Holiday in Algarve


Family holiday in the Algarve, Portugal . House full of space and planters and, on this occasion just the two of us. She is Sarah, 48, short, slightly plump but curvaceous in all the right places. We’ve spent a lot of time on the phone together, usually with me acting as mentor helping her through her difficult relationships, most of which have ended badly.

Everyone else had gone off to the local market. So I’m taking in the sun by the pool on a lounger. We’re up in the woods and its real quiet and secluded. She talks about this and that. I’m listening, nodding, making all the right noises but I’m really just wanting to bake in the sun, slip into the pool and bake some more.

She asks of I’ll teach her to swim crawl.

“OK”. I say dragging myself up from the lounger and slipping into the water. She climbs down the steps to join me.

“Show me what you can do”

She languidly flops about and makes a lot of splash without getting anywhere.

“Sarah, you’re not going anywhere until you learn to cut through the water” Arch your body. Think of the water as a solid, like its made of butter ” Cut through it . Use your arms like knives”

She tries again. Better this time but she gives up and flounders about after a few strokes. I grab hold of her waist to stop her going under. My senses are filled with her perfume and her shapely body causes involuntary interest in my trunks. For a second I’m tempted to pull her to me and kiss her, but I’m far from sure how she’d react. .Instead, I suggest she try swimming around me in circles so that I can help her if she starts to sink again. To our mutual surprise, she starts to get the hang of it, crawling in growing confidence, circling around me. Before long were swimming side by side up the length of the pool. She stops at the deep end to catch her breath and my hand takes her shoulder. On the return trip she struggles and grabs me close.

The water is cold, her breasts are full and I enjoy a marvellous moment as her cold nipples press against my chest. As we climb out of the pool to take a rest, I drape her shoulders with a towel and we take to the sun beds.

Portuguese sun , no words, we lie side by side for a while. I’m feeling horny, but relaxed at the same time. I’m almost starting to drift when I hear her say ..

“Iain , honey, could you oil my back for me? I can’t reach”

Somewhere, a songbird started singing. The heat was intense and the red wine was fiddling with my senses. I kneeled beside her and picked up the sunscreen. Moments later I was gently moving her cascading hair off her neck to the side and smoothing the creamy ooze into her tanned shoulders and back. Knee across her hips lets me oil her equally on both shoulders, evenly down her arched back. The rhythm of my stroking is like a mantra.

She seems to appreciate this for a while. “Mmmmmm…ahhhh..uhuh”…

Then suddenly she giggles and deftly unties her top so that the straps fall. My cock judders in my shorts and involuntarily pushes against her fully rounded ass. I recoil – she shouldn’t be having this effect on me – Goddamit – she’s my sister in law – My head floods with thoughts of consequences, but at the same time it seem the most natural thing in the world.

Just when brain starts to keep heart in check, and I’m ready to call it a day, she rolls around and her sparkling eyes shine at me.

“Mmm ..Do my front too please.”

I draw breath. As God is my witness, her breasts are the finest bursa escort I have ever seen – round and firm. Her nipples point to the stars and demand attention. I move to kiss her lips. It’s a long extended kiss that tells us both where these feelings are leading.

Our kissing is relentless, we grapple, roll, sucking the sheer essence out of each other. My mouth finds her breast and we enter new unchartered territory. Squeezing, sucking , nipping, hands working together.

Her breasts respond quickly to my attentions and her breathing loses its cadence and brings on low moans that make me want my entire body to be cock.

Her hand slides down my stomach and, slipping under my waistband, her deft fingers circle my hard jutting prick and start to pump it towards her with eagerness.

“Let’s go inside now” she says.

She shimmies into the house out of the sun dragging her towel along the ground behind her. Stopping at the stairs to check I’m following, she turns an smiles.

Fuck this. I want her now. I grab her wrist, turn her round and kiss her hard. Left hand moves to her right breast engorging her nipple while my right grabs at her pussy through the dampness of her bikini briefs.

