She winked at him.

“I have no idea how I’m going to top this, Sheila. That was…it was just amazing!”

“I know,” she said, stroking his cheek.

“But hey, if you run out of ideas, I have a new outfit and dildo you could borrow!”

Tommy gasped and Sheila laughed.

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