Hot Tub Fun


Hot Tub FunOne day when I was really horny, well lets face it I always am, but this particular day I knew what I was going to do. I was really horny as I said, I wanted a dildo in my ass, I had just finished shaving my cock, and it was a gorgeous California day in LA. I had the weekend off and I had a visitor coming over to my house. One that I jacked off in front of many times before. My ex-wifes niece. She was a little freak and she had been fucking guys since she was 15. I had been cumming in front of her and for her for years. There wasnt anything I hadnt done in front of her. Today however was the first time I was going to use my favorite John Holmes dildo for her. Now mind you that is a 13″ long dildo and as thick as a soda can. It was something that needed a little prep work. While I am an anal whore it was still something you needed to work up to as far as size goes. I had been playing for a little while to loosen up. I probably had 4 or 5 anal orgasms by this point. I started to shave my cock which was easily hard and devoid of hair by the time I was finished. I took several of my dildos and went outside to the jacuzzi in the back yard. Of course a towel and my dildos and a drink was all I had. Yes completely naked. I had already done the rest of the set-up, I knew she was coming over at a certain time, I had the front door open and waiting for her to come in. There was a didim escort big picture window at the back of the house where I could see from the hot tub straight through the house to the front door. I jumped in the tub and turned on the jets. I loved the way the jets would blow against my asshole. I was well loosened up and began to fuck my ass with a thick dildo. This was one that just made me cum over and over. When I say cum, I mean pure anal orgasms, not ejaculation. If you have never had one they are incredible. A full body orgasm and at an endless rate. This takes time to master, but as I have been doing this for years I was well trained. I had already had 4-5 by this point so I was very sensitive and able to cum quickly while ramming my ass hard, fast and deep. I didnt have to wait long before I heard a car pull up. I knew it was her.I quickly changed to the John Holmes dildo. It was equipped a suction cup on the bottom for stability. Yes this is a monster cock, it needed it. Because I am a pro and have done this many times before I knew where I needed to be and how to position myself to be viewed and to be able to fuck myself well. I stuck the dildo to the perfect spot and slowly began to insert the monster cock in my ass. I could hear her come in the front door, setting her things on the table. I knew she would be able to see me from there. If she didnt want to watch escort didim or like what she was seeing, she would just have left. But as per usual she came out the back door. By this point I was starting to take this monster cock deep and began to ride slow at first but gradually faster. This was definitely one where lube is helpful. The set-up worked perfectly. The scenario was great. I was riding this cock, had someone watching as I was doing it, naked outside in the backyard in the hot tub. I couldnt tell you how hard my heart was pounding. The pounding I was giving to my ass was epic. I was changing positions and really putting on a show. It was time to be “caught.” I turned to change positions and saw that she was sitting there watching. I still had the dildo in my ass and was riding it as I noticed her. What I didnt know is that she was really into the show I was providing. She had taken off her top and was sitting there topless rubbing her tits. She was rubbing her pussy through her panties but I could tell she was wet from the glisten of the sunlight off her shaved pussy. I stepped out of the tub and set the dildo on the top step and squatted onto it. I was by this point, able to take most of the 13″ and I saw her eyes bulge as I took close to 11 1/2 or 12″. I began to ride this cock faster and faster. She was pinching her nipples and fingering her pussy in rhythm to my didim escort bayan fucking. I began to stroke my cock. I was hard fairly fast. It was a very exciting afternoon. I was stroking my cock slowly as I fucked my ass hard. The harder I fucked my ass the deeper I took that monster. I was stroking pretty hard and was getting ready to cum. There was not a lot of conversation needed. I was sure the neighbors would hear as I came but I was lucky it was early afternoon. I told her I was going to cum as I felt the balls of the dildo up against my asshole. I think that was the deepest I had ever taken that cock. I began to blow my nut. She was cumming at the same time I was. Her eyes never left me and my cock.I placed my other hand at the head of my cock to catch the cum I was blowing. I immediately brought my hand up to my mouth and licked the cum from my palm. It was at this moment that she moaned having her own orgasm. She came over to me, stuck her pussy juice soaked fingers in my mouth. As she grabbed and tugged my cock with her other hand. I licked her fingers clean and showed her that I swallowed her juice and my cum. She placed a gentle kiss on my lips. I could tell that there was some left over cum because it was on her lip and she wiped it clean and licked her finger. Our show must have been 30 minutes long. Which was pretty good considering I cum really fast when jacking off in front of girls. I think it was the dildos. This day was spectacular. One that I will never forget. Hope you enjoyed my latest story. Check out my blog. Hit me up with a friend request. NO profile, no vids, no pics, no friends.

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