“Steady!” she gasps realising that I’m already aroused, active and wanting her. She pushes me away, runs up the stairs dropping the towel and laughing. I’m right behind her. She runs into her room and mocks closing the door on me. My foot fills the gap and I’m forcing it open. I push her backwards on to the bed, pulling off my T shirt.

She giggles again. Then seeing what a sight I look with my cock obscenely stretching my swimming trunks. “You wanna fuck me?” she teases and throws a pillow in the general direction of my dick.

“Oh, yes”

She stops panting from the exertions of the chase. “Come on, then.” For a moment she sounds serious.

Another lusty kiss. Her hands are as busy as mine as clothes are discarded and we roll around slurping and smacking and sounding off in each others ears.

I take in her wonderful body. She’s no fashion model, thankfully, with large pendulous breasts, nipples mature enough to know their own desires and a belly to ride to oblivion on. My hands take on their own agenda. She moves so sensually to the caress that my full blooded cock aches with the expectation of filling her. “Mmmm, she says, her eyes on my cock – I think you want me”

She reaches out and starts to rub. My cock jerks up attentively. “Well, well,” she says with feigned surprise, “so there’s that huge cock my sister loves so much.”

I must look like a rabbit in the headlamps.

She smiled “Oh, she’s told me all about you Iain. We’re sisters, we talk about all sort of things. Don’t be so alarmed”.

Both hands to my cock now, stroking it gently. Her mouth drops and she unconsciously starts rubbing her pussy. She falls to her knees and starts licking the head. Saliva arcs from her mouth as she plays and she sucks. My knees momentarily flex as she works her way along the full length of my dick. Her slobber covers my cock.

Oh Jesus , this is good …and very dangerous.

I reciprocate. My hands start to explore her body with a keenness I can’t remember for a long time. I find her breasts, her nipples and my lips follow my hands. Slowly, I trace my tongue around her, stopping to kiss, suck, nibble and bite until her nipples reveal her feelings blatantly.

My hands move lower and find her moving her thighs rhythmically. bursa escort bayan Lightly playing over her bush my fingers tune into her body’s movements and attach to her. I’m relieved to find her gorgeously wet and gasping. My index finger starts to explore deeper as she gasps, encouraging me to take this journey further.

For a while I ride on the wave of her moaning then start slowly to withdraw my finger from inside her but she clamps her thighs together – which immediately causes me to make eye contact with her.

Once I do she whispers, “Please leave your finger inside me.”

I continued to slowly fuck her with my finger.

“Leave it inside me,” she says again.

I lean my head in and drag my tongue slowly from the bottom to the top of her clit and I feel her entire body tense at the contact. Replacing my tongue with fast moving fingers she starts to convulse.

She calls out my name. “Oh God, I’m cumming,” ..

My fingers respond to the music of her moans until she seems to finish. What a glorious sound. I start again to gently kiss and lick. Her breathing slows as I move my hands up the contours of her delicious body and caress her nipples.

For a while she lies there with a beautiful warm glow all over her skin. Then she suddenly comes back to life. She sits up taking holds of my cock which has gone into temporary closedown while my attention was all on her.

She pulls my cock and looks up at me, stroking all the while. With confident and experienced lips and fingers she quickly brings on an exceptional hardness.

“Cum for me, brother-in-law.”

She takes my dick back into her mouth and quickly brings me close. Pleased with the effects of her handiwork, she increases her speed. Grabbing the back of her head and holding it to me, I brace myself as my cock explodes. Streams of cum shoot into her willing mouth.

She looks surprised as her eyes enlarge, her cheeks swell out, and she starts spilling from the corners of her mouth. She pulls her mouth away and looks up as the cum drips from her chin to her breasts and shoulders. She swallows greedily with a gulping sound.

She gets to her feet, grabs my face, and plants a huge kiss. Her tongue works its way through my mouth, and I taste my cum on her breath.

After a long, deep kiss, she smiles “Well, now , I reckon that makes us even.”

