Home For the Holiday


Maria was a mere twenty years old, but she possessed the poise of someone many years her elder. She had experienced a “relationship” here and there, but nothing significant enough that she could consider herself weathered in the area of romance. Even so, she had suffered heartbreaks and even had caused some. She was a confident, intelligent, beauty with a penchant for sarcastic witticisms that she used to protect her heart and self esteem from the stark cold reality she knew existed all around her. Maria often found herself in positions of romantic power; she was comfortable when she was the dominant partner in the relationship, confident in the copious adoration that her various lovers and boyfriends held for her. As a result, she often found herself regrettably unfulfilled in her relationships… Her lovers could rarely carry a conversation or challenge her intellect and, while she frequently complained about the dullness of her partners, she was content – she knew that little threatened her status as the object of their idolatry. Every once in a while, she allowed someone to creep through the cracks in the wall she had build to protect her heart. During these rare occurrences, Maria fell fast and she fell hard. Too hard… Her last boyfriend manipulated her emotions so painfully and so repeatedly that she feared injury more than ever. To protect herself from the heartache that seemed inevitably to follow any and every emotional intimacy, Maria entered relationships cockily, boasting of her inability to become attached to her “fuck buddies,” attempting to dehumanize her newest companion as much as possible – hopefully reducing him to the status of mere sexual partner. She was the sexual vixen, perfecting her aesthetic appearance so as to become the image of sexual fantasy, thus dehumanizing herself in the eyes of her partner, reducing herself to the status of sexual icon – not romantic companion.

Still reeling from the painful complexities of the current situation with her ex, Maria returned home to Virginia from school in New York for Thanksgiving. She was ready to throw all emotional cares to the wind and was anticipating a random hookup or two over the weekend.

Saturday night, barbeque, old family friends, lots of alcohol. Maria stumbled into Kate, an acquaintance from high school whom she was just beginning to reconnect with. Kate introduced Maria to Hunter, her twenty-nine year-old brother home for the holiday.

In her drunken state, Maria first identified the handsomeness of her friend’s older brother. Hunter was not very tall, but well built and conspicuously attractive. He had dark eyes set deeply under heavy brows… His eyes sparkled when he smiled, his lip curling upward. His short dark hair was plain, but complemented the olive tinge in his skin tone. Broad shoulders and strong arms caught Maria when she tripped over her own feet, her tall boots uncomfortable to feet accustomed to sneakers.

Hunter was characteristically shy that evening, standing against a wall and talking idly with whomever approached him. He nursed beer after beer, occasionally gazing past the shoulder of whomever was speaking with him and checking out the multitude of young women in the room, all the same age as his sister. One girl in particular caught his eye and his pulse quickened when Kate led that same girl over to meet him.

Maria was tall, imposingly so with her high heeled boots on. Taller, in fact, than Hunter – but that only served to catch his attention. She was uniquely striking in a room of women who seemed to dress and behave alike. She had short, wavy, light-brown hair, cropped around her face. Her eyes were almond shaped and wide, with delicate eyebrows framing them. She had beautifully high cheekbones and she smiled as she drunkenly giggled at whatever conversation of which she was a part.

Hunter’s attention, however, didn’t stay long at the appearance of the young girl’s face, as he instinctively moved his gaze down her body. She was slim with perky breasts and prominent hips that curved out from her smooth, flat stomach, which Hunter noticed as her shirt slid upwards when she threw her head back to laugh. Her ass was on the wide side, and round, curving deliciously down to her legs.

Conversation turned to an after-party occurring later that evening and, eventually, people were moving towards the door. As they exited, Maria leaned in and breathily whispered into Hunter’s ear, “I’m drunk!” Hunter smiled to himself as he imagined the expanding possibilities of the evening that lay before him.

Soon the two reconvened at the after-party, sitting in a back room full of unfamiliar faces. Maria was spread across a big leather chair, drunkenly gesturing as she told Hunter some inane story or another. Hunter listened attentively, smiling at the charmingly intoxicated girl who was so open and friendly. He could hardly believe the opportunity that seemed to be lying immediately in front of him, in the form of a sexy twenty year-old who seemed all-too-interested in Hunter.

After the completion of one of Maria’s stories, Hunter attempted to bursa escort respond over the din of the crowded room. When she couldn’t hear what he was saying, Maria leaned from her seat in the big leather chair toward Hunter, who was sitting in the accompanying ottoman. Her legs, uncrossed, alternated with Hunter’s, and when she leaned in to hear what he was saying, the warmth between her legs brushed against his knee.

