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HOME VISIT part 2 Zoe’s turnHOME VISIT PART 2 ZOE’S TURNAs I recovered from the amazing BJ from Zoë, I was still fingering Mina’s very wet pussy and it didn’t take long for my cock to grow hard again, I stood up pulled Zoë up close and started to kiss her out tongues finding each others, the kissing got more passionate and I slowly removed her sheer silk gown (well It might not have been silk)As I removed her gown I saw for the first time the fantastic tits she had, big round natural breast with beautiful brown nipples, I bent down and slowly took each nipple in my mouth until both were as hard as my cock. As I fondled her breast and rubbed each nipple in my fingers I got hear her breathing getting quicker, I asked her if she was truly a VIRGIN and she said I was the first man to touch her, I glanced over to Mina sitting on the couch playing with her pussy canlı bahis and asked if she was sure about this.“of course “ she replied and with that my hand wandered to Zoë’s virgin pussy , her pussy was so smooth I slid my finger between her pussy lips and felt the natural barrier, she was in fact a VIRGIN, so I was going to take my time, I laid her down on the Rug and stated to kiss her from head to toe, stopping at her breasts and sucked on each breast I knew she was turned on as she grabbed my head and forced me to suck on her nipples, I then bit each nipple just an little and it drove her wild.As I worked my way down to her pussy, I thought that any minute I was going to wake up, cause this must be a dream, but no I didn’t so I continued kissing her lovely smooth skin and played with her hard nipples, I reached her pussy and started to lick her all over and bahis siteleri when I put my tongue on her sweet spot she screamed “FOR FUCKS SAKE DON’T STOP” I duly obliged and kept rolling my tongue in and around her pussy for what seemed like an eternity.Mina meanwhile was Cumming like a freight train all over the place , when she finished she left the room to clean up, so it was just Zoë and I left and by this time my cock was so hard I wanted Zoë so bad it ached , I raised myself up over her guide my cock to wards her sweet pussy felt the hymen then with a swift thrust I was inside a Virgin Pussy for my first time (my first time was with a friend of my mothers details to follow) she was so tight but so wet , I slowly started to move in and out of her until I was all the way inside her balls deep, Zoë was so tuned on she was biting my neck and urging me to güvenilir bahis FUCK her harder and faster , so I always say give the lady what she wants, so I started to FUCK her hard and fast , she was so wet and I could feel her orgasm building and knew it wouldn’t be long until she CAME, so I pulled out of her just for a second to let her calm down a wee bit, she begged me to stick my cock back in her , so being a gentleman I did what the lady asked and fucked her HARD AND FAST until I could feel her orgasm inside her, at this time I could feel my own orgasm coming and I asked her IN or OUT she said in the heat of passion “Fill my sweet pussy with your hot Spunk “ so I did we both lay on the rug afterwards both completely spent. Zoë leaned over and kissed me fully on the mouth and said thank you if was the best FIRST Time any Woman could wish for.AS I dressed and got ready to leave Mina appeared and asked me to come over for dinner next week, as she had a young niece she would like to introduce me to.Well being a nice man it would have been rude not accept…..

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