I’m still a mile away. “Even?”, I murmur

“Umm.. Hmm. Helen fucked Paolo. Now we’re even”.

Hiroshima explodes within my head. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“God, you’re naive”, she says. “Are you suggesting they’ve been fucking?” “Yes , yes and yes” “What evidence do you have?” ( I say like a dork.) “Where do I start? ” “Perhaps the garden party?” or our 20th anniversary? , or his knickers collection?”

There’s a note of bitterness in her voice when she refers to the anniversary that makes me think back. Helen had been away from the party for a while, I remember, and when we got home she had been unusually hot, incredibly hot.

“Knickers collection?”

“I found this box of used panties in the boot of his car”. Never told him that I found them. But I recognised some of them as Helens. He must have kept them as trophies”

Totally confused now. “How many pairs?”

“You really want me to tell you?”

“No”” Where do we go from here?”

“Iain, I don’t know what your feelings for me are right now. What we had was fun just now, it was beautiful even, but now escort bursa I don’t know where this mood is taking us”

“Sit down for a moment. I need to clear my head but I’m thinking just one thing now”

“Getting even?”

“Yeah, but with interest”

I opened a bottle of port and poured two generous glasses. I held her close as we discussed what had taken place and we gloated over how we could best extract revenge on our cheating spouses. The planning of the revenge turned us on. As we described more and more ridiculous schemes for getting even the kissing soon started, then the kissing and touching and finally we were both naked. Getting turned on by our partners infidelity seems an anathema now but as we planned our schemes for payback we enjoyed a rare excitement that had us soon fucking and sucking and collapsing in a heap of conspiracy.

We drank and fucked in celebration of our Grand Plan.

The days that followed were uneasy. Helen and Paolo left for the market each morning – Helen ran the catering and Paolo was the only fluent Portuguese speaker, leaving us to hang out by pool. We laughed as we thought of them racing round the market buying any old shit to make time for a quick fuck in the woods on the way back. We invented several revenge scenarios

First one up – we would surprise them in the woods, rope them, hog-tie them round a couple of trees, ass fuck them both before sticking daffodils in their asses and leaving them to be discovered by the local Catholic priest and his congregation on their evening Pilgrims’ Walk.

Second scenario involved them finding a series of clues around the holiday home that would start them wondering what we were up to. We would reel them in step by step until the inevitable time they would return to find us in a state of passion and abandon on the kitchen table.

But something was changing. Life with Helen seemed mundane and I wanted it to finish. All aspects of our life together left me empty and I wanted to be with Sarah all the time. I resented the time inevitably we spent with our partners and wanted to sit close to her at dinner, speak softly in her ear, touch her hair or holding her in my arms.

A few days later as Helen and Paolo drove off to market we didn’t immediately head for the bed. We sat drinking coffee and talked about love. We talked about the possibility of a life together, all the fallout there would be and whether we had a future.

‘I thought I loved him but his other women have worn it away. I’m confused. I just don’t know how to end it and I don’t know if the alternative will make me any happier’

‘I feel the same way. What about your feelings for me though? Am I just an opportunity or is there something more?’ It felt like it was the most important thing I’d said to anyone. Ever.

An hour later Paolo’s 4×4 drove up the track and parked in the courtyard. Helen and Paolo looked surprised as they saw us sitting in my car with the cases packed in the back.

‘Sarah and I are leaving for home . Were going to find somewhere to live out of town and we’ll be in touch to sort out the lawyers’. I think we all need some time together with the people we really care about’.

I slipped the car into first gear and slowly drove out down the open hillside road.

In the rear view mirror I saw Paolo standing open mouthed. He moved his arm in a distracted way but stood rooted to the spot. Helen jumped out of the car and started shouting something towards us. As the tyres crunched on the rough road we didn’t hear what she said.

Been driving for 10 hours now. Sarah is asleep on my shoulder . She looks relaxed and happy and I’m gonna try to make sure she stays that way.

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