Initially, Hunter thought that the contact was purely incidental. That is, until Maria leaned in closer, placing a hand on his other leg, and apparently positioning her crotch on his knee, swaying ever-so-slightly back-and-forth, rubbing herself against him. Meanwhile, Hunter was speaking in whispers to Maria, their faces inches apart and their eyes locked.

Maria couldn’t resist. The multiple glasses of wine she’d imbibed throughout the evening took hold, as she leaned in and, open-eyed, pressed her lips against Hunter’s. She lifted her hand to his neck, simultaneously parting his lips with her warm tongue, proceeding to kiss him deeply.

Hunter, incredulous, was at first unable to respond, but once he regained his wits he quickly pulled away. Taking Maria’s beautiful young face into his hands, he whispered, “There are people all around us… And my sister is still here.”

Despite these protests, Maria leaned in and suckled Hunter’s earlobe before whispering, “No one’s watching… And Kate is long gone.” Immediately afterward, she licked lightly around his ear before trailing a path down his jawbone with her tongue, eventually reaching his lips. She grabbed the back of his head with both of her hands, ground her hips into his knee, began to rub the growing bulge in his pants with her knee, and kissed him passionately, not allowing him to pull away or think twice before kissing her back.

After several seconds, Hunter once again pulled away, requesting that they move outdoors. Maria giggled and complied, and the two spilled out the door onto the back steps. At once they recommenced their passionate necking, as Maria sucked deeply on Hunter’s neck. He pulled her closer to him, his arms wrapped around her. He moved one hand down to her tight ass, gripping the curves of her ass cheeks as she placed her hand on his bulge. Maria moaned lightly as she gripped Hunter’s growing cock and pressed her breasts into his chest. In response, Hunter moved his idle hand to her crotch, pressing his forefingers into the warmth and rubbing lightly. Maria moaned more deeply and shook lightly, pulling Hunter even closer to her before whispering in his ear, “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Soon enough, the two found a ride back to Maria’s from the party. When they reached her house, she pulled out her car keys and clicked a button that unlocked her 1998 Ford Explorer, motioning to Hunter that he should follow her in. Before she was able to move the car from park, Hunter reached across and grabbed the back of her head, passionately plunging his tongue into her mouth. She breathily kissed him back and felt the intensity of their passion throughout her body. Again, Hunter moved his hand down her body to her crotch. With his palm pressing into her pelvis, Hunter rubbed her warm nub through her jeans. Maria moaned – louder now, in the privacy of her car. She ground her hips into Hunter’s hand, before pushing him away and telling him, “Hold on a sec.”

She quickly moved the car to drive, and pulled away from the front of her parents’ house. A block or so down, she rapidly shifted to park and shut of the ignition, immediately thereafter leaning over to Hunter and kissing him deeply, placing one hand on the ever-increasing bulge in his pants. She leaned over to his ear and whispered, “I want you… Right. Now.” In response, Maria gently pushed Hunter away and motioned that they should move to the back seat.

Not needing a second instruction, Hunter quickly jumped into the back, followed close behind by Maria. Immediately, she leaned over and kissed the older man, as she swung one leg over him, pressing her warm crotch into his hardening cock. As she kissed him, she gyrated in his lap. Soon she could feel her pussy dripping through the denim of her jeans. She reached down into her pants, dipping her first and middle fingers into her cunt, and then lifted her wet fingers to Hunter’s mouth. Hunter eagerly accepted Maria’s offering, sucking her fingers dry, before she kissed him deeply enough to taste herself. She began to unbutton his shirt, baring his chest in seconds, before she pulled her sweater over her head and unsnapped her bra. Instinctively, Hunter brought his hands to the chest of the young girl sitting on his lap, taking a breast in each hand, caressing each nipple between his fingers as Maria sighed and kissed him even more deeply. Keeping on hand on the girl’s tits, he brought his other hand to her jeans, swiftly unbuttoning and unzipping them and soon slipped his hand into her pants. Now, with one hand squeezing the firm, round, perky nipple of Maria’s left tit, Hunter used his other hand to deftly touch her warm, dripping wet pussy. At first he bursa escort bayan stroked the outside of her cunt, barely letting his fingers rest on her throbbing clit before he pulled back and pressed his first two fingers into her waiting pussy. Maria’s cunt embraced Hunter’s fingers, and she squeezed her muscles around his digits, pressing her pelvis down into his hand.

Sighing, Maria moved her lips from Hunter’s face, kissing his ear and neck lightly as she moved her mouth down his body. Soon she reached his shoulders, and gently ran her tongue along his prominent collarbone before moving further down to his chest. She took each nipple in turn, sucking gently on each before nibbling ever so lightly. Hunter had moved his hand from her pussy back to her tits, which he squeezed enthusiastically as the girl kissed down his body. Maria soon moved from his lap, settling on her knees in front of Hunter, gazing up at his eyes as she ran her fingers behind the elastic of his boxers. Keeping her gaze fixed on Hunter’s, Maria adroitly unfastened his belt, and speedily unbuttoned his pants, eagerly attempting to slide them down past his knees.

Hunter’s cock, hard and long, sprung upwards in Maria’s face after she released it from the confines of his pants. She kissed the tip lightly, before she leaned forward and kissed Hunter’s belly button, trailing her tongue slowly downwards. She kissed each inner thigh, allowing her breasts to rub gently against Hunter’s erect cock. Soon, she advanced her kisses to his balls, and one by one, she took them into her mouth, while she held his shaft. She hummed lightly, moaning, even, as she touched herself with her free hand. After a minute or so of suckling Hunter’s balls, she removed them from her mouth, placing them into her palm, still wet from her pussy. She squeezed his testicles lightly, as she licked up Hunter’s cock. When she finally reached the head of his dick, she wet her lips and then pressed them around his corona, keeping one hand on his balls and simultaneously stroking his shaft with the other. Intermittently, she would bring her lips down his cock until its head pressed into the back of her throat. Meanwhile, she had slowly brought her middle finger to Hunter’s asshole and was circling lightly around his anus, all the while continuing to grip his balls gently and energetically stroke his shaft.

Hunter had his head thrown back, his eyes shut as he gyrated his hips into Maria’s face. He could hardly believe that this sexy young woman was giving him such an incredible blowjob. She seemed voracious, enjoying the activity as much as he was, if not more. Soon, all too soon, Hunter felt the familiar contraction of his balls. Immediately, so as to stave off his imminent orgasm, he pulled Maria’s face to his, kissing her deeply as he leaned over, pushing her onto her back.

With Maria now on her back, Hunter pushed her legs apart and pressed his body down in between, rubbing the wet spot in her pants with his thigh as he sucked on her neck. Maria moaned from the contact, thrusting her pussy up into Hunter’s thigh, sighing as she groaned, “I. Want. You. Now.”

Hunter pulled back and looked Maria in the eyes. Leaning back, he placed his hands on her hips, then gripping the beltline of her pants in his hands. Glancing downward, he asked softly, tauntingly, “Do you want me to kiss you… There?”

Maria nodded, her beautiful eyes sparkling in anticipation. “Tell me, Maria. Do you want me to lick your pussy? You have to tell me,” Hunter continued to toy with the young vixen that lay below him.

Softly, Maria responded, “Yes. Yes, Hunter, kiss me there. Lick my pussy… Please, Hunter, PLEASE!” Her voice rose as she vocalized her desire.

Smiling, Hunter leaned down and began to kiss the girl’s soft stomach. At the same time, he tugged off her tight jeans. Again he leaned back, this time only to take in the incredible image lying before him. The tight, fresh body of a twenty year old who was looking up at him with such desire… Every inch of her seemed preened for sensuality: her smooth legs, her soft skin, her navel with its ring of dangling silver that gleamed in the moonlight, and her pussy… Maria’s mons was shaved bare, except for a small, rectangular patch – a “landing strip” – above her clit, which was now swollen and desirous of attention.

Hunter smiled to himself as he leaned down, pressing his mouth to Maria’s pubic bone. He kissed slowly, lightly down the small patch of hair until his lips met her engorged clit. Immediately, Maria groaned, instinctively lifting her hips to meet Hunter’s mouth. In response, Hunter began to suck on the girl’s nub, simultaneously flicking his tongue against it. Maria gyrated her hips uncontrollably in passion, pressing her pussy to Hunter’s mouth. He looked up occasionally, and felt his erection throb as he watched the girl writhe from his touch, passionately rubbing her hard nipples and moaning with closed eyes. Maria moved her hands down from her breasts to the back of Hunter’s head, gripping his hair as he continued to tongue her clit. As this action carried escort bursa on, Hunter brought one hand from under Maria’s body to her pussy, and began to trace light lines over her labia, which were now dripping from her arousal. As he did so, the girl’s sighs deepened until she greeted the entry of Hunter’s fingers into her soaking pussy with a long guttural moan. Now Hunter pummeled Maria’s tight wet cunt with his two forefingers while maintaining pressure on her clit. As he continued, he brought his other hand to the girl’s asshole and began to draw tiny circles around it with his forefinger.

Maria’s moans were uncontrollable. She could feel her body tensing up as Hunter voraciously ate her pussy. Her juices were pouring now, dripping all over his hands and smearing across his face. She opened her eyes and caught his gaze as he increased the speed and pressure of his attack. She couldn’t bear it much longer and, bringing her hands back to her tits from the back of Hunter’s head, her body exploded in orgasm. She felt every muscle in her body contract uncontrollably, her back lifted from the leather seat of the car, and she pulled Hunter’s face from her pussy, kissing him deeply so as to taste her sweet juices on his lips. Their tongues intertwined, caressing one another in tight, warm circles, as Maria sucked the taste of herself from Hunter’s mouth.

Leaning forward, Hunter pushed Maria down, pressing his chest to hers. While she traced circles on his broad, bare back with her fingernails, Hunter took Maria’s hips into his hands, pressing his hard cock against her pubic bone. Maria raised her hips in response, wrapping her warm thighs around his waist. She lowered her hands down to Hunter’s ass, pulling his hips to hers. Responding to Maria’s shallow moans, Hunter took his throbbing hard cock into his hand, guiding it to Maria’s dripping wet pussy. She greeted him with her hips, raising them to meet his cock, as she dug her fingers into his ass, pulling him closer to her.

Hunter slid the tip of his cock into Maria’s soaking cunt, but didn’t press it in any further until Maria pulled him into her, groaning deeply. “Fuck me, Hunter, please fuck me,” Maria whispered into Hunter’s ear, before she began sucking on his earlobe.

Hunter pulled back, smiling mischievously, “What did you say? I couldn’t hear you, Maria.”

She stared at him wantonly, not sure whether or not he was mocking her. After several seconds, silent aside from the light sounds of Hunter’s slow, methodic thrusts into her sopping pussy, Maria said more and more loudly, over and over again, until she was practically screaming, “Fuck me, Hunter… Fuck me, please… FUCK ME, HUNTER, FUCK MY WET PUSSY. I want to FEEL you in me, pumping your cock into my body. Please FUCK ME, Hunter!!!”

Overcome by desire, Hunter grabbed Maria’s right leg, bringing it to his shoulder, as he looked down to his hips, watching himself fuck Maria’s young, wet pussy with his hard, throbbing cock. His slow, deep thrusts gradually increased in intensity, until he was slamming Maria’s small, slender body into the door of the car. He pumped his throbbing member into her pulsating wetness repeatedly, until, recognizing that he was on the verge of orgasm, he pulled his cock from her body.

He leaned forward, licking the glistening droplets of sweat from Maria’s neck before whispering in her ear, “Turn over, baby… Let me fuck you from behind.”

Immediately and without any hesitation, Maria pushed Hunter from her chest and rolled over, getting on her knees and wiggling her round ass in Hunter’s face. “Fuck me doggy-style, Hunter… Please baby, fuck me like you wanna… I want you to cum, baby.”

Looking down, Hunter could see Maria’s pussy dripping, quivering in anticipation of his thrusts. He bit his lip as he grabbed Maria’s left hip with his hand, gripping it for balance as he brought his pulsing, hard cock to the wet entrance of Maria’s cunt. She pressed her hips back toward him, groaning, “Hunter, baby, please fuck my cunt. I just want to feel you inside of me. Please, baby, PLEASE FUCK ME.”

In response, Hunter pressed his cock into Maria’s body, groaning as she took all of him in one thrust. “YES BABY, FUCK ME LIKE THAT!” Maria screamed, as Hunter’s cock stretched her pussy, filling all of her.

Grunting from exertion, Hunter pounded his cock into Maria’s pussy, over and over again. With each thrust, Maria’s hot, wet pussy squeezed the length of Hunter’s cock. After a minute or so of these powerful, body-shaking thrusts, Maria reached back behind her, grabbing Hunter’s ass with one hand and taking his balls in her other, squeezing them lightly. Hunter groaned and brought a finger to Maria’s asshole, tracing light circles around its tight wrinkles. When Maria groaned deeply, Hunter pressed down on her asshole, entering the hole with his strong finger. Instinctively, Maria pressed her hips back onto Hunter’s hand, encouraging him to proceed, thrusting his finger in and out of her puckering hole. Maintaining his finger-fucking, Hunter increased the speed of his thrusts into Maria’s pussy and brought his free hand around to rub the young girl’s clit while he fucked her. Meanwhile, Maria was toying with Hunter’s balls with one hand, and rubbing the forefinger of her other hand against his asshole.

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